Online Lottery Betting Apps in South Africa (2024)

Find and compare the best online lottery apps in South Africa. Our expert guide will help you find everything you need to betting on lottery using your mobile.

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Best Lottery Apps for South African Players (Expert Reviews)

The following are some of the best lotto apps that you can enjoy playing the best lottery games:

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    Best Lottery App in South Africa!

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    Trusted Lottery App since 2013!

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    National Lottery:

    Official Operator of the National Lottery!


The Lotter

theLotter is the world’s leading independent third-party online lottery purchasing service. It currently operates in South Africa, meaning that you can enjoy most of the best online lottery games worldwide. The site has some of South Africa's best lotteries for you. On the website, you can enjoy playing different games. The games include:

  • South Africa Lotto: this is South Africa’s oldest lottery. Most South African lotto enthusiasts play this option, which has one of the highest payouts for jackpot winners.
  • South Africa PowerBall: This is another popular lotto game that people play in the country and worldwide. This lottery option is found in theLotter, where players can explore various possibilities of winning big. It is also becoming increasingly popular because of its enormous jackpots, with the most recent record being R232,131,750.
  • South Africa Daily Lotto: This is another local lottery option you can get in theLotter, and it also has some lucrative jackpot options where you can win millions.
  • EuroMillions: this is currently the highest possible jackpot win in theLotter, where a player can play and win prizes over 130 million euros. The lottery game is popular in nine European territories; however, South Africans can still engage and play with the chance of winning big prizes.
  • PowerBall: the United States PowerBall is also available on the site; therefore, you can play and win the jackpot, which currently stands at $125 million.

It is important to note that theLotter has a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, it is flexible, meaning you can easily access numerous lottery games. You can only create one account, which you can use in iOS and Android apps; therefore, you do not need to sign up afresh. It is reliable because you can turn on notifications for results and jackpot draws.



Lottoland is also a top site offering lottery games and also has an app for players who prefer the current mobile experience over the website. The apps are available for both Android and iOS devices; therefore, accessibility is guaranteed by this factor.

The site has numerous online lottery games, including the EuroJackpot, the German Lotto, 6/49 GO!, the EuroJackpot GO!, and Keno 24/7. There are also popular local lottery games such as the South Africa PowerBall and South Africa Lotto.

You can explore promotions on the home page based on your preference. The promotions keep changing based on what the consumer needs; therefore, occasionally, keep in touch with the operator to obtain the best deals.

National Lottery

National Lottery

The National Lottery App rounds up our list of the best apps in South Africa. First, the company is fully licensed and regulated by the National Lottery Commission from the Lottery Act of 1997. The current license holders since 2015 are Ithuba Holdings (RF) Proprietary Limited.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users, has most features as the main site, and has games like Lotto, PowerBall, Sportstake, Daily Lotto, Raffle, and Rapido. The app gives a great experience to all the users, especially when it comes to live notifications and updates.

How Do We Identify the Best Lotto Apps?

Understanding the fundamentals of a quality lotto app is essential to prevent losing money and increase the chances of obtaining the best deals in the market. The best factors we consider when identifying the lotto apps we choose are accessibility, legal status, the lotto-related games provided, promotions and bonuses, and customer services.

  • Legal Status

    To identify the best lotto apps, we ensure that the NLC licenses them and that their operations abide by the law. Therefore, it is inherent to confirm whether the site has categorically fulfilled its legal status by highlighting its licensing.

    Eventually, we cross-check with the regulatory body to verify whether the information provided is accurate. A reputable and reliable lotto site will display its license for users to cross-check and ascertain its legality.

  • Accessibility

    Before downloading the app, ensure that users can get the best services and that the site is easily navigable. Therefore, the site should have text descriptions, icons, and images that users can understand. There are instances where players may want to play games that they have yet to play;  you should ensure that the site you identify is simplistic enough for you to understand new games offered to save you time when playing the games of your choice.

    Accessibility also involves the site considering the diversity of the users. The site should consider individual uniqueness, such as hearing, vision, mobility, reading, and learning difficulties, to ensure that the app is usable for people with different impairments. Everyone should be able to play and win; therefore, your physical state should not limit you from playing the lotto games of your choice.

    Additionally, the apps should be accessible by both Android and iOS users to ensure that every South African can play and win. A site with access to both mobile devices is the best option for you because you are not limited to a specific device to play and win. The app should have elite browser caching that lets it load faster and help you access the games and navigate easily and conveniently.

  • The Lottery Games Offered

    The best lotto apps offer a variety of games to play. The games should also range in price and possibilities to win so you can have as many chances of winning as possible. Some popular games for South Africans include South Africa Lotto, the South Africa PowerBall, the South Africa Daily Lotto, the SuperEnalotto, MegaMillions, and many more.

    Remember, different countries have different formats and prizes; therefore, various games from various places satisfy the needs of different lotto players.

  • Lottery Bonuses & Promotions

    Bonuses and promotions are key attraction and retention aspects that lotto sites use to establish their market presence. Bonuses and promotions are the incentives to establish their credibility as viable online lotto sites. They may vary depending on the site. Some include discounted tickets, free tickets, bonus money, and other rewards.

    The jackpot is also the most significant aspect of the online Lotto that should drive you towards using the best lotto sites. Different jackpot prizes exist for other lotto games; therefore, adding to the variety provided.

  • Customer Service

    Active and reliable customer services are another fundamental aspect when looking for the best lotto apps. Customer services are essential because they guide you on how to play and win, claim your bonuses, and enjoy the available promotions. T

    hey also address issues about signing up, buying tickets, and payout options. The site identified should therefore have services that serve customers all day, every day because there are no limits to when the customer may need help.

    A live chat is an aspect of reliable customer service that ensures you are helped every time you need it. Responses should also be timely at the customer’s convenience.

How to Download Lotto Apps in South Africa

Downloading betting apps in the country is simple; however, the processes differ depending on the devices you play.

Android users

For Android users:

  1. Visit the Lotto site and locate the apk file.
  2. Click on that link and start downloading the app.
  3. A notification may appear on your Android device about only downloading files from known sources.
  4. Ensure that your settings allow you to download files from unknown sources and proceed.
  5. After downloading the app, click the “install” option.

iOS Users

For iOS users, simply visit the app store and search the site of your choice.

Click on the option and proceed to download it to your device.

The Legality of Lotto Apps in South Africa

The legality of lotto apps in South Africa must be clearly defined, and it is subject to interpretation. Engaging in online lotteries in South Africa is generally legal, especially when you play the games through licensed and authorized bookmakers. The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) is the body that oversees and regulates the operations of lotteries in the country. Therefore, Sports Pools, the National Lottery, and other lotteries are some aspects regulated by the NLC.

The law emphasises that lottery providers ought to be licensed by the NLC. Fundamentally, the NLC guarantees that all participants’ interests are protected and that all lottery acts are conducted in accordance with the stipulated regulations. All lottery operators, including the ones under non-profit organisations, are policed by the NLC to promote quality and convenient services to players within South Africa.

Consequently, the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) was created considering the Lotteries Amendment Act (No 32 of 2013) to regulate and oversee the National Lottery and other lotteries, including society lotteries, to raise funds and promote competitions. The NLC was built by the National Lotteries Board, established by the Lotteries Act No. 57 of 1997.


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