Online Gambling in Louisiana (2024)

Compare the best legal sports betting sites and online casinos in Louisiana, and learn how to gamble legally and safely in LA.

Best Online Gambling Sites in Louisiana

Louisiana Online Gambling Guide

Louisiana has taken a big step in regulating its gambling market, allowing sportsbooks and casinos to offer products to its residents and millions of visitors. Governor John Bel Edwards signed the sports betting bill in June 2021; 55 out of 64 parishes were in full support. The bill gave access to sportsbook operators.

The legality of online casinos and sportsbooks is sometimes confused by punters. This is the simple reason why guides like this are published, especially for residents and visitors in Louisiana. In addition, it helps players understand the state of gambling and what options they can quickly explore within state borders.

Since the PASPA act was scrapped, states have begun regulating and legalizing online gambling. With many states losing money in terms of revenue generated through betting to offshore gambling sites, it simply makes sense that legalizing gambling is considered. By doing so, they can also protect their residents from illegal offshore gambling sites. 

Although punters in LA can place sports bets, there are still gambling products that are prohibited. Online poker and online casinos sites are restricted. To enjoy and experience casino products, punters have to visit a retail center to take part in charitable gambling. In addition, pari-mutuel horse wagering is still available. 

If you’re an online gambling enthusiast residing in Louisiana, you need to get a firm understanding of the land laws concerning online gambling. As mentioned earlier, this guide is published to guide your gambling voyage within LA borders.

The current state of Online Gambling in Louisiana

Online gambling has been a bone of contention for lawmakers. Ideally, a very good reason why most states have a regulated and licensed gambling space is due to the revenue generated. In an attempt to get entertainment, Punters travel to neighboring states or visit offshore sites to place bets or play casino games, making other states profit from their residents. 

Now, steps have been taken to regulate the gambling space. Therefore allowing for taxation, regulation, oversight, and more. Still, online gambling has a grey look in Louisiana. However, things are better today than a few years back. 

Louisiana has 64 parishes. The law allowed each parish to have a vote to permit online gambling. Fifty-five parishes voted yes, leaving nine parishes out. Usually, states sign sports betting into law, but LA has a different story; voting is done on parish-level basis. Now, geofencing became necessary, which caused a little delay in the events going live. 

In July 2021, daily fantasy sports went live. Although the sports bill was signed in 2021, mobile sports betting went live in January 2022 due to certain delays around geofencing. However, online casinos and online poker are not permitted. A good alternative will be to check out sweepstakes and social casino sites. You can enjoy all the glamour and fun associated with online casinos without using real money to play the games. 

However, if you enjoy the delight and fanfare associated with land-based casino gambling, then Louisiana is your destination. The Pelican state is a haven for retail casinos, with lots of sizzle casinos to choose from. Video poker machines are available at every establishment with a liquor license. Truck shops are not left out too. The state’s law allows any facility with a liquor license and truck shops to own and operate their poker machines.

Gambling Products in LA

Sports Betting in LA

Sports betting is legal in Louisiana. The bill was signed into law in 2021. Sports lovers can place bets on their favorite sports events. In addition, mobile sports betting went live in January 2022. Sportsbooks cover a wide range of activities, from major to minor games. These are five sportsbooks available to welcome you. Live streaming and live betting are also features that can be explored. 

Online Casino in LA

At the moment, online casinos are not permitted. You can only play casino games by visiting retail casinos where gambling is allowed in the parishes. We are certain that within a couple of years, the legality of online casinos will be a thing of the past. 

Daily Fantasy Sports in Louisiana

Fans of DFS in Louisiana will be thrilled to learn that fantasy sports are completely legal in the Pelican State. Daily Fantasy is a cut from the fantasy sports leagues where the players get new players and win points every day for newbies. The higher the number of points, the higher their cash prize. DFS became legal in 2018 after a prolonged legal battle in the senate for three years.

Online Poker in Louisiana

Unfortunately, online poker is still a mirage in Louisiana. The state senate has not passed any bill authorizing online poker regulation by the state’s gaming control board. While online poker parlors are popular, it is banned in the Pelican State. 

For players who love to experience poker, they can try the in-person poker machines scattered all over the permitted parishes. Other players can try out the sweepstakes casinos that offer online poker. One of them is the Global Poker Casino which caters to many poker game enthusiasts. 

Online Lottery in Louisiana

Players aged 21 and older can enjoy the rich lottery benefits of the state game. There are no online lottery game draws. You cannot purchase a lottery ticket online. Everything is done in-person, through authorized retail dealers only. 

Players who want to experience the thrill of playing the lottery online can enjoy it at sweepstakes casinos. Casinos like Luckyland offer these pleasures to lovers of online lottery games.

Horse Racing in LA

Horse racing is one of the top games popular in the Pelican State. The in-person and online racing betting games set up are regulated only by the Louisiana Racing Commission.

The commission is responsible for governing racetracks, off-track betting, and pari-mutuel wagering in the state. Some of the legal horse racing betting sites in the Pelican State includes BetMGM horse racing

Laws that Govern Louisiana Online Gambling

Online gambling products in LA include sports betting, DFS, horse betting. Online sports betting and in-person betting became possible after Gov. John Bel Edwards signed SB 247 on June 22, 2021. Before this development, only mortar casinos and poker machines were allowed in the Sugar State. This new law could make the state generate up to $35 million in gambling taxes.

Some of the vital aspects of SB 247 signed includes:

  • All bettors must be 21 years old or more. 
  • Users can only reside in parishes that permit online gambling 
  • Bettors must place all in-person bets only at official establishments.
  • Only Louisiana residents can bet on sports events either through mobile or PC.
  • Online sportsbooks must remit 15% of all gross revenue as taxes; in-person gambling facilities will pay 10% tax. 
  • KYC is compulsory for every user registering at an online sportsbook. 

According to the new legislation, parishes that voted against online sports betting becoming legal will be geofenced, making online sports betting facilities inaccessible to their residents. This law also extends to brick-and-mortar sports betting stores. Here's a timeline leading to the legalization of online sports betting in Louisiana. 

  • May 2018 - The supreme court overturns PASPA. Other states besides Nevada have a chance to regulate sports betting.
  • Nov. 2018 - 47 of the 67 parishes in the state vote to allow DFS in the state. The state legislature begins proceedings to pass a regulatory bill for the Daily Fantasy Sports.
  • June 2019 - The first framework for regulating the activities of DFS failed to pass. This failure is attributed to a sports betting bill being tacked on the DFS legislation. 
  • June 2020 - Finally, the DFS regulation bill is passed into law. Application processes for the issuance of operational licenses would begin in 2021.
  • June 2020- Voters in Louisiana vote to decide whether sports betting should be allowed in their parish after a bill authorizing the vote is signed into law.
  • November 2020 - 9 out of 64 parishes vote against legalizing sports betting in their parishes. 
  • June 2021 - The Louisiana Gaming Control Board issued the first license to DraftKings, allowing the operator to offer DFS in the state.
  • July 2021 - Sen. Ronnie Johns becomes the new chair of the Gaming Control Board, resigning from his senatorial seat. 

Who Governs Online Gambling Operations in Louisiana

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board is responsible for enforcing the state's laws on gambling. Gambling and the state lottery fall within the jurisdiction of the Board. Part of its mission statement is to ensure that all gaming activities are regulated and supervised to create public trust in the gambling space. 

The Board believes that there should be a framework to monitor and regulate the ever-evolving gambling industry, especially as it is no longer brick-and-mortar casinos that are only legal in the state anymore. The Board has a regulatory structure, ensuring sportsbooks/casinos and players play by the book. They also carry out disciplinary actions if needed. 

Why Playing on Louisiana Legalized Betting Sites is Better than Offshore Betting Sites

Due to the grey areas surrounding online gambling in the Pelican State, fans of online casinos can enjoy the benefits of playing at the legalized online social casinos and sweepstakes sites. Ideally, there are many benefits to playing at any social casino site; the top among them is that players can enjoy all the fun of a regular online casino site without depositing real money.

This may not be so nice to many punters in LA, leading them to stake on offshore sites. While this is a possibility we can't deny, many dangers surround it. This is why we suggest LA punters stick to legal sportsbooks. We have experienced many punters complaining of identity theft, no cash-out, no response, and many others from such sites.

The Louisiana Gaming Control Board does not regulate these offshore sites. In essence, that is beyond its jurisdiction, influence, and control. The board functions within LA, ensuring every gambling activity is fair to both parties. Now, what guarantee do you have about offshore sites? 

A strict regulatory body regulates betting sites approved in Louisiana. The Board ensures that they are checked for fairness, dedicated customer support, and a truthful and secured withdrawal system where your cash prizes are paid promptly without delay.

Furthermore, you can also take your grievances to the Board. In essence, you can be heard if you have any complaints. Unlike illegal offshore sites that leave you without a response, you can do nothing about it. It would be best if you don't fall victim to such practices. We strongly recommend sticking to only approved betting sites regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. 

Overview of the Gambling Categories in Louisiana

Let’s break down each category under the online gambling section, describing the legal situation of each segment.  

Legal Online Sportsbooks in Louisiana

Online sports betting became live in 2022, with the legislation allowing for up to 20 sportsbook licenses for in-person and online betting operators. Each permit allows the holder, including the Louisiana Lotty Corporation, to operate two online skins, giving room for a total of 40 skins to be active at any given time in the state. 

Accompanying the regulatory bill (SB 247) is the tax and licensing rules bill (HB 697), with the implementation of both laws active from July 2021. The directions were passed in time for the beginning of the NFL season (Superbowl).

The situation gave the 20 brick-and-mortar casinos the power to apply for a license before transferring the remaining slots to lottery kiosks with a liquor license and racetracks. The state’s legislation also allows online sportsbooks to apply for a license. 

Here are some online sportsbooks currently operating legally in the Bayou State. 

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars sportsbook is one of the top sportsbooks that is live and accepting online sports bets in Louisiana. Caesars sportsbook expanded recently with the purchase of William Hill in 2021 for $4 billion, with the customers of the now-defunct sportsbook being transferred over to Caesars.

Part of what you get with Caesar is a robust customer support service, a redefined user experience as seen on its mobile app, a vast betting market with tons of excellent bonuses for both new and existing players. 

Caesars sportsbook boasts of one of the best promotion programs in the U.S sports betting space. They have a well-secured deposit and withdrawal system. Their mobile app is easy to navigate, and players will have no problem getting used to the rich features on the platform.

BetMGM Sportsbook

As far as the United States online sports betting industry is concerned, BetMGM is a household name in the market. They have one of the most extensive customer bases, with many more players joining the forum. BetMGM is a subsidiary of the industry giant MGM Resorts and Entain, currently operating in 10 states, with Louisiana soon increasing its operation area. 

The BetMGM sportsbook mobile app has a rich betting interface with tons of features to make the app easy for bettors, especially newbies. The top perks of using this sportsbook are the odds boost, early cash-out option, and tons of promotion goodies aimed to reward both new and regular bettors. 

Among the other mobile app features is the “edit my bet feature, " which adds games, drops others, and increases a potential cash prize. 

Draftkings Sportsbook

Draftkings needs no introduction as far as online sports betting is concerned. The sportsbook operator is currently in many states of the U.S. Essentially, their reputation precedes them for providing juicy bonuses, excellent odds that are unparalleled, and an extensive betting market to select from.

New bettors on the platform are treated to excellent welcome bonuses, and the regular players are rewarded for believing, supporting, and staying loyal to the brand. DraftKings was once famous for Daily Fantasy sports games, but its popularity has waned. They boast of juicy bonuses and promotions. Their deposit and withdrawal options are vetted and can be secured. They also accommodate complaints and inquiries through their customer support. 

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another popular sportsbook set to start receiving sports bets in the Pelican State. Their betting markets stretch across different sporting events, including horse racing, daily fantasy sports, and others. 

With the immense popularity, they have enjoyed in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and others, little wonder they were granted authority to start receiving sports bet offers in the form. Their reputation precedes them in juicy bonuses, dedicated customer support, and an easy-to-use sportsbook mobile app. 

There are no complaints about its deposit and withdrawal options, with the members enjoying regular promotions on their accounts. 

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers is currently up and running and will receive sports event bets for all Louisiana residents, except the parishes that voted against online sports betting. The sportsbook giant currently accepts bets in many states, including Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey.

Suppose you need a sportsbook mobile app with a vast diversity of its betting market. All sports competitions are covered; major and minor sports events. When we talk about promotions and welcome bonuses, BetRivers does the best. One of the best features of using this platform is the dedicated customer service, where you can receive answers to your queries as soon as possible.

If you’re a new user of this platform, then you’re in good luck. They have lots of welcome bonuses you can choose from and enjoy a robust betting experience. Existing players are always treated to new potions of promotional/reward programs that are the talk of the town. The BtRivers sportsbook app is simple yet classic. 

Legal Online Casinos in Louisiana

Online casino is not permitted in Louisiana. Players would have to keep their fingers crossed concerning this product of online gambling. However, charitable gambling and social casino are permitted. You may not find your favorite game, but it is worth your time. 

The only difference between regular online casino sites and social casinos is real money. Players playing at online casino sites will need to deposit real money before playing. Social casinos, however, do not require real money deposits before the players can have lots of fun playing the same casino games. Here are some of the social casino sites to try out in Louisiana:

Funzpoints Casino

Louisiana online casino enthusiasts can enjoy an alternative means of playing at an online casino at Funzpoints. This social casino does not require your hard-earned money for you to enjoy the rich casino-themed games you can also find on the regular online casino site. Here, you get maximum entertainment for little to no cost. 

At Funzpoints casino, there are two game modes you can try out; real money and free mode. While you do not need to make a real money deposit in the free mode, the real money mode requires a deposit of up to $20.

Chumba Casino

Chumba casino offers you so much fun and excitement playing your favorite casino games without the stress of making real money deposits. If you reside in Louisiana and are a fan of online casino games, this social casino is for you.

At Chumba casino, there are over 80 slot games and a vast range of table casino games to sift and select from. Once you register, you’ll be offered sweepstakes coins called Sweeps Coins. Accumulate much of these coins, and you can convert them into real cash prizes. 

You can also play with real money when you use it to purchase gold coins valued higher than the Sweeps Coins. If you’re above 21 and a fan of casino-themed games, then you should visit Chumba casino.


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