Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos are sweeping the country. They are no different from the regular casino, except they are not entirely modeled around real money.

Best Sweepstakes Casinos in the US (2023)

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Sweepstakes/Social Casinos Guide (2023)

Generally, the online gambling situation in the United States is still a grey area. While many states have fully legalized online gambling, other states are still shutting the door to gambling games, thereby hindering their residents from making real money from playing online casino games. 

As mentioned earlier, Sweepstakes casinos are quite different from traditional gambling sites. They do not require real money deposits to play and are mainly for fun and entertainment. Except for Washington D.C, Idaho and Nevada, Sweepstakes casinos are legal and accessible in all US states’ territories.

How are the Sweepstake casinos operated? How do users get sweep coins? What games can new members expect to enjoy? We’re sure you’d love to check out how to purchase and play with the free sweep coins, as well as know the best sweepstakes casinos to play at. You don’t need to worry; this guide will answer these questions and more. 

Legal Situation of Sweepstakes Casinos in the USA

The United States legislation does not regard sweepstakes as a pure form of gambling since there is practically no money exchange between the casinos (Sweepstakes casinos) and the players who sign up. Sweepstakes casinos are fully legal in all the states in the US except Washington D.C. 

Sweepstakes casinos are an excellent alternative for online casino enthusiasts who want to experience the thrill of playing at a casino but are restricted by state laws prohibiting such products. All games played at sweepstakes casinos are legal, and any player in any state can spend quality time gaming.  

What is Sweepstakes Casino, and How do they Work?

These sweepstakes or social casinos do not work the same way as real money online casinos in US. As mentioned earlier, they do not function according to the usual casino model. The standard casino allows players to deposit cash, play their preferred games, and cash out winnings. With Sweepstakes casinos, players make use of Gold coins or Sweep coins.

Sweepstakes casinos load players with lots of gold coins when they sign up. Ideally, these coins have no intrinsic value. However, players use the Gold coins to play games on the site. The Gold coins are used similarly to your deposit balance in a real online casino.

Playing at a sweepstakes casino means players can play with no real money risk. As players register at a social casino, they automatically get free coins that replace the real money and stake at the social games. Players get their wins as free coins, with no chance of withdrawing them. The real contest is in the player who accumulates the free coins. 

Social casinos work through the casinos’ websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. All the games played at real money casinos are available, although they’re clones of the original slot game titles you’re used to. Some of these casinos are run by standalone companies offering exclusive gaming operations, even though others are run by the regular operators running the real money casinos. 

You can download the games available on these platforms to play, but the companies running them monetize their products and services by adding in-game purchases of the non-essential parts like the different games, gifting the free coins, or getting additional boosters for a better gaming experience. 

Players seeking to join a social casino must be residing in the US and be 24 or older to access the site. All new players will be given free coins to start playing. All you have to do is visit the casino site you have chosen to play at and sign up. You may be required to submit relevant documents to prove your age before you can confirm your account and start playing at the casino. 

Top three Sweepstake Casinos in the United States

Ready to experiment with the social casinos in the US? Many social casinos are claiming to offer the best experience for their players. But trust us to go the extra mile to get the right casinos where you can spend a good time playing your favorite games.

Additionally, residents in states where online gambling has not been legalized can try out any of the following casinos to get the thrill of a typical real money casino. 

Chumba Casino

One of the most popular Sweepstakes casinos in the US is the Chumba Casino. They offer you free sweeps and gold coins as soon as you sign up. They only accept US players, so you must prove that you reside in the US. This casino has a massive collection of casino games, including video poker, free Blackjack, and slots. 

No mobile app for Chumba Casino, but the website is highly optimized for mobile browsers. To get funds, the company sells extra gold coins as a booster. Buy a gold coin package at $30, and get 3,000,000 different gold coins and 30 free sweeps coins.

LuckylandSlots Casino

LuckylandSlots Casino offers the top slot games with sweeps coins and gold coins as rewards. You can enjoy the gameplay on their dedicated Android app or play on their mobile browser. Some of the games in their catalog include different slot title games. 

As a new player, you can get up to 7,777 Gold coins and 10 sweeps coins for free. To further purchase a booster, buy their gold package of $10 at $4.99 only. This will reward you with 50,000 gold coins and ten extra sweeps coins for free. Non-US players cannot play at this casino. 

Funzpoints Casino

There are many packages to enjoy if you decide to play at this social casino. They sell both standard and premium Funzpoints packages and do giveaways from time to time. You can play keno and slot title games at this casino. 

For the giveaway, you can join the jackpot every three hours on the website as they turn the Funzwheel, where all players can win good prizes by spinning the wheels. Besides this, there is also a daily sweepstakes jackpot draw to win prizes. 

You can only play this game on the web browser, but the site is fast enough and can deliver high speeds, so you won’t miss the fact that there is no mobile app. You can get 1,000 funzpoints for free and the premium funzpoints worth $2.50. 

Top Casino Games you can Play on Sweepstake Casinos.

The usual casino games on a real money casino can be played at any sweepstake casino. Remember that you’re playing for bragging rights on who has the highest sweepstake coins, so consider playing games with good rewards to reduce the time to play, get those high numbers, and be the champion.


All the slot games played at the sweepstake casinos are of high quality, with different engaging themes such as Mythology, Ancient Treasures, Wildlife, and gods. 

The slots available at these social casinos may not be as much as what is obtained with a real money casino, but the fun is still the maximum regardless, with lots of paylines, high RTPs, bonuses, and reels to enjoy your time. Everything is available as expected with the regular real money casinos, except the betting with real money.


Table games are an integral part of online casino games in the United States, and they are well represented with the presence of Blackjack in the social casinos. Each blackjack title offered to players brings the thrill, class, and elegance found at the real money casinos. You can find the different variants of the game available on the sweepstake casinos. 

You can check out which variants fit your style, grab some sweepstake coins, and rock those tables until they fill your coins purse.


Poker players are not left out of the excitement with the presence of their favorite Poker in the social casinos. Some popular titles in Poker, including Omaha, Bounty, Sit and Go tournaments, and Texas Hold’em, are available to play at this casino. 

Buy in on the table and play for the pot using either your sweepstake coin or the gold coins. One good feature about this; you can learn and perfect a winning strategy when you sign up for the tournaments. 

How to Get Free/ Purchase Sweeps Coins 

There are many ways a user can get free sweeps coins to play on social casinos. You can take advantage of the many promotion programs offered by these platforms, for example, Funzpoints. Don’t worry; there’s no such thing as getting many sweeps coins. You can win cash prizes without making a single booster purchase if you play your cards right. 

No Deposit Bonuses

All the Sweepstakes Casinos, including social media platforms, offer free sweeps coins when you sign up on their site with no deposit required. No matter the amount put up, they must provide you with sweeps coins and offer games to stand a chance to exchange the coins for cash prizes. 

Don’t forget, win your casino games and stack up the coins, and you could exchange them for the cash- without making a single in-game purchase. 

Free Daily Sweeps Coins

For many Sweepstakes casinos, you’re entitled to some free sweeps coins as long as you log in to the site every day. All you have to do is log in daily; you can get anything between 0.30 premium credits to 1 premium credit (this is the daily reward for the Funzpoints social casino). 

Other Sweepstakes casinos have their daily login prizes. As long as you faithfully log in every day, you’ll get free sweeps coins that you can accumulate. 

Free to Enter Tournaments

These social casinos throw contests or tournaments every week that you can enter without paying or making in-app purchases to be eligible. Some of these contests occur regularly on social media platforms and are one of the easiest ways to get free sweeps coins. 

For example, you can get up to 2,000 premium Funzpoint (worth $20) when you join a contest that allows you to like and share a post created by Funzpoint. These tournaments occur almost every week with chances of getting the coins high. The rewards differ every other week, but they are sure to add coins to your wallet balance.

Buying Coins

If you feel like getting more sweeps coins than the one you get for free, you can make purchases and increase your coin balance. Take note, however, that you will be charged a fee for using a credit card. We recommend using a debit card instead. The traditional ways of purchasing coins are obtainable at a real money casino. They include:

  • E-wallets: Skrill (Paysafecard, instant ACH), PayPal
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Online bank transfer


Just like the tournaments, you can join contests organized by any of the casino games you play at. Games like Poker organize regular competitions to see the highest-ranking players, and these players will be offered free sweeps coins. Besides getting free coins, you can use these contests to perfect your winning strategy to stay top of your game. 

Referring a Friend

Many social casinos offer a referral reward program where players have rewarded sweeps coins for referring a friend to their casino. This method is one of the easiest ways of building your wallet portfolio without spending time playing at the casino. Just convince a friend to join via social media platforms, and you will get your free coins. Besides, the rewards are juicy to encourage you to get more friends to join you. 


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