New Hampshire Online Gambling

New Hampshire has an awesome online gambling industry. Although there are quite a few grey areas, we would say that it’s a good place to place bets.

Online Gambling in New Hampshire (2024)

Regulated gambling took off in 1933, with its lottery being the first in the US. NH residents took a great deal playing lottery games. Other state residents also bought tickets, which led to the state lottery generating huge revenue.

There has not been much development in the gambling space in the state. Currently, the racing games are outdated. Poker and bingo games are organized by charity. Online casinos are not permitted in the state. We certainly believe that NH lawmakers have much work to do. However, there is a bright side, and sports lovers can take a breath.

Currently, the only sportsbook available is DraftKings. The state has an exclusive partnership with the operator that runs for years. However, when the contract ends, other betting operators can have a fair share of the market. Two retail casinos partner with DraftKings. The Brook and Filotimo casino and restaurant. Here, in-person gaming and wagering take place. There are also seats at these centers for players to watch the games.

This guide will provide helpful information about online gambling in New Hampshire. We would go into products permitted by law, discuss the gambling laws, regulatory bodies, and much more.

Gambling Laws in New Hampshire

Gambling Laws in New Hampshire covers certain products such as sports betting, lottery, charity gambling, horse racing, and daily fantasy sports. These activities are lawful and permitted within the state of New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission is in charge of licensing, regulating, and controlling the gambling space. Here are some of the laws that are enforced.

  • The law authorizes 18 years as the age limit of an individual that can access products
  • Collegiate sports events or high school sports events are not permitted to be wagered on
  • Sports betting is restricted to professional sports events
  • The law recognizes the Lottery Commission as a sports governing body, lottery body and generally a governing body
  • Wagers are made with cash, PayPal, cash equivalent, Debit cards, ACH, promotional funds, and many others approved by the director.
  • Tier II or Tier III wagers data sources are to be released for public consumption by the Commission
  • A council for responsible gambling comprises 5 members who are qualified in mental health services or addiction.

Governing Body for New Hampshire

Every state is given the right to regulate online gambling activities since the supreme court removed PASPA. Generally, gambling is not outrightly illegal. But the institutions in states could make it so. States are charged with licensing and regulating their gambling space.

Ideally, this is about how the public views things. New Hampshire is no different. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission is given the right to regulate gambling activities. With a Commission in place, the public confidence in gambling shoots up.

Their mission task involves protecting the public's interest and serving as a revenue source for NH. For proper accountability, they have to ensure that the laws and regulations regarding gambling are enforced. Also, licensing of qualified individuals and operators.

The Commission has an enforcement unit and an audit unit. The enforcement unit ensures charitable gaming facilities and gambling licenses comply with the law. They also provide oversight, preliminary assessment, regulatory review, field inspection, complaints, and investigation.  The audit unit uses the concept of planning, fieldwork, and reporting to ensure the financial obligations are met.

New operators interested in entering or serving New Hampshire residents’ products have to apply for a license through the Commission. Also, renewal and financial reports are done by the Lottery Commission.

Finally, the Commission comprises a dedicated staff who recognize the worth of the betting space in NH. They are driven with passion and wisdom to ensure everything works. They also complete a revenue sheet and comprehensive financial report each year. These reports are made public. Transparency and honesty are two vital components of the Commission.

Legal Betting Operators VS Illegal Betting Operators

Due to certain lapses in the online gambling space, it is possible to place bets on an offshore operator. Ideally, this is not necessarily a punishable offence, but it sure comes with consequences. There is a reason why each state is given the mandate to regulate its gaming space. This ensures that every activity is carried out following laid down rules and regulations.

Quite a large percentage of bettors do not know how to check out for the legality of an operator. However, many individuals agree that it is preferable to play at regulated betting operators. This does not push back the illegal offshore operators from approaching the market. These illegal operators still take advantage of oblivious players.

Here in this section, we will help you understand why gambling with domestic legal sites is the best decision you can make. Here are notable reasons why offshore illegal operators should not be attractive to you.

License and Regulation

Every betting operator needs a license to operate. The license provides the necessary backings an operator needs to offer products to residents of a state. It also testifies of its legal status and boosts public confidence. However, there could be lapses due to the online nature of things.

Illegal offshore sites are not licensed. Creating an account with them is pretty risky because you would be providing relevant details about yourself. This is why we strictly advise New Hampshire residents to choose legal betting operators. Legal operators are licensed and regulated by the lottery commission. In addition, this means that operators are subject to the Commission.

Legal operators only guarantee customer protection. The Lottery Commission would not be able to go beyond the New Hampshire jurisdiction for residents who fall into the hands of illegal offshore operators.

Improved Tax Revenue

Choosing a legal betting operator means that the money comes back to the state in taxes. This increases the tax revenue generated by the state. The state can create more jobs and have a more beneficial economic impact. For residents in New Hampshire, they get to enjoy these benefits. An Illegal offshore operator takes the revenue out of the state and out of the US. Practically, the state is left dry.

Integrity of Games

Truly, a legal betting platform guarantees the integrity of games. Such has proved to be a key requirement in the market. We have observed cases where illegal offshore operators manipulate figures to attract unsuspecting players. They usually increase the RTP in theory, but this does not reflect in the long run. However, they can get away with this act because no regulatory body has oversight interest in their operations. Legal New Hampshire operators can’t engage in such practices; the Commission revokes their license. Also, the Commission carries out random and routine checks on betting operators.  

Problem Gambling

This is a crucial point why choosing a legal sportsbook operator would always be the best decision. A regulated gambling space is vital to detecting problem gambling. This is the only means of directing problem gamblers in the right direction.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission has provision for such a category of players. Illegal offshore operators love it when you are addicted. Essentially, they are interested in making money off players regardless of the outcome.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is live in New Hampshire. Residents and visitors can place wagers on major and minor leagues via their preferred sportsbooks. However, currently, there is only one sportsbook available in the online space. The Commission granted exclusive rights to DraftKings. House Bill 480 was signed by Gov. Chris Sununu. This Bill makes NH the 14th US state to say yes to sports betting.

Essentially, the Bill became effective in July 2019 and covered every aspect of sports betting. Aspects such as age limit, regulatory body, sportsbooks authorized, council for responsible gambling, sports not to be wagered on, and other necessary information are provided in the Bill. Also, the Bill permits retail and online sports betting practices.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission regulates sports betting. The Commission enforces the betting laws and ensures that users and operators act accordingly. Though the Bill permits up to five licenses, the Commission granted the exclusive right to DraftKings to explore the sports betting space. DraftKings also has the privilege to have up to 10 retail sportsbooks.

Although mobile and online betting is permitted, placing wagers on collegiate teams is prohibited. Also, wagering on collegiate games held in NH is illegal.

Daily Fantasy Sports

If you are a fan of Fantasy Sports games and a resident of New Hampshire, you can explore this gaming category. DFS was legalized in 2017. In the US, there are two DFS giants – FanDuel and DraftKings. Fortunately, bettors can create an account with one of the best – DraftKings.


Ideally, it is pretty impossible to talk about New Hampshire online gambling without including the lottery aspect. The state has the first modern state-licensed lottery in the US. It is also the originator of the blooming $80 billion annual industry. We know that New Hampshire is late to the party regarding other gambling products except for the lottery.

The lottery was approved in 1963. Ideally, this makes NH one of the oldest states to offer such a product. The intention was to generate revenue for the state. Players from other nearby states were moving into NH to play the games – generating more revenue. Soon, other states came up with an idea to generate and keep their revenue.

The lottery has evolved into an online platform, authorized by the New Hampshire legislature in 2017. This digital shift kicked off in 2018 and operated via its website. Players can now engage in online lottery games such as Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, Powerball, and other e-instant games. The New Hampshire Lottery Commission also regulates the lottery.

Charitable Gambling

Another impressive aspect of gambling that New Hampshire residents can enjoy is charitable gambling. Essentially, NH charities can host bingo games, Lucky 7, poker, card rooms, and games of chance. Bingo and Lucky 7 have been legal in the state since 1949. Game of chance was legalized in 1977.

Charitable gambling has seen impressive growth over the years. In essence, various bills such as HB348 have been signed into law to ensure proper practice and oversight for the industry and reduce abuse. The Attorney General’s office routinely carries out background checks.

Charities are entitled to 35% of the gaming profits. Groups are to be registered with the NH Secretary of State and the NH Charitable Trust Division for two years. Currently, there are over 70 charitable organizations, and the bet has been increased from $4 to $10.

Horse Racing

Pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing was legalized in 1933. In 1971, greyhound racing was permitted. The following year, wagering was was extended to greyhound tracks. Simulcasting at horse tracks was introduced in 1991.

There have been several evolutions regarding both horse racing and dog racing. The racing industry has faced several challenges that have led to a sudden decline. Since 2005, the growth and expansion of casinos in other states have caused a decline in live racing. People were simply interested in other aspects of gambling.

All funding for the regulation of racing games has been removed. This has made it impossible to schedule any racing events. However, simulcasting is still ongoing and generating revenue at the respective establishments.

Online Casino

Online casinos are yet to launch in New Hampshire. Currently, there is no bill in support of it. This makes it an illegal activity. However, games such as roulette, slots, poker, blackjack, and live dealer games would be made available to players when it launches.

When lawmakers approve online casinos, the gambling space would certainly experience tremendous growth, which would also reflect in the annual revenue generated.

Legal Online Sportsbooks in New Hampshire

As mentioned earlier, the only legal online sportsbook in New Hampshire is DraftKings. DraftKings serves the state as the sole operating sportsbook having exclusive rights. Essentially, the Commission has a contract with the operator to open up to 5 retail betting locations. We found out that DraftKings had the most competitive bid and had proper plans to launch online and offline. We believe other sportsbooks would be granted access to the betting market when the contract expires.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings sportsbook is a top-rated betting platform with an excellent track record In the gambling space. Due to its top-class performance, it is one sportsbook that is legal in every state that has legalized online gambling. The sportsbook allows users, according to law, who are 18 years or more to experience excellent sports betting adventures.

The betting operator has an app. The app is user-friendly, just like the website. Users can create an account via the website or app. However, for convenience, we suggest you download the app. The app can be downloaded via Google play store or Apple store.

Sports lovers can get a ton of betting markets to explore. Major and minor leagues are available to NH players. In-play wagering is also available. Place bets and follow the game live, watch all the action unfold via the mobile app.


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