The Best Online Lotto Sites in Kenya

Internet penetration in Kenya is among the best in Africa, and Kenyans have utilized that opportunity to engage in activities that are not only fun but also generate some income Online lotto in Kenya has been popular for many years since the popularization of the internet. Online lotto in Kenya is considered one of the most lucrative cash payouts obtained by winners who play online games. It has, however, taken some time for people to embrace online lottery playing and winning, and the fast internet in Kenya has enhanced players' experiences playing various lotto games. 

Betting in Kenya was legalized as early as 1966 with the enactment of the Betting, Lotteries, and Gaming Act. The act sought to control and licensing of betting, gambling taxation, and the authorizing of public lotteries. Lotto first became popular in the Kenyan market in 2015, where it emerged with a massive Ksh 100 million jackpot that players were to win if they matched the correct digits. It has since become popular, with various people having won big prizes on various platforms. 

Currently, online lotto games are legal in Kenya since lotto is licensed and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), a statutory body with the powers and authority to regulate gambling and related activities in the country. 

In this review, we will tell you more about the best online lotto sites, how they are played and how you could maximize your winnings. We shall also guide you on criteria that you could use to select the best site to stake with. We hope that after reading this, you will have a more informed and winning experience!


Lottoland is one of the top online lotto sites in Kenya. Lottoland is a global leader in online lottery betting and has established its market in Kenya. The site is registered with and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, and the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland. 

Kenyans can bet on any lottery offered on lottoland. All wins are fully guaranteed with jackpots underwritten by major insurance firms, so you can be assured you'll be paid, even if you win one of the jackpots! Lottoland has offices worldwide, with its global headquarters in Gibraltar, where many of the world's most prominent online gaming companies are also based.

You can bet online here, 24/7, with draws and wins every week, every day, every hour, and even every four minutes. The games offered by the site include the French Lotto, The United States Powerball, SuperEnalotto, EuroMillions, MegaMillions, Lotto X5, and WorldMillions. 

Pros of Staking with Lottoland 

  • There is a variety of playing options.
  • There are massive jackpots to be won.
  • The payment options are conversant with Kenyan players. The following are some of the benefits Kenyans enjoy when playing lotto games on the site: 


theLotter is a popular lotto site in Kenya that allows players to play international lottery games from the comfort of their homes and with mobile devices. There are over 50 lottery games where Kenyans play and attempt to win some of the world’s biggest jackpots. In addition, theLotter has a mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is, therefore, flexible, and players can conveniently access the numerous lottery games in their hands. The single account is applicable in iOS and Android apps; therefore, you do not need to sign up afresh. The mobile app is reliable because you can turn on notifications for results and jackpot draws. 

Benefits with theLotter

  • There are 50 games for you to enjoy and win.
  • theLotter has amazing customer support just in case you have any inquiries. 
  • The games available are easy to learn and play. 
  • You can also make deposits and withdrawals easily by following simple prompts. is an international lottery service provider that players from Kenya can get access to. Instead of buying a lottery ticket in the country, the draw is in, and you are betting on the lottery outcome. The odds are the same, but more importantly, the winnings are the same, meaning if you match all the numbers in the draw, you are still guaranteed to win the jackpot.

You must select your numbers and pay for your entry to be in for a chance at the biggest jackpots in the world. You can also select multiple draws with your selection, meaning you never have to miss a draw again.

You probably won't notice the difference between using and going to buy a ticket yourself, the only difference is you pay us for your selections, and we pay you if you are a winner- simple! has numerous lottery options: SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions, the United States Powerball, Euro Millions, and Jackpot Millions. 

The benefits of using this site include

  • A variety of playing options.
  • A user-friendly website.
  • It has jackpots to be won by players. 
  • It supports the live casino option. 

Popular online lottery games in Kenya

  • The United States Powerball: The US lotto PowerBall has broken records with the sheer size of the jackpots it has paid. In 2016, 3 lucky ticket holders shared the biggest PowerBall jackpot win of $1.586 billion. You can win the popular US jackpot by matching 5 numbers from 1-69 and the PowerBall number from 1-26.
  • MegaMillions: There is no other lottery game that has paid as many record jackpots as Mega Millions. Kenyans can therefore go for this option to win a minimum $40 million jackpot, which frequently rolls over to hundreds of millions. The top prize is awarded for matching 5 balls drawn from 70 and for matching the MegaBall out of 25.
  • EuroMillions: The popular European jackpot is drawn twice a week. The jackpot is awarded for matching 5 numbers from 1 – 50 and 2 lucky stars from 1 – 12. The jackpot starts at a minimum of €17 million. It can roll over multiple times, with a maximum top prize of €190 million.

How to choose the best online lottery site 

Online lotto games are a very fun experience, and many people find them fascinating. To have this experience of playing and winning, you should understand the considerations to observe before identifying a lotto site. To get the best experience and avoid any inconveniences, observe the following steps when identifying a credible lotto site:


There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the legality of online lotto games. It is therefore important to understand Kenya’s laws regarding online lotteries and determine whether the site you are exploring is legal and whether the BCLB regulates the site. This is the most fundamental aspect before identifying a lotto service operator. 

There are malicious parties bound to violate the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act Cap 131 Laws of Kenya; therefore, identifying the legality of a lotto operator would be key to familiarising yourself with such parties. Checking for the legality is easy, as licensed gambling sites have a BCLB license number which they are supposed to make public by adding it to their websites and adverts.

Benefits, promotions, and rewards

Secondly, ensure that you identify a site that has many benefits in the form of prize money, coupons, or any other gifts you can take advantage of when playing the games. The offers, promotions, and other benefits may at times refund you if you lose, or even give you free bonuses to play games without spending any of your money.

Convenience and flexibility

Another benefit to look out for is the site's flexibility. Does the company have apps that suit your mobile device? Mobile phones have revolutionized playing online lottery games and made the whole process easier; therefore, when the provider has apps for Android and iOS, that would be an added benefit for Kenyan players who prefer exploring lottery games and playing them remotely or at home. 

Another benefit is checking whether the apps can enable you to play the country's best and most popular online lotto games. People have different preferences and tactics for playing the lotto; therefore, the site should have all the games for you to play and increase your chances of winning. 

Data Costs

The widespread use of the internet triggered online lottery games to become widespread. Therefore, many operators stream live games for players worldwide to watch, play and enjoy. Players can play and watch from anywhere; however, you should consider the cost of data of engaging in such games. The site should be affordable for you to participate, learn and play how to play lottery games. It should also be convenient for people who purchase mobile data to play online lotto games.

Subscription options

As a potential lotto player, you should look into the subscription options provided by every site and identify which one suits their time and money. Subscription options for online lottery provide you with the flexibility to identify specific draws to play. For instance, if you prefer to play Powerball, you can select and subscribe to any weekly draws. The subscription fee is paid every week in advance.

There are various advantages associated with lottery subscriptions. One of the benefits is that you do not have to worry about missing out on a draw. You will also be getting notifications every time you win a draw. In addition, you do not have to leave your seat to buy tickets because everything is available through your subscription. Moreover, subscriptions provide you with the benefit of purchasing tickets using different formats. When you engage with international lottery games from Kenya, you will have to observe their terms and conditions, identify their subscription measures, and determine whether they suit your desire. 

Tax implications

It is important to know the tax implications because they determine how much you will walk away with after you have won your money. The higher the prize money you get the more taxes you may have to pay. It is therefore important that you explore the site that has the best returns after winning your prize money and the reduced taxes. This will make your winnings more profitable. 


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