Best UFC/MMA Sportsbooks in the US (2023)

Compare the best UFC & MMA betting sites in the US and our UFC/MMA betting guide below.

Best US UFC Betting Sites (2023)

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A Guide For Betting On The UFC/MMA

If you are interested in betting on UFC/MMA events for real money, this page is for you. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to give you a head start on UFC/MMA betting and which states offer legal UFC betting.

We help you understand the differences between the UFC and other MMA companies, select the best UFC betting sites, and place real money bets on UFC sites in the United States.

The Best UFC/MMA Betting Sites in the US

To help you choose the best UFC betting sites in the US, you must know where MMA betting is legal in the United States. Generally, UFC/MMA betting is legal anywhere sports betting is legal.

This means bettors in New Jersey, Colorado, Illinois, West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and other states allow sports betting to wager on mixed martial arts events.

Let us examine some of the best betting sites for UFC bettors.

The UFC gets more popular as each day goes by, so the best US sportsbooks strive to provide the odds for every fighting event. The rapid expansion of the UFC and MMA means bettors now have various sportsbook options, more competitive odds, massive betting bonuses, and newer betting strategies and tips during events. This is good news for sports bettors as there are various ways to make money from their favorite fighters in every division:

DraftKings – 9.3/10

One of the largest US online casinos and sportsbooks offers UFC/MMA betting. Your journey begins with a deposit match bonus, fast and secure payment channels, and one of the best UFC betting odds. In essence, DraftKings represents a safe and exciting option to make real money betting on UFC.

With DraftKings, users can draft a roster of five fighters using the salary cap provided by the sportsbook and compete for large cash prizes with other players. The deposit can be made via major credit and debit cards, Discover Credit, PayPal, American Express, etc. Betting markets include Moneyline, Totals, Winning Method, Round Betting, and Fight to Go the Distance.

DraftKings provides live scoring during the matches. However, the live score is for informational purposes and is not official. When the contest is concluded, FightMetric will release an official score. Generally, official scores are due for release within 24 hours after completion.

Immediately after the official score is released, the payout would commence. The lobby winners get the largest payout. Users can withdraw their funds immediately after the winnings are released. PayPal or check can be used conveniently for payouts.

BetMGM – 9/10

Sign up with the King of Sportsbook today and get a risk-free bet to wager on your favorite UFC events. Regarding UFC betting, BetMGM offers some of the best betting options. Essentially, the sportsbook operator has the best sign-up bonus for new players, and a couple of their other offers are unmatched by other sportsbooks.

We considered the odds at UFC/MMA, and they are quite impressive. Although they were not the best regarding the UFC gambling space. They offer Moneyline, totals, the point spread for pay-per-view, and fight nights.

Users who download the sportsbook app get more bonus options. The app is supported by Apple and Android devices. Payments gateways are safe and secure. Majorly channels available are credit cards, ACH transfer, PayPal, and PayNearMe.

Betway – 9/10

Betway makes betting easier with a 100% welcome bonus and the best promotion offers you'd find at a sportsbook. Few leagues are available for users to explore at Betway, but the UFC/MMA is a featured betting sport.

Most states demand users to be 21 years or more. There are just a few states that allow 18. Creating an account on Betway is pretty straightforward. For convenience, we suggest you also download the app. There are more bonus options if you make use of the app.

Payment gateways available include credit cards, debit cards, electronic transfers. Payouts are pretty fast. The time frame is set for 72 hours, but it would be more if you initiated a payout close to the weekend. Another strong point for considering Betway is the customer support approach. The operator can be reached 24/7 and contacted via live chat, phone, and email. All complaints are quickly resolved. – 8.9/10 has a lot in common with the UFC. Asides from being the official betting partner of the UFC/MMA, the UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, is the brand ambassador of the online casino and sports betting site. Stake's partnership with the UFC offers bettors a new experience with their favorite UFC stars.

Staking on UFC/MMA is an exciting way to learn and enjoy the action-filled MMA. Also, with, you get a chance to win some real money. Payment gateways are more versatile. Money transactions can be done via digital currency and fiat currency.

Signing up on is no big deal. The procedure is straightforward. The customer supports is to be improved. Some users have complaints of not being attended to properly.

888sport – 8.9/10

888sport is a veteran regarding the betting space. They have a user-based of about 25 million. They are reputable and have an impressive track record to show. Essentially, they are a great platform to bet on UFC/MMA.

With the best betting odds, you can win money on your favorite MMA fighter anywhere around the world. However, the biggest bouts are scheduled for the weekend. This gives most fans the chance to enjoy the sport. Betting markets covered include round betting, over/under, props (method of victory), and round group betting. Essentially, everything you need to make a great bet is offered here.

888sports offers UFC/MMA betting tips. They also have a betting guide for users to make the most informed decision. Bettors can place bets using their mobile. Users who want to feel close to the action can engage in live betting.

Customer support is awesome. Bettors can contact the sportsbook via live chat features, email, and phone lines available in the contact form.

Introduction to the UFC/MMA

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport in which fighters adopt various fighting techniques from other combat sports like boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, kickboxing, kung-fu, taekwondo, and wrestling to subdue their opponents. The game rules allow striking and grappling skills while competing against athletes who have mastered various martial arts.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an organization that oversees Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the United States. UFC is the largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion firm globally as it features fighters and champions in the sport. The UFC was initially established to recognize the most effective martial art form in competitions between fighters of various disciplines without weight divisions and little or no rules involved. Rather than focus on one fighting technique, UFC athletes began to adopt several techniques over the years and created the modern-day mixed martial art style of fighting.

Today, the UFC has twelve weight divisions; eight in the men's and four in the women's zone). These twelve divisions include:

Men's Divisions

Weight division - Upper weight limit

  • Flyweight - 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)
  • Bantamweight - 135 lbs. (61.2 kg)
  • Featherweight - 145 lbs. (65.8 kg)
  • Lightweight - 155 lbs. (70.3 kg)
  • Welterweight - 170 lbs. (77.1 kg)
  • Middleweight - 185 lbs. (83.9 kg)
  • Light heavyweight - 205 lbs. (93.0 kg)
  • Heavyweight - 265 lbs. (120.2 kg)

Women's Division

Weight division - Upper weight limit

  • Strawweight - 115 lbs. (52.2 kg)
  • Flyweight - 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)
  • Bantamweight - 135 lbs. (61.2 kg)
  • Featherweight - 145 lbs. (65.8 kg)


Like other sports events, every fighter in UFC/MMA must adhere to a set of rules and regulations endorsed by the New Jersey Athletic Control Board. Although the game's rules originated from New Jersey, it is not limited to the Garden State. They have been adopted in Nevada, California, and other states where MMA betting is legal.

We recommend getting familiar with the rules to have a successful betting career on UFC/MMA sports. Some of the rules include:

Game rounds

Every round lasts five minutes, with a rest period of one minute before the next round begins. Non-title matches usually exceed three rounds, except sports operators agree to a five-round fight, just like the UFC Main Events. However, matches that determine the title winner require five rounds.


All fighters must enter the octagonal ring only approved shorts, light gloves, a mouthguard, and a protective cup. Shirts, long pants, shoes, or any form of padding aren't allowed; however, only women can wear leg and chest protectors.

Points system

The winner is determined with a 10-point system. Three judges rate the fighters' performance with ten for the winner and nine or lower for the runner-up. If a fighter breaks some rules, the judges deduct penalty points for that round.

After submitting the total score for all rounds, the judges declare the winner by:

  • Unanimous decision: All three judges have the same winner.
  • Majority decision: Two judges have the same winner, and the third judge scores a tie.
  • Split decision: Two judges have the same winner, and the third judge scores the other fighter.
  • Unanimous draw: All three judges
  • Majority draw: One judge has a winner, and the other two score a draw.
  • Split draw One judge scores a draw, another has a winner, and the other scores the other fighter.


A fighter may receive point deductions or disqualification as punishment for committing fouls.

Headbutting, strikes to the groins, spine, back of the head, elbow strikes, striking the head of a grounded opponent, and eye-gouging are common fouls in the combat sport.

Avoiding contact with the opponent, grabbing the fence, attacking an opponent after a round also count as fouls.

UFC Betting Tips and Strategies

Place only valuable bets

Placing valuable bets at the right moment is one proven secret to make money from UFC events. For example, betting on lesser-known fights would prove valuable because sportsbook operators do not have adequate data to analyze the best odds. Unbeaten fighters are usually the favorites to win fights, so it makes sense to bet on the underdog since they are overvalued.

Master self-control

MMA is a sport that can send your feeling flying around with the slightest results. Rather than dwell on previous losses and flukes, rethink your strategy and focus on making a profit. If you get greedy, you will lose more money; keep calm and trust the process.

Have a track record

Doing your research is an effective UFC betting strategy. Take note of certain points that determine the outcome of fights and make comparisons. For example, try to distinguish fight patterns, variations in weight divisions, card positions, etc., and specialize in them.

Watch fights

Facts and statistics should not always be the deciding factor for your bets. You miss out on various stats if you don't follow live fights. We recommend you follow games in real-time to notice points that determine the winner.

Other MMA organizations such as Bellator, One Championship, ACB, etc.

Although it is the most popular, UFC is not the only MMA organization. The UFC has other competitors in the US and other parts of the world. Other mixed martial arts organizations include:


Bellator has held over 240 events since it was founded in 2008 and is regarded as the second-largest MMA organization in the United States, after the UFC. Some notable names like Michael Chandler, Paul Daley, and Cris Cyborg have made it to the big stage through Bellator.

One Championship

One Championship is a Singapore-based MMA promotional company that was founded in 2011. The firm has earned its name and is more popular than the UFC in the Asian region. Demetrious Johnson, Martin Nguyen, Xiong Jingnan are some of the best MMA fighters in One Championship.

Absolute Championship Akhmat

It was formerly known as Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) until it was merged with the World Fighting Championship (WFCA) in 2018. The ACA is a Russian-based MMA organization that adopts kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques in its fights. Since its inception in 2014, they have held over 100 events with names like Thiago Silva, Zabit Magomedsharipov, and Brett Cooper making it to the headlines.

Caged Steel

Caged Steel features names like Jack Comby, Dan Tempest, and other notable fighters in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.

Rizin Fighting Federation

Rizin FF is a Japanese MMA promotional company created in 2015 after Nobuyuki Sakakibara reclaimed the firm from the UFC. Peter Aerts, Amir Aliakbari, Kazuyuki Fujita, and the renowned Floyd Mayweather Jr. are notable names in Rizin FF.

Different UFC/MMA Betting types/markets.

If you are new to the octagon, these betting options will help you understand UFC betting types. Listed below are some of the most popular bets on the best UFC betting sites

Moneyline (win bets)

Win bets are the most common UFC bets in MMA events. You wager on the athlete who you think would win the fight. The amount you win depends on the odds of the person you are betting on; if a fighter is more likely to win, the reward is lower than wagering on the underdog to win.

Over/Under bets

Bettors can place wagers on how long you think a fight would last. Decide if the round would last longer or shorter than the line set at the middle of a round and win money for correct predictions.

If you think the judges would determine the fight's result or it would end before the final bell, you can place the "go the distance" bet. This reward for this type of bet varies with how you place wagers, so we recommend that you utilize this option.

Method of Victory Bets

This type of bet is pretty simple. All you need do is predict how the fight would end; by submission, TKO/KO, or judges' decision. The knockout odds on most heavyweight fighters are usually non-convincing, but you can make money off submission and decision bets if you predict correctly. A knockout (KO) occurs when the opponent cannot stand up before the referee counts to ten. It is a technical knockout if a fight is stopped because it is not safe for an opponent to go on.

If you see the fighter's name beside TKO/KO as different options, you need to select the type of victory alongside the winner.

Proposition bets

Most MMA bettors prefer prop bets because they can wager on events that will or will not happen during a fight. It is safe to say that the bets above are types of prop bets. You can place prop bets to predict how long the fight would last, the number of rounds, if the fight would end in a draw, or whether a point deduction would occur in a fight.