Online Sports Betting in Nevada

Learn how to bet on sports online in Nevada, and compare the best legal NV online sportsbooks apps for 2023 below.

Best Sportsbooks in Nevada (2023)

Top NV Sports Betting Apps

There are no two ways about it: Nevada’s bread and butter is gambling. Whether that’s poker, casinos, slot machines, or sports betting - The Silver State has it all.

Our main focus today is on the different ways in which bettors can wager on sports events from Nevada. Considering the state’s close connection with everything gambling-related, it’s no surprise to learn that it was the first area within the US to provide sports odds for customers.

Since 2010, Nevada’s visitors and residents have been enjoying the freedoms of online sports betting.

Available via sports betting apps only, hedging your bets via the internet is undoubtedly the fastest and most accessible way to go about things.

We’ve ranked each of the best sportsbooks in Nevada below.

#1 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - BetMGM

As one of the best-known entities in terms of gambling across the entire country, there was an understandably high level of expectation weighed on the shoulders of BetMGM upon its introduction to Nevada.

A branch of MGM, the online sportsbook is accessed through the downloadable mobile app that’s free to get from the iOS and Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, users can begin the sign-up process immediately.

Arguably the best part about being a member at BetMGM’s online sportsbook in Nevada is the opportunity to get in on the M Life Program. In this, customers are served up cool rewards that can be claimed by redeeming their M Life points. To garner these points, simply play on the app.

Of course, we can’t mention BetMGM without talking about the wide range of sports markets on display. These include the likes of:

  • Soccer
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • MMA
  • PGA

Plus many more! To begin playing at BetMGM’s online sportsbook, simply head to one of their linked casinos or resorts and start depositing funds into your account.

#2 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Caesars

Given that bettors in NV need to visit a retail venue to deposit funds into their sportsbook account wallets, the sheer number of casinos that Caesars has teamed up with can make life significantly easier for some. 

This is because you’ll find Caesars cages scattered across the state. So, regardless of where customers are in Nevada, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the nearest Caesars retail sportsbook to deposit funds into an online account.

Convenience isn’t the sole reason to create an account with the UK-native bookmaker, though. There are numerous boosts added to the apps’ promotional page throughout the year, including price boosts, welcome offers, rewards for existing customers, and more.

Perhaps the most important feature found at Caesars comes in the form of cash-out. With this, users can take home their winnings earlier than usual or protect against potential losses. Realistically, this feature should be a mainstay of every sports betting app in this day and age.

To deposit at Caesars, users can utilize any of the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • E-checks
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • Prepaid Card

#3 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Wynn Sportsbook

This particular sportsbook is aimed at newbies to the world of online sports betting. The app’s design is simple, sleek, and easy to navigate - all of which make for an enjoyable experience.

Wynn is one of the few remaining independent sportsbooks on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Despite the well-known name, neither the hotels nor sports betting apps are actually operated by WynnBet any longer. In spite of this, the Wynn sportsbook app is quite popular in Nevada - especially among locals.

Thankfully, users can download the Wynn sports betting app free of charge via the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once the app is on your mobile device - whether that’s an iPhone or Android - you can begin betting on some of the most exciting sports action in the world.

Most notable about the Wynn betting app is its selection of racing odds. Both dog racing and horse racing markets are present on the app, and unlike many of the sites’ competitors in Nevada, Wynn provides loads of ways to wager on the biggest races.

#4 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Caesars

The sportsbook app pushed by Caesars is certainly one of the more intriguing operations going on right now, with some interesting occurrences and deals taking place behind the scenes to develop the service.

As most bettors know, Caesars is a popular online and retail betting platform with millions of customers in not just NV but also the US. Now that it has a wonderful sport betting app and various connections in the Silver State, the Caesars sportsbook app is easier to use than ever before.

Customers can deposit at any of the eleven partnered casinos and/or resorts in Nevada, which is far more compared to some other sportsbooks currently operating in the state. Moreover, Caesars uses software and odds published by William Hill to give its bettors the best possible experience.

This all came about through an agreement forged by a middle-man, so to speak, and has resulted in the Caesars sports betting app becoming one of the best around. Essentially, the Caesars app is a copy and paste of the William Hill sports app, just with its own twist.

If you love everything William Hill offers, you need to check out Caesars.

#5 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Atlantis Race & Sports App

Run by the Atlantis Casino, the Atlantis Race & Sports app is a fantastic choice for bettors on the lookout for something situated outside the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Located in Reno, it’s the perfect place for locals to indulge in their favorite sports events.

The app is extremely popular due to its wide selection of markets across a variety of the most-viewed sports. To be more specific, Atlantis made a real name for itself by being the first sportsbook to display the season-odds for Major League Baseball each season. Obviously, fans of MLB arrived on the scene in great numbers to wager on their most highly anticipated outcomes every year.

It’s not just about the MLB odds at Atlantis, although they are a major player in the app’s success. On top of their vast array of MLB markets, users can create parlays and play around with other features on the platform. Each of the biggest sporting events and matches is available at Atlantis, including NBA, NHL, NFL, amongst others. 

#6 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - B Connected Sports

Another platform that’s ideal for locals in Nevada as it’s situated away from the Las Vegas strip, B Connected operates under Boyd Gaming. As a direct result of partnering with the gaming giant, users that create accounts with B-Connected Sports can use any of Boyd Gaming’s services in other states, too.

Unlike quite a number of other sports betting apps found in Nevada, B Connected Sports develops all of its odds themselves. This means that finding the same odds at competing sports betting apps is virtually impossible, as B Connected won’t share their odds and markets with industry competitors. 

The popular app also boasts loads of ways to enjoy live betting. By offering in-play odds, bettors at B Connected Sports can remain up to date on the latest goings-on in the world of sports all over the globe.

Even better, customers have more than enough options when it comes to finding the right place to pay. This is because B Connected Sports has teamed up with multiple venues, including Cannery, Aliante, Gold Coast, Suncoast, and others. There’s no doubt that all of this makes B Connected a great choice for avid sports bettors living in Nevada.

#7 Best Online Sports Betting App - Circa Sports 

As a relatively new sportsbook app in Nevada, it’s probably wise to give Circa Sports some breathing room before going in on the pros and cons of the platform. Despite being founded in 2019, the sportsbook has already merged with Golden Gate. Thanks to this partnership, Circa Sports can provide customers with two different venues to deposit their funds; the other being at Circa Las Vegas.

The sports betting app looks polished and feels responsive, which is always a good sign of things positive things to come. Additionally, users won’t stumble into issues when trying to find their favorite markets as everything is laid out in an easily digestible manner.

There’s not much to say about Circa Sports as it has a long way to go yet before competing with bigger names in the industry, but it’s made a solid start to life in America’s gambling capital. As a final note on the sports betting app, we’ll leave you with one of their finest features: the online contests.

These contests allow customers to try their hand at winning big - thus avoiding the need to book a trip into Las Vegas to deposit funds. They take place consistently, so if you don’t win the first time around, the Circa Sports app will offer further opportunities again.

#8 Best Online Sports Betting App - Golden Nugget

Most bettors have heard of Golden Nugget in one way or another. As you might expect, the sports betting app has partnered with its parent casino. This means that bettors can walk into the Golde Nugget venue in Las Vegas and deposit or withdraw funds to and from their sportsbook account wallet.

The app is run by similar software to its competitors - namely, it’s developed by a provider named Stadium - so it understandably looks much like its counterparts. Despite looking similar in terms of visuals, each line seen at Golden Nugget is unique to the sportsbooks as every odd is created in-house.

This is particularly noticeable when checking out the various NBA markets. Golden Nuggets odds on the NBA are deliberately different to any others you’ll find elsewhere, making it a solid choice for bettors hunting for something a little out-there. The main reason for this is because the owner of the Houston Rockets also owns Golden Nugget, so the app is prohibited from offering odds on that team.

This has an impact on the odds across the board. Odds will consistently differ at Golden Nugget compared to other sportsbooks, as they’re essentially missing an entire team.

#9 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - STN Sports

The first thing worth mentioning about STN Sports is that there are plenty of venues to deposit funds. STN has partnered up with around ten different casinos and resorts, making it possible for users to pay the way that suits them best.

As the oldest sportsbook app in Nevada, STN Sports has enjoyed ample success while operating in the Silver State. The platform has stood the test of time without any hiccups along the way and now uses the most popular technology available in NV: Stadium and Miomni.

Given its experience in the NV market, STN knows exactly what bettors in the state want. This advantage has led to STN Sports offering more appealing markets and, quite simply, more odds for its customers. Horse racing is one of the primary functions of the app and considering several competitors don’t even offer racing as an option, STN is the place to be for all things occurring at racetracks.

By the way, users with devices that support different types of security technology like Face ID and Touch ID are in for a treat with STN Sports. The app supports both features. 

#9 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Rampart Sports

Now, we’ve named this app Rampart Sports, but it’s actually much more than that. In fact, Rampart Sports doubles as South Point despite both of the parent casinos being entirely separate from one another.

This all came about in a rather strange way, but, somehow, it works like a charm. Rampart operates the sportsbook app, while South Point supplies the odds, markets, and other cool features. The only drawback is that users are only allowed to put funds into their account wallet at either Rampart Casino or South Point Casino, although locals shouldn’t experience much trouble trying to find a suitor nearest to their home.

South Point customers have a bit of an edge on Rampart-only bettors in that the odds are uploaded and advertised in the venue itself before making it onto the app. Although, we must admit this is only a small issue and not worth fretting over.

Compared to bigger operators, sure, the Rampart Sports and South Point app doesn’t quite compete. However, their odds are more rewarding the majority of the time. 

#10 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - TI Sports (Treasure Island)

Some may remember TI Sports as being part of the MGM family back in the day, and since its separation from the casino giant, the platform has taken on its own identity. It’s been over a decade since Treasure Island was last associated with MGM, with its now independent services proving successful in Nevada.

Notably, the sports betting app has gathered quite a bit of attention for its clever layout, easy-to-use design, and a large number of odds on display each day. As is the same with most other platforms in NV, TI Sports uses technology provided by Stadium and Miomni to generate the app’s services. 

The app is perfect for bettors that want something incredibly simplistic. TI Sports doesn’t come with any of the bells and whistles you may run into on other sports betting apps, like parlays or in-play betting, so more experienced users might be put off by missing features.

For rookies, though, TI Sports is perfect. It’s accessible, fun to use as it has the latest software, and protects your account information by making use of Face ID and Touch ID.

#11 Best Online Sportsbook App in Nevada - Westgate

Widely regarded as the inspiration for most of the odds found at other sportsbooks, Westgate Superbook solves the age-old problem for bettors interested in lesser-known sports. By adding new markets, selections, and refreshing odds at every opportunity, Westgate has forced itself to the top of the charts in Nevada.

Running on software developed by Stadium Tech, like the other sportsbooks we’ve mentioned, Westgate takes sports wagering to a whole new level. To view the amazing odds found at Westgate, you’ll either need to take our word for it or set up an account on the site. Guests simply cannot view their features, unfortunately.

There are more or less zero restrictions on the size of wagers placed at Westgate. High rollers will find themselves right at home on the app, while newcomers are also free to participate in the fantastic offers and more without feeling as though they can’t keep up.

The Westgate Superbook is independent, meaning the odds here won’t be found anywhere else. What’s more, customers can get involved in the loyalty program at Westgate to earn prizes just for using their sensational sports betting app. Basically, 100 points are equivalent to $1. The more bettors wager, the more points will be credited.

How We Review & Pick the Best Sportsbooks in Nevada

Figuring out which sites best suit your style of betting can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to online sports gambling. To help our readers get a head start when searching for a new place to wager, we’ve put together some of the important criteria we think should be considered.

When we choose an online sportsbook to review, this is the criteria used. Read on for more on how to pick the best sportsbooks in Nevada.

Ensuring the App is Legal, Licensed & Safe

The first thing to discuss is easily the most crucial element of the entire process. As Nevada solely offers online sportsbook apps, some bettors may get caught out by offshore, illegal sites that don’t even have an app available for download.

Moreover, sticking with legal, licensed online sportsbooks in Nevada guarantees that players’ personal information is secure. This is because licensed, safe sportsbooks in the state use the latest security software to protect consumers. The same cannot be said of offshore sites.

By only signing up with domestic, legal, regulated online sportsbook apps in NV, bettors are making sure of the following:

  • Protecting their funds
  • Securing their personal information
  • They’ll receive support from the Nevada Gaming Control Board & Gaming Commission

Look out for wording relating to licenses granted by the Gaming Control Board on the apps, as this will be a solid indicator as to whether or not the platform is legal. Adding to that, it’s helpful to keep an eye out for things like SSL encryption. This is the security software that defends against attacks on your personal details.

Good Range of Payment Methods

There’s nothing worse than heading to the nearest casino or sportsbook to deposit funds into your betting account, only to realize the payment method you want to use isn’t allowed.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to remain up to date on all the latest news regarding methods of payment at NV sportsbooks. It’s impossible to predict if or when a sportsbook will suddenly remove your preferred payment method from their app, which is why we recommend sifting through the entire list of banking options before creating an account. Hopefully, you’ll have more than one of the available selections.

It’s always worth following these basic steps:

  • Check if fees apply to deposits and withdrawals 
  • Examine the deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Compare the payout speeds of different methods

The best sportsbooks in Nevada should support the most popular payment methods, such as:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • E-wallet
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cryptocurrency
  • PayNearMe
  • Prepaid Cards

Wide Range of Sports & Betting Markets

Once you’ve delved into everything you need to know about payment methods at NV sportsbooks, it’s time to begin betting. This begins with selecting the market, then picking the exact event you’d like to place a bet on.

Some apps offer more markets and sports than others. However, you may find that the sportsbooks providing fewer sports actually offer a greater number of markets within the sporting events they do serve.

We’ll only ever list the sports betting apps that supply a vast array of sports and betting markets. Notable sports found at the best sportsbooks in Nevada are:

  • UFC
  • Soccer
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL

Hundreds of other sports can also be discovered in these sportsbooks. In truth, there are simply too many to list. But, no matter where your interests lie, you should be able to find something to enjoy at Nevada’s online sportsbooks.

High Betting Odds

Playing at a sports betting site with low betting odds isn’t worth the hassle of signing up. First off, bettors won’t be rewarded for the time and effort put into creating a specific parlay or wagering on the various markets available.

More than that, NV sports betting apps with low betting odds don’t give customers the big wins they deserve. That’s why we are determined to only review the sportsbooks offering high betting odds in the Silver State.

To give you a better idea of what we mean by betting odds, we’ve written up a short example of how the whole thing works.

Let’s say you’ve got $10 to wager and the Lakers play the Knicks at the weekend. Sportsbook 1 has odds of 2.0 on the Lakers to run out victorious on the day.

However, Sportsbook 2 boasts more impressive odds on the Lakers to beat the Knicks at 3.5. It’s evident that the best place to put your money is Sportsbook 2 because they pay out more for the same wager.

Customer Support

We are of the mind that customer support is the voice of a sportsbook. If you need to speak to a support agent and they’re friendly, helpful, informative, and determined to improve your experience - there’s no question you’ll be more inclined to return.

Should the agent be rude, uninformed, misleading, or negative toward the user in any way, it’s a recipe for disaster. Hence, it’s always worth testing the customer support services before depositing into an account wallet at a new Nevada sportsbook.

Other key features of customer support include:

  • Being available 24/7
  • Multiple ways to get in touch
  • Communication is available in many languages

Welcome Bonuses & Promotions For Existing Customers

What’s better than signing up with a brand new online sportsbook in Nevada and being greeted with a brilliant welcome offer?

Or, if you’re already a customer at the platform and they grant you a handy boost just for using the service?

The fact of the matter is sportsbooks nowadays are constantly trying to compete with one another for customers. As a result, welcome offers and bonuses for existing customers improve ten-fold as the sites seek to find a way to outdo each other. 

Welcome offers worth keeping alert for are:

  • Sign-Up Bonus: This type of bonus is perhaps the most common across the board at sportsbooks in Nevada. Primarily, these bonuses will match bettors’ deposits up to a certain amount; often doubling the initial deposit.
  • Free Bet: Oftentimes, sports betting sites in NV provide newly registered customers with a couple of free bets to use on select sporting events. Free bets tend to have an expiry date and cannot be withdrawn directly, so using them as soon as possible is well worth your time. 
  • No Deposit Bonus: They do exactly what they say on the tin. No deposit bonuses reward bettors with a small boost just for creating an account - with no need to put any funds into an account wallet.

Promotions for existing customers typically come in the form of the following:

  • Reload Bonuses: Rewards customers with a bit of a boost upon their second, third, or even fourth deposit. Sometimes, these bonuses can extend even further than five deposits. Bonuses usually range between 20%-100%.
  • Enhanced Odds: Another bonus available for everybody on the site is enhanced odds. This bonus takes odds that were previously low and transforms them into something much more worthwhile. 
  • Rewards Programs: Also known as loyalty programs, these are definitely aimed at existing customers. Rewards programs simply give back to the customers that wager most on the sportsbook in question.

Live Streaming

It’s not a new concept, but it’s one that more sportsbooks could do with adding to their roster. Live streaming takes customers closer to their bets than ever before by displaying live action. In turn, users can wager accordingly.

Users will want to experience the best picture quality possible, so we’ll let you know if a sportsbook has a poor live streaming service. In the same breath, we’ll praise any sportsbook that supplies HD content.

Live streaming, coupled with live betting, can create a monstrous partnership that has the potential to massively improve the experience for bettors.

How To Create An Account at Sportsbooks in Nevada

After reading all of the criteria we’ve listed above, you’ll be in a fantastic position to select the sportsbook with which you’d like to create an account. By taking all of this into account and carefully reading instructions on the site, setting up your account can be done in minutes.

The first thing to do is make sure that you’ve got all the necessary information to create an account. This includes:

  • Photo ID
  • Utility bill
  • Payment method
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Mobile number
  • Date of birth

You’ll also be asked to create a username and generate a password. It’s important to use a password that you never use on other sites to provide the best security possible for your account. 

Remember, you’ll need to visit a retail casino or sportsbook to finish the sign-up process. Therefore, we recommend taking this information with you to the land-based casino.

Once that’s been completed, and you entered all of the information required on the registration form, your account will be ready for activation. To activate your account, an email or text will be sent with a link. Simply click this link or enter the code provided.

How To Verify Your Identity at Nevada Sportsbooks

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need to verify your identity to deposit or withdraw funds. Take a clear picture of your photo ID, as well as a recent utility bill. A member of the team at the sportsbook will take a look at the photos and verify that it’s you. 

Acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Government ID (passport, drivers license)
  • Bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • Image of credit card/payment method

Truth be told, this aspect of creating an account with online sportsbooks can be boring. That said, it’s a sign of solid safety measures. We know this because, by verifying the users’ identity, bettors can rest assured that nobody else will be able to impersonate them on the app.

How To Deposit and Withdraw Money on Betting Sites in NV

It’s easy to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your account wallet at betting sites in Nevada. Once your account has been activated and your ID verified, the site really is yours to explore.

Head to the nearest cashier in your area that’s linked to the sportsbook you’ve created an account with. Here, bettors can deposit and withdraw as they so desire.

Although this may seem counter-intuitive for many customers, it doesn’t appear as though things will change in Nevada anytime soon. All deposits and withdrawals must be processed in person for the foreseeable future. 

So, if you’re someone that takes risks when betting, you may want to have a large sum of cash in your account unless you enjoy road trips.

Payment methods that can be used at sportsbooks in Nevada include, but are not limited to:

  • Credit/debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepaid cards
  • E-wallet
  • Check
  • Cryptocurrency

Online Sports Betting Laws in NV

Online sportsbooks are legal in Nevada, but only via downloadable apps. In fact, rules in the state are so strict that users are not allowed to have their device plugged into their laptop or desktop when placing bets.

As you can see, lawmakers pull no punches with regard to the types of laws they want to enforce on customers and sportsbooks. The laws here are incredibly particular and in some instances, odd. However, it’s unlikely things will change anytime soon.

The positive part to all of this is that bettors are free to indulge in anything and everything they love about sports wagering in Nevada. Once customers have gotten past the hurdles of picking a sportsbook, creating an account, and depositing, opportunities are rife.

The Regulatory Body for Gambling in Nevada

A team known as the Nevada Gaming Commission provides oversight for all occurrences relating to gambling in the state.

Formed in the late 1950s, the Commission was set up with one idea in mind: to make a Nevada aa safer, more accessible place for anyone looking to gamble. That motive remains firmly intact today.

Made up of five members, the NGC team is elected by the governor and can serve for up to four years at a time. During this time, the Commission essentially takes action on the recommendations put forward by the Nevada Gaming Control Board in relation to handing out licenses and handling appeals.

Although it may seem as though the Nevada Gaming Control Board is in charge, the NGC actually has the final say on every decision when it comes to licensing, enforcing laws, and punishing misbehavior from gambling entities.

Licensed Online Sports Betting Sites vs Offshore Sportsbooks

For convenience alone, residents in NV may feel tempted to create an account with one of the various offshore, illegal, unregulated websites.

With restrictions on how users can deposit, withdraw and create accounts, it’s no wonder that bettors have branched out to sign up at illegal sportsbooks based elsewhere. However, we highly recommend that users avoid doing this as it just isn’t secure.

Offshore sportsbooks are not regulated by the US authorities, like the NGC. Thus, they’re not held to the same high standards held up by sports betting apps present in Nevada. On a basic level, this translates to less trust in their software, their security, and the way in which they operate.

By sticking with domestic, licensed sportsbooks based in Nevada, you’re assuring:

  • Your personal information is SSL encrypted
  • The NGC will act to protect your rights
  • Sportsbooks you use are adhering to regulations that push sports wagering in the right direction

Not just that, but users may also find that there’s very little support should they run into any issues with a sports betting site based offshore. The customer support at these illegal sites isn’t obligated to provide a caring, helpful service.

Without question, it’s better to remain at legal, licensed, and regulated sportsbooks in Nevada. Regardless of how difficult it may be to pay and create an account, you can’t put a price on safety.


Robert is responsible for all content on BettingGuide US. Robert previously worked as a poker dealer during his college years at MIT where he studied Computational Science and Engineering. With a great interest in gambling, Robert likes to go in-depth when writing so that you can make a wiser choice when choosing an operator.