What is Soccer 6?

Soccer 6, in simple terms, is a betting platform for punters who are ardent followers of soccer and want a simple but fascinating experience when they place their bets. Basically, the bookmaker picks selected teams every day from the South Africa Premier League (PSL) or the English Premier League (EPL) as the main selection. However, other leagues and international matches may feature occasionally. 

This product was introduced in South Africa in 2003 by the Рhumеlеlа Gaming and Gold Сirсlе (Рty) Ltd who wanted punters to utilize their soccer experience to win big.

Soccer 6 utilizes the tote model of betting. The tote model is very different from ordinary bookmakers, based on the fact that it is staking from a cumulative pool of prize money rather than on fixed-odds return. Simply put- you place your bet, and your money goes into a common pool of money gathered from other bettors like yourself. For each bet you place, the money goes into a specific pool in that category. The odds on the match you have selected are determined by how many people bet, the amount of bet they placed, and the team and the result they bet on.

How To Play Soccer 6

Having understood what soccer 6 is, we will now explain how to bet and how winnings are calculated. Under Soccer 6, the bookmaker lists 6 games on each pool, labeled M1 to M6. Each team in the pool is assigned Team A and the opponent Team B. In each pool, you could pick on one team and place your bet on it, or you could stake on several teams. Each bet costs R6. And therefore, to understand how much you will need to stake on a bet, multiply the number of matches by 6.

The bookie expects you to decide three possible outcomes from the specific match by giving you two options- Thrее-Wаy Mоnеylinе or Double Сhаnсе 

Thrее-Wаy Mоnеylinе Chance

Under Thrее-Wаy Mоnеylinе you choose either Team A to win, a draw, or Team B to Win. The outcomes are represented by specified numbers; 1 =Win by Team A; 2 = Draw; 3 =Win by Team B. 

Double Сhаnсе

For a Double Сhаnсе, the bookie allows you to pick 2 out of the 3 possible outcomes of the game. You could therefore choose that team А to win or draw team B to win or draw, or one of the two to win. Your chances of winning under double chance are higher, although the returns will be much lower.

Basic rules for Playing Soccer 6

  • On your bet slip, ensure you mark it with the correctly assigned numbers, as per the published pool details.
  • The correct result is at the end of the 90 minutes plus injury time. Extra time and penalties do not count.
  • The pay-out for any of the Soccer 6 pools is determined by dividing the total money staked in a pool by all the winning entries into the pool.
  • All the winners are declared once all the results have been confirmed and verified, usually a day after the last results have been declared.

When Can you Play Soccer 6?

Every day, the bookie has selected matches that are available to stake on. For weekend games, you could start picking your selections on Friday, all through to the weekend before kick-off of the earliest match in the pool.

Where to Play Soccer 6

  • Online - go to the official Soccer 6 site, log in to your account, or register if you are a new punter. It is worth mentioning that your renowned betting partner BettingGuide has researched and written about why online betting is the most preferred.
  • By Phone - the bookmaker has provided a telephone number that you can call, and they will assist you to open an account or place your bets.
  • TABs (Totalisator Agency Board) – they operate betting shops and online betting in South Africa. Currently, there are over 400 distributed across the country. 
  • FNB (First National Bank)- customers who bank with can register for Cell phone Banking at any FNB branch or FNB ATM or via FNB Online Banking (http://www.fnb.co.za)

There are other authorized bookmakers in South Africa, who allow punters to use their platform to play Soccer 6. These include Hollywoodbets, Interbet, and Betway South Africa

How to Signup for Soccer 6 Online

  1. On your browser, go to www.sоссеr6.со.zа 
  2. Go to the “LОGIN" tab that is on the top left corner of the page
  3. Wait for the page to load and put in your data and the address
  4. Complete the registration by uploading your FIСА documents and wait for your documents to be verified.
  5. An email with a link to log in to your account will be sent once the documents have been verified.

Soccer 6 mobile App

Soccer 6, just like any other modern betting company realized that convenience is key to its clients, and so they have created a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. The app is sleek and quick to maneuver as compared to the web page. Registration is quick, and all the different pools can be accessed easily. 

To download the app for Apple users, go to the App Store and search for the Soccer 6 App, click install and wait for it to install. Log in and start using the app.

For Android users, go to your settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Go to Google Play, search for Soccer 6 and install the app.

Tips & Strategy when Betting on Soccer 6

It is more than often said that winning in Soccer 6 is easy to win, as most bookies and tipsters give you predictions minus showing you how they arrived at the conclusion. Here, we have come up with tips and strategies that you could independently consider in arriving at the best team to stake on.

  1. Previous matchups- look at the previous games that the teams have played, the statistics, and who has the bragging rights in that particular contest. Look at the players who have been used in the previous games and the subsequent result. It is also important to consider the match statistics and the current form of both teams.
  2. Line-up changes- all players are responsible for the outcome of a match, but others play a crucial role in terms of individual contribution and team morale. Think of the impact a player like N’golo Kante has as a midfielder when Chelsea is playing. Be keen to note the changes in line ups and make the right choice.
  3. Home and Away- a team that is playing from home has more fans than the away team. The confidence of playing at home always impacts the outcome of a game. Always start by looking where the game is played and work from there on where to stake your money.
  4. Bet on short odds- this has proven a good strategy that always rewards but needs a lot of patience. The obvious team to win is always given lower odds and therefore attracts fewer punters to stake on it. This strategy has proven worthy in the long run.
  5. Research – just like any venture, you need to have done your homework if you are to win in Soccer 6. This means that you will have to look at the statistics of the teams and also what tipsters have interpreted the statistics to mean. Armed with all the information on the teams, luck might be the only obstacle standing between you and your winnings. 

Now that we have understood what Soccer 6 is, it is important to highlight other Soccer 6 options in South Africa and show how they differ:

Soccer 4

This is the extreme test for soccer lovers and experts- with only 4 matches and 6 possible outcomes to pick from. The 6 possible options are 

  • Either team to win by a difference of 1 goal only
  • Either team to win by a difference of 2 goals or more
  • No-score draw (0-0 only) 
  • Score draw 

Just like soccer 6 and 13, the winning slip must be within 90 minutes plus injury time; penalties and extra time do not count.

Soccer 10

Soccer 10 is more or the same as Soccer 6, with the only major variance being in the number of matches. In Soccer 6, we have 6 games while Soccer 10 has 10 games in a pool. For soccer 10, you need R2 to play unlike Soccer 6 where you need R6 to stake on each match.

Soccer 13

Just like Soccer 10, we have 13 matches in a pool under Soccer 13. Soccer 13 is run by TAB in a partnership with Svenska Spel Sweden, with Swedish Rules applying to this category. You can bet on team A to win, a draw, or team B to win. Under Soccer 13, you could win up to R 1,000,000 if you predict all the matches correctly. If you bet and the total win is R500,000 or more, but less than R1,000,000 the payout is increased to R1,000,000. Wins are doubled if less than R500,000 i.e., you win R350,000, the bookmaker will pay you R700,000.

Soccer 15

Under soccer 15, the bookie gives 30 matches in a pool and you are supposed to predict 15 matches- not more or less. The three possible outcomes are a win for Team A, a draw, or a win for Team B. additionally, you could select a single or multiple entries between the teams and the bets cost R1 each.


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Last updated: 1/25/2023