Best MLB Betting Sites in the US

Compare the best sportsbooks for MLB betting in the US below and read our comprehensive MLB betting guide.

Best MLB Sportsbooks in the US (2023)

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Best MLB betting sites

Baseball is one of the biggest sports in the United States. Spectators and enthusiasts troop into stadiums to watch one of the original American sports, but Major League Baseball is also a very rewarding venture for punters all over the country.

Every activity from the regular 162-game bouts to the playoff and eventually the World Series presents huge winning privileges to fans who can observe the game and place their luck on how well they can gauge the teams’ play.

Is MLB Betting Legal In The United States?

Like most sporting activities in the US, betting on the Major League is still a new feature, but since the Supreme Court overturned the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, it is not illegal. At least not in most parts of the country. Most states actively regulating sports betting also have room for MLB bets, and you can place your bets there without fear of illegalities. 33 out of 50 states have regulated sports betting in the United, and here is a list of states that actively regulates Major League bets:


While Colorado has one of the fastest-growing MLB teams, sports betting was not legal in the state until 2020. Legalizing sportsbooks in Colorado faced more opposition than in several States, but it is certain to open huge opportunities for leagues, teams (especially the Colorado Rockies), and fans to make more money.


Sports betting has a terrible rap in Illinois. The White Sox’s fixed match of 1919 is not something we are quick to forget, even if they did win a fair victory in 2005. While the Chicago Cubs and other Illinois teams are creating the wins that would assure us to bet on them, most sports enthusiasts are still very skeptical about Illinois’ sportsbook regulation.


As one of the states that do not have an MLB team, Indiana is not very keen on MLB betting. However, if you are one of the few Indiana residents that still enjoy major league games, you would be glad to know that the state has 12 active online sportsbooks, and most of them have rich MLB betting options.


Iowa’s decision to regulate sports betting was not surprising, but the growing support for Major Leagues Baseball is strange. While the state does not have any known MLB team, Iowa residents have been rooting for their neighbors and making huge wins from the Chicago Cubs’ victories.


Sports betting in Michigan came in one of the whole packages the US gambling industry has ever seen. In 2019, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made it legal to place sports bets in the state, including online, mobile, and land-based sportsbooks. The government has also been actively regulating most of the sports betting activities in the state.


Nevada is the only state that never had to deal with the PASPA limitation, and it is quite evident in how rich the state has grown from all the betting activities in Las Vegas and other regions. Punters in Nevada place their bets on Las Vegas’ Aviators and Reno Acres.

New Jersey

New Jersey led the charge to repeal the PASPA, and the State Assembly did not waste any time legalizing sports betting as soon as it was in their control. There are over 10 legal online sportsbooks in New Jersey, and most of them offer quality MLB bet options. 


Ohio recently made it legal for citizens to place their sports bets within the state. It has been a long time coming, but you may have to wait longer. While Governor Mike DeWine has signed the Sports Betting bill (House Bill 29) into law, bettors cannot legally place bets until January 1, 2023. The legislators say they are working hard to make it sooner, but we will have to hold our peace till that happens.


Having two of the oldest MLB teams made it impossible for Pennsylvania to miss out on the MLB betting structure. Currently, the state has 13 sportsbooks that offer rich gaming options, including a large MLB betting market. 


There are only four sportsbooks in Tennessee, but this growing number only means that residents can confidently place their bet on the Atlanta Brave. The few that don’t trust the Braves to win their games can place their bets on the other MLB teams outside the state.

West Virginia

West Virginia is more popular for horse racing than MLB, but you can still legally place bets on Charlestown Senators, the Welch Miners, and the even Princeton Rays. If you don’t feel confident about West Virginia’s MLB teams, you still have the option to place your stakes on any other MLB team in America.

Best MLB Bettings Sites in America

The growing number of licensed sportsbooks in America means that bettors have more options of gambling services providers to place their wagers. However, when it comes to online sportsbooks, the list gets shorter and even reduces when looking for the best MLB betting sites. Here is our list of top five betting sites that provide quality MLB options:

Wynnbet Sportsbook

Wynnbet has been representing Wynn Resorts in the gambling scene, and their sportsbook is becoming one of the most popular options in American sports betting. Signing a partnership with the Chicago Rockies is one of the strongest moves from the sportsbook, but their gaming services are just as impressive. MLB sports bettors in over eight states can cast their lots with Wynnbet; even Louisiana has opened its borders to Wynn’s rich gaming services.


PointsBet is one of the leading options for sports betting in the United States, and its baseball betting options are as impressive. The sportsbook offers exciting gaming experiences, including the largest bonus offer in the country, rich gaming options, and a great payout option. Pointsbets also covers major MLB betting markets such as Over/Under Bets and Future Bets.

Draftkings Sportsbook

Draftkings is one of America’s leading sportsbook providers. Its Fantasy Sport option is one of the most popular betting pastimes in the world, but its American customer base places as many real-time Major League bets as they do for Fantasy sports. DraftKings Sportsbook offers a rich gaming experience with more payout than its competitors.


With a growing presence in at least 10 states, BetMGM has become one of the best places to place stakes on baseball or any other sport. This sportsbook is part of a large gambling and entertainment franchise; its rich affiliations assure its customers of its quality game options and the credibility that trails the MGM brand. 


While it is more popular for its unique incentives and promotions, Caesars is also one of the largest MLB betting brands in the United States. The Sportsbook offers some of the best odds and finest gambling experiences in the country. Players at the Caesars Sportsbook enjoy more than just the simple layout; they also access some of the best gaming markets in Major Leagues betting.

How We Choose The Best MLB Betting Sites

Our choice of these top five Major League Baseball betting sites comes from a series of trials and evaluations on their quality and safety measures. We had to make sure we would be recommending only the best online casinos where you can confidently place bets on baseball games, and we only listed betting sites that fulfilled the following requirement:


Gambling is already an exciting pastime, but most people place stakes because it is also rewarding. The betting sites on our top five lists offer exciting game experiences, but their payouts are also notable. We had to consider how high their odds could get and how fast they made payments before adding them to our list.

Most of these sportsbooks don’t have control over their payout speed, but they are on this list because they allow progressive payout methods that offer some of the fastest payouts in the industry.


Along with every other benefit you may get from online sports betting, security is one of the most important factors for our top five list. Several betting sites have fewer restrictions and better payouts than some of our top five, but they are not on our list because they do not follow any recognized US regulatory processes and may pose risks to their customers’ data or deposits.


One of the factors for credibility in these betting sites is their licensing. Licensed sportsbooks and betting sites in the United States follow the licensing state's regulations. The requirements include security setup and other protective structures that must be in place before the state grants them licenses to operate within its borders.

Available Markets

Like most sports betting options, MLB bets come in a series of market options that can increase the bettor’s chances of cashing out whether their team wins or not.  Our top five MLB betting sites offer several betting options, including the following:

Over/ Under Betting

This is also called Totals Bets. It is usually the combined score of both teams, and the punters can place their bets on whether the teams' combined scores will be over or under a specified number. In MLB betting, over/under involves the parties trying to predict the number of runs both teams will make. The Totals in MLB are usually from 6.5 to 12, and the punter can predict any number within that range to win. Some sportsbooks allow Team Totals and the alternative Player Totals where you can predict the total number of runs a particular player can make in a match.

Parlay Bets

Parlay bet allows you to combine different games into a single bet. You can multiply several individual games to make single large odds for your bet.  Your selection can include any of the other betting types like a mix of Runline, Moneyline, and Future bet to make one Parlay Bet, and you can cash out on any of the games before you lose the others. 

Live Bets

This is one of the most rewarding and easiest betting types because you can make it on the go- as the teams play the match. Live betting options are not available before the game begins, but as soon as it starts, players can start predicting innings or runs before they happen.

Future Bets

Future Bets is another popular MLB betting type. Well, it is available in most sport betting options, but mostly MLB bettors have a lot of benefits here. The players can place bets on future events like the number of runs each team would make or how much score they would get at certain points in the game. It can be a mix of Totals, Moneyline, and Run lines.


This is one of the most popular bet types available to MLB punters. It generally covers the win or lose perspective in most games.  The odds are usually more when you place your bet with an underdog because they are less likely to win. But when they do win, you are in for one of the richest paydays you can make from sports betting. Unlike other betting types, Moneyline does not need to determine any number of wins; the bettor wins when their team wins.

Run line

Runline in MLB bets is similar to Points Spreading in other sports, especially football. Here the bettor can get or give 1.5 runs. This means that when the team you are staking on loses by two or more runs, you lose that bet. But if they win or lose one run, you still have the win.

Tips For Betting On The Major League Baseball

While gaming is mostly a game of luck, sports betting is more analytical. There are certain metrics and calculations that you can consider to guarantee your next bet. Of course, some other factors outside your control may change these metrics. But when you are certain of basic details like the team’s capacity, these other factors would come in handy:

Bet on Teams' Energy

This is the first step to guaranteeing your win: The Team’s Capacity. You should always bet on a team that has had more time to rest and train instead of their opponents that have been playing back to back. Finding refreshed teams means you will be betting on teams in their top form, and you can gauge their strengths better. It is easier to find refreshed teams early in the season, but when you are further into the season, you may need another strategy since most teams and their players will be worn to their limit, putting less effort than they usually would.

Pay Attention To The Environment

Beyond the teams, the environment probably has more impact than any other factor. Even the teams are often subject to their environment. Paying close attention to simple details like the weather and the stadium will guide your choice of teams to bet. You can tell if a stadium would favor pitchers over other players, while weather conditions like wind patterns can guide your conclusion about the team.

Bet on Variety 

Aside from the general win or lose options, Sportsbooks come with several betting options that the bettor can find rewarding. Instead of betting on where a team loses or wins, it is more rewarding to bet on other game features like the number of runs and innings a team may make. These bets are more predictable than the hassle of deciding which team will win.


Robert is responsible for all content on BettingGuide US. Robert previously worked as a poker dealer during his college years at MIT where he studied Computational Science and Engineering. With a great interest in gambling, Robert likes to go in-depth when writing so that you can make a wiser choice when choosing an operator.