Both Teams To Score Explained

Learn what the both teams to score betting market is, how it works, how to place both teams to score bets and which betting sites have the best BTTS betting odds.

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Last updated 2024/03/26

What Does Both Teams to Score Mean?

Both teams to score (BTTS) is a sports betting market in which you can bet on "Yes" or "No" to both teams scoring in a match. If you bet on "Yes", you need both teams to score at least one goal to win the bet. If you bet on "No", you win if neither team scores or just one of them. The final result of the game does not matter one bit in a BTTS bet.

If a game ends in a 1-1 draw or a 6-1 win to one of the teams, it is the same in terms of BTTS. But if a match finishes in a goalless draw or if either side keeps a clean sheet, BTTS "No" has won, and the "Yes" bet loses.

What is MatchBet and Both Teams to Score?

The matchbet and both teams to score market is where you can bet on the results of the game and whether both teams will score or not as one bet.

For example, in a match between Manchester United vs Manchester City. You could bet on Manchester United win and both teams to score "Yes". To win this bet, you would need Man United to beat Man City and both teams to score. So, any of these scorelines 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, 4-2, etc means your bet would win.

You could also bet on a team to win and both teams to score "No" if you think either team will keep a clean sheet but still win. Or, even a draw and both teams to score. If you are betting on a draw and BTTS "no", it is often better to place a correct score bet of "0-0" as the odds are usually better.

How to Place a BTTS Bet

Users who want to place a BTTS bet will first have to find the match that they want to bet on. Often, leading sports betting sites have a search function and this can come in handy here. Otherwise, users will probably have to navigate through a menu system to identify the right cup, league or competition before selecting the match they have highlighted for their BTTS bet. From here, it is a case of finding the BTTS market, which is usually in a prominent position. Anyone who is struggling to find it can use a search function again to find the BTTS bets.

Here, the betting site will have two options for BTTS: either yes or no. The odds for each option will be displayed in whatever format the user has chosen in their account settings.

This is a simple case of entering the stake amount, which will result in users being shown the potential profit they could be in line to receive in the event of the bet turning into a winner. Confirming the bet is a click away, and users can then tune into the action to see if they win. As well as single BTTS bets, a lot of people also like to place multiple BTTS wagers, which are often referred to in the online gambling world as accumulators.

BTTS can also be combined with other bets to improve the odds and make them more appealing. For example, let's say that Chelsea are hosting Arsenal in the Premier League. Chelsea/BTTS - yes will be one of the potential bets offered. This means Chelsea has to win the game, but Arsenal have to score a goal in order for the bet to be a winner. Chelsea/BTTS - no would also be offered, meaning they would have to win the game and keep a clean sheet. Under/over goal markets can be teamed up with BTTS as well.

A popular type of bet these days is BTTS/over 2.5 goals. This means a 1-1 draw would see this bet lose, however. BTTS bets might seem a simple guessing game, but there are strategies to help players win.

Tips and Strategy for Both Teams to Score Bets

There are plenty of BTTS strategies and different BTTS tips that can be useful. Research is going to come in handy for all types of online sports betting and the rise of the internet has made it easier than ever to pore over data and statistics in a bid to identify trends.

As an example, it is easy enough to find out how often a BTTS bet lands for various teams with just a few clicks of the mouse. If BTTS wins in a large percentage of games for both teams in a match, it might be a fair assumption to guess it might happen again, though it is not guaranteed. Diving deeper into the data might reveal a team is more likely to be involved in a game where both teams score if they are away from home, rather than in front of their own fans.

Derby games tend to be high-scoring more often than not, so these matches, such as those between Manchester City and Manchester United or Arsenal and Tottenham, can be good options for BTTS wagers. It also goes without saying that teams with poor defences are good targets for BTTS betting as their matches are always likely to see plenty of goals being scored.

BTTS is a wildly popular type of football betting market - which is both a good and bad thing. There will always be a lot of money in the market, but lots of it comes from people who are not necessarily putting a lot of thought into their selections, or carrying out any research at all. This means the odds might not even be a reflection of how likely BTTS is to happen in a game. Instead, people need to remember that betting prices are calculated largely due to what people are betting on. The more people bet on BTTS for a game, the shorter those odds will become.

BTTS multiples could allow users to benefit from an acca insurance type of betting offer. Many sports betting sites these days have this included in their list of regular football bonuses. With acca insurance, players can get a refund if just one leg of the bet stops them from winning. Sometimes, bookies even pay out multiples of the stake in a bid to out-do each other. The money paid out as a refund might be as bonus funds with wagering requirements, however.

BTTS multiplies do not even all have to be for both teams to score. It is possible to mix up the selection so that BTTS - yes and BTTS - no bets sit within the same overall wager. This flexibility helps to make BTTS one of the very best football betting markets out there.

Highest Both Teams to Score Betting Odds in South Africa

We have tested the Both Teams to Score betting odds on five popular betting sites in South Africa to show who offers the best odds. The lower the number, the less the bookie "charges" you for placing that bet. You want to bet on bookmakers with low margins as it will increase your overall return.

Brand Bookmaker Betting Margin
GBets 5.41% Read review
Hollywoodbets 6.67% Visit
World Sports Betting
World Sports Betting
World Sports Betting 6.92% Visit
Betfred 9.97% Visit
Betway 10.05% Visit

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