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Gambling in Wyoming

Wyoming is a state where the majestic natural beauty combined with the untamed spirit of the West helps you explore several adventures and freedom. With a substantial, large mass and not much population, the state is determined to jump into legal online gambling.

The Cowboy State has individuals who love to try their luck on gambling. Although the laws are not entirely conducive, they still participate in products that are legalized. However, these laws are becoming less restrictive and more open to allowing more gaming products within the state.

Due to several changes in the gambling laws in the US, the ripple effect also sees Wyoming shift in its policies. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let us take a cursory look at the legal state of gambling.

Online gambling in Wyoming is in a grey legal area with some products being regulated while others are not yet regulated. Online casinos are illegal. Although this is not stated, the prohibition on unregulated gambling does apply to online play. An alternative to online casinos for residents or visitors is playing at social casinos.  This offers game enthusiasts free online games like video poker, slots, and blackjack.

Signing up on offshore gambling sites is not recommended. These gambling sites are not regulated and, most times, have no legal document for their services. Thus, your security cannot be guaranteed. Also, the state gaming commission would not be able to help.

Gambling law in Wyoming permits betting on horses, simulcast race wagering, dog racing, multi-state lottery, poker, and Native American tribal casinos. Social gambling, charitable games, raffles, and bingo are also permitted.

Gambling Laws in Wyoming

Laws create several gambling restrictions. Illegal gambling involves products or services that are not approved by the law. Both federal and state laws regulate gambling in Wyoming. Both laws permit an attractive gaming space through which residents can wager on several products and get entertained.

According to the Wyoming Statutes, a game that is defined by skills is not unlawful. The federal law restricts all gambling facilities to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. Operators are to adhere to the act if they wish to offer residents their products.  

Wyoming players have a limited number of gaming options. However, knowing that WY had previously banned all forms of gambling, it is ideal to say they have come a long way. Here we will show you how events have turned out over the years.

  • In 1967, the state of Wyoming legalized pari-mutuel wagering
  • The Federal Government passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. This created a space for tribes to come into negotiations with states to offer games.
  • In 2003, the state legalized horse racing machines but was later banned by the WY attorney general
  • The Northern Arapaho tribe won the lawsuit against the state. They were given the go-ahead to offer residents and visitors Class III gaming machines.
  • Native American tribes were given the go-ahead to build casinos. Four casinos were built on Wind River Indian Reservation in 2006
  • Social poker games became legal in 2010. They were played at taverns, and no “house” rake was taken.
  • In 2013, Wyoming joined the number of states that had legalized lottery. The first ticket was sold the following year.
  • To expand the gaming options, racing machines were installed at racinos and OTB facilities in 2013.  
  • March 2020, the Wyoming Gaming Commission was created. The commission is tasked with regulating non-tribal machines at truck stops, bars, gas stations, etcetera.
  • In April 2021, mobile sports betting was legalized and launched in September. The bill was signed into law by Gov. Mark Gordon

Wyoming Regulatory Body

To enforce these laws, there has to be an organization with that sole responsibility. Ideally, states that allow gambling set up a department to oversee such tasks. Wyoming Gaming Commission taxes and regulates most gaming operations within the state. This makes them the department in charge of compliance.

The main objective of the Wyoming Pari-Mutuel Commission is to protect the wagering public. Also, they ensure the safety, health, and welfare of individuals who engage in pari-mutuel activity, and lawful gaming is protected. In 2020, the commission was renamed Wyoming Gaming Commission.

Wyoming Gaming Commission is a self-funded department. The department regulates pari-mutuel events, pull tabs, bingo, skill-based amusement games, Calcutta, and online sports wagering. In addition, the gambling statutes are also enforced by the commission. They do not get general funds.

The department organizes routine inspections. This is to make sure that operators adhere to or comply with the laws. Also, they carry out an audit on-site, license employees, regulate finances and games, etcetera.

The Great Divide

Since you now understand the various laws regarding gambling, it is necessary to understand what site you choose. Regular players have come across illegal and legal gambling sites. Find out the status of your preferred gaming sites before proceeding. Here, we will show you how to check if a site falls under the illegal category.

However, we recommend that you choose legal gambling sites over their counterpart. Most oversee sites are designed to rip you off. These betting sites would claim they can accept bets from players anywhere. That is not true; they, most times, are not licensed to operate. We do not encourage you to try out an offshore site due to several complaints of players who have gone down that road.

Legal Sites VS Illegal Sites

Sometimes, there is a faint line between the legal and illegal sites. However, not all casinos have the required permission to operate. We can tell this through the following attributes:


Legal sites are registered and permitted to offer their gambling products. Ideally, every casino is registered for the sake of accountability. It would help if you stayed clear of sites with no license. You should not trust your personal information with an operator that avoids being accountable.

Software Usage

Legal sites have periodic inspections from the department that issues its license. They ensure that subjects like RNG are guaranteed, bug-free, and also random. Illegal sites have been known for manipulating the software to ensure players end up without any wins. The question is, why would you want to lose real money?

Payout Fraud

You could enjoy playing at an illegal site until it’s time to cash out. Then you’d discover that it’s all gone; nothing to take home. Illegal sites are not regulated and, most times, cannot be traced. Legal sites could have an unavoidable delay with withdrawals due to the verification of a player’s identity. However, your winnings are also safe and would be paid out when the process is completed. 

Customer Support

It would be best if you stayed clear of sites that do not respond to complaints. Real casino operators invest much in their customer support department. Most times, these departments are open 24/7. Any casino customer support that doesn’t respond in 24 – 48 hours should be put on the blacklist.

There are several other attributes or factors to differentiate between legal and illegal sites, such as disappearing payments, bugs, etcetera. The consequence of choosing an unlawful site is unfathomable. You don’t want to find out.

The Wyoming Gaming Commission operates within the state. They do not extend their services to other states or perhaps countries. Indeed, this means that you would be unable to trace these sites if you fall prey to their schemes. Essentially, you have no customer protection. We only recommend legal online sites within the state.

Gaming Products Offered in Wyoming

Sports Betting

On a commercial level, the sportsbook options in the state were limited to horse racing and dog racing; due to the lack of attention given by lawmakers when the PASPA was struck down.

However, sports betting in Wyoming became legal in April 2021 and went Live in September 2021. The sportsbooks do not need any partnerships or tie-ins with brick-and-mortar casinos.  

Bill HB0133 makes online sports wagering legal. With the absence of commercial casinos, betting operators see a considerable market in WY. Together with the gaming operators, the Wyoming Gaming Commission has drafted out rules to regulate their operations.

Land-Based Casinos

Residents are allowed to visit any brick-and-mortar casino to enjoy gaming adventures. Currently, there are only four casino establishments operated and owned by the tribes.

These casinos have been live since 2005. The casinos offer both Class II and Class III gambling. In essence, they provide gaming products like slots, bingo, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, poker. However, you should know that some of these casinos offer fewer products less than others.

The gaming machines are cashless. But they print out a receipt that can be cashed at the cashier’s cage. The Indian Gaming Regulation Act and Compacts signed by the tribes license the gambling operation in these buildings. The Act was passed in 1988.

Online Casino

Gambling in Wyoming is regulated. At the moment, these regulations restrict online gambling in the state. Gambling products like online poker or online bingo cannot be accessed.

Residents or visitors must consider retail gambling if they intend to spin the reels or play more exciting games. We cannot tell when or how soon these regulations would allow online gambling casinos.


The lottery game category was launched in 2013. The Multi-State Lottery Association does not own it. Gamers can enjoy multi-state games such as Lucky for Life, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

To spice things up, a local competition, Cowboy Draw, is also available. However, it doesn’t offer instant win games or scratches. Tickets can be gotten from land-based retailers.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports became legal in 2021. Individuals at Wyoming can enjoy unrestricted online entertainment and access to DFS platforms. Currently, two sportsbooks are available to explore games.

Very soon, more sportsbooks will be added to the list. Most gamers in WY go for NFL, MLB, MLS, and NBA.

Horse Racing

There are two racetracks in the state—Wyoming Downs and Sweetwater Downs, where a limited amount of horse racing takes place annually. Currently, racing machines have been added to these racetracks.

Also, simulcast wagering is allowed at both tracks and a dozen other facilities scattered across the state. Pari-mutuel online wagering is legal through platforms like DFR Bets, NYRA Bets, TVG, Xpressbet, and TwinSpires.

Legal Online Sportsbooks in Wyoming

The legalization of online sports wagering and fantasy sports attract new sportsbooks operators to the state. The law allows a minimum of five betting operators to explore the market.

Players can wager on any preferred sports via these platforms. Now that sports betting has been made legal, two sportsbooks are already presenting on Day 1, with more to come.


Immediately after sports betting was legalized in Wyoming, DraftKings swung into action. The betting operator has been working closely with the state on the whole process. Bettors can either visit the site or make use of the app. Regardless of what channel you use, the interface is simple, easy to navigate, and properly optimized.

Welcome bonuses, free bets, deposit bonuses, and many others are available to spice up your betting adventure. The betting market includes NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, MMA, etcetera.


BetMGM has an incredible track record in the online gambling space. The sportsbook operator offers matchless bonuses and rewards. MGM Resorts International is the parent company and has been in existence for over three decades.

Users get a ton of options to bet on sports games. Betting markets include Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Boxing, etcetera. Live wagering and early cash-out options are available for selection. With BetMGM, you are confident in customer protection.


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