Free Bets & Betting Offers (2023)

Compare our list of the best free bets and betting offers for US customers. Claim over $10,000 in free bets.

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“Risk Free” means that if your first settled Fixed Odds and/or PointsBetting Wager loses, you are eligible to receive Free Bet Credits in the amount of the losing wager (up to the stated maximums).

Free Bets & Betting Offers in the US (2023)

A complete guide to free bets, betting offers, and all types of sign-up bonuses for new/existing sports bettors.

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But, what exactly are free bets and betting offers?

Free bets - A free bet is a set amount of money that is given to you for free to place a bet and potentially win real money with.

Betting offers - Betting offer is the umbrella term for all types of bonuses which bookmakers offer to pull in new customers or to try and retain existing customers.

Betting sites are always looking for new customers. Their businesses rely heavily on how many people would wager on their games and how much money they make. The competition is just as stiff among online gambling sites. They are constantly using creative ways to attract more customers.

Free bets are betting bonuses offered by casinos and bookmakers to their customers as rewards for signing up or meeting some stated requirements. These betting offers can be simple deposits bonuses that allow the players to make their first few wagers without personal risk or payments. They can be more significant, like extensive loyalty rewards that include enormous cash benefits.

It is alright to be skeptical about these betting bonuses; operators are supposed to receive money, not give them out, so why do they give betting bonuses? or why should you trust that you would not have to pay back?

Well, you should know first that betting offers are a given among online betting sites. Almost all sportsbooks provide some kind of incentive to their users. Even land-based casinos offer some benefits to their bettors. The offers are merely marketing strategies, a well-structured attempt to make you keep using their service.

Secondly, you are right. Betting offers are not always without strings. In fact, the best way to enjoy these betting offers is to understand the conditions attached to them. Some of them only require you to sign up, while others demand hours and days of consistent wagering, sometimes you have to pay a lot of money to get these betting offers. But it is all in the fine print, stated out in the terms and conditions.

Free bets are a type of betting offer, but there are several other bonuses including risk-free bets, matched deposits, and no deposit bonuses. On this page, we will explain each type of betting offer, and provide a guide for how to claim each offer, how to spot if the offer is good or bad, and which terms and conditions to look for when choosing your betting offer.

Important Terms and Conditions Explained

There are several important terms and conditions you need to look at before committing to any free bets or betting offers.

  1. Bonus code (If required) and where the bonus can be used (sportsbook or casino)
  2. Any deposit restrictions for the bonus (e-wallets not always accepted)
  3. The minimum deposit amount
  4. Minimum qualifying odds to place or unlock the betting offer
  5. The wagering requirements to unlock the funds for withdrawal
  6. How long the bonus is valid for (typically 7 - 30 days)

Check our operator reviews for guides on how to claim each betting offer.

Bonus Code

Be sure to look for a bonus code that you will need to enter during your registration. Not all free bets and betting offers have bonus codes, but it is important to check for one. We list all of the sports and casino bonus codes in our operator reviews and have guides for how to claim and use each betting offer.

Deposit Restrictions

Several betting offers have deposit restrictions that are mostly linked to e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and prepaid cards like Paysafecard. You will need to deposit funds using other payment methods including Interac, bank transfer, debit cards, or other e-wallets (if possible) to claim these betting offers.

Minimum Deposit Amount, Qualifying Odds & Wagering Requirements

You will need to deposit a minimum amount on your first deposit to claim most betting offers. And, place a bet at minimum odds to claim some free bet offers. The wagering requirements are how much you need to wager the amount to unlock the funds for withdrawal. You will usually have to wager the set amount of money in a set amount of time which varies from 7-30 days.

Take this example bonus - 100% Deposit Bonus up to $200

  1. Deposit a minimum of $20
  2. Receive a 100% matched deposit up to $200
  3. Wager the bonus at minimum qualifying odds of 1.75 by 10 times to unlock funds for withdrawal
  4. Bonus valid for 7 days

Types of Free Bets & Betting Offers

As we already stated, betting offers come in different forms depending on the sportsbook, the wagering requirements, and sometimes the type of reward. Here is a list of general betting benefits that you can get from most sportsbooks and how they work:

Matched Deposit

A matched deposit is one of the most familiar monetary betting bonuses. Bettors can get it when they deposit a particular amount into their purse. The bookmaker gives them a predetermined percentage of that deposit as a bonus. This benefit is also one of the most flexible free bet options. It is wholly based on how much the player deposits into their game purse and what percentage the bookie offers to that amount.

Matched Deposit bonuses come in variations as determined by the betting site; they are usually in the range of 50% to 200% for deposits lower than $500. This bonus also comes with terms and conditions, including minimum deposits, claiming requirements, and wagering requirements.

Free Bet Credits

Bet Credits are points that players can rack up and wager with instead of paying cash. The credits are like cash without gaming restrictions or time limits, you can stake them on any bet across the gaming options, and they have their metric value that can be earned as funds.

While some bookies term all their Betting bonuses as "Bet Credits," most separate them as the means of exchange they are. These sportsbooks also offer Bet Credits as bonuses to their new and existing customers, giving them incentives to play more.

As a means of exchange, the primary condition for using bet credits is their value. The bookie may offer a certain number of credits to their customers, but for it to be valuable enough to wager with, the customers would need to earn more bet credits.

No Deposit Free Bets

If you are like most of us that like hearing the word "Free," this bonus is for you. And we can assure you that this bonus comes with no strings attached. Well, except time. And limited gaming options.

The No-Deposit Free Bet is a guaranteed no deposit required signup offer. You get to place your bets without having to pay any initial sum or even having any amount in your game purse. There are no risks involved; you get your money when you win, and if you lose, you have not lost any money.

However, it would seem that even free bonuses have their limits because, like most betting bonuses, even the No Deposit Free Bets have their terms and conditions. The conditions could include time limitations like a 30-hour window before the offer expires. It could also have gaming restrictions, stating what games you can wager on instead of access to all the gaming options. These terms and conditions often differ with the bookies, but No Deposit Free Bets are some of the best free bets bettors can receive.

Free Bet Insurance

You must admit that bookmakers seem to be going all out to make sure they keep their customers. Bet Insurance is exactly what it sounds like; protection against losing your money. You can even call it a Money-back guaranty in the event of losing your wager.

While you might argue that it is unnatural for sites to pay back money their players have lost, this is not a scam, and it comes with some conditions. Most betting insurances are limited to certain games; Poker is one of the most popular games with bet insurance, while slots rarely give this privilege. The game restrictions may differ with the brand, but it is not available to all games.

Another condition in bet insurance is that your bookie may refund your money as bet credits. You don't get to withdraw the refunds, but you can use them to wager on another game. It is also likely that bettors can only use the credits in the same games they got the refunds from. So if you lose the money while playing poker, you can only wager on that same Poker game.

The third, and perhaps, most important condition to note is that you can only get a percentage of the lost money. This betting offer does not cover every amount you may lose. The rate is usually between 10% and 30% of $300 or less, the percentage increases for $300 and more.

Enhanced Odds Offer

Enhanced Odds offer unique opportunities for bettors to boost their wins by increasing the price of their bet. Bookmakers offer this new betting offer to help their customers earn more on their sports bets; they usually add a few extra points on the odds just to rake in more wins on the wager.

An example is when a wager has a 1/6 odd; the bookie may add an extra odd to make it 1/7, and when the bettor wins, they get the gain of the extra odd. This offer is mostly a welcome bonus, but bookies are known to offer it to their existing customers as Price Boost.

In a bid to rile in more customers, bookies often provide this Enhanced Odds offer on the odds that are most likely to win. The win and extra gain boost their customers' confidence and help retain their patronage. But like all betting bonuses, there are conditions attached to gaming this offer.

The most common condition to Enhanced Odds is the Maximum Stake Allowance. Bettors are only allowed to stake a limited amount on the enhanced odd; this guarantees that you don't cost your bookie their gains while trying to help you win. The other condition is that the betting site may return the extra win as bet credits instead of actual cash. While it is not common, the bookie may not allow their bettors to withdraw the additional amount they won but instead add it to their purse for their next wager. It is still your money; you just can't withdraw it till you stake and win another bet.

Reload Offer

This is another standard welcome bonus. It is provided to new customers when they top-up their game purses. This offer is different from the percentage bettors get from their initial deposits; it only counts at the subsequent payments.

The bookmaker often adds this bonus as a percentage of the customer's deposit, and the percentage can be as high as 150%. When a player tops their game purse with $200 at a reload percentage of 100%, their total deposit would be $400.

Despite being a very attractive offer, Reload Bonuses have the least number of conditions. The most popular condition for a reload bonus is the Percentage. Most bookies don't create time or game restrictions on how the customers can use their prize.

Special Event Offers

Betting sites recognize that some days deserve more recognition than others, and they provide special betting offers for these days or events. You are likely to get Price Boosts, Money back, or even Free Bets on some special days, even if they are not available regularly.

Your bookie can provide special offers on their launch anniversary, July 4th, or any of the recognized celebrations. The most common event offers are on important game events like the Super Bowl or NFL kickoff Season Opener. Sportsbooks are likely to give you more rewarding betting offers because of these events than they would during regular match days.

The most consistent condition for this offer is the time limit. Since the offers are for specific events, their bonuses may only last till the end of the event or, in some cases, a few days after. Bookies often provide offers that would cover the time frame of the special day, starting a few days or hours before the event, to give their customers enough time to enjoy the benefits of the event.

How To Get Free Bet Offers

Online sportsbooks keep churning out these bet offers in a bid to get more customers, and you find that every new offer seems to outdo the last. With the numerous offers pervading the internet, you should get an adequate bet offer with the following steps:

Locate A Good Betting Site

Online casinos have made it very easy for their target customers to find them. The internet is overflowing with endless sponsored ads from several betting sites, and you can be sure that some of them have the kind of games and bet offers you need.

A good way to find the best betting sites is by reading frequent betting reviews. Our reviews on sportsbooks, casinos, and their betting offers are enough to guide you to the safest and most rewarding set of betting sites.

Use their Promo and Bonus Codes

As part of their campaign to attract new customers, bookies create codes and links that direct you to their promotional offers and betting bonuses. These links are also available on the betting reviews and sponsored ads that lead you to their websites.

These codes are for a limited time, mostly monthly or quarterly offers. They link you directly to the available free bets instead of wading through the several redundant options.


After you have selected your preferred betting site and used the code, you would need to fill in your details and answer the required questions. These questions are for basic identity verification and do not require too many personal details. You may need to input the last digits of your Social Security Number and fill in your credit card information but avoid websites that require too many personal details and private passwords.

Accept A Betting Offer

Betting offers are often on the next screen after your registration. You can sometimes find them on the homepage where you registered.

The page will provide you with all the available options for that time, select one that best suits your current needs and follow the instructions on using the Free Bet.

Read The Terms and Conditions

There is no way to overemphasize the need to read these terms and conditions. They are guides to how you will use the Free Bets and the possible implications of accepting that offer.

Failure to read these terms can result in you accepting a betting offer that would be too costly to enjoy. You may miss the wagering requirements and other important details like time limitations and gaming restrictions.

Conditions like Geographical restrictions may prevent you from playing certain games or enjoying some betting bonuses when you are within a particular location. Reading the conditions would help you know how much time you have, what game you can play, and where you can play or enjoy your Free Bets.

How Do Betting Offers Work?

While they come in varying quantities, both new and old players can enjoy Betting Offers. You can enjoy the available Betting Offers as long as you pay attention to their Terms and Conditions:

Promo Code

It is important to recognize what offers require promo codes and which ones only need registration or other gaming activities. Betting offers that need promo codes often come with long-term specific times or events, and they are usually limited to that period.

Payment Exclusion

Bookmakers and Casinos reserve the right to ban or limit any user, especially when the user has disobeyed laid-out rules. These rules are gotten from the licensing bodies, state regulations, or just the casino's need to maintain control.

The terms and conditions include the activities that would make the casino refuse to pay out, ban, or limit the activities of their users. Payment exclusion covers the list of activities that can bar a user's access to their game purse.

Country Restrictions

As an organization licensed and overseen by statutory or national bodies, casinos often come under scrutiny about their activities and their customers. The terms and conditions include Country Restrictions to show their customers what services are available in certain regions and what benefits they cannot enjoy while in those places.

This addition is mostly to conform to the laws of the state or country, and disobeying it will not only bring sanctions in the games but could lead to criminal indictment.

Expiration Date

Most Betting Offers come with time limitations that decide how long the offer can be opened, and this is usually stated in its conditions. Reading this condition would help you decide the offers that work best at the time instead of accepting offers that are already in their final hours.

Minimum Deposit Amount

Minimum Deposit is one of those terms that determine if you are qualified to enjoy the available offer. Knowing how much you have to pay before you can start enjoying a game benefit would help you decide if the offer is worth the expenses or if you should opt for a cheaper alternative.

Do They Pay Out in Cash or Free Bets?

The available betting offers may end in Cash out or Free Bets but realizing which one it is can help you decide on accepting or refusing the offer. Offers that pay in free bets do not let you withdraw whatever you win from that offer. Instead, they pay it back into your game's purse as Free bets requiring you to wager with them and win before you can withdraw them as cash.

The case is different with offers that payout in cash. Instead of trying to wager and win, you can withdraw your cash as soon as you meet the other requirements for the offer.

Specific Sports/Events Restrictions

Betting offers also come with restrictions on what sports or events they can be used in. These restrictions will help you see if the bookie allows Bet Insurance during certain games and on what events you will be able to get Enhanced Odds or other offers that are not available to some games or during certain events.

How To Spot A Good Free Bet Bonus

The growth of the online gambling industry means there are a lot of options for bettors to choose from, but it also implies that some of these bookies are unlicensed, and their betting offers are probably shams or risky. Here are four easy ways to determine a good Free Bet:

Safe Bookie

This is at the top of your consideration for a good Free Bet. Your choice of a bookie must be a safe and licensed operator. Some people hold the opinion that licensed operators don't provide rewarding betting offers, but this is not true. Their gaming options may be restricted by the laws of their location, but licensed bookies provide good odds, and they offer guaranteed services.

The unlicensed alternatives are not always risky, but the absence of a regulatory body means that you can not really hold them accountable for their errors.

Betting Sites that have land-based casinos are good examples of safe bookies. This does not mean their Betting Offers are the best, but it gives you assurance of their continued services. Another factor for a safe bookie is their track record. Having a recognized record of good offers and licensed services is a good guarantee of their reliability.

Type of Offer

These betting offers have separate benefits, but their value often depends on their variation and the conditions attached to them. Bookmakers design these offers to reflect their expectations and limits for each player. Betting offers with high returns are almost guaranteed to bring the best yield, but they are costly enough for players to avoid them.

Wagering Requirements

This is another necessary condition for quality free bets; the number of times you are required to wager before you can withdraw the cash. Wagering requirements are mostly available for nonsticky bonuses, the ones you are allowed to withdraw. The wagering requirement is there to reduce bonus abuse and stop people from signing up just for the sake of getting and withdrawing the bonus.

Betting Amount

Betting offers are usually as good as the amount you have to pay before you get them. While Free Bets are exceptions to these rules, you can be sure that betting offers with higher costs are likely to pay you better than the ones that cost less.

How To Find The Best Betting Offers For Existing Customers

Betting offers are by design expected to entice new customers to the casino, but this does not mean the existing ones are neglected. Most casinos have structures in place to keep their existing customers content with their services. They also use promos and loyalty bonuses to show how much they value these customers. The available loyalty bonuses include:

Odds Boost

Odd boosts are bet offers made at a better price than usual. Casinos offer these odds to their existing customers the same way they offer Enhanced Odds to their new customers. They are like discounts on odds, helping the bettors gain advantages over the casino and improving their chances of winning.

Money-Back Offers

This is one of the most attractive betting offers. Like its name, the casino would refund the money lost by their qualified users. At least, some of it. This offer allows existing players to receive a percentage of the money they lost in their wager. Some casinos offer a higher $50 refund to their customers.

Parlay Insurance

Parlay is a bet that combines more than one wager and requires each of the wagers to win before it is considered won. Parlay Insurance allows you to get a refund on up to one leg of your parlay. When you parlay on wagers and only lose those wagers, the casino may offer you insurance or refunds to cover that win instead of losing all your parlay.

Free To Play Games

Casinos are known to offer their new players free bets as welcome bonuses. The option is also available to existing customers, but this is an extra. Players can enjoy a series of games without costing themselves any money. They can place wagers and win at their preferred games without actually losing anything. However, the catch with some of these games is that they are not real, so the wins and losses do not really count.

Top 3 Bookies With Best Loyalty Offers For Existing Customers


✅ High Payout and Rewards

✅Good User Interface

✅ Reliable Services

Draftkings is becoming one of America's most recognized betting sites, and it offers quality incentives to its old and new customers. While the wagering requirements are quite steep compared to the competition, existing customers can win as much as $500 as loyalty bonuses in Draftkings.


✅ Caesar's Reward

✅ Trusted Establishments

✅ Quality Interface

As one of America's customer-focused bookies, Caesars provides its customers with varying levels of reward depending on their commitment to the platform. Each of the casino's tiers allows their customers to enjoy benefits ranging from regular casino rewards like free bets and money-back bonus to larger benefits like gift cards that they can use in any Caesar's establishments.


✅ Increasing Tier Bonus

✅ Reliable Customers Support Service

✅ Birthday Benefits

BetMGM has grown to become America's beloved casino, the betting site now offers a variety of loyalty bonuses to their customers, including tiers reward for their patronage, discounts for branded services, and birthday presents to their registered users. The casino also offers some of the best customer services in America.