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BetGames in Kenya Guide

BetGames consist of thirteen games (and counting) from BetGames.TV, a leading supplier of live-dealer betting games headquartered in Lithuania’s capital. They are available in numerous regulated markets, including African countries via BetGames Africa. And speaking of African countries, a good example of an African country where suppliers can extend BetGames.TV’s award-winning games portfolio to players is Kenya. 

This post delves into everything you need to know about BetGames in Kenya, including the different types of BetGames available to Kenyans and where you can play them. 

Why are BetGames Popular in Kenya

Just as with the rest of the world, BetGames are popular in Kenya for two main reasons. That is the simplicity of the gameplay and the 95% RTP rating, which is as good as winning chances get when it comes to betting games in general. 

Where to Find BetGames Africa in Kenya

Besides the headquarters in Vilnius, Malta is the only other location where BetGames.TV has a hub. In other words, they have no physical offices in Kenya or any other African county. That is not a big deal, though, because Kenyan players can access all their live game offerings, courtesy of the BetGames Africa program and the partnerships they have made with betting site operators in the region. 

We will list the websites where Kenyans can play BetGames later. For now, let us look at the various BetGames available to Kenyans. 

Popular Betgames Available in Kenya

In this section, we take a look at the BetGames that are available to Kenyan players. As usual, BetGames fall under three categories (card games, lotteries, and others), with each title exemplifying the supplier’s commitment to delivering the wow factor, as well as simplicity in all aspects. Let’s start with the card games. 

  1. Andar Bahar

Kicking off the card games lineup from supplier BetGames.TV is Andar Bahar. Based on a traditional Indian card game, it is the latest game from the developer, with its super-friendly odds ((1.78 - 110) and simple gameplay making it appealing to players.

To play, players only need to select their stake and back any of the nineteen possible outcomes, including whether the card will be dealt on the Andar (A) or Bahar (B) section of the table. The action is non-stop, with draws coming after every 90 seconds, 24/7.  

  1. Speedy 7

Speedy 7 is the second game in the card games lineup, requiring you to simply predict whether a red or black card will be dealt. You can cash out immediately after a winning round or use your winnings to play more. 

Win a special bonus for making the correct prediction for four consecutive rounds in a draw, which consists of seven rounds. There is also the premier prize (jackpot), awarded for seven correct predictions in one draw.

  1. 6+ Poker

Also known as Short Deck Hold’ EM”, 6+ Poker drops cards 2 through 5 from the deck. The result is a Texas Hold’em variation where there is a higher possibility of getting bigger hands, with the lowest card number on the deck being six. 

After choosing your preferred stake, you can back the player or the dealer to have the strongest hand. There is also an option to back a split, as well as different card combinations such as the high card,  pair, three-of-a-kind, and straight flush, to mention a few of the thirteen possible outcomes. 

  1. War of Bets

War of Bets is as simple as card games from BetGames.TV get. Why? Well, only two cards get dealt, with one belonging to the dealer while the other to the dealer. The side with the higher card value wins. 

Besides predicting which side will win, you can predict a war (where both sides land cards of the same value), colors, values, and suits, bringing the total outcomes to bet on to twenty-five. You can join the live game at any time and place as many bets as you want.

  1. Bet on Poker

Bet on Poker is another Texas Hold’em variant, where the rules and style of gameplay remain unscathed. Six hands of two cards each get dealt to you on each round, after which five community cards (the board) are dealt face upwards. The mission is to create the highest-ranking card combination using the cards on the board and the six hands dealt earlier. 

A few examples of rankings you can bet on include the high card, pair, two pairs, and three of a kind. Just the usual. There are 16 outcomes in total to place wagers on. 

  1. Bet on Baccarat

Inspired by Punto Banco, Bet on Baccarat involves getting as close as possible to nine with a card combination. Having the same points total as the banker results in a tie.

It's important to note that the value of face cards and card number 10 is zero. Furthermore, if the sum of the card values is greater than 10, the number on the right will be considered, 5 for 15, for example. Besides backing the banker, the player, or a tie, you can also place side bets, including colors, suits, values, totals, and odd/even. That brings us to lottery games. 

  1. Lucky 5

Also known as 5 out of 36, Lucky 5 is the first lottery game with a significant following in Kenya. Just as the name suggests, five numbers out of the available nine white, nine green, nine red, and nine blue balls get selected. You can choose to bet on different outcomes, including the selected numbers, their sum, colors, and whether they are odd or even. 

  1. Lucky 6

Lucky 6 is the second BetGames.TV lottery game enjoyed by a significant number of Kenyan punters. And it’s quite similar to Lucky 5, only that you get more balls, which means more outcomes to bet on.

There are sixty balls in total. While thirty of them are blue, the rest of them are red. Noteworthy, each ball is labeled with a number ranging from zero to nine.  

Six out of the available sixty balls get selected randomly, with two landing in each of the available three sections. A draw occurs after every four minutes, giving players access to a wide range of betting options including the numbers, where they are going to get dropped, their count, colors, sum, and whether they are going to be odd or even. 

  1. Lucky 7

Last on the lotteries list is Lucky 7, where players get an opportunity to back up to seventy outcomes with their preferred bets. Those possibilities come from the seven lucky numbers that get selected out of the available forty-two. Half of them are black while the other half is yellow. The labeling, as you might guess, starts from number one to forty-two. 

Just like with the other lottery games, outcomes to place bets on include the lucky numbers, their totals, or even their color. And that is all for the lottery games. 

  1. Wheel of Fortune

First in the ‘others’ category is Wheel of Fortune. Basically, the dealer spins a wheel with nineteen different outcomes. The goal is to predict where the wheel position the pointer lands on. 

The premier prize is represented by a cup (special sector). There are also gray, red, and black sectors, paying rewards as impressive as 18 times the bet. The dealer spins the wheel after every two minutes. 

  1. Dice Duel

As the title suggests, Dice Duel is all about dice rolls. The dice with the higher face value wins. Some of the possible bets you can go with include red/blue dice wins, draw, face numbers, odds or even, and the face value totals. 

  1. Classic Wheel

Last on the list is Classic Wheel, which is quite similar to Wheel of Fortune. It simply involves predicting whether the pointer will land after the dealer spins the wheel.

Top 5 BetGame Sites in Kenya

In this section, we highlight the top 5 websites where Kenyans can play BetGames. We will also look at the perks of playing BetGames on each website. 

1. BetWay

First on the list is Betway, one of the most trusted betting websites in the iGaming scene in Kenya. The website extends top-of-the-range wagering entertainment to Kenyans, including sports betting, eSports betting, live betting, casino, live casino, lotteries, jackpots, and BetGames. Here are four reasons why you should play BetGames at Betway:

Safety & Security

The Betway brand is recognized worldwide as an authority in the iGaming scene. That alone just about guarantees the safety of players as they play for real money on the website. In addition to that, Betway is fully licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board in Kenya (BCLB) to ensure that player safety and fairness come first. That is not to mention the fact that the betting website utilizes the latest encryption methods to prevent data breaches to unauthorized third parties. 

Customer Support

Betway offers top-tier customer support services to Kenyan players daily from 7 am to 2 am. 

Dedicated BetGames Page

Betway offers a dedicated BetGames tab. All you have to do after visiting the website is click on it to see the BetGames on offer. 

All BetGames are Available

The entire BetGames package from BetGames.TV is available at BetWay. 

2. SportPesa

Sportpesa is perhaps the most popular betting site in Kenya. Having signed a partnership with BetGames.TV in 2020 together with other gambling brands in the African region such as, SBTech, and Amelco, SportPesa is yet another website where Kenyans can access BetGame.TV's award-winning portfolio of live games. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider playing your favorite BetGames with Sportpesa:

SportPesa is a Renowned Brand

Just like BetWay, Sportpesa is among the most renowned brands in Kenya. This has stamped the authenticity of the SportPesa brand, making it a destination where Kenyans can gamble safely.


To ensure safety, SportPesa applies all BCLB recommendations, including using the latest encryption tools to protect user data. 

Excellent Customer Support

Sportpesa offers excellent customer service via phone, email, and social media channels. 

3. Mozzartbet

Mozzartbet is one of the latest online casinos to launch an online casino section. Despite that, Mozzartbet is another popular betting site in Kenya, renowned for the betting shops that are spread all over the major towns in Kenya. The betting offerings to punters in Kenya include sports, live sports, casino, live casino, lotteries, and virtuals. Let us look at the perks of playing BetGames at Mozzartbet. 

Security & Safety

In terms of player safety and security, Mozzartbet ticks all the right boxes. 

Customer Support

Always listening to customers is one of the things the Mozzartbet platform aims to do. In addition to reaching their support team via social media, players can visit the dedicated  “we listen to you page” and fill out the form to get help. 


Mozzartbet should make the top list for you if you are looking for a Kenyan betting site that looks out for live casino fans with promotions and bonuses. 

4. Betika

Fourth on the list is Betika, which offers an extended list of betting offerings that range from sports betting specials &  jackpots to casino & live casino. Here are some of the perks of playing at Betika:

Customer Safety

Betika is well-known in Kenya, meaning that it has established itself as a safe gambling destination for Kenyans. In addition to that, Betika complies with all the rules and regulations set to ensure player safety. 

Customer Support

Betika offers high-quality customer support via live chat, email, and social media platforms. 

5. Betin

Not long ago, BetGames’TV secured partnerships with Logispin online casino operators in a bid to expand their coverage in Africa. And one of the Logispin operators they secured a partnership with is Betin, another betting website with a good reputation in Kenya. Betin has, however, not resumed operations in Kenya after a 20% tax on all bets was imposed in Kenya. We are hoping they will bounce back, just like SportPesa did recently.

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