Teaser Betting Explained

A teaser bet comprises multiple selections rolled up into a wager, a great alternative to the usual straight bets. Players are given an opportunity to alter their bet, but each selection must turn out right for the bet to pay off. The entire bet will crash if a single selection or game in the wager goes wrong. This is why we mentioned earlier that it is similar to parlay betting. However, it is safer to go with a teaser bet than a parlay bet.

Essentially, bettors can shift the lines to their advantage, which would increase the chances of winning the bet. But, in exchange, the payout would be lowered by the bookie. For instance, a bettor prefers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to cover the original 9.5 spread; on the other hand, it is possible to set Tampa Bay at -3.5, increasing the chances of a good outcome but with a much smaller potential profit.

Teaser bets are more known to NBA, NFL, college basketball, college football, etc. The betting type involves two or more teams. Most sports betting sites permit up to 10 bets. Most online sportsbooks offer the betting type, but the payout varies accordingly. 

How Does a Teaser Bet Work?

A Teaser bet alters the point spread, giving room to the bettor to manipulate the figures. This betting style is common in football and basketball games. You can still use the betting style for golf, cricket, etc. It is easier to understand Teaser bets when we show some examples. So here, we will show you some samples using some made-up figures to drive home the point.

Let’s assume it’s the start of the NFL season, and you have three games you are interested in wagering on at the standard -110: 

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5) at Dallas Cowboys (+7.5) 
  • Seattle Seahawks (+1.5) at Indianapolis Colts (-1.5)
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+6.5) at Cleveland Browns (-6.5)

Furthermore, let's assume you are interested in the underdog in these teams. Your three-team, 6-point teaser becomes;  

  • Dallas Cowboys (+13.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
  • Seattle Seahawks (+7.5) at Indianapolis Colts 
  • Kansas City Chiefs (+12.5) at Cleveland Browns 

This example shows how 6 points can alter your point spread. It is a 6-point NFL teaser wager. Take note that it is impossible to alter the spread of the underdog without touching that of the favorites. 

What do These Line Movements Mean?

Considering the NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dallas Cowboys. The initial point spread is set at 7.5, with the Buccaneers being the favorite to win the game. Therefore, if you place a bet for the Buccaneers, the first bet would have a positive outcome if they cover the spread by at least 8 points. However, if this is not possible but they win the game with a margin of 2 points, the second bet, which is your teaser, wins. 

Similarly, Seattle Seahawks are the underdog in their game against Indianapolis Colts. Your bet on them pulls through if they lose with a total margin of one point or they win outrightly. However, as an alternative, since the teaser bet is a 6-points bet, you would also take home some wins if the margin increases. But the margin should not exceed 7 points for the 6-point teaser.

The game between Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns follows the same pattern. However, the points spread to cover are different. Kansas City Chiefs are the underdogs, while Cleveland Browns are the favorite to win the game. The initial point spread is set at 6.5, and if the City Chiefs lose the game by 6 points or an outright win, bettors will take home their winnings. 

The teaser bet has a new point spread which is adjusted to 12.5. So, regardless of how great the Browns are, as long as the chiefs can keep the loss within a 12-point margin, bettors would win the game, or perhaps the team could have an outright win. Ideally, the teaser bet makes room for the bettor to win.

Placing a Teaser Bet

You could place a teaser in person or online. Here we will consider how you can place a teaser online. But, first, you should register with an online sports betting operator.

To place a teaser bet, you should decide the number of bets you want to make up the teaser bet. Of course, your selections should include teams you are certain would have a good performance. A 2-bet teaser is mostly common among punters. But note that sportsbooks allow users to select up to 10 teams.

Click on the point spread odds set for the preferred team to create your teaser bet. Your selection would be automatically added to the bet slip. Repeat this same process for every selection you want in your wager. Then, a section of the bet slip would read “Teasers.” Kindly click that.

Now, you would be able to decide the number of points to make up the new betting line. For example, football teasers have a common line movement of 6, 6.5, or 7 points on each selection, while basketball teasers move in 4, 4.5, or 5 points in favor of the gambler. Sportsbooks now allow multiple options for moving the spread lines. However, the further the spread lines are moved in your favor, the smaller the winnings become.

The bet slip would show the combined odds. Then, you can put in the amount you are interested in wagering. Then and there, you would be able to tell what you stand to win if your selections go through. Finally, click to finalize your wager.

Your teaser bet combination can be a mix of underdogs and favorites. In essence, bettors are not required to pick only underdogs or favorites regarding their teaser bet combinations. Preferably, you can spice it up with both, but each line would move at the same point.

Common Teaser Bets 

Basketball teasers usually have their lines move in 4, 4.5, or 5 points. If you place a teaser bet on an NFL game, it would probably move 6, 6.5, or 7 points. These are the common movements you would encounter if you intended to place a teaser bet. Let's take a look at common teasers and what they imply.  

  • 4 Point Teaser: You can get the Chicago Bulls to a point spread of +9.5 from +5.5 with a 4-point teaser.
  • 4.5 Point Teaser: LA Lakers have a point spread of -7.5; on a 4.5 teaser, you can get them -3 to favor your bet.
  • 5 Point Teaser: You can push the line further 5 points with the Lakers, from -3.5 to +1.5. however, this is known as crossing the zero mark which is often not advised.
  • 6 Point Teaser: bettors can shift the line in their favor by 6 points. For instance, if the Packers -8.5 is what you want, you can opus the line with a 6-point teaser to -2.5.
  • 6.5 Point Teaser: A 6.5 point teaser allows bettors to push Green Bay +4 from -2.5.
  • 7 Point Teaser: The 7-point teaser is a great opportunity to expand the point spread of a game to your favor. For instance, a bettor could turn Buccaneers -1 to Buccaneers +6, Arizona -3 to +4, and Seahawks +9 to Seahawks +16.

Strategy For Placing a Teaser Bet

Before discussing the strategies you can apply for your teaser bet, you need to know when to use a teaser bet or if a teaser bet is a good alternative.

In certain conditions, a teaser bet is a good alternative. Considering the examples given above, teasing an underdog from +9 to +16 provides a positive stretch that guarantees a better outcome from the game. For your football teasers, favorites point spreads are also teased from -7.5 to -3 to create a positive expected outcome.

Furthermore, teaser bets are great if a bettor decides to make a large outcome from a small bet. It is possible to load your teaser bet and get a better outcome than a parlay.

Teaser bets are great when you apply certain betting strategies. For example, pushing the line 2-point, 2.5-point, or 5-point for the underdog gives you more control over your bet, like when you move the line on your football teaser, 7.5-point underdog, or 8.5-point underdog. But, of course, it is always advisable to move the line 6-point. So let us talk about the strategy to work with.

Professional bettors or gamblers understand that they must adjust strategies or perhaps weigh the outcome of their strategies over time. If a strategy is consistent with a negative outcome, three is no need to keep using it. Instead, you should find the best plan for your teaser betting adventure. 

Before placing your Teaser bet, you should look at the various betting types, consistent value plays, trends, and sports-specific plans. Some strategies are pretty simple. For instance, an average bettor can't know more than the sportsbook.

So, the bettor finds what most bettors wager on and bet the opposite. Mostly because the majority of bettors follow what the bookies throw at them. 

Another strategy that can be applied is placing the bet at the right time. Sometimes, when a game begins to trend, bettors shift their bet in that direction and it becomes late. Also, sportsbooks make certain readjustments.

It is always great to jump in early on a bet. Bankroll management is very necessary. You don’t have a strategy yet if you don’t plan your finances. It would be best to have an impulse control mechanism and clear strategy to halt squandering opportunities with certain risky and careless wagers.

Furthermore, to build real profit with teasers, you need to keep an open mind regarding other sports games or events. For instance, all combinations in your bet should not be only NFL games.

NFL point spreads are the tightest, and you can make a good teaser bet by adding some college basketball or the MMA. This could create a more profitable outcome for you.

Reverse Teaser Bets 

Reverse teaser bets are common in gambling, but only a few punters can handle them. It is seemingly the opposite of the common teaser bets. The point spreads are altered to favor the sportsbook on the Reverse bets.

For instance, the favorites have to cover a wider point spread, while underdog teams would cover a smaller point spread. However, the payout is always massive if a bettor can hit it correctly.

Consider the point spread released by your preferred sportsbook for a Super Bowl game. Eagles have +3.5. Chiefs have a point spread of -3.5. If a 6 point reverse teaser is set, the new point spread will look like this:

  • Eagles -3.5
  • Chiefs -9.5 

Previously, the Eagles had to lose by less than 4 points or win outrightly. Therefore, they only need to win the game by four points for the bettor to cash out. On the other hand, the Chiefs have to win the game by at least 10 points instead of 4.

Pleasers or Reverse Teaser bets are among the hardest betting types in sports betting. Professional experts usually advise bettors against placing such bets. It is difficult to win a parlay, let alone alter the points against yourself. An instance where pleasers would be great is if you are predicting an underdog to pull off a win. But this rarely happens. 

Reverse Teaser bets should never be your default betting style. It is in your best interest to keep off or take it up once in a while. However, to place a teaser is a walk in the park. Make your selections, select the “Teaser” option, and make the necessary adjustments.


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