Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a remarkably popular Indian casino game which is better known as the Indian Flush. This typical game is played with a standard deck of cards. The primary objective of Teen Patti is to formulate the highest-ranking combination among all players with only three dealt cards.

Finally, this card game aims to maximise the prize pool or the betting pot for making the greatest winnings. As you are here today, this in-depth guide will provide valuable information regarding Teen Patti's variations. But before that, you will get a quick run-through of the game and learn a few objectives.

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Teen Patti - What Is It and How Does it Work?

Teen Patti is a typical card game that is generally played amongst 3 to 6 players by using a 52-card pack. However, there are no jokers included within the deck of cards. Likewise other rummy and poker games, Teen Patti also begins after the players place a bet.

Nevertheless, a fixed amount must be determined according to the players' will before the cards are distributed. Once a player has placed their bet, and the boot amount has been collected from all, the cards are dealt. Each player receives three cards face down.

Please note that the boot amount is the minimum cash amount that is kept at stake. And this stake is kept in a pot which is kept in the middle of the table in traditional Teen Patti.

The sequence of Aces has been ranked as the highest, while two is regarded as the lowest hand. The primary objective of Teen Patti is to have the top most 3-card hand. Furthermore, the players are required to increase the amount of the pot before the game ends.

Teen Patti - What are the Variations?

One of Teen Patti's primary aspects is that you can play plenty of variations. However, it is recommended to master the basic version of Teen Patti before you can play the variations. The variations of Teen Patti enable you to tweak the rules and make the game even more challenging.

When you play some of these variations, you will notice that the majority of them adhere to the standard game rules. In fact, there are other variations that come with a completely different set of rules.

Here, we have enlisted some of the most common variations of Teen Patti:

Joker Hunt

In Joker Hunt, the dealer deals three distinctive cards to each player and furthermore lays open a few other cards. These cards are usually laid on the table with its face up.

Please note that the number of cards that are to be opened by the dealer is twice the number of players. And to it, there are an additional three cards. This means the dealer opens 5 x 2 + 3 = 13 cards if there are five players.

In the following two rounds of the card game, players will need to select one open card. Meanwhile, they are also required to discard one from their hand. It entirely depends on the players whether they want to pick any card or not. And even if they don’t pick any, they must close at least one of the open cards.

After two rounds have been played, the closed, open card will have to be removed. While the three open cards are considered Jokers, the game continues as usual.

Best of Four

Best of Four is basically a boosted variation of Teen Patti. In this card game, each of the players is dealt four cards instead of three like in the traditional version.

Here, the players will have to make three best hands of Teen Patti. And this must be done by following the standard hand rankings of Teen Patti. However, since you will have an additional card, it might help you create a probable winning hand.

Low Wild & High Wild

In Low Wild, the lowest-ranking cards of each player are considered wild cards. However, this remains applicable in the particular player’s hand only. And if the two lowest cards are a pair, then that specific pair is regarded as two wild cards.

On the other hand, in High Wild, the highest-ranking cards of each player are regarded as wild cards. And this rule is particularly meant for that player’s hand. Likewise, if the two highest cards are a pair, then they will be regarded as two wild cards.

Muflis (Lowball)

Also known as Lowball, Muflis adheres to similar rules to that of Teen Patti. However, the only difference is that the ranking of the hands is tweaked and reversed. In this variant, the lowest hand is regarded as the best hand, and vice versa. This means the trio turns out to be the worst hand, and the high card becomes the best hand.

Sometimes, the cards of two players are compared and found that they have the same hand. In such cases, the player with the lowest card is declared the winner.

For instance, if player A has a trio (A-A-A) and player B has a high card 8 (3-5-8), then the winner is player B. But according to the traditional Teen Patti, the winner is player A.

AK 47

This variant of Teen Patti considers the Ace, King, & and four as joker cards. And any player who has these cards can simply use them as a substitute for a missing suit or number. This means these cards have the potential to hold any value according to the desire of the players. However, the remaining rules are similar to that of the regular Teen Patti.

Two-Lowest Wild

In Two-Lowest Wild, each of the players is dealt four cards. Meanwhile, the two lowest cards are considered virtual wildcards in that specific player’s hand only. Here, if the two lowest cards are a probable pair, then that might be considered as a single wild card. Also, if the two middle-rank cards are a potential pair, then the player won’t have any wild cards.

Bust Card Draw

In this variation of Teen Patti, there is one additional step in the procedure of dealing. Once every player has received their cards, the dealer will then draw a “sudden death” card. Any player who has this card on their hand will automatically need to fold their hand.


Hukum, another remarkable variation of Teen Patti, all the players are generally dealt two normal cards. And the remaining card is a Joker card. So, the Joker card will act as a substitution for any other card required for making a hand.

Nevertheless, if there aren’t any hand sequences, even with the Joker card, then it will be regarded as a high card.

Wild Draw

In Wild Draw, the dealer usually deals three cards to every player. Furthermore, the dealer draws a random card from the deck and places it face-up on the table. Here, the random card is regarded as the Joker card for all players.

For instance, if 3 is the Joker card, then anyone who has a three can pick any random number. Thus, the player can pick out a suit for the same card.


Auction is regarded as one of the finest variations of Teen Patti. Here, each player is dealt three cards at the beginning of each round. Of three cards, two are kept face-down while one is kept face-up, which typically represents the Joker. Until and unless you think that you have a strong hand, you can place a bet with an open card.

Consider repeating the same procedure until all the games have been bought. And once the auction “closes,” you can continue the game as per the traditional Teen Patti rule.

Pack Jack

Here in Pack Jack, the players receive three joker cards which are placed face-up on the table. Once you fold or pack in the game, your cards automatically replace the previous joker cards on the table. Thus, it goes on to become three new Joker cards.


This variation of teen Patti has gained massive popularity in recent years. Here, the hand or sequence which comes closest to 999 is declared the winner. Remember that all the number cards starting from 2 to 9 have similar values to that of the traditional game.

However, all face cards, except the Ace, come with no valuation. Meanwhile, the Ace is valued at 1. The main purpose of the game is to get as close to a score of 999 in order to win this card game.

King Little

In King Little, all of the Kings are regarded as Jokers. Additionally, the smallest of the three cards which are handed to each player is also considered the Joker. For instance, if you have K, Q, and 4 in different suits, your four and K are joker cards. Also, they don’t have any face value. Then, you can certainly form a trio by switching your four and K to Qs. Thus, you will end up having a unique sequence of Q-Q-Q.

Odd Sequence

Unlike the traditional Teen Patti, you are required to make sequences with odd numbers. For instance, the sequence 9-J-K is a valid hand in this Teen Patti variation. 


Stud, another popular variation of Teen Patti, is quite similar to Stud Poker. In fact, the rules are also very much like the traditional game of Teen Patti. However, you get a predetermined mix of both face-up and face-down cards.

Here, those cards which are dealt face-down to each player are known as hole cards. Meanwhile, the cards which are dealt face-up are typically referred to as street cards.

2 Cards Open

In the 2 Cards Open, each of the players receives one face-down card and two face-up cards. And according to the third card, you are required to decide your following moves and your wager.

Nevertheless, none of the players has the option to play Blind in this variation. And whenever there is an occurrence of a side-show, the dealer is required to determine the winner. They can only make the determination after looking at both players' cards.

Discard One

In this variation of Teen Patti, the dealer typically deals with four cards in place of three. So, you must then choose the three best cards from your hand and consider discarding the fourth. Also, each player will have the opportunity to see their cards while playing this variation. Nevertheless, all other rules of the traditional Teen Patti remain unchanged.


In the In-Out variation of Teen Patti, three cards are dealt to each player. And after that, three other cards are also dealt face-up right in the middle of the table. Those cards displayed on the table are basically considered Jokers.

Please note that there is only one round of betting here. Following this, a showdown occurs among all the remaining players. So, it is up to the players whether they choose to play Blind or Seen.

After everyone has completed their actions, and if there’s more than one player, then there is a showdown. The winner of the showdown wins the pot, and they also receive some additional gifts. Every player who lost during the showdown must pay the exact pot amount to the winner.


Here, the dealer deals exactly five cards to each player in Kiss-Miss-Bliss. And once the cards have been dealt, you must put two cards together and formulate a Joker. Remember that you have the privilege to choose any two cards of your choice.

However, there are only three types of jokers that you can make, i.e., Kiss, Miss, or Bliss. A pair that comprises exactly the same numbers is known as Bliss. In comparison, a pair comprising two consecutive numbers is known as Kiss. And a pair missing one in the sequence is known as Miss.

Please remember that you can form only one Joker card in every round. Also, you must discard one of the remaining cards in order to proceed with the game. Thus, you will end up having only three cards comprising two regular cards and two cards forming a Joker card.

Also note that if you are incapable of forming a Joker card, then you need to discard at least two cards.


This variant of teen patti has been typically derived from the in-out variant. Here, three cards are dealt to all the players and three Jokers are placed face-up on the table. Once all the cards are dealt, the players need to say whether they are ‘in’ or ‘out’. And this must not be said out loud but by gestures of thumbs up for ‘in’ and thumbs down for ‘out’.

Folding Joker

In Folding Joker, each of the players receives four cards from the dealer. And one card is kept separately, unseen. Remember that separate cards cannot be included while creating a hand. Also, one of the three cards is shown to all players, which automatically becomes a Joker card for them.

Whenever a player folds his unseen card, even that becomes an extra Joker card. However, all the previous Joker cards remain intact in the game. Apart from this, all other rules of Folding Joker remain equivalent to that of the traditional Teen Patti.

Kissing Missing

This Teen patti Variation is also quite similar to the Kiss-Miss-Bliss variant. Each of the players of this variation is dealt four cards, from where they pick two cards and form a Joker. Thus, each player will have two regular cards and one Joker card, likely to have any suit and value.

Here, you can make two types of Jokers - Kissing or Missing. For creating a Kissing Joker, you’ll need a pair of numbers. And to create a Missing Joker, must have two alternate numbers. But if you are incapable of creating a Joker, then you must discard one card. Thus, you will be left with three regular cards.

Nonetheless, the game continues to proceed as usual, except that everyone plays Chaal.

Rotating Jokers

In Rotating Jokers, each of the players is dealt three cards, just like the traditional Teen Patti game rule. Next, two face-down cards and one face-up card are placed in front of every player. Remember that the face-up card will become the player’s private Joker card.

But when a player folds, the player’s face-up card automatically becomes a Joker card for all other players. And when this happens, you can no longer use your own Joker card. Also, when the next player folds, their face-up card automatically becomes the next Joker. The same process continues for the following folds.

To Conclude

That’s all, folks! We hope this in-depth guide was able to provide you with the requisite information regarding Teen Patti variations. So, if you are looking forward to playing some fun and exciting card games, then you must try these variations.

We’re certain that you will have a great time playing all the above-mentioned variations of Teen Patti. Also, don’t forget to play some practice games and boost your skills. Till then, happy shuffling!

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