Best Ghanaian Horse Racing Betting Sites (2023)

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  • Betway Ghana Up to GHS 200 in Free Bets
    • Build Custom Soccer Bets
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    Best Betting Sites for Horse Racing


    One of the best betting sites in Ghana, Betway. Entered the Ghanaian betting market in 2016 and has since increased sporting events to accommodate horse racing. The site has fantastic odds, wide sportsbooks markets, and a good welcome bonus for new users. They also offer live betting for punters who prefer the live game’s adrenaline.


    1XBet another fantastic betting site you can use to make money. It has the most attractive welcome bonus and other promotions that may suit your interests. The mobile app is another feature that makes this bookie stand out. It offers a variety of payment options as it is compatible with Airtel, Vodafone, MTN, and Tigo, making it very reliable in terms of cash deposits and withdrawals. 


     Looking for a site that you can access offline? The simple response to that should be Melbet, without hesitation. Horse racing is one of the notable betting markets available from this bookmaker that you definitely to explore. The best part is that you do not need to have data for you to explore the sportsbook and bet on the amazing horse races. 


    22Bet is another option that you need to explore in the Ghanaian market. There are numerous horse racing options and high odds that are from many international markets. We can say that this should be your choice if you are an experienced punter and you also happen to understand and follow horse racing closely, as you could win a lot of money. 

    Horse Racing Betting in Ghana

    Since time immemorial, people have been betting on horse racing. Horse racing involves staking on a horse that you believe will win the race. Traditionally, punters used to go to race courts and buy tickets, on which they would select a horse and be given their winnings over the counter. However, modern technology has enhanced, incorporating best practice features. With these developments, Ghanaian players can bet on their favorite sporting event and win big. 

    Betting on horse races is very entertaining and can be an easy avenue to accumulate money. However, before you start winning, you should understand wagering, the types of sports betting, the nature of horse racing, and the types of betting sites offering the best odds and offers. We have done research on the industry and here is some information that you need to understand before embarking on betting in horse racing. 

    Horse racing bet types

    Just like any other sport, there are different types of bets you could place when betting on horses. In order to not only place bets but also win, it is imperative that you know the bets to place. To easily understand what you are staking on, especially for newbies, we have simplified the different bets that are most common when it comes to horse racing.

    • The win bet: The win bet is the easiest option to stake on, especially for newbies. What you need to do is analyze and unravel the horses in the match and identify the ones that are likely to win. Select the one you feel has the highest chance of winning. 
    • Place bet: For a place bet, you identify the horse that will win the race or finish in a specific position. The positions can either be second, third, fourth, or fifth, depending on the number of horses in the race. Most sportsbooks have a brief description of the bet just where the odds are, therefore, you can easily understand the positions set and which market suits you best. 
    • The Each way bet: Under this bet, you can place the win and place bets in one bet. The odds are relatively lower because you have higher chances of winning a bet. In this bet, if your horse finishes first the bookmaker will pay for both the Win Bet and the Place Bet. On the other hand, if your horse does not finish first, but still comes in second or third, you will be paid for the Place Bet only, and you will receive a fraction of the win odds, too. Usually, the Each-way Bet comes with higher odds. Now that you have an idea of the most common bets, we want to tell you about the best sportsbook sites where you could place your bets. But before we give you the list, these are the reasons that made these sites stand out and rank higher, as per our analysis.

    What to Consider when Selecting the Best Sportsbook for Horse Racing

    Licensing and data security- Ensure that the sportsbook is licensed by the Gaming Commission of Ghana. This will ensure that betting services are offered legally to players. Additionally, we ranked sites as per the level of data encryption, with those that secure your data best ranking highly.

    • Payment Options- A sportsbook with a variety of payment options enhances your convenience when depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. A good betting house should therefore have many payment options such as Visa, and Mastercard among other banking options. Those with mobile money payment options like MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, and Airtel also made it to the top of our list with ease.
    • Bonuses, promotions, and offers- A punter with frequent promotions, rewards, and massive welcome bonuses ranked highly as that translates to higher returns. 
    • Customer service and reviews- The sportsbook you choose should be active in responding to customers’ queries and helping them whenever necessary. Customer reviews also show the quality of the sportsbook; therefore, an interactive betting site would be ideal for you to begin horse racing betting. 
    • Unique features- Sportsbook with special features such as mobile phone apps and free data contribute to convenience and ease of use, especially when using a mobile phone to place your bets. 

    Quick Tips when Placing a Perfect Bet

    Horse racing betting is not similar to football and other sports, as it requires deep understanding and interest. To increase your chances of winning, observe the following tips:

    • Consider the surface type. Racetracks have different surfaces, such as dirt grass and artificial surfaces. Find out how all horses perform on the different surfaces and place your bet based on the best performer on the identified surface. 
    • Focus on horses in the paddock. Before any horse race begins, horses are saddled and exercised on the paddock. Get important information on how the horses exercise while in the paddock to know which horse is the fittest and likeliest to win the race. 
    • Be well versed with the rider and their previous history as at the end of the day, a good horse with a terrible rider will definitely burn your bet.


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