Over/Under 4.5 Goals Betting Markets

The over and Under goals betting market has become a popular favorite for many punters. However, many can’t tell what it means to bet over/under in a match.

But worry no more because you’re about to find out. Betting over/under on a game means you predict that the total goals scored by both teams are more or less than the specified number of goals on the bet.

If a bookmaker indicates in a match, say Chelsea Vs. Liverpool, a bet that looks like this

  • Over 4.5 Goals, 1.34
  • Under 4.5 Goals, 2.33

Then betting on either option means the match would end with a total number of five goals and above or four or fewer goals. Let’s explain both scenarios.

Over 4.5 Goals Explained

Over 4.5 goals in a bet means the punter predicts that the total goals scored by both teams are five or more. A player that places an over 4.5 goals bet in our example will win if both teams score a total of five or more goals. Remember that the bet only wins if the matches don’t draw.

Under 4.5 Goals Explained

The other betting option is under 4.5 goals. Here, the player bets that both teams would have scored a total of 4 or fewer goals at the final score. Suppose he was betting on Chelsea Vs. Liverpool. Both teams should have four or fewer goals. Also, a bettor would lose the bet if the match ends in a draw.

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Last updated: 10/18/2021