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Reviewed by James Mwaura Last updated: 09/03/2023
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    Mybet Africa Ghana Review (2023)

    You may have come across numerous betting platforms and asked yourself whether your money is safe, or whether the bookies have assigned the available teams the odds they deserve. Mybet is one of the most reliable betting sites in Ghana, where players have a wide variety of options to explore and increase their chances of a big win. New players willing to explore their luck and experts in the betting industry can explore this platform to combine their luck and experience to win. This review will focus on who Mybet Ghana is, its legal status, the ownership of the company, how to register and bet on the platform, and all the relevant information you need to ensure an amazing betting experience with this bookmaker.

    Who is Mybet Africa?

    Mybet Africa was established in 2018 by KMK Entertainment after a Ghanaian company separated from the British Mybet brand. Delinking from the British Mybet company provided a platform for the company to create an independent path of providing betting options to Ghanaian locals. The Gaming Commission of Ghana gave Mybet Africa the license to operate, under the Gaming Act, 2006 (Act 721). Following the licensing by the commission, Mybet is deemed safe for gamblers to try their luck and sports expertise to win.

    One thing that came from the separation from its British ties- there arose a better opportunity to tailor their options and create odds that suit the local market. There are numerous chains of local shops within Ghana, where gamblers can present themselves and try their luck in betting. The shops provide a cheaper and more convenient option for players to engage in betting. There are attendants within the facilities who help gamblers to play the numerous games provided by the company within the shops. This is not to say that there are limited options for betting, because players have different preferences when it comes to betting, and the company realized that betting shops would come in handy for those who do not have access to smartphones and computer gadgets. 

    How to register for Mybet Africa

    There are various ways players can register for Mybet Africa. One way is to use their website, and another way is to use their mobile app. Registering for Mybet Africa is an easy procedure, provided the user has a mobile phone number and the required personal details. 

    Registration using the Mybet Africa website

    1. Log on to the Mybet website
    2. Go to the register button and click on it.
    3. Enter the required personal details that include the mobile phone number, email address, and password. (An email is necessary for the user to have their account verified. You should therefore have a functional email address before beginning the registration process.)
    4. Finish your registration process by clicking the terms and conditions and confirming that you accept.
    5. Click on the green button to eventually sign up. 
    6. You will receive a link in your email address that will require you to verify your account. 
    7. The account is now set and ready to go, you can now start exploring the website as you choose the games, teams, and bet options you wish to include in your bet. 

    Registration using the Mybet Africa App for Android Users

    Mobile phone apps are an alternative to navigating a betting company’s site, an opportunity explored by Mybet Africa. 

    1. Go to the Mybet Africa homepage. 
    2. Click on the tab with the inscriptions ‘Mobile app for Android’ which will automatically start downloading the APK file. 
    3. Usually, mobile phone devices do not allow apps downloaded from unknown sources, therefore, to allow for this download to proceed, change your mobile phone’s security settings to allow downloads from unknown sources, to initiate the download. 
    4. Click on the apk file and finalize the installation process.

    The Mybet Africa app is now ready to use. Open it and explore your preferred options. Please note that the app is only compatible with the android versions of 4.1 and higher and requires phone storage of approximately 15 MBs. 

    Registration using the Mybet Africa App for iOS Users

    The Mybet Africa app is not supported by iOS devices, however, players should not worry as the website is just as convenient as the app. iOS devices support the website since the website is fully optimized to be operated on any computer or mobile phone device. Therefore, when you open the website on your tablet or mobile phone, the page presented will be the mobile version of the website. 

    Deposits and withdrawals


    A great sportsbook can only achieve an elite status when players get their money on and off the site quickly and efficiently. Mybet Africa understands that most Ghanaian players are conversant with transactions, therefore, the company has integrated convenient mobile payment options on the company. The payment options are through mobile money transactions and deposits through a ticket voucher. 

    The mobile money services supporting payment to Mybet Africa include Vodafone Cash, Airtel Tigo Cash, and MTN. Ghanaian punters are therefore covered by a variety of payment options. The following procedure should be followed when making payments to your Mybet Africa account using mobile money services:

    1. Log in to your Mybet Africa account using your assigned username and password.
    2. Go to the deposit section on the home page.
    3. Click on the deposit button adjacent to your username, which has a greyish color.
    4. A series of service providers will appear. Click on the deposit button of your preferred service provider.
    5. Another page will pop up. On that page, specify the top-up amount you wish to deposit on your account. The minimum amount of money you can deposit is 2 GHS and the maximum amount of money you can deposit is 10,000 GHS. The reason for having limits on the amount of money deposited is to promote responsible gambling behavior. 
    6. Select your mobile number or channel and confirm the request provided by clicking on the confirm button colored green. 
    7. After confirmation, you will get a prompt bill notification.
    8. Enter your mobile money pin and confirm.
    9. Upon confirmation, your transaction will be processed immediately. 
    10. Refresh your home page and confirm your account balance. 

    Depositing money using the voucher option

    Cash deposits using a voucher are equally easy. Follow these procedures on how to deposit money to your Mybet Africa account using a voucher: 

    1. Buy a voucher from an authorized Mybet Africa outlet. Remember, the least amount of money you can pay for a voucher is 2 GHS, and the highest amount of money you can buy the voucher for is 1000 GHS. 
    2. Go to your Mybet Africa betting account and log in using your username and password. 
    3. Go to the deposit area. 
    4. Click on the deposit button under the voucher option and click on it.
    5. A pop-up page will appear where you will be required to enter a voucher code. 
    6. Click on the green deposit button to fund your account with the amount of money you bought your voucher with. 


    Withdrawals are a simple procedure because regardless of the service provider, there is only one pathway to withdrawing funds from the user account to the mobile money account of your choice. The following steps should be followed when withdrawing money from the account:

    1. Log in to your Mybet Africa account using your username and password. 
    2. Click on the profile icon located at the top right corner of the home page. 
    3. A pop-up page will appear with different commands. On the page, identify the “withdraw” button and click on it. Remember to click under the service provider of your choice as the funds will be channeled to the service provider account you have identified. 
    4. Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw on the page that appears below. 
    5. Select the mobile number or the preferred channel and confirm your request by clicking on the confirm button. 
    6. You will get a notification via SMS concerning the overall transaction. 

    The withdrawals are normally instant and successful unless the page is experiencing technical difficulties. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to contact the support team for help. 

    Additionally, players withdrawing funds for the first time will have to provide identification proof through a verification process. 

    Betting options on Mybet

    Mybet Africa provides a variety of betting experiences in Ghana. The company offers various options in sports such as Football, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Volleyball, Darts, Ice Hockey, Handball, and Cricket, among many others. 

    A big variety of betting options are in football because Ghana has a big football fanatic betting on their preferred teams. It was therefore savvy of the company to have a commendable focus on football and provide all the necessary options for players. The page is therefore organized with the most popular leagues listed at the top. Consequently, there are teams where players can select their preferred options and sort out their games based on prices, odds, and prices. 

    Under normal matches, Mybet Africa provides options where a player can bet based on the available options. On the home page, there are icons where players can navigate and place their bets based on their preferred sport, tournament, and team. It is however advisable to bet on sports teams which a player is familiar with, to increase their chances of winning. 

    Virtual betting 

    Virtual betting is an alternative for gamblers who do not wish to wait long for real matches to end and their results determine their winning, instead, virtual gaming is quick, and players can closely follow the games using their computer devices as the matches proceed. 

    Mybet Africa accommodates virtual betting, where players with access to the betting site can explore the online virtual sportsbooks within the business. The virtual sports domain provides options for players to virtual tournaments and leagues in various sporting events controlled by randomized computer systems. The virtual gaming domain offers over 2000 odds for players to put their luck to use. 

    Virtual betting offers various competitions, including football leagues, motorbike racing, speedway games, greyhound races, and horse races. The virtual betting offers are only applicable on pre-match single bets and multiple virtual events on the simulated standard full-time result. Other popular options may include the over/under markets, and the correct scores. 

    How to bet using the website

    Placing a bet using the website is easy using these simple steps:

    1. Log in to your Mybet Africa using your username and password.
    2. Go to the menu on the left side of the home page and identify your preferred sport.
    3. Select the event or game you prefer.
    4. There are various marketing odds for different events and sports. Select the markets you want by clicking on the odds. 
    5. The odds will be automatically added to your bet slip immediately after you click on the preferred team or event. 
    6. Click on the bet slip and enter the amount you want to stake. 
    7. You will receive a confirmation message on your screen. Crosscheck your options and when you feel satisfied with your options, click on “confirm”.

    Additional options

    Since football is the most watched sport in Ghana, the company has eased newbies’ ability to win bets by identifying matches with the highest probability of outcome and selecting them for the player. The option is located at the bottom of the home page and is labeled “recommended bet slip”. For players seeking safer bets, this could also be a better place to start. 

    The odds are preselected; therefore, a player only needs to crosscheck and edit the bet slip to suit their preference and confirm their bet. 

    Live Betting 

    Live betting constitutes a panel allowing you to closely follow live games as they unfold. Users can therefore select their preferred live games and bet on the available options. 

    How to bet using the app 

    The Mybet Africa mobile app allows you to access all the features available on the website. It is however recommended for live betting because of its ease of access. Users can only tap on the “live” button and access all the available live games. The app also provides easy access to virtual games, where there are icons, and players can select their preferred options. 

    The betting app offers similar options to the website, the only difference is with the presentation and ease of access to various events. 

    Cash-out option on Mybet

    There are instances where you may witness your bet going errant, and your predictions are not as you wanted. The cash out is a feature that enhances your ability to control your bet. Under this feature, you can either gain a profit or a loss. A cash-out is a withdrawal option that a player can initiate when their bet slip is still active, and no matches completed have resulted in a loss. When you are losing a bet, the cash out is normally less than the amount staked. When your bet is going on well, the cash out is higher than the stake. 


    The company awards you 20 GHS upon your first 20 GHS deposit within 7 days of your registration. The awarded bonus is not transferable or cannot be withdrawn as it is strictly suited for betting. 

    When you place a multiple bet consisting of two teams or more, with odds accumulating to over 1.3, your bonuses increase with the number of teams placed and could rise to 350% upon winning. 

    Betting margins

    Mybet Africa boasts of having the most attractive and profitable betting margins in Ghana. The company offers more odds to players, depending on the matches and probabilities. Players can therefore gain access to the highest possible outputs from their stake. 

    Mybet Africa Casino

    Mybet Africa has Casino games where you can have a comprehensive virtual experience, similar to the one in a casino. Under Mybet Casino, there is a 3 roulette and 5 blackjack tables, a live casino, numerous casino tables, free poker, and many others. These are simulated versions of films, books, and cartoon characters that people can use to play casino games and win prizes. There are numerous games in the casino and casino live sectors, and the odds for winning games vary with the types of games


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