Over/Under 5.5 Goals Betting Explained

Learn about the over/under 5.5 goals betting market, what it means, how to place over/under 5.5 goals bets, and which betting sites offer the best odds.

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Over/Under 5.5 Goals Betting Markets

Over/under goals betting is a common term you’ll come across on every betting platform. But what does over/under even mean? To bet over/under in a bet means you predict whether the sum of all goals scored in an entire match is higher or lower than the sum of goals indicated on the bet.

Practically, a bookmaker provides odds on several possible outcomes for a match in terms of goals. The player predicts whether the total goals scored in the game will be higher or less than what the bookmaker set.

For example, if Manchester United takes on Arsenal in the Premier League, a sportsbook has this bet.

  • Over  5.5 Goals 1.62
  • Under 5.5 Goals, 2.20

Staking on Over 5.5 goals means you predict that both teams would score a total of 6 goals or more at the end of the match. A bet on Under 5.5 goals means you predict that both teams score five goals or less.

In over/under goals bets, the match never ends in a draw. Also, there’s no refund. 

Let’s see what over/under 5.5 means.

Over 5.5 Goals Explained

If a bookmaker indicates over 5.5 in a bet, it means you predict that a match will produce six or more goals. Such scores are improbable, and this gives the fixture a high winning chance. Getting such scores would mean one team has strong attacks while the other has weak defences.

Under 5.5 Goals Explained

Usually, football matches score five or fewer goals. Betting under 5.5 goals on a game means you predict that the match will produce five or fewer goals. Only a serious mismatch or great attacks and weak defences on both teams would have a bet loss. But such bets have very low odds.

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