Betsafe Jackpots Explained

Betsafe Jackpots are giving fans of sportsbook offerings the chance to walk away with hundreds of millions in cash prizes. Find out what makes these jackpots irresistible and if you should claim them.

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A Comprehensive Look At Betsafe’s Sports Jackpots

A sports betting jackpot gives you the chance to walk away with life-changing prizes if you can correctly predict the results of multiple pre-selected matches in a single sportsbook betslip/ticket. 

Now that we are on the same page on what sports jackpots are, you should note that Betsafe is one of the leading gaming brands that offers regular and lucrative bonuses to players in Kenya. 

One jackpot offer is never enough. Players know this, and we were surprised to discover that Betsafe is aware of this fact too. The bookmaker’s jackpot section boasts lucrative Super, Middle, and Daily Jackpots that will let you walk away with over Ksh. 115 million, Ksh. 25 million, and Ksh. 300,000, respectively. 

Read on as we explore Betsafe’s Jackpot offers. 

Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot is the most lucrative jackpot offer at Betsafe. Winning the Super Jackpot will let you walk away with over Ksh. 115 million in cash prizes. What’s more, you can get yourself a Super Jackpot ticket for only Ksh.80 on Betsafe’s Jackpot page. 

How Does The Jackpot Work

The Super Jackpot has 17 pre-selected football events. And you can walk away with the Super Jackpot’s grand prize by correctly predicting the outcomes of all the 17 pre-selected football matches.

Players who are up for the feat should note that the outcomes of the 17 jackpot events are based on Full Time results (the usual 90 minutes plus the regular added time). Consequently, Betsafe doesn’t take into consideration the results of an event after the Extra Time or Penalty Shootout. 

You will find the official Super Jackpot outcomes on Of course, you can also get the jackpot game outcomes on Betsafe’s official social media handles. 

Players who win the Super Jackpot will receive their prizes via cheque or bank transfer. It is worth highlighting that Betsafe opts to use bank transfers of cheques to make large payments.

What Are The Jackpot’s Rules

Like all jackpots, Betsafe’s Super Jackpot has rules. Some of the most important Super Jackpot’s rules that you should be acquainted with include;

  • Players can only place the Super Jackpot bets online
  • Any bets placed via SMS or Telegram don’t qualify as jackpot bets
  • Betsafe accept Super Jackpot games before the kick-off of the first match on the jackpot betslip

Now that you are familiar with the essential Super Jackpot rules it would also help to note that the cost of the Super Jackpot bet and the Super Jackpot amount can change on a weekly basis - without notice. 

Also, remember that you can’t use bonus money or free bets to place a Super Jackpot bet. Similarly, you can’t amend the selections on a Super Jackpot once Betsafe accepts the bet.

How To Play The Jackpot

The first thing you should take into consideration before playing the Super Jackpot at Betsafe is the types of bets you will be placing. If you are a newbie to football jackpot games, note that you will be predicting if the outcomes of the 17 pre-selected matches will be 1, X, or 2 where;

  • 1 is a Home Win
  • X is a Draw
  • 2 is an Away Win

Researching a team’s current form and checking for suspended or injured players will help you make informed decisions as you place your bets. Betsafe’s Super Jackpot supports Double Chance bets, which let you bet on two outcomes at the same time.

Knowing this, you can improve your chances of winning the Super Jackpot using Double Chance bets. Also, remember that out of the 17 pre-selected games, the maximum Double Chances you can place is 7.

What Are The Potential Payouts Of The Betsafe Super Jackpot

The player that correctly predicts the outcomes of all 17 pre-selected football events will walk away with Betsafe Super Jackpot. 

Yes, two or more players can correctly predict the outcomes of the Super Jackpot football events. If this happens, Betsafe will equally divide the jackpot amount among the players that predicted correctly the outcomes of the 17 jackpot games.

Did you get 16, 15, 14, 13, or 12 correct predictions on your Super Jackpot betslip? If so, you are entitled to a bonus prize. If no player gets at least 12 correct predictions, Betsafe reserves the right to share the bonus among players who land the most number of correct predictions. 

Middle Jackpot

With the Middle Jackpot, you can win up to Ksh. 25 million. The Middle Jackpot is the 2nd most lucrative jackpot at Betsafe. Like the Super Jackpot, you can play the Middle Jackpot on Betsafe’s jackpot page for just Ksh. 20. 

How Does The Jackpot Work

The Middle Jackpot consists of 15 pre-selected football events. To win the Middle Jackpot, you have to accurately predict the outcome of the 15 pre-selected football events. Veteran players have tips for increasing their chances of claiming the Middle Jackpot, and these tips include;

  • Checking the head-to-head performance of the teams that’ll be facing each other
  • Checking the recent form of both teams
  • Confirming which squad members will be taking part or missing out in a game

Now that you are about to place your Middle Jackpot, it is important to note that Betsafe posts the outcomes of the 15 pre-selected football events on its site. Players with Twitter and Facebook accounts will discover that the betting platform shares the Middle Jackpot results on their official social media handles.

No players who win the Middle Jackpot don’t walk away with the Ksh. 25 million since Betsafe withholds 20% of a player’s winnings as per the country’s Income Tax Act.

It is worth highlighting that Betsafe will request for your bank details to transfer the winnings from the Middle Jackpot to your bank account. 

What Are The Jackpot’s Rules

The Middle Jackpot has rules of gameplay that players need to adhere to as they wager on the jackpot game. First and foremost, you need to remember that the cost of playing the Middle Jackpot can change on a weekly basis without advance notice. Likewise, the Middle Jackpot amount can change weekly without warning. 

Some of the important rules that govern Betsafe’s Middle Jackpot include;

  • Players can only place the Middle Jackpot bets online
  • All SMS and Telegram bets do not qualify as Middle Jackpot bets
  • Players can’t use Bonus Money or Free Bets to wager on Middle Jackpot games

The other Betsafe Middle Jackpot T&Cs that you should have at your fingertips includes; no Middle Jackpot game can be amended once Betsafe accepts the bet and players can wager on Middle Jackpots before the first match on the betslips starts. Lastly, visit Betsafe’s jackpot T&Cs page to find a list of the Middle Jackpot’s rules. 

How To Play The Jackpot

Any player that has a registered and verified Betsafe account can wager on the site’s Middle Jackpot. As earlier mentioned, the jackpot is ideal for players who want to claim wins of up to Ksh. 25 million from a Ksh.20 bet. To place the Middle Jackpot, you have to select the outcome of 15 pre-selected matches, and your predictions should be;

  • 1; Home Win
  • X; Draw
  • 2; Away win 

Like the Super Jackpot, you can use Double Chance bets on the Middle Jackpot.

Players can place a Jackpot Bet with two options on a single game, known as Double Chance bets. Note that instead of 7 Double Chance bets, the Middle Jackpot reduces the number of Double Chance bets you can place to 5. 

What Are The Potential Payouts Of The Betsafe Middle Jackpot 100

The biggest payout you can claim from the Middle Jackpot is Ksh. 25 million. And you can claim this amount by correctly predicting the outcome of the jackpot’s 15 pre-selected football events. You will be entitled to a jackpot bonus when you land 14, 13, or 12 correct predictions on your Middle Jackpot ticket. 

Betsafe loves rewarding players. For this reason, expect to walk away with lucrative jackpot bonus prizes if you are among the players who land the most correct predictions in the event that no one has 15, 14, 13, or 12 correct Middle Jackpot outcome predictions. 

Daily Jackpot

Who told you that you can only enjoy one or two jackpot games on a weekly basis? We bet you are pleased to learn that Betsafe has a Daily Jackpot that lets die-hard football fans walk away with life-changing cash prizes if they correctly predict the outcomes of the Daily Jackpot’s pre-selected football matches. 

How Does The Jackpot Work

It is important to highlight that the Daily Jackpot has 9 pre-selected football events. Players need to predict the outcome of the 9 pre-selected matches. Also, remember that the player that accurately predicts the outcome of the 9 matches walks away as the winner of the Daily Jackpot.

Players who are interested in claiming the Daily Jackpot bonus might be asking themselves questions such as; how can a player win Betsafe’s Daily jackpot? If you are one of these players, you will be glad to know that there are ways to improve your chances of claiming this lucrative daily offer. For instance you could;

  • Check if vital players are missing as a result of injuries, suspensions, and fatigue
  • Compare the H2H (head-to-head) stats of the teams that will be battling each other
  • Use the services of professional football tipsters

The official place to confirm the outcome of the 9 pre-selected football events on Daily Jackpot is Betsafe’s website or the brand's official social media handles. Besides withholding 20% of your winnings from the Daily Jackpot, Betsafe also reserves the right to;

  • Use your name (if you win) on marketing campaigns
  • Credit the Daily Jackpot winnings to your bank account

What Are The Jackpot’s Rules

You will realize that the Daily Jackpot has rules that players have to adhere to if they are interested in claiming the Betsafe Daily Jackpot. Some of the Daily Jackpot’s rules are identical to the rules you will come across while claiming the Super and Middle Jackpots. These rules include;

  1. Players should place their Daily Jackpot bets online
  2. All SMS and Telegram bets don’t qualify as jackpot bets
  3. Players can’t amend their bet selections once Betsafe accept their Daily Jackpot bets
  4. Players can’t use free bets and bonus money to wager on the Daily Jackpot
  5. Players should place all Daily Jackpot bets before the first game on the jackpot’s betslip starts
  6. The cost of each Daily Jackpot entry is subject to change on a daily basis
  7. The Daily Jackpot amount is subject to change on a daily basis.

How To Play The Jackpot

Wagering on the Betsafe’s Daily Jackpot games is a walk in the park that involves predicting the outcome of 9 pre-selected jackpot games. Strategies like checking head-to-head performance, current team form, and missing players might help you make an informed decision on which team will win a particular duel.

Also, it is worth mentioning that no one can have a 100% correct prediction on the outcome of any football event. For this reason, you can opt to use Double Chance bets as this will help you predict the outcomes of tight games. The maximum number of Double Chance bets that you can place on Betsafe’s Daily Jackpot is 4. Therefore, you should use your Double Chance bets after careful consideration. 

What Are The Potential Payouts Of The Betsafe Daily Jackpot 100

Players can win a maximum of Ksh 300,000 from Betsafe’s Daily Jackpot. Yes, we earlier mentioned that the bonus amount might change every day. Nevertheless, players shouldn’t worry that the Daily Jackpot bonus amount will go below Ksh. 300,00 as it has never happened. Another important fact to remember is that Betsafe will share the Daily Jackpot bonus equally among all jackpot winners in the event that there is more than one winner. Of course, yes. The Daily Jackpot has bonuses that runner ups can claim. And the runner up bonus prizes are offered by Betsafe at their discretion. 

Reasons To Play The Betsafe Jackpot Games

Different players have different reasons for wagering on Betsafe’s Jackpot games. While most players wager on these jackpots to walk away with millions in cash prizes, some players are more interested in claiming your Double Chance bets after careful consideration.  the bragging rights that comes with beating the house and claiming millions. 

You should, therefore, play Betsafe’s jackpot prizes if you fancy;

  • Claiming life-changing real money rewards
  • Excellent bonuses 
  • Lucrative payouts while using minimal stakes

Since you are acquainted with the different Betsafe Jackpots, how they work, their rules, how to play them, and their potential rewards, feel free to claim any of the jackpots available on Betsafe’s jackpot page.

Our Final Word On Betsafe Jackpots

With low stakes of ksh. 80, ksh. 20, and Ksh. 15, you can wager on the Betsafe’s Daily, Middle, and Super Jackpots. These jackpots will give you the rare opportunity of cashing out millions in cash prizes if you play the Middle and Super Jackpots or hundreds of thousands if you prefer wagering on the Betsafe Daily Jackpot.

Betsafe is a safe and secure i-gaming site that has legal operations in Kenya. The site’s licensed and regulated by the BCLB, and this means that the bookmaker’s jackpot offers undergo the necessary checks. For this reason, you should expect Betsafe to treat you to fair and legit jackpots. 


James is responsible for the Kenyan market on BettingGuide. He has a keen interest in sports betting and Gambling laws in particular. James is a Lawyer practising in East Africa, loves writing, and has a Law Degree from Makerere University, Uganda and a Post Graduate Diploma from the Kenya School of Law, Kenya.