Using Mobile Phone Billing As a Payment Method in NZ

If you’re not mobile, you’re not going anywhere. That goes without saying in a fast-evolving world where the smartphone lives up to its billing. In the old days, no one walked out of the house without a wallet or watch. Nowadays, the smartphone is a must-have accessory. In Aotearoa New Zealand, more people are recognising the benefits of an easy and swift billing system via mobile platforms, such as smartphones.

The gambling fraternity is no exception. Consequently, online casinos that want to keep their finger on the pulse of Kiwi gamblers are establishing themselves as global mobile phone bill providers. It’s a billing system that enables New Zealand players to add money to their gambling accounts via mobile phone payments or opens the gateway to a mobile SIM card platform.

The pay-by-smartphone bill online casinos NZ concept will only grow longer legs before entering the gambling arena with meaningful strides in the coming years. It’s not a case of if but when the online gambling casinos in NZ are going to make the billing process as easy as swiping a security card to a door to enter a posh premises. The iGaming-savvy in New Zealand will tell you that it’s safe as houses to use and even edges out e-Wallets.

In this post, our review team intends to show our faithful Kiwi followers how practical it is to use the pay-by-mobile billing at their preferred online casino sites when it becomes available. We recommend using our reviews to identify reliable and trustworthy operators. We’ll reveal what our criteria will be for selecting pay-by-phone online casinos before providing our top list of contenders, complete with a compact description of each.

We’ll round off with the advantages/disadvantages as well as how you can make deposits and withdrawals with the pay-by-phone method. As always, when we’re done, you won’t have to thread your worry beads. We understand that different New Zealanders have varying requirements, so that’s where it’s important that you ensure the pay-by-phone method ticks your boxes.

How The Pay-By-Phone Method Works

The best payment gateways in the world are of no good to anyone if they are riddled with complicated processes that make you want to pull out your hair. The main reason is often because some Kiwis find the progression to new electronic systems intimidating. Pay-by-phone online casinos will stand out like beacons in a sea of run-of-the-mill rival operators in the gambling industry. That’s because they’ll let Kiwi players transfer their money from their phone balance to the online casino platforms’ accounts.

Online casino operators subscribe to pay-by-phone software providers — such as Boku, Payforit, Siru, and Zimpler — to make it a simple procedure. That makes the privacy and safety of Kiwi users paramount. All New Zealanders will need is their mobile phone number to enter into the requirement field of the preferred online casinos. The gamblers’ bank will then send a text message that will prompt the players to create a reusable password to finalise transactions.

What we love about it is that your personal details remain private, bar your mobile phone contact. That process also removes the online casino operator from the transactions, leaving it all in the secure hands of your bank. Considering most NZ banks have an around-the-clock support service means you can enjoy peace of mind.

Kiwi players can request an end-of-month billing option or a prepaid one where they’ll have to ensure the balance is healthy, otherwise their transactions will not go through.

Here’s a step-by-step process on how Kiwis can go about engaging with a pay-by-phone online casino:

  • Identify what online casino platform provides pay-by-phone credit and if it suits your personal requirements.
  • Create an account (read any of our individual online casino operator reviews for that process).
  • Navigate to the “Deposits” department of the casino website.
  • From the list of payment methods, nominate your preferred gateway as “pay by phone”, or Boku, Zimpler, etc.
  • Prompt the method to allocate the amount of money you wish to deposit (a fixed amount option may be offered, too).
  • Feed your mobile phone number and anticipate a verification prompt.

Note: Just because online casinos don’t have pay-by-mobile phone service, it doesn’t mean you can’t use other payment methods, such as bank cards and e-Wallets.

Our Top Pay-By-Phone Online Casinos

The pay-by-phone concept is growing at online casinos overseas, so our advice is to watch that space because it’ll feel like a rush-hour traffic grid in Auckland when it arrives in NZ. That’s why we’ve used sound criteria to determine our top three sites. They include reputable operators, safety and security measures, promotions, game selection and variety, software creator, wagering requirements, etc.

Our goal is to offer a cross section of top sites that will help Kiwi players make more qualified decisions on what suits their personal requirements best. Here’s our protracted list (in alphabetic order):

1xBet: This is gambling heaven for Kiwis. It isn’t shy to offer a $NZ1 deposit. 1xBet boasts a 2,000-plus iGaming lounge that includes a sportsbook. Throw in bumper bonuses and free spins to boot. We believe 1xBet will be up there when it offers a pay-by-mobile service.

JackpotCity: Here is an operator that loads at least 40 payment methods as the No.1 online casino in NZ. It’s among the top five platforms to pay out swiftly. With a reputation established in 1998, JackpotCity boasts an infectious number of online pokies and revs up its jackpots. Generous bonuses back up an overall RTP around the mid-to-late 90% mark.

Wildz: It’s a no-brainer because Wildz has invested in a wagering-savvy group to establish a glitch-free platform. Kiwis won’t mind that it’s a 2019 baby because it aims to make the digital age accessible and smooth. Its pay-for-mobile launch should be worth waiting for. Wildz’s iGaming library is handsome and so is its promotions.

Pros & Cons Of Pay-By-Phone Casinos

How you weigh up the advantages with the disadvantages differs from one Kiwi to another.


  • Budget: A minimum deposit of $NZ5, and multiples of $NZ5 after that, hits a ceiling of $NZ20. This will be handy for those who don’t have the willpower to stop gambling.
  • Easy peasy: Simply cuts to the chase in making a deposit. Other methods, such as e-Wallets, claim instant deposits but with pay-by-phone it’s just a few clicks.
  • Protection: With no sensitive data required, it makes the pay-by-mobile method the safest.


  • Limitation: The one-time, daily limit will not suit Kiwi high rollers.
  • Restriction: The billing service is confined to NZ mobile phone operators.
  • Withdrawal out: We suspect it’ll change with popularity, but there’s no withdrawal option with pay-by-phone billing.


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Ijeoma Esther is an iGaming content writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the New Zealand mobile casino industry. While initially diving into online casino gaming as a hobby, she soon found herself immersed in the enthralling world of mobile slot and live casino games.Through the years, she discovered that writing about her favorite pokies was just as fun as playing them.

Last updated: 1/19/2023