Best Rugby Betting Sites in Ghana (2022)

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Top Bookies for Rugby Betting in Ghana

Now that you understand the basics of rugby betting, it is important to familiarize yourself with the best betting sites in Ghana, where you can explore the markets, bet easily, and win big prizes on the best available tournaments worldwide. The following operators will offer you good options to start:


This is one of Ghana's leading betting sites and features some of the most popular international rugby tournaments. The operator has designed an amazing app for Android and iOS users with a user-friendly interface, making navigation easy and flexible. There are also bonuses for new players, which you can use to bet and win. 


22bet is another international operator which has scaled up its operations in Ghana. It offers numerous betting options from the massive sportsbook, including rugby tournaments. The site has big welcome bonuses for new players to enjoy and make more money. It has great customer service that guarantees the operator the best betting experience. 


MELbet is free data, cut-one, and cash-out options available. It has a superb sportsbook, with the rugby section having many betting options. The site also offers high bonuses for new players.


The site has a great rugby market with attractive odds for bettors to explore. There are welcome deposits for new players; your starting experience may be worth trying the operator. The site supports live betting, meaning it is never too late to bet on a game, as long as the games are still playing. Customer services are effective for any problems related to betting.


The site has live-streaming options, allowing fans to closely monitor their favorite teams' performance and identify the results of their bets. Furthermore, Bet365 has a wide rugby market, meaning that you have numerous options to create an accumulator bet and increase your chances of winning. The site has apps for Android and iOS, making betting flexible for mobile phone users. It has a cash-out option to minimize the losses you incur when your bets are not going your way.

Rugby Betting in Ghana

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, with Ghanaians growing to love the sport and giving it more attention. Unlike football, rugby is an intensely physical high-contact sport. Numerous tournaments and matches are played yearly, meaning that you can watch the games and follow them up close, bet on them, and win big prizes. Rugby betting involves predicting the outcomes of a Rugby match. Bookies provide betting markets and rugby odds from different events like other sports. You can use the options to determine the Match Winner and place Handicap bets. You can also wager on long-term events, some of which will be explained in this piece. Before betting on rugby games, you must understand the different tournaments available, the basic rugby rules, and tips for winning. In this review, we will tell you all that you need to know in regards to Rugby in Ghana, how to play, and even suggest to you some of the best Bookmakers you could stake with and win big.

Popular rugby tournaments 

Similar to football, rugby tournaments occur at different times; therefore, it is important to understand their scheduling to know when to bet on them. The following descriptions will introduce you to the common tournaments in the game: 

  • World Cup: The men's rugby world cup is played the same as football every four years. The competition has a fixed venue and is one of the most-watched sporting events worldwide.
  • Six Nations: This event works like a rugby Euro Cup. The event was created in 1883 and is one of the most traditional tournaments in the sport. A total of six teams from France, Wales, Ireland, England, Scotland, and Italy compete each year. This event usually takes place between February and March.
  • The Rugby Championship: This championship initially consisted of New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia, but currently also includes Argentina. This was a championship that was formerly known as Three Nations. It hosted the top three teams in the Southern Hemisphere. However, in 2012, Argentina was introduced into the competition. This ended up causing the event to have to change its name. The competition occurs between September and October, with New Zealand being the great historic event's champion.
  • Champions Cup: This is the rugby Champions League, an essential event for anyone who wants to bet on rugby. The tournament itself ends up having a format that is very similar to the Champions League. Here, the national champions of the great European powers are gathered. Teams will duel each other in group systems, and in the next stages, they will enter the knockout system. The grand final will always take place on neutral ground, and the French team Toulouse is currently the biggest champion of the event, having won four titles.
  • Olympics: This sport has already been in the Olympics: it was out of them for 92 years, and then it came back. Recently, rugby has been prominent in the Olympics. In both the women’s and men’s modalities, 12 teams participate in the competition.
  • Super rugby: Super Rugby is a tournament under the Rugby Union inaugurated in 1996 by SANZAAR. This competition comprises Fiji, Australia, the Pacific Islands, and New Zealand teams. Between 1996 and 2006, the tournament went by Super 12. The name later changed to Super 14, lasting four years starting in 2006. In 2010, the contest was rebranded to Super Rugby. Since its creation, the Crusaders have won most Super Rugby titles.
  • HSBC World Sevens: HSBC World Sevens is a competitive tournament under World Rugby, launched in 1999. The contest comprises 15 core national teams and one regional qualifier. HSBC started the IRB World Sevens Series to promote Rugby Sevens and propel the form of rugby to international status. In 2014, the name changed to HSBC for sponsorship and gained even more traction.

Rugby betting markets

Outright (winner) Bets

Outright betting (Winner or Series Tournament Winner) is a market where you predict the team that will win a particular tournament. The advantage of an outright bet is that the options often have competitive Rugby Union odds, especially if you place bets before the contest begins. This betting market should not be confused with match winner, which involves backing a team to win a particular rugby match. In this case, you only receive a payout if your chosen team wins the tournament.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is used by betting sites to level the playing field. It is the ideal betting option to seek better odds on your favorites. This market will see the operator disadvantage the strongest team favoring the underdogs. For example, in a match between South Africa and Fiji, the operator may handicap South Africa -12.5 and favor Fiji +12.5. Therefore, if you are to back South Africa to win, they must beat Fiji with 13 or more points for your bet to be correct.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under markets are one of the most popular betting options requiring you to wager on variables, not the final result. For instance, you can bet on the total points scored by two Rugby Union teams, like Leinster and Bulls, to be Over or Under 41.5. If your prediction is Over 41.5, you will win if the total points accumulated by both teams sum up to 42 and above. It is one of Ghana's most common gambling options on new and established sports betting websites.

Player Bets

Rugby is a team sport that also allows you to place player bets. Player betting options narrow down to the statistics of a particular player during the match and not the entire team. If you are betting on a game between the Leicester Tigers and Northampton, you will encounter player bets such as:

  • The First Try Scorer
  • A Player to Score a Try at Any Time of The Event
  • Man of The Match
  • Top Scoring Player

Different player bets attract distinct online betting odds, so always be keen when dealing with player markets.

Team Bets

The most common betting markets are team bets. These options are the direct opposite of player bets since they focus on the entire team, not an individual player. A good example is betting on an event between the Saracens and Harlequins. Such a match may offer team bets opportunities such as:

  • The First Team that Will Score a Try
  • Winning Margin
  • Will a Team Score a Try in The Match
  • The Team that Will Score the Last Try
  • Winning Team

Like other markets, team bets require extensive research for you to place the correct bets.

Tips and strategies for rugby betting 

Understanding a few betting tips and strategies is important before embarking on rugby betting. The following tips will ease you into increasing your chances of winning bets. 

Look out for the best available odds. 

Before placing a bet, ensure that you go through the available odds and identify the best from the rest. It is important to note that the odds levels vary from one sportsbook to another. However, you will only notice this if you make a thorough odds comparison for the games you want to bet on. Opting for the best available odds will help you enjoy significant payouts regardless of the market.

Consider matched betting and arbitrage betting. 

You should always consider these two betting systems when betting on rugby games. Matched betting is a technique that mathematically generates a profit from free bet promotions offered by betting companies. On the other hand, arbitrage sports betting is the method of placing bets on all outcomes of an event at odds that guarantee a profit regardless of the eventual result. Arbitrage betting entails covering all the markets of a specific bet, guaranteeing a win. To engage in arbitrage betting successfully, you must sign up on various betting sites. Furthermore, you will require enough money to spread your bets across multiple betting sites.

Register with all bookmakers

Register with as many bookmakers as possible. It may be the case that the match you want to bet on is not offered by all bookmakers, so registering on any different sports betting sites will allow you to limit this risk and bet in all circumstances on the match you want. Additionally, ensure that the bookmakers you register with are reliable and offer the best possible odds. 

Pay attention to the international calendar.

Before betting, it is important to consider the heavy training schedule, as rugby is one of the only team sports where clubs do not take a break in the case of international matches. Teams may engage in multiple international fixtures, and the intense matches may sometimes rule out the key players. A team with no key players has less of an advantage, which should be a factor in your analysis. 

Examine the current ranking of the teams

It is also necessary to analyze the current ranking between the two sides before making your prediction: rugby is often cyclical at national and international levels. For instance, at the international level, world rugby is often dominated by teams from the southern hemisphere, such as New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Therefore, you must consider these historical periods of dominance to predict a rugby game. The same reasoning also applies to local championships.

Bet on handicap betting

Top teams often win by a wide points margin, and the offensive bonus points underline this difference in score. Rather than predicting victory, play the score spreads by placing handicap bets. This will allow you to enjoy great odds (and therefore nice potential gains) while focusing on a reliable forecast. Remember that draws are rare and shock upsets to dominant teams rarely happen.

How to bet on rugby

Betting on rugby for Ghanaians is just as simple as placing other bets. Once you have picked a bookie and signed up, deposit money into your account. Identify whether there are any bonuses offered and claim them. Choose an event to bet on, click on the odds and proceed to create your accumulator bet on your bet slip. Confirm by selecting the amount that you want to stake and wait for the result.

Rugby live betting 

Rugby live betting can be another option for you, whereby you bet on ongoing games. In this case, you will focus on usual markets such as Handicap and Draw No Bet. However, you will encounter live odds, which constantly shift as the game progresses. Rugby live betting allows you to play multiple matches from competitions such as the Rugby World Cup and the Super League.


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