Best Bookies for World Cup Betting

The world cup happens to attract fans all over the world to not only watch but also stake in it. In South Africa, bookmakers have relatively increased, and it would only be fair to give an independent assessment to you. This guide will tell you about the best partners you can play with, and a few pointers as to why they are the best.

#1 Betway

This is the best bookmaker in South Africa, boasting an amazing footprint in the whole African continent and the world at large. The bookmaker has an awesome site, that offers its users access to the global betting market. The bookmaker guarantees every user a customized experience, with unlimited options to win big.

#2 Hollywoodbets

Having joined the South African betting market in 2000, we can confidently say that this bookmaker will be a great partner when betting on the World cup. The site is ranked among the safest when it comes to the safety of the clients, offers great discounts and bonuses, and has a range of payment methods, from normal card payments and EFTs to more niched e-wallets and cardless transactions.

#3 Gbets

Gbets offers its clients customized bets- all the bets are tailored for the local population. The punter offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to R1000 for new users, which can be activated by depositing just R20. The sportsbook is among the widest and covers the world cup comprehensively. The odds are ranked among the highest in the country, and it would be important to compare them before choosing another bookmaker.

#4 Supabets

There are bookmakers who brag about a grand reception for new bookies, and then there is Supabets. This bookmaker offers you a welcome bonus of 100% that goes up to R5000, an R50 Free Bet, and for you to stake on the casino- 100 Free Spins. Additionally, the bookmaker has some of the best world cup odds and a great analysis for you to be informed before betting on a team. 

#5 World Sports Betting

World Sports Betting, popularly known as WSB, has gained popularity in South Africa due to its over 2-decade experience in the market. The reputation, great odds, and general usability are some of the reasons you should bet with them. The market variety with this bookmaker will keep you coming back to stake with them. 

#6 Sunbet

This bookmaker boasts of putting the customer first. Excellent customer care service, diverse payment methods, and interactive and convenient website all make this bookmaker one to die for. You can also be assured of a wide range of payment methods for you to choose from. The odds for the world cup 2022 also happen to be relatively fair, although they are very competitive.

#7 Yesplay

Known to be the champion of safe and legal betting, this punter is another one you should consider partnering with during this year’s world cup. To start, the punter offers a 100% welcome bonus of up to R3000 and features a very basic website that is easy to navigate. The bookmaker avoids the overcrowded website by only availing the popular sports.

#8 Betcoza

Launched during the first ever world cup tournament on the African continent, this bookmaker understands exactly what is best for South African punters. The site features an elegant and sleek design, easy to maneuver, and is backed up by a great mobile site. You have plenty of betting options and a wide array of payment methods. 

#9 Sportingbet

To close our list is Sportingbet, which has been in the market since 2008. The punter brags of being very friendly with newbies, a wide and comprehensive sportsbook, and top-of-the-shelf odds for South African players. The website is sleek and easy to access all the popular options and remains highly recommended to stake with come November when the world cup starts.  

Betting on the world cup 2022 for South Africans

The world cup happens to be one of the most awaited sporting events in the world, if not the number one event. The event occurs once every 4 years, with teams from 32 countries drawn from all the continents represented. World Cup is hosted by the country that wins the bid, with Qatar being this year’s host. It is important to know that this is the first time that the tournament is being held in the Middle East and, also towards the end of the year.

In this article, we will give you a nosedive into all the information that makes this sport great, how matches are played, and where and how South Africans can bet. We will also list for you the top 10 bookies that you can partner with, to stake and win with, and give you some tips and strategies that you could use to bet your money. 

  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal & Netherlands
  • Group B: England, IR Iran, The U.S.A. & Wales
  • Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico & Poland
  • Group D: France, Australia, Denmark & Tunisia
  • Group E: Spain, Costa Rica, Germany & Japan
  • Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco & Croatia
  • Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland & Cameroon
  • Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay & Korea Republic

The Format for World Cup 2022

The men’s world cup has evolved since its inception in 1930, incorporating various changes that have been made, to make the game more inclusive, fair, and fun. It is worth noting that the Qatar world cup marks the 7th and last World Cup featuring a 32-team group stage followed by a 16-team knockout playoff. The tournament is divided into 8 groups, each with 4 teams. Every team plays 3 matches in the group stage matches, with the top 2 teams with the highest points qualifying for the round of 16. In the round of 16, 8 matches are played, and the 8 teams that win proceed to the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals have a total of 8 teams who play one another, and the 4 winners in each match proceed to the semis. In the semis, 4 teams play 2 matches, and the winners qualify for the finals. The 2 teams play in the finals, while their 2 opponents who lost play for 3rd place. These are the teams that have qualified, their respective groups.

Tips when Betting on the Qatar World Cup 2022

Just like any other game of chance, football, and specifically the World Cup, requires one to have a strategy and plan in order to leap handsomely. We have researched, compared, and analyzed what experts have thought to be the best tricks that they can use to win big. These tricks if followed, with a bit of luck, will assure you of a better online betting experience. 

Analyze the current form of teams playing

Here, you will need to look at the team’s journey to qualifying. Consider how difficult their opponents were, their aggregate strength as a team, and their previous history. This applies to both teams that you intend to stake with. The current form can also be deduced from the team’s history and previous performances in the World cup if they have taken part before. Use the data you gather here to stake on teams with higher odds, and you will definitely reap abundantly. 

Consider the team’s starting 11

This is the most important tip that any experienced bettor would offer. You see, it’s the individual players that form a team that is expected to play. The best form of analysis is looking at the current shape of the players named in the squad, and their recent performances in the respective clubs they play for. Look at their individual contributions and rankings and the influence they may have on the squad. It is widely accepted that the individual influence players like Christiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba always had on their teams when they played was always reflected in the results. You could also bet on certain players to score or earn a booking or bookings and stake on them, as they are widely known to be goal machines or aggressive when playing. Once you see the names of those players on the line-up, prepare to bet. 

Avoid chasing low odds

At times we look at the favorites and other selections that offer low odds, and we assume that they must win- but I got news for you- they don’t work always. It is important that you look at other factors before staking with this type of bet, as the bets don't always win and when they do, their value is low.

Look at head-to-head results

Most bookmakers always avail an analysis of the two teams when they are meeting. This includes the team’s history, their statistics during the match, and the current data when comparing the players. The head-to-head data is important, as the punters always rely on it to come up with the game’s odds. Where the data seems to favor a certain team, and the bookies have given them better odds, you better believe them and stake on that!

Consider the psychological aspect of the fixture

The other aspect is understanding the importance of a game to both teams. When a team is fighting to qualify for the next round, and the opponent has already qualified, it is important that you stake with the one whose stakes are higher, unlike those who are already qualified. 

This plays an important role in the world cup, especially where an underdog is placed in a group with a favourite. This works in 2 ways- the underdog will be given high odds, and you may want to risk, which may be rewarded by the mentality of the favourite to undermine, and they end up losing. 

Types of Betting Available for World Cup 2022

Betting on a team to win is the most obvious bet that punters will be looking at. But there are other options that you could stake on, and despite not being very hard to predict, amount to higher winnings. These include:

  1. Top Scorer- you can predict who is going to score in these matches, first by looking at the teams’ formation, the reputation of the striker, and their world cup history. You could also stake on the player who will win the Golden Boot from the onset, and the odds will be much higher.
  2. .Goals- there are teams that are known to be goal machines, and others are known to be very defensive. You may not know the outcome of a match, but you could definitely predict the goals likely to be under or over. 
  3. Corners- these attract higher odds, where a team is termed as a favorite playing against an underdog team. The bookmakers always give them higher odds, and this is also another chance to win big
  4. Bookings- this is another field in which bookmakers always place better odds. You could stake the known aggressive players and teams on the probability that they will be given red or yellow cards.

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