Best NBA Betting Sites in Ghana (2023)

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NBA Betting Guide for Ghanaians

National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most coveted basketball league, just like the English Premier League is when it comes to world football. In Ghana, betting was not very popular as the time it was being played would be very late hours and therefore the fans would not be able to enjoy the live action. When online betting became a norm, the fanbase grew and now many people can take part in it.

The NBA involves 30 teams from the US and Canada, attracting the most talented players worldwide. A normal season starts in October and ends in April. There are a total of 82 games that each of the 30 teams has to play in a regular season. The top eight teams in each conference then advance to the playoffs, culminating in the NBA Finals played by the top 8 teams in a conference, after they advance in the playoffs. If you’re looking to bet on NBA games, you’ll need to find a reputable bookmaker that offers good odds and a wide range of markets. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best NBA betting sites below.

You could bet on various outcomes, the main ones being Match Winner, Total Points, Handicaps, and Betting Exchange among others. In this review, we have undertaken very complex and deep research that we have presented in the most simplified language for you to understand and give you valuable tips you can use when betting. 

Sportsbook to Bet on NBA 

The NBA betting market happens to be one of the easiest to bet on if you are a basketball fanatic. The most common options are predicting the match winner, how many points a team or a player will accumulate, and you can even predict which player will be the highest point-scorer. There is even a bet on who will be the league’s Most Valued Player! 

Types of Bets in NBA

There are different types of bets that you could place when playing NBA in the Ghanaian betting market. These are the top 5:

  1. Moneyline - involves betting on a team to win the game outright. The favorites to win are given a negative value (-), while the underdogs are represented by a positive value (+). Under Moneyline, there are 2 options only- win or lose.
  2. Point Spread Betting - means that you have picked the underdogs to win a game by a certain margin. The team on which you have given the points does not need to win the game, but they simply need to keep the margin within the points you had bet on in order for you to win your bet
  3. Over/Under Betting - you are predicting that a team will score over or under certain points.
  4. Prop Bets - With Prop bets, you focus on the game as a whole, an individual team, or even the players themselves. For instance, you predict which team will score first, who will be the MVP, or how many points will be scored at the end of the game by all teams.
  5. NBA Parlays- you combine 2 or more stakes on one bet slip. You could pick the Moneyline from one game, the totals from a different game, and the spread from another matchup. To win, all the results must be as predicted, or it will be considered a loss.

Different Basketball Tournaments

The NBA is the most known basketball tournament, but there are others that are also worth staking on, that include Basketball World Cup, EuroLeague, Olympics, and the European Championships. These are in addition to specific country local leagues that a bookmaker may be offering.

tips & strategies for betting on basketball

  • Research on the Market - this involves first understanding the rules of basketball and the NBA in particular. It is important that you also have statistics of the team, the history and current form, the opponent’s performance, and the current form.
  • Stick to Expert Predictions - there are renowned sites and experts who have been termed front runners in the NBA league. Always look out for the analysts who have a clear record of predicting and compare their previous predictions to know who is the most reliable.
  • Maintain a Record of your Bets - there is nothing more important than having a record of your previous transactions. Always track which teams have yielded highly and avoid those that have sunk your bets.
  • Follow team news - it is important that you have the latest news on the team you want to bet on. Most teams go over and beyond to come up with tricks that they use to beat their opponents, and it is important to be up to date with their strategy.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on NBA in Ghana

Compare the best sportbooks for betting on NBA in Ghana with our list below.


Betway tops the list that we recommend for you to stake on, and for a good reason. With over 24 leagues from all over the world and a diverse market of more than 59 markets to bet from, we believe that Betway will be a perfect partner for you. Additionally, you get instant score updates.


Melbet makes it to the top 5 due to its generosity- it gives 3 different welcome bonuses for new customers. They also have promotions like a 100% refund as an incentive for you to keep gambling. The punter offers good odds for its NBA games, which will keep you coming back to stake again.


1XBet gives its clients a 200% bonus, going up to 1600 GHS, to new its new clients. You are also provided with a special bonus of 480 GHS that can be accessed by using the promo code. The bookmaker is very friendly for both newbies and experienced players, and the best for NBA punters as it has the most diverse markets, from the US to small ones like Euroleague and Australia's NBL1.


10bet bookmaker has one of the most diverse and comprehensive sports, including basketball. What’s more, it gives bookies a loss bonus of up to 100% of your stake when you burn your bet! Always check the promotions and bonuses they have to offer before staking.


22Bet is the newbie in the Ghanaian market, that is focused on the players more- offering unbeatable bonuses and high odds. The bookmaker has also created a fantastic market for NBA enthusiasts. With high odds, frequent promotions, and easy payouts, 22Bet is a partner that you will need to consider and bet with.

NBA Betting FAQs

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Last updated: 9/21/2022