Best Kenyan Betting Sites (2021)

  • Betway 50% up to 5,000 KES in Free Bets
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    • High odds
    • Fantastic Betting App
  • Betsafe 100% Welcome Free Bet up to 2000 KES
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    • Free Betting Tips in the Betsafe Blog
  • Betwinner Kenya 100% Bonus up to 15000 KES
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    • 40+ Sports
    • 100's of Betting Markets
  • 22Bet 100% Bonus up to 15,000 KES
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    • 24/7 Customer Service
    • 30+ Sports & 1000's of Betting Markets
  • Sahara Games Get an 100 KES Free Bet
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    • High Betting Odds

Best Online Sports Betting Sites in Kenya

Kenya is among the leading countries in the world in terms of betting. The country has a broad betting market that is growing day by day. Due to the availability of numerous legit betting sites, the number of betting participants is also skyrocketing as the market grows. 

This article incorporates detailed information regarding a variety of booming betting sites in the country. Let’s roll down together and shed light on these betting sites! 

#1 Best Betting Site - Betway Kenya

Are you looking for a first-class and secure betting experience? Betway got you covered! Betway Kenya is one of the popular betting sites licensed by the BCLB and offers an exceptional betting experience. Betway has earned popularity to international levels in the recent past due to its performance with an impeccable customer support team.

Even though this betting site has attained international standards, it favors both beginners and veterans in the game. The platform is easy to navigate and utilizes some of the most popular payment methods, such as Mpesa and Airtel Money. You can easily make your payments and withdraw without undertaking complex steps. 

Besides, creating a Betway account is an effortless task for Kenyan punters. You can sign up by filling in your details, and your account gets verified within minutes. After creating an account, you can now deposit money by either using Mpesa or Airtel Money. According to the betting site rules, you can deposit a minimum of ten Kenyan shillings only. 

The site has an android mobile app that you can easily install for convenience purposes. Also, it offers live streaming games, bonuses, and incredible betting odds that increase your chances of winning. Besides, when you make your first deposit, you receive free bets worth 50% of the deposit. Note that Betway only accepts players who are 18+ years. 

#2 Best Betting Site - 22Bet

22Bet is a licensed betting site in Kenya offering some of the highest bonuses and fantastic promos. It also offers an extensive sportsbook with a keener focus on football, the most popular sport in Kenya. This betting site is one of the most loved platforms in the country due to its incredible nature of functionality. The site has been ranked among the leading platforms due to its solid focus on football. 

The site has developed a unique platform that best suits Kenyan players. The site has named this platform 22Bet Kenya to enhance its speciality to Kenyan betting participants. Making deposits and withdrawals from betting sites is where most people tend to find difficulties. But with 22Bet, you enjoy simple transaction channels such as Mpesa and Airtel Money which are popular in the country. 

The most common thing that makes 22Bet stand out is that you can bet on other sports such as rugby. However, the site primarily focuses on football. Note that the site gives its users access to major and minor football games around the world.  The site is licensed by the regulatory commission to enhance safety, among other things. 

#3 Best Betting Site - Betwinner 

Betwinner is one of the sites that have attained international standards offering tons of betting options. Apart from being a global site, it has a solid presence in Kenya with millions of fans. The site accepts deposits and withdrawals in Kenyan shillings transacted through Mpesa and Airtel Money. 

Do you need a betting site that offers great odds? Betwinner is here to turn your dreams into reality. Apart from football betting, the site goes further to provide casino games around the world. It gives bonuses both to beginners and veteran players to motivate them and increase their chances of weaning. 

Due to the availability of an exceptional customer support desk, the site offers incredible services covering all customer needs. The site is licensed to operate in Kenya, enhancing safety standards. It has a mobile app that displays a simple betting platform with simple betting features for its players. 

#4 Best Betting Site - Melbet 

Melbet is a new betting site that has been recently licensed to operate in Kenya, although it has already begun making significant moves across the country. For new customers, Melbet offers incredible bonuses that introduce them into the world of betting. On the first deposit, the site offers a 200% bonus giving you more betting chances. 

In addition, the site provides a sportsbook that gives you detailed information regarding what is ongoing in the world of sport. Melbet has a 24-hour customer support panel ready to help you solve any problem whenever you get stuck. Even though the site started in Europe, it accepts deposits through Mpesa, the most preferred payment method for most Kenyans. 

Melbet registration is a simple task that only needs you to follow simple steps. Furthermore, it has a mobile app that makes the entire process simple. There are live streaming options and cash out that makes this site stand out. Note that the site mainly focuses on football. 

#5 Best Betting Site - Bet365

Bet365 is one of the biggest bookmakers in the world. It has established a significant presence in Kenya. The bookie has many followers due to the numerous bonuses and free bet opportunities it offers. It has a reliable support staff that is always on the lookout throughout. Bet365 is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. 

Making deposits on Bet365 is simple since it accepts Mpesa transactions. It offers competitive betting features with live stream options that allow participants to win cash prices, among other offers. Note that this site has established an international marketplace with its presence across the globe. 

The site has millions of fans in Kenya, among other parts of the globe.  Apart from Mpesa payments, the site also accepts other forms of payments for international participants making the entire process easy. 

#6 Best Betting Site - 1xbet

1xbet is ranked among some of the best sports betting websites in Kenya. The site offers more than just betting since it gives room for chatting one on one amongst fans. Also, it has a standby help desk always ready to guide the members. The site has secured significant market value in Kenya and a ton of fans. 

One thing that makes this betting site stand out is the fact that it offers multiple bonuses and free bets that enhance your winning chances. 1xbet is an international betting platform that has extended its arms to different countries across the globe. In Kenya, deposits are made to 1xbet through Mpesa, the most popular transaction method in the country. 

Having registered and certified by the respective bodies, the site is on the lookout to creating long-term relationships with its customers in Kenya. Its live stream options have earned popularity among players since it enhances their chances of winning. The site has earned an impeccable reputation that has placed it at the helm of the industry. 

The customer support team operates on another level! The odds given are highly competitive, thus increasing your winning chances. 

#7 Best Betting Site - Odibets

Odibets is among the few sites in Kenya that have risen to fame within the past few months. The betting platform has attained vast development strides that continue to elevate its operations in the country. Odibets offers incredible bonuses and numerous free bets that attract many people to its site. 

The site began making extraordinary moves after the certification by the respective body, followed by an official launch of the site. The site has a simply customized mobile application that allows you to analyze the competitive bets before. The app is customized to allow betting in over fifty different sports apart from having a significant presence in football. 

The betting site has earned an impeccable reputation in the industry, mainly due to its unique features, such as an easy-to-maneuver live stream betting option.  Deposits are made to the betting site through Mpesa, the most common and most straightforward method. Besides, you can easily register with Odibets through its official website or its mobile app.  

The website has an incredible support staff that is always on the lookout to help players who get stuck at any point. 

#8 Best Betting Site - Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet has secured a remarkable betting market in Kenya with thousands of fans all over the country. The site has a wide range of betting markets, making it popular and the best option for gambling enthusiasts. It comes with an excellent mobile app that is easy to install from the play store on android devices. 

The website offers lots of bonuses and promotion options with competitive odds that make it unique. You can opt for the Livestream betting options that increase your winning chances and cash out. 

Mozzart Bet uses the fast and reliable deposit option loved by many people in Kenya. The site allows deposits from Mpesa, among other common transaction means used in the country. However, it is vital to note that this site has very few sports compared to other sites. 

#9 Best Betting Site - Sportybet

Analysis has revealed that this betting platform is the most bookie in Kenya. Sportybet has a broad market in Kenya and other parts of the world, thus globally having a vast betting market. The site was established by one of the brand ambassadors from Nigeria and later diversified to other parts of the world. 

The site has a functional mobile app that allows instant payout and deposits. Also, it comes with other features such as Livestream options and cash-out options. Note that the site allows deposits as low as two hundred and fifty Kenyan shillings. You can opt for online payments or use the pay bill number shared by the site. 

Note that Sportybet in Kenya only allows deposits and withdrawals through Mpesa.  However, it charges withholding taxes which are said to be much higher than usual. 

#10 Best Betting Site - Lionsbet

Are you in search of a betting site in Kenya that offers competitive odds and bonuses?  Lionsbet is a certified betting site in Kenya offering incredible bonuses and promotional options to beginners and veterans in the game. The site guarantees free bets every week to help its fans secure huge winning chances. 

On some occasions, Lionsbet offers cashback on losses. It allows deposits through major transaction routes in Kenya, such as Mpesa and Airtel Money. The site facilitates immediate payouts even on weekends, unlike other betting platforms in the country. Lionsbet has an incredible customers support team that is always willing to help. 

To register with Lionsbet, you can opt to go to their site or install a Lionsbet mobile app and sign up.

Best Betting Sites for Different Sports in Kenya

Despite having numerous betting sites in Kenya, every site has a booming market in different fields. Let’s elaborate further!


Football is one of the most popular sports betting games in Kenya. Most Kenyan bettors love it for its multiple betting options and winning chances. Some of the best football betting sites include Odibets, 1xbet, Mozzart bet, and 22Bet.

These sites offer exceptional and competitive odds that increase the winning chances of their fans. Also, they possess a comprehensive football betting guide that helps players to bet without experiencing any form of difficulties.


Rugby has a robust fan base in Kenya. The game has multiple betting options and significantly high odds on most bookies. Betway, Lionsbet, and Betwinner are the leading rugby gambling sites in Kenya. 

Even though not all betting sites offer betting opportunities to rugby fans, the above-mentioned sites offer incredible winning chances to rugby enthusiasts. The sites have a successful track record of giving numerous cash prices to rugby bettors.


Kenya has an impeccable reputation in Cricket games across the globe. Among the available betting sites, you can visit Unibets for betting. Within the past few years, Cricket has earned popularity at the helm of the sports entertainment industry.

Unibet has greatly contributed to the rise and success of cricket in Kenya. This betting site offers cricket fans a chance to bet and win cash prizes. The site also supports cricket games and the industry in general. 


Hockey has a comprehensive betting market in Kenya. To bet for hockey games in Kenya, consider visiting Cheza Cash, Beraha, and Betway. These sites have established a solid name in Hockey games in the country.

They give competitive Hockey betting odds and incredible cash prizes to all the wins. This has increased the number of fans using the sites leading to their general success. Also, the sites offer a bunch of bonuses and free bets on a weekly basis.

Factors We Consider When Reviewing Betting Sites

Of course, picking the best betting sites in Kenya is subjective and unique depending on your betting style. But, we believe rating each sportsbook by these factors below helps us to pick out the very best.

Customer Support

Just like any other business, every betting setting has a customer support panel. Before recommending a betting site, we consider its customer support service and evaluate if it’s worth your commitment. A reliable customer support team guarantees a seamless betting experience.

Note that you are always free to reach out to the customer support time anytime you get stuck. Most betting sites that we recommend have 24 hours support panels that always thrive to offer the best services and promote the performance of their sites.

Payment Methods

Every betting site has a variety of banking methods used to deposit and withdraw funds. We recommend sites with a payment method supported within your jurisdiction and one that is most convenient. In Kenya, most betting sites use Mpesa and Airtel Money due to their convenience. 

Always keep in mind that there are various payment methods that take too long to process your request. This should not be the case! We always recommend methods that work faster and enhance your betting experience.

Safety & Licencing 

Before registering with any betting site in Kenya, we check if it is registered with the respective authorities. Note that a license is a sign of safety guarantee to ensure that your data and money are well secure. This helps to eliminate the aspect of leaking your personal information and losing your hard-earned cash.

All we do is ensure that all our recommended betting sites abide by the betting laws in Kenya and are licenced. This gives you a chance to bet with courage and precision knowing that all your details are well-covered.

Mobile App

Nothing feels better than the ability to bet even when on the move. Going for a betting site that has developed a mobile app is the best decision. It is exciting that most of the betting sites we recommend have mobile applications that you can easily install and run.

In most instances, you will realize that betting using a mobile app is easier when compared to keeping logging in and out of the site. Also, you enjoy a chance of reading the notifications on the ongoing activities promptly.

Free Bets & Bonuses 

Many betting sites in Kenya tend to offer welcome bonuses to players. The bonus can be withdrawn or used for betting. Also, other sites offer free bets weekly, giving players a chance to win large amounts of money without making any deposit.

Winning a bet comes with a lot of excitement. Getting a site that increases your chances of winning feels so good. Our recommended list of betting sites increases your winning chances, thus motivating you to participate from time to time.


Every betting site in Kenya has its reputation in the market. We’re sure to consider the history of a betting site before joining. Note that there are many betting sites with poor reputations that keep away potential players.

The reputation of a given betting site sends a strong message to those interested in betting activities. It is good to consider 9researching about the reputation of a given betting site before making your final decision.

High Betting Odds 

Competitive betting odds give players a fair opportunity to win bets. Betting sites that offer high betting odds tend to secure a comprehensive market of fans. When reviewing a betting site, odds are a must check for the well-being of the players. 

Some betting sites in Kenya offer low competitive betting odds that scare potential players. Odds play a significant role when it comes to winning bets. This means that betting sites should primarily check their odds.

Live Streaming Options

Most betting fans love the thrill of betting on live matches. In addition to the adrenal rush in betting on live games, bettors stand a better chance to win different prizes and rewards. Even though not all sites offer live stream betting options, it is an incredible option for players.

Also, most betting sites that offer live stream bets on matches secure a comprehensive fan base that is vital for their success. Keep in mind that live stream options offer better winning chances.

The Online Betting Laws in Kenya

Kenya is a home for more than forty-five million individuals. This is also among the first countries in the African continent to legalize online betting. In 2019, the government authorized mobile money services as a payment system for gaming operators. However, the respective body plans to ban betting advertisements on social media and other outdoor gambling advertisements between 6 am and 10 pm. 

The law prohibits gambling to individuals who are below 18 years. Also, you cannot purchase any lottery ticket in Kenya when you are less than sixteen years old. The newly released gambling act says that betting will remain legal in Kenya, although the betting tax will not change. 

Besides, the gambling license fee will rise to one hundred million Kenyan shillings and fifty million for the land-based casinos. On the flip side, celebrities will not be allowed to endorse gambling activities in the country. This will prevent betting firms from bringing in former football stars among other celebrities in betting activities.

The Betting and licensing Control Board in Kenya accepts new betting platforms as long as they attain the regulation standards. The government has also established a Gaming Appeal Tribunal that is responsible for adjudicating betting-related disputes. 

How to open an online betting account in Kenya

Follow our simple step-by-step guide for creating a betting account from Kenya.

1 Choose a Betting Site

Use our lists to compare the best betting sites that legally accept Kenyan customers. Click through our link and you will land on one of the exclusive sign up offers. We recommend signing up for Betway, which offers one of the best online sports betting sites in the world.

2 Complete your Registration Form

On the landing page, you will see the option to open an account, and this will take you to the registration form.

Typically, you need to enter the following:

  1. Mobile number, password, first name, last name and email address (optional)
  2. Your date of birth (to verify you are over 18), address and state
  3. If you are 18+, click and accept the terms and conditions and click "register"
3 Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Betting sites in Kenya accept payments through Mpesa and Airtel Money. You can make deposits by using the pay bill number authorized by the betting site.

4 Verify Your Betting Account

Verify your identity so you have no problems withdrawing money from any online betting sites.

You will need to upload one copy of the front and back of either your:

  • National ID card
  • Permanent Voter's card
  • Driver's License
  • International Passport

Frequently Asked Questions

Are betting sites legal in Kenya?

The Lotteries and Gaming Act passed in 1966 legalized all forms of gambling and betting in Kenya.  Online betting sites must receive an operating license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya

What are the best betting sites in Kenya?

Kenya portrays a rich market for betting firms. There are numerous incredible betting sites in the country offering remarkable experiences. Some of the best betting websites in Kenya are Betway, Melbet, 22Bet, among others.

How can I deposit money into my betting account?

Most betting sites in Kenya allow deposits through Mpesa and Airtel Money. You can quickly deposit money to your betting account using the pay bill and account number given by a particular betting site.

How do I withdraw money from my betting account?

Some gambling sites offer credit and debit cards. However, most Kenya sites allow the withdrawal of cash directly into your Mpesa or Airtel Money account.

Can I get a welcome bonus when joining a betting site?

Yes! Some betting sites in Kenya, such as Melbet, offer a welcome bonus when you register with them. The bonuses come in the form of cash rewards that you can easily withdraw.

Do all betting sites have welcome bonuses in Kenya?

No! Only a few licensed betting sites in Kenya offer a welcome bonus.

Can I pay with Kenyan Shillings?

Yes! Every betting site operating in Kenya accepts Kenyan Shillings. You can easily make your payments through Airtel Money and Mpesa.

Are Kenyan players taxed on gambling winnings?

According to the Kenya Revenue Authority, gaming companies must deduct a 20% fee from the winnings of every Kenyan player. However, the government later reduced it to 7.5%.