OTT Voucher Betting in South Africa (2024)

Read all about how to use OTT Voucher as a payment method when betting in South Africa.

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OTT Voucher Betting

Digital cash transactions have become a popular option for people and businesses over the last few years. It is one of the best options for people trying to access the online financial sector. Transactions spin different domains including betting, which has been an activity that is drastically growing in popularity not only in South Africa but also around the African continent. Initially, betting was not as convenient as it is now because of the difficulty involved in transacting, however, with the introduction of digital transactions, people can now use their mobile phones to deposit money into their betting accounts and quickly withdraw them after winning money. 

Of course, to initiate money transactions, you must have a platform that enables you to transfer and obtain money from other financial entities. One of the approaches to transacting is through the OTT Voucher, which is a popular choice in South Africa, especially for the gambling community. The services do not discriminate because they serve people who prefer cash or those who lack banking facilities to ensure that everyone is equally financially empowered. This aspect shows that betting activities are heavily supported using this service and since convenience is what every bettor looks for, the OTT Voucher could be a viable option for the online betting community. 

OTT Voucher safety

The OTT Voucher is safe to use because it operates under a legal spectrum overseen by the government. There are over 96,000 retail outlets across the country selling these vouchers, and all the outlets are closely monitored by the government. Nonetheless, the entity has a customer service where you can report any potential inconveniences and ask more queries about the validity of your voucher, to ensure that your betting is smooth and successful. 

Understanding the OTT Voucher

The OTT Voucher enhances customers’ ability to conduct online transactions and access the digital economy. It is a digital cash payment system used to safely pay or obtain payment online. There are partners working closely with this financial entity to enhance laying by, investing, topping up accounts, and calling using their hard-earned money. 

Currently, you can top up your betting account regarding the favorite betting platform you use and get paid conveniently. The OTT Voucher partners with LAYAWAY™ and Easy Invest to guarantee safe and smooth money transactions. LAYAWAY™ is a purchase agreement in which the seller reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item, and only then hands over the item. On the other hand, Easy Invest is an almost similar financial platform that empowers people to begin their investment process using an OTT Voucher. 

A majority of cash consumers within South Africa can now enjoy easy access to the digital economy without going through the tedious traditional digital payment methods. There is also a Second Chance domain where active users access special giveaways and grand prize promotions when the OTT Voucher PIN is used on the Second Chance Website. Despite having many outlets across the country, you can also access an OTT Voucher online to ease your ability to access the online world. 

How to buy an OTT Voucher

The most popular approaches to purchasing the OTT Voucher are online and from a physical outlet. 

Buying an OTT Voucher online

  • You can purchase the OTT Voucher online, without the need to leave the comfort of your home. 
  • Just visit and identify the OTT Voucher value that suits you. Remember, the vouchers are valued between R10.00 and R3,000.00 because the company seeks to ensure that it regulates spending and responsible gambling. 
  • After keying in the amount of money you need, confirm the payment. 
  • You will then receive a unique voucher pin via email or SMS, depending on your preferred option. 

You may be required to have an account with either of the following banks to purchase the ticket online. The banks include: Capitec, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Bidvest Bank, Absa, Investec, and African Bank. 

After transacting, you will notice that you have immediate access to the saving, benefits, and overall convenience of the digital economy through your money. There are no charges incurred when using the OTT Voucher, meaning that you will receive the full value of the total amount you used to purchase the voucher. Additionally, you can use the voucher to top up your favorite betting platform and start betting. 

Buying an OTT Voucher through a physical outlet

There are instances where you may wish to purchase the ticket from an authorized dealer. The following procedure will guide you through the purchasing process. 

  • Visit one of the authorized dealers and ask for an OTT Voucher.
  • Pay money for the OTT Voucher to the retailer.
  • Start accessing the benefits of the digital economy. 

The following are authorized dealers where you can purchase the OTT Voucher from;

Macro, Boxer, Game, Caltex, Fresh Stop, Top It Up, GloCell, R&A Cellular, Kazang, ARV Air Voucher, JustRight Communications, A2Pay, CellAir, PAV Telecoms, People’s Prepaid, Rhino Cash & Carry and Cambridge Food. 

How to bet using the OTT Voucher

There are different ways you can deposit money into your account and start betting. Most people are familiar with traditional methods such as banking options and mobile money techniques. However, using a voucher is another convenient way you can finance your betting account and start winning big prizes from the markets you select. 

To bet using the OTT Voucher, ensure that the platform you are using accepts vouchers as a payment method. In online platforms that accept the OTT Voucher, you can use this credit form to deposit money into your account. The amount of money will reflect the value of the voucher; therefore, you do not have to worry about losing value. The OTT Voucher converts money into digital payment, which is why you get your exact value’s worth before betting. 

Nonetheless, the transactions can be used by bettors who prefer cash or do not have access to internet banking or online finances. OTT provides an alternative to people who may potentially be inconvenienced by the lack of mobile money, or internet banking options.  

To deposit money into your betting account using the OTT Voucher, ensure that you have registered with an account that permits this payment option.

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select OTT Voucher as your payment method. 
  • Enter the 12-digit OTT Voucher pin to finance your account. Ensure that you enter the right pin because the pin is generated as a one-time option for the customer to use when depositing money to an online platform.
  • After entering the pin, you will receive a notification confirming the successful funding of your betting account. Funding your account takes a matter of seconds because the digital platform is conveniently enhanced by modern technology. 
  • Start navigating the betting site to bet on your favorite sport and market. 

To redeem your voucher, you can follow the following procedure on all the betting sites that offer this payment option: 

  • Log in to the OTT Voucher website and purchase another voucher.
  • Log in to your betting account through the mobile app or the internet.
  • Navigate the homepage to locate the top-up button.
  • Follow the instructions provided to top up the Voucher PIN to automatically redeem the funds and continue betting. 

Betting sites where you can use the OTT Voucher

Now that you understand the complexity of the OTT Voucher, and its contribution to the financial world and betting, it is inherent that you familiarize yourself with the best betting sites that accept this payment option. The following betting sites are not only the top operators but also where you can register and use OTT Voucher to bet: 


Betway is a top betting operator in South Africa that ticks many boxes in terms of service provision, odds, bonuses, and user-friendliness. It is no surprise that this site has numerous payment options, including the OTT Voucher. The site is secure and observes all the necessary regulations for betting, therefore, as a person preferring the OTT Voucher payment option, Betway should be one primary consideration for you. 


Gbets is another betting operator in the country that has solidified its customer appeal by ensuring that it has diverse payment options. Leave alone the diverse markets enjoyed on various sporting events, you can enjoy betting by using the OTT Voucher option by exploring the available betting options. The benefits of using the voucher payment option are limitless, provided that you observe the regulations revolving around betting. 


Hollywoodbets is another option that provides the OTT Voucher option when depositing money into your betting account. The company is an international operator that understands the competitiveness of the betting market, therefore, to penetrate the South African market, the operator had to improve its flexibility by expanding the payment options to suit people who may potentially lack banking options or wish to use vouchers for betting. The bookie has one of the widest sportsbooks that you could stake from.

A few South African bettors will fail to include in their list of fantastic betting sites because it looks into consumer needs and systematically addresses them to ensure that customers bet conveniently. One of the considerations is a diverse payment system that ensures all bettors are equally accommodated and have a fantastic betting experience. A simple procedure will guarantee that you use your OTT Voucher PIN to deposit money into your account and start betting. 


TopBet is a fairly new operator in the South African betting scene, therefore it is inherent for the company to explore the best possible option for customer attraction and retention. The site also offers numerous payment options and for voucher lovers, you can use the popular OTT Voucher payment method to finalize your payments and start betting and winning. 

OTT Voucher App availability

Unfortunately, OTT Voucher does not have an app, instead, you can only use their website to purchase vouchers online. Nonetheless, the website is just as convenient and easily navigable therefore, it should not worry you provided you have a computer, a smartphone, and an internet connection. 

OTT Voucher pros and cons 

Remember, no financial operator is perfect, despite the quality services they may boast to have. Similarly, OTT Voucher has pros and cons that you ought to understand before using it. 

OTT Voucher pros

  • You do not incur additional charges when purchasing or redeeming vouchers.
  • You do not have to have a bank account to purchase a voucher from a retailer. 
  • Depositing money into your betting account is fast. 
  • It is easy and convenient to use. You only need to key in a pin to finance your account.
  • There is a variety of ways you can purchase vouchers, meaning that you are not limited to purchasing tickets online. 

OTT Voucher cons 

  • There is no mobile app available for Android and iOS users.
  • There are limits to the amount of money you use to purchase a voucher. 
  • There are people who may have security concerns about EFT-related transactions.  
  • Not all the top betting sites are compatible with this payment option. 


Elizabeth Marole is responsible for content on BettingGuide ZA. She has prior experience as a math teacher and plays poker professionally when not writing for BettingGuide. Please contact her for any inquiries regarding gambling in South Africa.