Ghana´s World Cup Schedule

For the first time in 8 years, Ghana will be making its way to the competition to make the country proud. In the same vein bookies from the country, and the continent, in general, will have the opportunity to watch and bet on the matches in which Ghana will feature. This review will take you through Ghana's games in the world cup, the odds awarded to the Black Stars, and the odds offered by some of the best sports books in the country. 

It is important to note that the world is divided into groups, every group has four teams, and each team will play against one another for three matches per team to advance to the round of 16. The two best teams from each group advance to the round of 16. 

Ghana was drawn into group H, with Portugal, South Korea, and Uruguay. The matches in Group H will begin on 24th November and end on 2nd December. 

  • Ghana’s first match will be against Portugal. The game will be played on 24th November at 1600hrs. 
  • The second match will be against South Korea on 28th November. The game will be played at 1300hrs. 
  • The final match will be played on 2nd December. Ghana will play against Uruguay at 1500hrs. 

Best Bookies for Betting on Ghana

Now that we know and understand Ghana's World Cup schedule let us look at the best sportsbooks for Ghanaian players to bet on their national team at the World Cup. The best bookmakers in Ghana include: 

#1 Betway

Betway is one of the leading betting sites in Ghana and is the best for beginners because of its user-friendliness. The site provides numerous world cup odds, including the three-way, double chance, both teams to score, and the odds of each team winning the group. This is the most popular bet for players in Ghana. In this bet, you predict the full-time result by betting on the home team, the away team, or predicting a draw.

Portugal vs. Ghana 

The three-way full-time result:

In the first game, Ghana will be playing against Portugal. Neither of the teams is at home; however, the bookies in Betway have assigned Portugal the home option, and Ghana has been given the away option.

  • Portugal - 1.52
  • Draw - 3.75
  • Ghana -6.20

The double chance:

Under the double chance option, there are three selections for punters. 1X, which means the home team to win or a draw, 12, which means either the home team or away team wins, and X2, which means that either the away team wins, or the result is a draw. The odds are:

  • Portugal or draw - 1.11
  • Draw or Ghana - 2.11
  • Portugal or Ghana - 1.21


This option involves predicting the number of goals a match would end up with. Your prediction should be within the limit you identified for you to win. 

  • Over 2.5 - 2.07
  • Under 2.5 - 1.62

Both teams to score:

Bookmakers also have this option about whether both teams would score or not. The two options are "Yes" and "No." 

  • Yes - 2.18
  • No - 1.56

#2 1XBet

This site is one of the largest in Ghana, with out-of-the-world offers and promotions. It is worth mentioning that the bookmaker offers a massive 300% welcome bonus and has some of the largest sportsbooks. The registration, depositing, withdrawal, and most of the online processes are as easy as ABC. 1XBet is another popular site you can bet on Ghana’s world cup games. 

South Korea vs. Ghana

The three-way full-time result:

  • South Korea -2.65
  • Draw - 2.80
  • Ghana - 2.80

Double Chance:

  • South Korea or Draw - 1.35
  • Draw - 1.35
  • South Korea or Ghana - 1.35


  • Over 2.5 - 2.50
  • Under 2.5 - 1.43

Both teams to score:

  • Yes - 2.06
  • No - 1.63


Outrights are bets for future events. They can either predict the winner of a tournament, match, or group. In the 2022 World Cup, the following are the odds for Ghana;

  • To win the tournament, Ghana has odds of 250.00.
  • To win Group H, Ghana has odds of 12.00. 
  • Betway currently features the first two matches of the world cup group stage. However, more updates will be done in due course. 

#3 Mybet

Mybet claims its spot on the top due to its convenience when it comes to in-play betting. The punter allows in-play betting, has a wide market variety and is the best live betting partner. The bookmaker has some of the best World Cup odds, and we will guide you on how to stake with them. Mybet is also viable for Ghanaian players because of its promotions and good odds for the upcoming World Cup.

Portugal vs. Ghana

The three-way full-time result:

  • Portugal - 1.57
  • Draw - 4.01
  • Ghana - 6.65

Double Chance:

  • Portugal or Draw - 1.12
  • Draw or Ghana - 2.50
  • Portugal or Ghana - 1.27


  • Over 2.5 - 2.13
  • Under 2.5 - 1.64

Yes or No:

  • Yes - 2.15
  • No - 1.63

Ghana’s World Cup predictions and tips

Ghana has been drawn into one of the most challenging Groups in the World Cup. Some people may argue that it is the most complex group. Currently, Ghana has some players playing locally and abroad and may challenge the knockout stages for the group. We will explore the popular bets highlighted from three of Ghana's most popular betting sites. Let us look at each match and the predictions. 

Portugal vs. Ghana

This is a match every Ghanaian will be watching because the Portuguese team has one of the most prolific footballers of all time- Cristiano Ronaldo. It is arguably the toughest match Ghana will have in the group; therefore, it will be an eye-catching contest.

  • Full-time result: The most likely prediction is a win for Portugal. Portugal has a massive squad with world-class players. This may be the match where Ghana suffers its first loss. 
  • Double Chance: We all know that football is full of upsets. Ghana has added to its squad some of the most talented and hardworking players in the world, with the likes of Inaki Williams from Athletic Bilbao, Tariq Lamptey from Brighton and Hove Albion, Mohammed Kudus from Ajax Amsterdam, and Mohammed Salisu from Southampton. Many could argue that such talent may inflict an upset on Portugal. The likely result of the double chance would be either team winning. 
  • Over/Under: This match will likely have goals. Both teams have enough firepower in attack to win the match. Portugal has a top goal scorer, whereas Ghana has exciting rising stars performing excellently in the European top-flight leagues. The best bet under this category would be Over 2.5. there will be at least three goals in this match. 
  • Both teams to score: Both teams have the quality to score; therefore, the best bet for Ghanaian players would be "Yes." 

South Korea vs. Ghana

This is the second match of the group and will be played on 28th November. This is also a tough match but not as tough as the Portugal one. 

  • Full-time result: The prediction for this category is a win for Ghana. This is the best chance for Ghana to impose itself on the world stage and do more than the 2010 team did to make the country proud and reach the quarterfinals. Ghana has a better all-around squad compared to South Korea. South Korea has the Premier League's top scorer from last season, and he would be the primary threat; however, Ghana would shut him down and scoop a narrow win. 
  • Double Chance: Ghana has assembled a solid team and the worst-case scenario in this match would be a draw. However, players can go safe and go for Ghana to win or draw.
  • Over/Under: This match will have a lot of attacking, and there will be goals. The best prediction is over 2.5 goals in 90 minutes. 
  • Both teams to score: Ghana's defense is a little bit shaky and is seen to be leaking goals against teams with a quality attack. In this match, they may concede a goal; however, they will outscore South Korea and secure the win. 

Uruguay vs. Ghana

Many bookmakers have not featured the final matches of the world cup's group stages on their sites; however, the match is worth mentioning and analyzing because the game will eventually be featured in the betting market, and it will also be played. 

  • Full-time result: This is a massive game for Ghana because they will seek to settle the scores on the defeat suffered in 2010's World Cup quarter final. Uruguay survived elimination and ended up qualifying for the Semis at Ghana's expense, losing a crucial penalty in the dying minutes of extra time. It will be a tight game, and Uruguay is very compact defensively. The team does not have the same quality of players as in 2018, but it can inflict damage on the Ghanaian team. However, with Ghana's improved quality and drive to win against an archrival, the likely result will be a draw. 
  • Double Chance: This game will be very close; therefore, with Ghana having a slight edge, the prediction will be Ghana to win or draw the match. 
  • Over/Under: This game will have very few goals because most South American teams are compact defensively. Therefore, the best bet would be under 2.5. 
  • Both teams to score: This match may not have many goals to offer. Therefore, the prediction for this market is "No." 


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