Best Airtel Money Betting Sites in Kenya (2023)

Make easy payments with Airtel Mooney on online betting sites in Kenya.

The Best Airtel Money Betting Sites in Kenya

Airtel is gradually becoming one of the most popular mobile money services people use to make payments, including deposits and withdrawals, when betting for their favorite teams and matches. Airtel money not only offers competitive transfer prices but is also popular and one of the leading mobile money service providers in Kenya. The company aims to increase customer appeal and expand its services to multiple platforms. 

Airtel Money is a service provided by the company Airtel. Airtel is a multinational telecommunications company. Airtel Networks Kenya Limited and Airtel Money Kenya Limited are fully owned subsidiaries of Airtel Africa plc. Airtel Money works similarly to other mobile money services and provides similar services for players betting on different sites. The service enhances instantaneous deposits to betting sites by following various prompts on the site. 

Using Airtel Money for online betting in Kenya is safe and convenient because the company is licensed and regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya and the Central Bank of Kenya.

The top betting sites for using Airtel

Presently, many sportsbooks in Kenya are adopting airtel money to improve customer experience when betting and withdrawing money. The following betting sites provide Kenyan players with the Airtel Money alternative:

  1. 22Bet
  2. Betway
  3. 1XBET
  4. Betsafe
  5. Sahara Games
  6. Betwinner Kenya

These sites are not only the leading ones in the country but also have the Airtel Money payment option for players with Airtel Money accounts. Let us briefly see what each site offers. 


22Bet is one of the safest betting sites in Kenya. It entered the market in 2017 and has since diversified its services and it has over 30 different sporting events for players to bet on. The site also has over 1000 markets to explore in different sports. Players get to enjoy 100% bonuses of up to Kshs. 10,000, meaning that profits are lucrative and worthy of your time and exploration.  The site has 24-hour customer service to attend to customers having difficulties of any kind regarding payments and sports betting. The site also accepts a variety of payment options, including Airtel Money. 


Betway is an international betting site licensed to operate in Kenya. This site is one of the best for beginners, with a user-friendly interface that beginners can understand the layout and sports section. The markets from over 40 sporting events are of the right variety for Kenyans to explore and bet on favorites. There are massive bonuses to be grabbed by both new and existing players. You can enjoy over 50% worth of bonuses and Kshs. 5,000 worth of free bets, making your betting experience better. Having an Airtel Money account should not worry you because the site accommodates players with such account options for easy and fast payment.


This is one of the fastest-growing betting sites in the country, very popular all over the internet and people love staking with them. The offers and bonuses with 1XBET are very generous that enable you to win prizes of up to Kshs. 20,000. The site has all the popular sporting events available for you, and registration is quick and easier. What makes the site more attractive is that it welcomes players with Airtel Money, enhancing its diversity of options not only in the sports and market section but also in the payment section.


Betsafe is a fairly new betting site currently seeking to take the Kenyan market by storm. The site offers a lucrative 100% welcome bonus for new players; therefore, you can have a higher probability of maximizing your profits using the awarded offer. With 24-hour customer service, you are guaranteed an amazing customer experience by dedicated people who are available for help.  The site has apps for Android and iOS users for a more flexible and convenient user experience. The site accepts the Airtel Money payment option for players in Kenya. The Betsafe site has regulated deposit amounts to cultivate responsible gambling for Kenya.

Sahara Games

Sahara Games is a fast-growing betting site that is changing its options in terms of markets and sports. The site can only get better, because of how fast it is growing and reaching out to many people. There are over 27 sports varieties for Kenyan players to explore. With your Airtel line and account, you are free to deposit money, earn the sign-up bonus and start playing to win.   The site is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya, making it legitimate and authentic for Kenyan players. The site also has reliable customer service that is available to respond to clients’ needs promptly. 

Betwinner Kenya

The site offers massive welcome bonuses of up to Kshs. 15,000, which is 100% of the amount you deposit. The bonuses vary with the amount of money you deposit. The site also has an exhaustive sportsbook for you to choose from. The markets are regularly updated for you to explore better odds and make a good profit from your money. Betwinner also has one of the most impressive live betting experiences for Kenyan players. With an Airtel Money account, you can enjoy betting on the markets provided for different sporting events. 

How to bet with Airtel 

Betting with Airtel is a simple procedure, provided you have attained the age of 18 and have a registered Airtel line, with Airtel Money services available. The following steps will help you bet using airtel money:

Create an Airtel Money account

  • Visit the nearest Airtel agent shop and purchase a line.
  • Ensure that you have your identification documents, which are your ID or passport. 
  • Register the line and ensure that it accommodates Airtel’s mobile money services. 
  • Airtel sim cards are free or may cost as high as Kshs. 50, depending on where you are getting one from. 
  • Nonetheless, signing up for Airtel Money is free, therefore, after registration, you will receive a notification via SMS to confirm that your line is active and can be used for mobile money transactions. 
  • However, if you already have an Airtel line, it is easier for you to start betting, therefore, you can skip this step. 

Fund your Airtel Money account

Now that you have your Airtel line and a functional mobile money account, let us explore ways of funding your account. 

  • Take some money with you and visit the nearest authorized Airtel Money agent and deposit the money into your account. 
  • Give the money to the agent, who will then initiate the depositing process into your Airtel Money account.
  • Upon completion, you will get a notification via SMS that the deposit was successful. 
  • You can confirm your account balance to ensure that the amount you provided to the agent is the same one that is in your account. 
  • Remember that depositing money into your account is free, therefore, you will not have to incur any charges or deductions upon receiving this service from the agent. 
  • It is also important to note that there are limits to Airtel Money transactions in Kenya. Today, the company sets the transaction ceiling at Kshs. 150,000, which is enough for its customers based on their different financial activities. 

Deposit money on the betting site

Now that your Airtel Money has some money, you are free to deposit some funds into a betting site of your choice and start betting. Make sure that you join a betting site that has the option of using Airtel Money for deposits and withdrawals for convenience. 

Nevertheless, most of the popular betting sites in Kenya are diverse in terms of payment acceptance. This means that they accept Airtel Money payment options. the following steps will help you deposit money to your preferred betting site using your mobile phone:

  • On your mobile phone, open the Airtel sim tool kit menu.
  • Select Airtel Money.
  • Go to the “Make Payment” option and select.
  • Go to the “Pay Bill” option and select.
  • Enter the betting site’s business number.
  • Enter the account number.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Remember, different betting sites have different rules on the amount of money you can deposit. 
  • Enter your Airtel Money pin and send. 
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Airtel money, telling you how much money you have deposited. 
  • Depending on the betting site you are using, your account on that site will be updated automatically. If not, you can refresh the betting site’s page until you see that the funds have been reflected. 
  • You are now free to navigate the betting site and bet on the sporting events of your choice. 

The Airtel Money mobile app 

Airtel has a mobile app for Android and iOS users. The app is very flexible because it allows you to make payments, access your account balance and access our sim details. 

How to use the Airtel app to deposit on a betting site 

Using the app is also simple because you only click the app and follow the same prompts as the ones using the sim tool kit.

Depositing money to the betting sites follows the same procedure, however, you have to be keen on the different account numbers and account names, which vary from one betting site to another. 

In addition, transactions are made at any time, which makes it more convenient for you to use. 

The pros and cons of using Airtel Money for betting in Kenya

The pros of Airtel Money

  • The platform is easy to use because of the straightforward procedure. 
  • Payments are made instantly on deposits and withdrawals, at any time. 
  • Supports free depositing and withdrawing on most betting sites in the country. 
  • Airtel Money is very safe and secure.
  • Processing fees are fairly lower or zero than other options

The cons of Airtel Money

  • There are few Airtel Money agents in the country, which makes it less convenient for players opting for this company’s service. Depositing and withdrawing money would be relatively difficult because of the agents’ unavailability. 
  • Not all top betting sites accept Airtel Money, making it a relatively limited field to explore for payments. 


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