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Best Real Money PA Online Casinos (2023)

Online Casino in Pennsylvania

Online casinos are legal, safe, and thoroughly enjoyable in Pennsylvania. After years of warming to the idea of online gambling and slowly adding regulated ways for players in the state to place bets, Pennsylvania’s casino industry is now booming. Thanks in no small part to Governor Tom Wolf, who signed a crucial bill a few years ago that permitted online gambling in PA, players are now free to enjoy slots, table games, poker, live casino, and even sports betting.

Not only can you take part in real money wagers, but PA online casinos also allow for the use of demo content. This provides players with an opportunity to try out new games for free to see if they’d like to play with real money later on - although it’s worth remembering that it’s impossible to win actual money on these games.

It’s worth mentioning that only regulated, legal online casinos can offer the games mentioned above. Each PA online casino is carefully examined for any faults, misbehavior, poor decisions, and any other negative aspect of the service. If the online casino fails in any department, they won’t legally be allowed to continue offering licensed online casino gaming. This sort of regulation forces online casinos to be robust and careful in the safety of the content they provide, making online gaming a safer place for all.

The Regulatory Body Behind It All

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, otherwise known as the PGCB, oversees anything and everything gambling-related within the state. In seeking to ensure that online gambling is a secure space for all players, this board sets strict requirements for platforms desiring a license in the business of online casino gaming. New PA online casinos may find these tests daunting, however, they are necessary for making sure players feel as though they are safe, and that they can trust the service being used. If the PGCB feels that an online casino site is acting out of line and has stopped putting the safety of players before all else, they have the right to revoke their gambling license.

Founded almost twenty years ago, the PGCB is an experienced, professional, and dedicated regulatory body. They’re solely responsible for all gambling ventures taking place across the state of Pennsylvania, and with the sharp uptrend in demand for online gambling sites, they have a real job on their hands if they’re to maintain the same level of quality. The PGCB does not, however, oversee the state lottery or charitable events involving gambling.

Is It Better to Play at Licensed PA Online Casinos or Offshore Sites?

The short answer to this question is simple: it’s always better to play at licensed, regulated online casinos in Pennsylvania than it is to play at offshore sites. The best online casino PA sites will have obtained licenses from the PGCB that let players know the platform is a safe place to play, whereas offshore sites don’t offer such luxuries. Licensed PA online casinos are required to pass rigorous testing in order to make the casinos the best version of themselves, while offshore online casinos have no incentive to do so.

For years, players were forced to take their money to offshore online casinos due to harsh laws in the US. Now - despite the UIGEA still maintaining its vice-like grip over players’ transactions - users are freer than ever when it comes to depositing and withdrawing, and in turn, playing, at licensed PA online casinos.

The primary concern when playing at unlicensed offshore online casinos is that you can never be certain of the sites’ goals. Does the online casino actually want to serve the customer? Would they benefit from operating in moral grey areas? Who regulates this online casino? If it’s not possible to answer these questions in an in-depth, accurate way, then it’s best to avoid the site altogether. When partaking in slot games, live casinos, and poker games at licensed PA online casinos, you can rest assured that your best interests are at heart.

How We Review & Pick the Best Online Casinos in PA

Finding the best online casino PA is never easy, but it’s always worth it. Whether there are various new PA online casinos to report or just one or two additions to the Pennsylvania casino market, we follow the same structure every time. Below, you’ll find out how we pick the finest PA online casinos for our readers.

Safety & Security of the PA Online Casino

It seems an obvious first choice, and that’s because it is. Safety always comes before all else when we’re putting our reviews of Pennsylvania online casinos together, as the security of readers’ funds and information is of paramount importance. We look for the PGCB license badge on every site being reviewed, as this is a solid indicator as to whether or not the platform works with the customers’ best interest at heart.

Next, we’ll see if all customers’ data is encrypted by security software to prevent thieves from stealing vital details upon an unlikely attack. By encrypting data, online casinos scramble data that’s been input by users into unreadable code - making a criminal attack worthless for the attacker.

We’ll also test games for ourselves to see if the game is genuine and fair. Considering the PGCB does this too, there’s plenty of pressure on online games developers to create fair games for players across the state of Pennsylvania.

Variety of Games at PA Online Casinos

Boasting a wide variety of exciting games is crucial in our reviews of Pennsylvania casino sites. To provide readers with the best, most in-depth information possible, we want to see which casinos can offer the most impressive array of games developed by casino games devs from across the globe.

If an online casino only offers a selection of games in one genre, such as slots, we may be more likely to encourage users to check out different services that can supply more games, more features, and subsequently an overall better experience.

PA Bonuses For New & Existing Customers

By providing bonuses for customers that remain loyal to their service, PA online casinos give users an incentive to keep coming back for more. We have huge respect for platforms that can arrange this sort of thing, which is why we include it as part of our review process.

An example of this is a rewards program, where players must play a certain amount or reach several playthroughs of a select game, and in return, they’ll be granted some generous gifts in the form of bonus cash, free spins, or something unique and unexpected.

Welcome bonuses are just as, if not more important compared to the bonuses mentioned above. To attract new players, casinos are always on the lookout for better boosts. We consider these when reviewing a Pennsylvania online casino.

The better the welcome offer, the more likely we are to recommend the online casino to inexperienced players.

Live Casino Features

The growth of live casino gaming has been mightily impressive over the course of the last several years, and we’ve recognized that. For this reason, live casinos are a huge part of our review process, and we’ll always keep an eye out for extensive sections of live casino titles, updates, and new releases.

It’s common for online casinos to advertise the fact they have live casino games, but oftentimes these features are limited greatly. For instance, an online casino might say they have live casino games like blackjack, roulette, and poker, but only have one or two active tables. This wouldn’t go down well with players.

It’s also important that online casinos know which providers are respected in the games industry and which are not. If a game developer has been caught publishing unfair games previously, they’re likely to try it again. Names like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Yggdrasil are just three of many high-quality developers, with Playtech creating a large portion of live casino games.

Payout Percentages of Online Casino Games

Next up we’ll take payout percentages into account. These are important factors to take into consideration when developing a general opinion of a particular online casino site, primarily because they provide solid insight as to how much or how little a PA online casino game will payout.

Usually, eCogra certified sites are easy to find payout percentages for. Other games can make finding payout percentages tough, but we dig deep to find the exact percentages.

PA Online Casinos Customer Support Features

It’s always nice to speak to someone helpful, informative, and understanding upon running into an issue at a Pennsylvania casino. Moreover, it’s even better when the customer support options come in more than just one or two forms.

Our favorites to look out for are 24/7 live chat, telephone helplines, email support, and contact forms. If a PA online casino can facilitate each of these support features they’ll go way up in our estimation, as it shows they want to provide help and support for customers at all times.

If we visit a PA online casino and only offer one or two of the support options mentioned, we consider it a huge red flag. Easy, friendly communication between players and staff is vital for the future of an online casino business and the maintenance of a happy player base.

PA Banking Methods

Moving on to banking methods, we’ll take a close look at all the ways PA online casinos allow players to deposit and withdraw funds to and from their respective accounts. Depending on the type of payment methods permitted, processing times can vary when withdrawing, which may lead to frustration amongst customers. We constantly try to find the best online casino PA for payment methods to avoid such negative feelings.

Does the casino offer e-wallet support? Can users pay using crypto? Are there any fees? These are questions we need to find answers to so we can formulate an idea of what the online casino is trying to achieve.

If processing times are slow and fees are high, we can gauge that the service puts its own profit above the experience a customer may endure. On the other hand, should an online casino have no fees, rapid withdrawals, and support text or email updates on the transaction, we’ll see that they value the customers’ time.

PA Casino Apps

It’s no longer the 1990s, and players aren’t tied to using slow, clunky websites all the time anymore. Nowadays, the most popular online casino gaming method is by using a PA online casino mobile app. Utilizing a mobile app makes iGaming easier, more flexible, and accessible to those who may not own a laptop or desktop.

Also, rather than needing to wait to get home to play the best online casino games, players can instead enjoy all the finest software on the go as long as they’re connected to the internet. Perhaps the best aspect of mobile apps is that they are often available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing friends to play the same games simultaneously even if their hardware is fundamentally different.

We’re still in the early days of PA online casinos supporting mobile apps, but we’ve already seen big moves made from important players in the industry - and there’s so much more to come.

Legal Online Casinos in Pennsylvania

Compare our shorts reviews of the best legal online casinos in Pennsylvania below.

BetMGM Online Casino PA

Partnered with Hollywood Casino, BetMGM opened its online casino site to Pennsylvania players in December 2020. The site is available on mobile devices as well as desktops, with the full range of online casino products and features ready to be used from the get-go. By publishing games from the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, and many other popular online casino games sites, BetMGM is easily one of the finest choices in terms of online casino operators at the moment.

Unibet Online Casino PA

A newer name in the US gambling industry, Unibet’s reputation is unquestionable. The online casino has made a real name for itself in Europe, and the fact that its services are now waiting to be used in the US is a good thing. PA online gambling sites have some real competition with Unibet’s arrival, as the site is packed to the rafters with slots, poker, and table game action.

Caesars Online Casino PA

The Keystone State may well have a new king in town when it comes to bonuses, with Caesars online casino displaying some serious generosity in that regard. With loads of games, loyalty rewards, bags of cash to be won, and more, Caesars’ rise in popularity hasn’t come as much of a shock. In particular, the selection of fantastic slot games is more than enough reason to give Caesars online casino a shot.

DraftKings Online Casino PA

Known primarily for sports betting, DraftKings branched out its online casino services to Pennsylvania in 2020. Having teamed up with Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse, DraftKings is now one of the most popular destinations for online bettors seeking a fun experience. From blackjack to baccarat, slots to roulette, very few features are unavailable here at DraftKings online casino.

BetRivers Online Casino PA

Owned and run by Rush Street Interactive, BetRivers online casino is a giant in Pennsylvania nowadays. At the time of writing, their app is unavailable on iOS mobile devices, but Android users can enjoy everything the platform has on offer with an application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store right now. Look out for games from big developers like Konami and NetEnt, with a whole host of top titles awaiting players of all experiences today.

Borgata Online Casino PA

Following its impressive run of form in New Jersey, Borgata added Pennsylvania to its list of states in which it provides services. With nearly 200 games ready at the touch of a button, including slots and other popular online casino table games, Borgata online casino is perhaps the pick of the bunch out of the newer brands in PA.

Hollywood Online Casino PA

Essentially, Hollywood online casino is the same as Hollywood Casino at Penn National Racecourse, with the only difference being that it’s virtual. Available on iOS and Android mobile devices, including tablets, players have several games that can be enjoyed any time they like. Slots, blackjack, baccarat, and more can be found at Hollywood online casino, with some new releases from the likes of IGT also on display.

How To Join a PA Online Casino

Creating an account at one of the new PA online casinos can be easy if you know what you’re doing. While those who’ve been around the industry for a long time understand the ins and outs of the standard online casino sign-up process, others may find the entire procedure rather confusing.

That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve outlined everything you’ll ever need to know about setting up a new account at a Pennsylvania casino.

Setting Up & Verifying Your Account

The first thing to know about signing up at an online casino is that you’ll need your email address on hand, as the likelihood of being asked to verify your account by using it is quite high. Additionally, the online casino may want to send advertisements about personalized special offers to your email address, which could be of benefit to you.

Once you’ve entered your email address, the next step is generating a username and/or a password. It’s important that the password is memorable, but not easily guessed. The last thing new players need is to have their account broken into due to a basic password. Other information that must be input into the database includes your date of birth, home address, a security question, and potentially, your mobile number.

To verify your account credentials, the PA online casino will want to see either your passport, driving license, or photo ID card. These help prove you are who you say you are and eliminate the possibility of frauds that are trying to create an account in your name. To add another layer of security and proof of your address and name, the online casino will ask for a photo of a recent utility bill.

Depositing & Withdrawing

Next in line, we have to set up a payment method with which we’ll deposit and withdraw funds. In some instances, the online casino will want the player to add a payment method immediately after creating an account, but more often than not this is unnecessary. Usually, customers will only be asked to add a method of payment upon attempting to play a real money game, or upon visiting the banking section of the site.

To add a payment method, select the particular card, e-wallet account, or crypto details you want to use. Ensure that each detail has been entered exactly as they appear in your account to avoid any unexpected problems, and then deposit funds to your account if you would like to. The same process applies to withdrawals, however, PA online casinos are likely to have higher withdrawal limits compared to deposit limits.

Depending on the type of account you’re attempting to send money to, transaction times will vary greatly. E-wallets are considerably faster than card transactions or bank transfers, coming in at around 24 hours.

With regards to safety, we must admit that crypto is our favorite. Cryptocurrency transactions won’t have a negative effect on your mortgage, nor will they appear on bank statements.

This makes it a handy feature for anyone concerned about loans or credit ratings. The types of payment methods generally accepted at various casino online PA include the likes of:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Neteller
  • E-checks
  • ACH
  • Prepaid cards
  • PayNearMe
  • Wire Transfer
  • In-House at the casino
  • Crypto wallet

Online Casino Games at Pennsylvania Casinos

More often than not, online casinos allow unregistered users the opportunity to go through the various sections of the site. This gives players insight into what sort of casino games are available, how many there are, what prizes are up for grabs, and much more. Some games to keep an eye out for are:

Slot Games

Arguably the most-loved type of online casino game, online slots are enjoyed by millions across the world each day. In PA, players will discover a whole host of top slot games across all of the best casino sites, with some boasting hundreds of titles. Some of the top game developers in the world work with PA online casinos to produce exciting releases, with games like Starburst gaining momentum with each passing year.

Some notable developers are Microgaming or Playtech, the latter of which are known for their wide range of live casino games. IGT also has an impressive portfolio of slot games, such as the hugely popular Cleopatra slot. Rewards earned from slot games can vary, with some jackpots in the millions.

Table Games

There are many types of table games. So much so, that it’s virtually impossible to name each and everyone that’s available across PA online casinos. More often than not, table games are fewer in numbers but greater in quality - this applies to newer online casinos in particular. Most games are based on dice, numbers, a live dealer, and cards, with many household names included in this category.

At the best online casino PA, players will find blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and casino poker games such as Hold ‘Em. The interesting thing about these games is that there are often many different variations for players to enjoy. For example, with blackjack, you can take part in Spanish 21 versions of the game, and within roulette, there are a select number of options to choose from - like European Roulette.

Video Poker

This is a category that’s grown massively over the last few years. More and more casinos in PA are opening up their doors to video poker games, which are also packed to the brim with loads of game variations. This includes the likes of single and multi-hand forms of video poker games, so players that have a particular preference with regards to either of these two are free to enjoy them as they wish.

Live Casino

The live casino section of a PA online casino is perhaps the most exciting, with it providing the most immersive and life-like experience possible at an online casino. Here, players will be greeted with a live dealer or presenter that’ll move the game along while everyone plays from the comfort of their homes. An example of this is playing a Mega Wheel. The presenters are often energetic and fun, but also professional and excellent at communicating.

While playing games such as blackjack or poker, the dealer will shuffle cards with their hands or use a card shuffling machine to show players the game is not rigged and that it’s exactly the same as playing in a casino. The best thing about live casino gaming is that the fun never really stops - you can play for as long as you like, whenever you like, and presenters, as well as dealers, will be there to host.

Casino Bonuses For PA Players

One of the most enjoyable aspects of signing up with a PA online casino is being welcomed by a cool bonus. For existing customers, this is still applicable, as loyal users are often rewarded by online casinos for their dedication to the platform. Here, we’ll detail all the types of bonuses and promotions found at the best online casino PA.

First Deposit Bonuses

First deposit bonuses provide a fantastic platform from which players can launch their online casino journey. They’re simple to get involved with, fun to use, and wagering requirements are not usually difficult to meet. To activate a first deposit bonus, the first thing you’ll need to do is create an account at the PA online casino of your choice, then deposit funds into that account wallet.

The online casino should advertise their first deposit bonus to you, and there should be an option to enter a code or opt-in to the promotion at some point during the deposit process. Remember, first deposit bonuses solely apply to your initial deposit at an online casino, so anybody that’s deposited funds previously won’t be allowed to participate.

After successfully depositing funds into your account, the online casino should recognize that you’ve made your first deposit. Afterwards, the bonus amount - whether that’s free spins, match bonus, free bets, bonus cash - will be credited to your account. Keep in mind that you’ll likely be on a time crunch to meet wagering requirements, so be sure to read all the T&C’s before getting involved.

No Deposit Offer

The no deposit bonus is a great option for those seeking a free bit of fun. Depending on the online casino you’re playing at, no deposit offers vary in terms of how you can get in on the action. Some simply ask that you create an account and they’ll provide you with a free $5 top up of your account wallet, while others may have other requirements.

Regardless of how you enter, the main thing to remember is that no deposit offers will never make users put more money into their accounts. What’s not to like about that?

Free Spins Bonuses

These are exactly what they appear to be on first reading. Often, they go hand in hand with previously mentioned promotions like welcome offers. When the customer meets the entry requirement for the free spins, which might be a select deposit amount, playing a certain number of games, or something else, they’ll be greeted with a handy boost.

Free spins may arrive in your account in the form of cash that can only be used on a particular type of slot game, or they could be tickets to that slot game(s).

Match Bonuses

Much like the free spins bonuses, match bonuses usually operate alongside welcome offers. This is not just because they are an easy entry point for new players, but also because they’re genuinely rewarding and allow players to play for even longer.

Let’s say you’re a brand new player at one of the new PA online casinos. There’s a 100% match bonus up to $100 being advertised on all deposits worth $20 or more. To get involved, the only thing you need to do is deposit an amount anywhere between $20 and $100 and the PA online casino will meet that amount exactly.

This doubles your money right away. Wagering requirements often apply to these bonuses, and they can be a little tough to take on, but match bonuses are usually worth it.

Loyalty Program Bonuses

As we mentioned earlier, online casinos like to enhance the experience of existing customers by rewarding them with neat bonuses. For those who’ve stuck around for quite some time, delved into various promotions, or played through games over and again, online casinos will have a little something extra.

Loyalty programs can be hard to join, as they require a certain level of determination to play. Once involved in a loyalty program, the bonuses, personalized deals, packages, and other offers can be almost a good way. They’re pretty much always unique to the casino online PA, so no two loyalty programs will be the same.


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