Online Sports Betting in Ghana Guide

Ghana is known for sports, and the country has a formidable football team that conquers many opponents in the African continent. Their football team performs well in the African Cup of Nations, and it has made several appearances in the world cup, showing impressive play at group stages. 

A large percentage of the country’s population keenly follow key sporting events, including local tournaments and international games. Interestingly, many Ghanaians are loyal supporters of top clubs in the English premier league and other major leagues.

In Ghana, the dominant games of luck include online casinos and sports betting sites. However, many gamblers embrace betting sites more than casinos because the former allows them to wager on real-life events. 

Ghana’s gambling industry is still in its infancy stage, but it has expanded over the last decade due to the increasing number of people with internet-enabled devices. The gadgets allow people to visit their preferred betting sites and place stakes on teams with high chances of winning.

Is Betting Legal in Ghana?

Sports gambling is legal in Ghana, and the government allows gambling providers to run betting activities in the country. The key betting legislation in the nation is Ghana’s Gaming Act of 2006. The act gives the Ghana Gaming Commission the mandate for regulating gambling, but there is minimal government involvement. At the time of writing, the country has a lenient gaming tax of 17.5%, one of the lowest in Africa. 

However, the act lacks provisions for responsible gaming, and betting sites are not legally obliged to create self-exclusion tools and terms that keep their customers’ interests in mind. Therefore, bettors are at a greater risk of losing their money because the government does not coerce gambling providers to foster responsible betting.

Best sports betting sites for different popular sports

Football matches are the only sporting events that attract the largest crowds in Ghana. Most football fans monitor and compare the performance of various teams and use their analysis to predict the outcome of upcoming matches. 

Football prediction gives fans the urge to bet, especially where the chances of winning are high. Look no further if you are searching for sites that offer the Ghana Premier League, the English Premier League, and other key football competitions for wagering. The following is an outline of the safest Ghanaian football betting sites.

1. Odi Bets

Odi Bet is one of the registered betting platforms in Ghana. It rewards new users with 3 GHS free bets, but the welcome bonus expires after seven days, and it is vital for the gambler to place the risk-free bet on time. The site is trustworthy, and it has attracted many Ghanaian gamblers.

2. Melbet

The football betting site, Melbet, welcomes bettors with a 200% bonus. You get the welcome bonus after making the first deposit. New users need a promo code to unlock their prizes, including the sign-up offer and 30% additional bonuses. Players can use the bonus to wager up to 12 times, and each stake is supposed to have odds of 2.10 and above.

3. 22Bet

Ghanaians who register at 22Bet get a chance to unlock a 100% bonus of their initial deposit up to 750 GHS. Players can use the bonus amount to wager on at least three events. Further, each game needs to have a minimum odds of 1.40.

4. 1XBet

1XBet offers a 200% bonus, up to 1600 GHS, to new users. Additionally, the platform provides an exclusive bonus of 480 GHS to betting-tips-Africa users as long as they use the current promo code. 

5. Betboro

If you sign up on Betboro, you stand a chance to grab a 100% bonus for up to 400 GHS. The website’s bonus terms state that the gambler needs to select three or more matches, and each event needs to have an odds of 1.30 and above.

6. BetWay

The multinational betting firm Betway also operates in the West African nation. On sign-up, users unlock a 50% bonus for up to 200 GHS. Players can wager on events using the bonus as long as the odds are three times the amount.

7. Bet365

Bet365 provides a 100% welcome bonus for deposits that are up to $30. To unlock the prize, each event in your bet needs to have minimum odds of 1.2, and the value of the stake should be greater or equal to the deposit.


Although most Ghanaians are still not into basketball, the number of fans has grown steadily. Gamblers can wager many local and international basketball tournaments, including the Accra Basketball League, the Basketball Africa League, the National Basketball Association, and much more. The following are some of the most trustworthy sites for betting on Basketball in the country.

1. Betway

Betway features 24 basketball leagues from different continents, including the American NBA. Each basketball event has a whopping collection of about 59 bet markets. The site provides real-time score updates, and you can periodically open the running bets section to check your bet status.

2. 10bet

The website covers most sporting events, including basketball. The website is unique because it provides a loss bonus of up to 100% of your stake. Therefore, you might get your money back if you lose your basketball bets, provided you select your markets carefully.

3. Sportpesa

Sportpesa is a secure gambling platform that provides a massive coverage of basketball events. You can use the automatic bet builder to select your markets if you want to bet quickly. However, the computer-generated bet slip might not provide the most accurate prediction, and you need to identify and change market selections that you feel are incorrect.


Ghana’s athletics team does not perform well in international scenes compared to some East African countries. However, that does not prevent fans from wagering during athletic events. Here is a comprehensive list of reliable sites that offer athletics betting.

1. Betway

The platform stands out when it comes to providing betting options. Athletics enthusiasts in Ghana can visit the website and place bets during major events. Betway covers most major athletics events, including Olympics, the Boston marathon, and much more.

2. 1XBet

1XBet not only provides attractive promotions but also offers numerous sporting options. You might visit the site and wager on live athletics events.


People’s attitude towards cricket has been growing since the country became part of ICC in 2002. As an affiliate member of ICC, the nation had to improve the game’s standards to counter stiff competition from other African teams. 

The Ghana Cricket Association strives to improve facilities in learning institutions to encourage students to embrace the sport. If you love cricket, you might consider placing a bet on the following sites:

1. Sportpesa

Sportpesa provides a user-friendly interface to cricket punters. There is a vast selection of markets, including correct scores, top scorers, and other possible outcomes.

2. MelBet Ghana

The gambling provider provides a wide array of cricket events to allow fans to wager on teams of their choice. MelBet’s website runs flawlessly on PC, iOS, and Android browsers, providing users with a smooth interface for placing bets.

3. Betway Ghana

The firm is a subsidiary of Betway, one of the key players in the betting industry. Apart from football, the company also provides cricket betting, and the events have good odds to attract gamblers.


Rugby players are known to have a good physique and other physical qualities. The masculine nature of players attracts large crowds from different parts of the country. Most bettors believe that teams with the most masculine and agile players have high chances of winning. If rugby is your sport, you can predict ongoing international rugby games and bet on any of the sites below.

1. Sportybet

The gambling platform operates in many African countries, including Ghana. The website offers rewards to new bettors to expand its customer base. The advantage of betting on the site is that it allows players to use the local currency. Therefore, you can top up with your Cedi and place bets on rugby events.

2. PremierBet

PremierBet offers a collection of rugby tournaments such as the HSBC Sevens Series. The website allows gamblers to place live bets on ongoing matches.

3. Betway Ghana

Rugby is one of the popular betting events on Betway Ghana. Unlike most sites, Betway displays a list of rugby games several days before the matchday to give bettors ample time to analyze the events.


Ghana has been developing its volleyball by funding programs that offer training to Physical Education teachers and coaches. The country’s volleyball coaches have been using mass volleyball competitions to identify talented players and help improve the national team’s performance on the international stage. 

Nowadays, most betting sites have integrated new software to allow gamblers to place bets on volleyball games. The common types of volleyball games that you might find on betting sites include beach, indoor and outdoor volleyball. To bet, you can sign up on any of the sites below and invest your Cedi.

1. Betway Ghana

Betway allows Ghanaians to wager on both men and volleyball teams. Some of the volleyball events you might find on the platform include the Italian Superlega, Brazilian super league, and volleyball league of America.

Horse racing

Although Ghana does not have active Horse racing events, the sport is gaining popularity in Accra. The horse racing association organizes most events in the Accra turf club, where riders compete for relatively small awards. Those interested in the sport can bet on the following site.

1. William hill

William Hill was one of the first betting sites in Ghana. It beats most of its competitors in terms of horse race betting options. Gamblers can also wager on virtual horse racing events and win big prizes.


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