Online Gambling in Delaware (2024)

Compare the best legal sports betting sites & online casinos in Delaware, and learn how to gamble legally and safely in DE.

Delaware Online Gambling Explained

Delaware was one of the original thirteen colonies abolished to create the United States. Despite being a small state, it has a rich gambling space that covers real money gaming products such as retail casinos, pari-mutuel wagering, parlays sports betting, and more. Delaware also provides lottery and charitable gambling for its residents and visitors.

The First State already has iGaming-friendly regulations and laws. Residents and visitors can explore real money gaming within state lines. All forms of gambling done outside the state rules are criminalized. However, there is no clear cut line regarding unlawful gambling if a player gets penalized for trying out an offshore site. So far, no player has been charged for breaking the law.

Delaware considers gambling as registering wagers or bets. In addition, it is also referred to as directly or indirectly wagering real money or anything of value. Delaware Code 11-1401 et seq and 3-10001 et. seq covers gambling-related matters. This guide will discuss the legal gambling products that can be accessed as a visitor or as a resident in the First State.

The Legal Situation Around Gambling in Delaware 

Delaware’s iGaming Bill was accepted and passed in June 2012. Ideally, this breakthrough paved the way for states like Nevada and New Jersey in 2013 to carry out the same legislation. The state lottery is in charge of overseeing all real money gambling options. In addition, they also offer draw games.

Unlawful gambling is considered playing on offshore sites or any sites not regulated by the state. Therefore, it is considered a violation when residents or visitors within Delaware patronize such sites. Some of the gambling products that can be accessed include casinos, online poker, sports lottery, daily fantasy sports, lotteries, and more. Let’s take a good look at these products.

Online Casinos in Delaware

Delaware has three legal casino establishments - Delaware Park Online, Harrington Online, and Dover Downs Online Gaming. These gambling establishments work together with 888 to offer casino products to residents and visitors in DE. Currently, these establishments are permitted to establish websites where they can reach more punters in the state.

Available gaming products include slots, video poker, progressive jackpot slots, table games, and more. Delaware Lottery is in charge of overseeing these gaming platforms/establishments. In addition, slots and table games are also offered at the racinos floors, having more than a thousand terminals.

Online Poker in Delaware

Online poker became legal in 2012 and is offered at all three casino establishments. The 888 brand powers this gambling product. Initially, the player pool was low, but specific changes were made in 2015 and 2018 to boost the player count.

A feature that made things smooth was the interstate poker compact in New Jersey, creating a great network that provided gaming action 24/7. We expect Pennsylvania to join the gaming pool soon; however, this is only our speculation. Live poker rooms are also accessible. 

Sports Betting in Delaware

In 2018, after removing PASPA, states could legalize sports betting products. However, before 2018, Delaware was given the liberty to offer sports betting products in a limited capacity. Fortunately, this gave them a great opportunity to quickly legalize sports betting when the federal ban was removed. The state passed legislation allowing the creation of a land-based sportsbook.

Governor John Carney placed the first bet in person. However, online sports betting is yet to commence. But we do believe, seeing that Delaware is a trailblazer, that they would do everything possible to make it a reality. Punters can place wagers on horse racing. This is available in licensed off-track establishments and on-site. Horse racing fans can also place bets on races in other states. 

Lotteries in Delaware

Local lotto games, keno, multi-state lotto games, instant-win games, sports lottery, and video lottery are legal lottery products you can be part of in Delaware. Lotteries are one of the oldest products available in the First State. But online sales of lottery tickets are prohibited despite the state being a solid force in iGaming-related legislation. Instead, users can only access legitimate information on their website, and tickets are to be sold at licensed land-based retailers, and there are over 500 available in DE.

The Delaware Lottery was created in 1975 by a legislative decree, and it is the fourth-largest revenue generator for the state. All in all, the income generated is used for various state services. The official age for punters to participate in lottery games is 18. 

Daily Fantasy Sports in Delaware

Delaware signed the Interactive Fantasy Contest Act in 2017, which became part of the gambling laws of the state. This legislation approves daily fantasy sports for real money and recommends DFS operators sign up with the Division of Gaming Enforcement. Essentially, DFS contests are provided by operators such as FanDuel, DraftKings, Draft, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports.

Online Bingo in Delaware

Bingo is part of charitable gambling, but it is not an online gambling product. So essentially, residents and visitors in the First State can’t explore bingo for real money over the internet.

However, 888 can supply this particular gambling product to local partners, so we expect to see a change soon. But due to the size of the local market, it may take some years to become a reality.

Delaware Gambling Laws Explained

Gambling operations in DE are regulated by the Delaware Constitution and specific Delaware statutes. The regulations started in 1933, with the Delaware Harness Racing Commission and Thoroughbred Racing Commission established to oversee legal horse racing wagering. Legislation for the traditional lottery was enacted in 1974, followed by the Horse Racing Preservation Act in 1994. 

This Act permitted the Delaware Lottery to grow, expanding its service to include video lottery machines. So, the three race tracks were able to offer slot machines. Subsequently, table games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker were permitted. Finally, online gambling was introduced in 2012, and the state legalized this product within its borders via the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act.

More or less, gambling is legal in Delaware, but not all products are permitted. Since removing the federal law, gambling status is up to each state. As earlier mentioned, Delaware was one of the first states to get into legal online gambling. The state understands gambling to be directly or indirectly wagering money or anything of value. Here are a few laws surrounding gambling in the First State.

  • Lottery winnings are subject to income tax. Income tax ranges from 2.2% to 6.6% based on the winning amount. However, for winnings above $5000, the lottery keeps 24% as federal tax. 
  • Gambling can only be done by Delaware residents and visitors within state lines.
  • To play the lottery, players must be 18 years or older. However, casinos, sports betting, and many others only accept players at least 21 years old. 
  • Gambling activities are regulated and controlled via the state lottery office. The lottery is also empowered to grant licenses to operators. 
  • Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement serves as an official gaming commission that oversees gambling.

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement partners/assists the state lottery to access licenses and regulate the gambling space. Both parties have exclusive jurisdiction to carry out investigations if necessary. All in all, these agencies ensure the integrity of the state gambling industry.

Delaware Online Gambling Regulation 

States are in charge of legalizing gambling activities. Therefore setting up a Commission or Board to oversee those gambling affairs is important to its growth and development. The Delaware State Lottery Office, established in 1974, regulates online gaming activities. One of its vital functions is to generate income for the state’s purse.

The lottery is given the power and rights to monitor and establish various systems that support gambling. Additionally, websites are operated by racinos. The Lottery Office guides the approval and licensing of online gaming suppliers. Essentially, the state recognizes two suppliers; technology providers and services providers. The Delaware State Lottery Office picked 888 Holdings and William Interactive to provide online gaming technology services and structure.

The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), established in 2010, assists the Lottery Office in promulgating, considering, and applying laid down rules and regulations to ensure a crime-free gambling space. Also, they help maintain public trust and confidence in the integrity and credibility of the Lottery’s operations, employees, and agents. Ideally, both agencies are responsible for gambling regulation in DE.

Gaming venues, employees, and vendors must have a Delaware gaming license. This is a necessary condition for offering gaming products in the state. The DGE would investigate and carry out background checks on various applicants. They are essentially accessing the suitability and qualification of every aspect before issuing a license request.

Domestic Legal Sites vs Offshore Operators

Gambling on unregulated or unlicensed gaming platforms is an offense. However, there have not been such cases as punters in DE enjoy domestic legal sites. Choosing domestic legal sites should be a consistent approach to online gambling due to its several advantages over offshore operators. 

For the record, most forms of gambling are legal in Delaware. There is no need to sign up with offshore operators. Domestic sites offer fantastic products that keep visitors and residents entertained.

With domestic legal sites, users are guaranteed fair gameplay and practices—a huge variety of games, good bonuses and promotions, excellent RTP, and more. A large number of offshore sites are not regulated. There is no guarantee that you would get paid, or the stated RTP is a reality. Often, we notice that factors like RTP and bonus offers are overhyped to draw in a lot of traffic.

Subsequent checks are carried out on game providers by DGE and its affiliates. These routine checks keep providers in line with the regulations. Those who violate the rules are sanctioned. It is impossible to say this about offshore operators. All in all, you create a better gambling experience when you do it the right way.

Legal Online Sports Betting Sites 

Delaware residents and visitors are allowed to place sports bets. This is a legal practice according to the state’s legislation. However, there are no legal domestic sportsbooks. Essentially, single-game wagers can only be placed in person.

Delaware offers sports betting products at the three available racinos in the state. Delaware Park Casino, Dover Downs, and Harrington Raceway have authorized licenses to offer such services.

Legal Online Casinos 

There are no legal online casinos at the moment. Casino gaming is carried out via retail establishments that offer slots, poker, table games, and more. In addition, these retail casinos are granted licenses to create online platforms for users.

If you are in Delaware, visiting these establishments is the only means of having a casino experience in person or online via the internet. We expect the legislation to change the narrative and bring more online sportsbooks and casinos.

Delaware Park Online

Delaware Park collaborates with 888 Holding and Delaware State Lottery to offer online gambling to users in the state. Players can explore several games such as Omaha, Texas Hold’Em, Omaha Hi-Lo, and more. Table and slot games are also included in the game library. To play Delaware Park online, users must be within state borders and be 21 years old or more. This gaming site is safe, secure, and easy to navigate.

Choosing Delaware Park online is an excellent pick. Fair and responsible gaming practices are guaranteed. Users can set a maximum deposit amount and request to be blocked from gaining access. Additionally, the RNG serves as the dealer to make every outcome fair.

Harrington Online

Harrington Online is a digital gaming platform created to help punters have a superior gaming experience. This incredible online casino gives DE punters access to a 100% casino gaming experience from the comfort of their homes. Harrington Online has a superb interface that gives you a terrific view using your mobile devices or PC.

Several games categories are available at Harrington Online. Classics such as Omaha, 7 card Stud Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Hold’em are all for your gaming experience. Additionally, users can access roulette, blackjack, video poker, and more. Players who have questions or run into any challenge can reach out to customer support to get help. The support is available 24/7. You can also download the software on your devices to be quickly and conveniently accessible.

Harrington Online only accepts players who are 21 years or more. No user under the legal age is allowed to enter the casino or register on the website. The gaming platform reserves the right to cancel such membership. Delaware State Lottery is responsible for regulating and licensing its operations.

Dover Downs Online Gaming

Dover Downs Online gaming has special offers to help you create a fantastic gaming experience. Before that, you should know that this casino operator partners with the Delaware State Lottery Commission and 888 Holdings. Users can explore online poker, slots, and table games. However, players must be 21 years or more to get access.

For unbiased results, Dover Downs Online Gaming makes use of an RNG. This eliminates every influence from the casino or players and ultimately leaves the outcome to chance. Also, there is a routine check by international agencies and state agencies to ensure that fair and responsible practices are carried out. As a result, Dover Downs Online Gaming is a reliable platform to create an excellent gaming experience. 


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