Online Bingo in Canada (2023)

There are many great options for playing online bingo in Canada. To help you navigate these options, and the world of bingo in general, we’ve created the ultimate guide.

Best Online Bingo Sites (2023)

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Online Bingo for Canadians

Have you tried online bingo in Canada? This classic favourite can now be played online - so you don’t even have to leave your home to get in on the action.

Continue reading to discover the basics, including how to play bingo online in Canada and what types of bingo exist. We’ll also share the best Canadian online bingo sites to help you get started.

Let’s go! 

About Online Bingo 

Bingo first became popular in the 1930s. Bingo is a fun casino game that is all about luck. To play, all you need to do is cross off numbers on your bingo card as they are drawn at random.  

If you are the first person to create a specific pattern or cross off all the numbers on your card, you win!  

Some bingo winning patterns include: 

  • Blackout or coverall - all the numbers on your card are covered. This pattern may also be referred to as a full house. 
  • One line - all the numbers in a single line on your bingo card are covered. 
  • X - the covered numbers on your card form an ‘X’ (i.e. two diagonal lines that cross in the middle of the card) 

Each version of bingo is exciting and entertaining in its own way and has the same goal - achieving a “bingo!”. 

Different bingo games involve different numbers of balls and different bingo cards. Some bingo games include 90 balls, others include 75, 80, or even 30 balls. Bingo cards can also have grids of 9x3, 5x5, 4x4, and 3x3. 

Online Bingo Laws in Canada 

Online bingo is legal in Canada. However, there are important things to consider when choosing an online bingo site. 

The laws that apply to online bingo in Canada are similar to other types of online gambling laws.  

Like with other casino games, it is only legal to play online bingo in Canada on sites that are government-run or located internationally.  

For an offshore bingo site to be legal, it can’t have any operations within Canada. More specifically, a bingo site is illegal if it has any of the following located in Canada: 

  • Offices 
  • Employees 
  • Data servers 

Any online bingo site operating within Canada must be managed by a provincial licensing entity (e.g. British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, etc.). If not, it’s operating illegally.

That being said, there are many great online bingo providers based outside of Canada. Many of these sites are trustworthy and licensed by international organizations.

Thanks to these reputable offshore sites, Canadians have plenty of options when it comes to playing bingo online!

Types of Online Bingo in Canada 

There are four popular types of online bingo. These include: 

  • 90-Ball Bingo 
  • 80-Ball Bingo 
  • 75-Ball Bingo 
  • 30-Ball Bingo 

90-Ball Bingo 

90-ball bingo is one of the most popular types of bingo. In this game, players are given a bingo card with a grid that is 9x3. Of the 27 squares on this grid, 15 contain numbers.  

You can win with the following patterns when playing 90-ball bingo: 

  • Any one line 
  • Any two lines 
  • Blackout (aka full house)  

You can find 90-ball bingo at the following online Canadian casinos: 

  • Wink Bingo 
  • Casino Days 
  • 888Bingo 
  • JackpotCity Casino 
  • LeoVegas 
  • William Hill 
  • Unibet 

80-Ball Bingo 

If you’re playing 80-ball bingo, you will have a bingo card with a grid that is 4x4. The card will include 16 boxes and numbers. There are no free spaces on an 80-ball bingo card.  

These are the patterns you’ll need to win: 

  • One line  
  • Four corners 
  • Blackout (full house) 

If you want to play 80-ball bingo online in Canada, you’ll find it at these online casinos: 

  • LeoVegas 
  • William Hill 
  • Bodog 
  • Casino Days 

75-Ball Bingo 

75-ball bingo is the most popular type of bingo for players in Canada. This game uses a 5x5 grid with 25 squares. Each square has a number inside it. Players are also given one free space in the center of the grid.  

To win 75-ball bingo, players must cover: 

  • Two lines 
  • X shape 
  • Blackout (full house) 

You can play 75-ball bingo at the following online casinos in Canada: 

  • Wink Bingo 
  • 888Bingo 
  • JackpotCity Casino 
  • LeoVegas 
  • William Hill 
  • Bingo Fest 
  • Casino Days 
  • Unibet 

30-Ball Bingo 

30-ball bingo is much quicker than other bingo variations. As a result, it’s sometimes referred to as “Speed Bingo”. This is due to the small 3x3 grid that is used to play. On a 30-ball bingo card, you’ll find just 9 boxes (each filled with a number).  

There is only one way to win when playing 30-ball bingo. To win, players must achieve a blackout or full house by marking off all the numbers on their card.  

Ready to play? Here are some great online casinos that offer 30-ball bingo: 

  • Spin Casino 
  • LeoVegas 
  • Bodog 
  • Casino Days 

British vs American Online Bingo 

90-ball bingo is one of the oldest versions of bingo. This type of bingo can also be referred to as UK or European bingo.

On the other hand, 75-ball bingo is a newer version of bingo. 75-ball bingo is known as the most popular type of bingo in the United States and Canada.

Best Online Bingo Sites

Ready to try your luck at online bingo in Canada?

Here are the top 10 best bingo sites for Canadians. Plus, check out our short reviews below to determine which site is best for you.

  1. 888Bingo 
  2. Wink Bingo 
  3. JackpotCity Casino 
  4. Spin Casino 
  5. LeoVegas 
  6. William Hill 
  7. Unibet 
  8. Bodog 
  9. Bingo Fest 
  10. Casino Days 

888Bingo - #1 Best Online Bingo Site

888Bingo offers 16 different bingo games. These games are divided into the following categories: 

  • 24/7 (8) 
  • Daily Jackpots (3) 
  • Specials (1) 
  • Free (3) 
  • VIP (1) 

Canadian players have the option to play 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. 

If you’re looking for a groovy atmosphere and plenty of options, 888Bingo is a great place to try your hand at online bingo in Canada. 

Wink Bingo - #2 Best Online Bingo Site

If you haven’t already, check out Wink Bingo! This funky site has over 20 bingo games and categories that include:  

  • Special (4) 
  • Classic (7) 
  • Jackpots (5) 
  • Free (6) 

When playing at Wink Bingo, you can choose between 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. Wink Bingo also offers players the chance to play for free. In fact, they offer more free bingo games than any other online casino in Canada. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give Wink Bingo a try - you won’t regret it! 

JackpotCity Casino - #3 Best Online Bingo Site

JackpotCity Casino offers players the chance to play multiple types of bingo. All bingo games at this online casino are developed by Microgaming.  

There are three different bingo rooms at JackpotCity Casino, including: 

  • Grapevine (90-ball bingo) 
  • Easy Wins (90-ball bingo) 
  • Ice Breaker (75-ball bingo) 

You can choose your room based on:

  • Atmosphere 
  • Preference between 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo 

JackpotCity Casino is one of the best online casinos that is safe and trusted by Canadian players. So, if you’re looking for a reliable option for online bingo in Canada, be sure to give the bingo rooms at JackpotCity Casino a try.

Spin Casino - #4 Best Online Bingo Site

Spin Casino is one of the best online casinos for video bingo. Spin Casino’s top bingo game, Super Showball Video Bingo, is a 30-ball bingo game. 

You’ll also find the following versions of video bingo at Spin Casino: 

  • 90-ball 
  • 80-ball 
  • 75-ball  

Trusted and true, Spin Casino is an online casino that we know and love. If you’re looking for a great place to play video bingo, don’t hesitate to give Spin Casino a go.  

LeoVegas - #5 Best Online Bingo Site

Canadians can play 10 different bingo games at LeoVegas. At this online casino, you’ll find titles such as:

  • Leo’s Lucky 7 
  • Lion’s Night 
  • Lion’s Roar 
  • Lion on the Line, and more 

No matter which bingo version you prefer, LeoVegas has an option for you. You can choose from the following:

  • 90-ball bingo 
  • 80-ball bingo  
  • 75-ball bingo 
  • 30-ball bingo 

Visit LeoVegas and try your luck at bingo today! 

William Hill - #6 Best Online Bingo Site

At William Hill, you’ll find 23 different bingo rooms to choose from! 

The bingo games available at William Hill include:

  • Age of the Gods Bingo 
  • Bingo Bowl 
  • Rainbow Riches 
  • Lunch Club 
  • Willy’s Den, and more 

William Hill also offers the following types of bingo: 

  • 90-ball bingo 
  • 80-ball bingo 
  • 75-ball bingo 

This experienced online casino always delivers when it comes to the quality and quantity of their games. If you’re looking for a solid online bingo site to explore, look no further than William Hill. 

Unibet - #7 Best Online Bingo Site

Unibet offers a wide range of online bingo options.

As a new user, you can play in Unibet’s Beginners’ Bingo Room. This room includes the following: 

  • Real money rewards  
  • Low prices on bingo cards 

Unibet also has video bingo options, such as Epic Joker Bingo, as well as bingo tournaments. These bingo tournaments provide an immersive and exciting opportunity to play bingo online.

At Unibet, Canadians can play the following types of bingo: 

  • 90-ball bingo 
  • 75-ball bingo 

Unibet is another favourite online casino in Canada and one that we highly recommend. The site is safe, secure and Canadian-friendly. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out their bingo rooms and tournaments for fun times and big winnings! 

Bodog - #8 Best Online Bingo Site

To meet the needs of all bingo players, Bodog offers 11 different types of bingo. Canadians can choose from: 

  • 80-ball bingo 
  • 30-ball bingo 

Bodog is a wonderful online casino that is well-respected in the online gambling industry. So, if you’re looking for a new place to play bingo, visit Bodog today.  

Bingo Fest - #9 Best Online Bingo Site

Bingo Fest is a fun online casino that focuses heavily on bingo. On this online casino, you can choose from 7 different bingo games.  

All bingo games at Bingo Fest are 75-ball bingo. Here are some of the titles you can choose from: 

  • Diamond Bingo 
  • Tourney Bingo 
  • Autumn Bingo 
  • Nickel Bingo, and more 

If you enjoy modern vibes and a colourful and exciting website, check out Bingo Fest.  

Casino Days - #10 Best Online Bingo Site

Casino Days has tons of options and plenty of different interactive bingo themes to choose from.  

You’ll find over 30 different bingo games on Casino Days, including: 

  • Bingo Vikings 
  • Bingo Circus 
  • Roma Bingo 
  • Video Bingo - Bikers 
  • Arabian Bingo, and more 

Casino Days players also have access to all online bingo types, including: 

  • 90-ball bingo 
  • 80-ball bingo 
  • 75-ball bingo 
  • 30-ball bingo

If you love themed bingo, Casino Days is the bingo site for you!  

How to Play Online Bingo in Canada

If you’re new to bingo, you might be wondering - how do I play? To help you out, we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to play online bingo.  

Luckily, playing online bingo in Canada is quite simple. Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Decide which type of bingo you’d like to play (i.e. 90, 75, 80, or 30-ball bingo) 
  2. Find an online casino that offers the type of bingo you prefer (check out the top choices above) 
  3. Choose how many cards you would like to buy (you can play bingo with more than one card at a time) 
  4. Cross off the numbers on your card(s) as they are drawn (with video bingo this will be done automatically) 
  5. Sit back and hope for a “Bingo!”. You win when your card matches one of the winning bingo patterns (e.g. blackout, one line, etc.). 

Your payout amount is determined by the pattern you complete. For example, a blackout will almost always result in winning the jackpot! 

Bingo Tips and Strategies 

To give yourself the best odds of winning a bingo game, consider these tips and strategies: 

  • Review game rules - each bingo game is different. Always read over the game rules to increase your chances of success and limit confusion. 
  • Play several cards - using more than one bingo card in a single game will increase your chances of winning.  
  • Avoid trying to win back losses - always set a budget for yourself so that you stay within your financial limits. 
  • Be safe - always make sure you are playing at secure and licensed online casinos like those listed above. This will help you avoid unsafe situations. 
  • Take advantage of bingo promotions and offers. You’ll find bingo bonuses and special offers on many of our favourite online bingo sites discussed above. 


Thomas is responsible for all content on BettingGuide Canada. With his extensive knowledge of the gambling industry and college degree in law, he knows what you should look out for when choosing the best casino or sportsbook.