Live Betting in Nigeria (2024)

Compare the best live betting sites in Nigeria and a guide for how to bet on live sports.

Best Live Betting Sites in Nigeria (2024)

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Live Betting in Nigeria

Live betting is a great way to get more out of your favorite sports and make watching more fun. In-play betting has been around for many years, and it has grown in popularity over time. 

Many punters love placing live bets since they create a thrilling experience and help punters earn extra cash. Such wagers are less risky than other bet types since you can make informed betting decisions with the help of game stats. Here are some things you need to know about in-play betting in Nigeria.

What is live betting?

Live betting is a sports gambling activity that allows players to wager on the outcome of a sporting event as it unfolds. Live betting has many synonyms including in-game betting, in-running betting, and in-play betting.

Sportsbooks that provide in-play betting are powered by technology that enables them to update odds and payouts in real-time. For that reason, you can build your bet slip during a match and earn some cash if your prediction is correct. Such platforms differ from standard sportsbooks, which provide pre-game markets and only accept bets before the start of an event.

How live betting works

In live betting, you place your stake while the game is live. For example, you might be watching a football match, then your favorite team scores a goal. If you feel your club might get another goal or win the match, you can select your preferred market and place a bet before the bookie reduces the odds. Responding quickly to changes in events in the arena can help you beat the sportsbook and make money with minimal risk.

The process works similarly to normal betting, but the odds change from time to time, as things unfold in the arena. To place such a wager, you need to choose an event and team to support. You might use the stats features to identify the stronger squad by checking ball possession, cards, and other metrics. 

When one side gets a penalty, goal, red card, or dominates the game, you can select the markets that interest you, enter how much money you want to risk on your prediction, and bet. Your wagering amount will depend on how much money you want to win or lose. The bookie rewards you with the winnings if everything goes according to plan. However, if you lose, you might get a cashback bonus if the betting site offers such a promo.

Betting experts recommend that you stream live events to make the right judgments while placing live bets. If you are a loyal fan of a particular team, you can be present at the venue and bet using your mobile device. You can achieve this by downloading a betting app or visiting a web-based sportsbook.

Popular sports for live betting in Nigeria


In Nigeria, most people keenly follow soccer events more than any other sport. The betting industry has flourished to a point where punters bet on pretty much anything related to football. From the local leagues to European leagues, there are plenty of ways Nigerian bettors can make money off their favorite sport.


Basketball is another live betting option for Nigerians. Many bookies that offer live basketball betting also provide a wide variety of tournaments with great markets. If you've never played the game before, it may be difficult to follow at first, but watching live events can help you understand the odds and tactics.


Rugby live betting is quite popular in Nigeria since many bettors enjoy the thrill of the game and its unpredictability. Betting on rugby requires skill and knowledge of the rules since you choose your bets according to how well you know the sport and its players. 

However, the game is fast-paced with short halves and you need to bet quickly. For instance, rugby 7s matches only last 14 minutes and you might not get enough time to analyze the squads.

Top features for live betting in Nigeria

Cashback button

The Cashback button is the most crucial feature in in-play betting in Nigeria. Bookies that provide the tool attract many punters because the feature allows them to get their money back if events change in the arena. Therefore, it provides you with an extra layer of protection against losses and allows you to make some money even when you are losing bets.

While betting on the live odds, you can take advantage of a cashback button to cancel your bet if your team is not performing as expected. 

However, you need to make instant decisions since the button might not be available throughout the game. Most bookies disable the feature towards the end of the match or when one side dominates the game.

Free Bet

Top sportsbooks provide bonus bets to punters who lose their live bets. However, you need to meet some terms to be eligible for the reward. For instance, some platforms state the minimum number of bets in an accumulator, the lowest wagering amount, and other conditions that you need to observe while placing such bets.

If you get a bonus bet, it might also come with some rollover conditions that you must meet to withdraw your funds. Most bonuses are non-cashable and might have some playthrough requirements. Therefore, it is important to check the bonus bet terms before claiming the reward to prevent losses.

Live streaming

If you are a professional bettor, then you should be aware that live streaming is an important feature in live betting. Quality bookies have integrated streaming technologies on their sites to allow punters to watch all major games in real-time. The functionality can help you follow your favorite events and make the right betting decisions based on what is happening in the arena.

Statistics tool

The feature displays important game stats and updates them in real-time. If you want to bet on a live football match, you can use the tool to check the scores, cards, corners, penalties, goal scorers, ball possession, and other important metrics. Therefore, the functionality can help you make an informed judgment while selecting available live betting markets.

Live betting tips

Watch the games

Watching the event is one of the best ways to get a feel for the players and teams. If you're new to betting and don't really know how the clubs play, then this can help you identify the best players.

In addition, streaming the matches also gives you an idea of the number of fans, the atmosphere at the stadium, and the tactical organization of each squad. With such info, you can determine the players’ morale and pinpoint the side that is capable of performing well.

Don’t chase losses

You should avoid chasing losses because you can easily blow your gambling budget. If you lose a stake, don’t immediately bet again in an attempt to recoup your loss. Instead, assess the situation and decide whether or not your bets are profitable. If they aren't currently making money for you, you should stop gambling for a while.

Pay attention to changes in the available markets

Odds are adjusted throughout the game to reflect the current state of play. As a game progresses, oddsmakers will change their value based on real-time data. Therefore, you should never assume that your wager is safe because you placed it early. 

Betting markets are dynamic and can change quickly to reflect the performance of the teams. Therefore, you should be ready to use the cashback button to cancel the bet if there is new information that can affect your payout.

Analyze the stats before each game

The first thing you should do when making predictions is to look at team statistics. However, don’t rely on these stats alone because some analytics might be misleading. Besides, some publishers might be biased and their sites might not give an accurate picture of the performance of a particular team or player. If you want to make smart bets, then take time studying individual matches instead of relying purely on numbers.

It can also help if you check out recent news about the teams or find online forums where people discuss their opinions regarding each squad's abilities. The analysis might give you some insight into how well either side has been performing recently as well as what sort of strategies they've used in previous matches against other opponents. 

Keep in mind that not everyone's opinion counts equally since some individuals might be inexperienced bettors. Therefore, get info from credible sources and stick to data that is available on multiple independent statistics providers.

Bet at the perfect time

It is important to wait for the best time to place an in-play bet. The odds will be much better if you wait for a specific moment in which it is more likely that your team will win. However, if you're not careful, the odds of some markets might get too low and there will be no point in placing a stake at all.