Lucky Numbers Guide

Playing lucky numbers is a fun way to gamble, it can also be a great way to win extra coins in South Africa.

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Last updated 2024/04/26

Lucky Numbers Guide SA (2024)

Lucky numbers are the figures that frequently come out of the lottery machine at the end of the draw. Although the odds of winning a jackpot are very low, there is a good chance of winning something big.

What are Lucky Numbers?

Lucky Numbers have been around for years and have proven effective at increasing your chances of winning over time. The most common example is the number seven, which is said to have good fortune. Many believe that seven is an auspicious number and is associated with love and romance.

As the name suggests, you place a wager on the possible outcome of number-based games like Betgames. Many people believe that these numbers are a result of chance and can't be controlled by the player. Punters can use these numbers while playing games of chance. 

Lucky number betting entails wagering on the number combination that appears in your set of lucky numbers. Unlike lotto, you wager on numbers that might be drawn at the end of the game instead of gambling on prize pools.

How Lucky Numbers work

The process by which lucky numbers work involves using mathematics and statistics to determine whether or not a given number will result in winning. In short, the theory behind lucky numbers is that they are based on probabilities rather than actual outcomes. For example, if you play a Bet game 100 times and get 7s ten times, your chances of 7s winning are roughly 10%.

The games are different from lottos because they have multiple betting options. Besides, the payout is fixed, meaning winners don’t share the prize. You may bet on the winning number, the color of the ball, or other markets. Most lotteries allow punters to select from one to seven numbers, while advanced games might also contain a bonus ball. Here are common odds in most 7-lotto ball draws.

1. Single Number

Single number betting entails choosing a random number between one and 49. You can only win the prize if one of the lotto balls matches your selection. The game pays 5x your stake plus your wager. For instance, if you bet with R100 and win, you get R500 plus the R100 wager, resulting in a payout of R600.

2. Two Numbers

In this market, you select two random numbers ranging from 1–49. You can only win if two of the drawn balls contain the numbers. The payout is 52x your stake plus the wagering amount. Therefore, if you bet with R100, you win R5200 plus R100, resulting in a payout of R5300.

3. Three Numbers

The selection involves placing a bet with three figures ranging from 1– 49. If the winning numbers include the three selected numbers, you win 400x your stake. Therefore, a bet of R100 generates returns of R4100 (R100 stake plus R4000 prize).

4. Four numbers

Selecting four numbers from 1-49 is highly rewarding since the payout is 3000x your stake. However, all four figures should be drawn at the end of the game to win the prize. If you play with R100, you win R300100 (R300000 plus R100 stake).

5. Bonus Ball

If you guess the correct bonus ball, you get a payout of 47x your stake. Therefore, a R100 wager gives you R4700 plus the bet amount. Therefore, the total payout in such a scenario is R4800.

6. Bonus Ball (1-9)

If you correctly predict a bonus ball between one and nine, you get a 4x payout. Therefore, a bet of R100 rewards you R500 (R400 plus R100).

7. Bonus Ball HI or LOW

The option entails correctly predicting a LOW or HI ball. HI balls range from 26 to 49, while HI balls start from one to 24. If you select HI, you lose if the drawn number is less or equal to 25. A correct prediction doubles your wagering amount. For example, a wager of R100 returns R200.

How to place a bet

In the world of online gambling, there are many different ways to play. From traditional land-based gaming to mobile apps, you can play on your own schedule and at a time that's convenient for you. You can wager on Lucky Numbers at any Bookmaker in a few steps.

  • Step 1: Join a reputable Bookmaker: The first thing you need is a well-respected bookie that offers lucky numbers. It is advisable to join a trusted brand that provides quality services to prevent the risk of losing your cash. You may check the license, payment gateways, security tools, and other features to ascertain if the site meets your gambling needs.
  • Step 2: Fund your account: For real money betting, you need to have a gambling budget to wager on the games. Therefore, newbies should add some funds to their accounts to unlock welcome bonuses and place real money stakes. Popular top-up methods in South African bookies include bank wire, e-wallets, and payment cards.
  • Step 3: Load the Lucky Numbers Page: In most bookmarkers, you’ll find the “Lucky Numbers” link on the sites’ navigation tab or menu items. You should hit the link to load the available Lucky Numbers games. Note that some bookies might have several game categories, and you should to the section that you prefer.
  • Step 4: select a Lottery Draw: Established bookmakers offer punters multiple local and international lotteries. If your site has numerous options, you can check the prize rewards, minimum bet amounts, and the terms of each selection to identify those that provide value for your cash. You can bet on various lotteries to increase your chances of winning multiple rewards.
  • Step 5: Select the markets and submit the bet slip: After identifying your favorite lottery, you need to pick your number. It might be your birthday, age, or any figure that gives you a good feeling. If you cannot think of a digit, you may use online tools like Lucky Number Generators to make random numbers. Many South African punters believe the tools display the most common lucky figures and can help you win massive jackpots. Once you pick a digit, enter your stake and submit the Lucky Number bet slip. Most operators provide a digital receipt as proof of your wager. You can use the reference numbers to track the result of different draws.
  • Step 6: View the bet: Most bookies display all bets on the wager page. It is advisable to visit this page after placing a bet to load your information about the wager. Some platforms allow punters to adjust a bet within a certain timeframe. For instance, you may change the total stake, markets, or even cancel the bet if you feel something is wrong with the bet slip.
  • Step 7: Wait for the draw: After placing your wager, you should wait for the results of the draw. If your selection matches the winning numbers on the lottery game, the bookie rewards you with the ultimate prize; else, you lose your wager. Therefore, betting on Lucky Numbers is simple since you don’t need to analyze events or compare various stats.

Playing lucky numbers on mobile/app

You can use many apps to play lucky numbers and win real money if you have a smartphone. Online casinos allow players to wager using their favorite mobile browsers. Some sites offer special games that use lucky numbers to give loyal punters an advantage over other players who do not have access to them.

Other mobile casinos have special promotional offers where they give away free tickets. In most cases, they give the freebies when you play or top up your account with a certain amount of money on certain days of the week. These promotions allow new players to test their luck by playing with real money before they take the plunge and deposit their own money into the casino.

Different operators that offer lucky numbers at their site

Multiple operators offer Lucky Numbers in South Africa. Experts recommend registering at a credible gambling platform since most unlicensed companies, especially those without a physical address, don’t have fair games. Here are the top SA Lucky Numbers sites.

1. BetWay

Betway has been around for a while and has gained a reputation for its outstanding service and good odds. Top games on the platform include:

  • Lucky 5.
  • Lucky 7.
  • Lucky Numbers.
  • Lucky 6.


The site offers multiple lotteries drawn from over 28 countries, including the SA, UK, Russia, and USA. Here are popular draws.

  • South African Lotto Plus
  • UK EuroMillions
  • USA LuckyDay Lotto Midday
  • Greece Powerball
  • Russia Gosloto 5/36
  • UK EuroMillion Plus
  • USA Palmetto Cash 5

3. Supabet

Popular games on Supabet’s lotteries list include:

  • Cash Pot Earlybird.
  • Russia Gosloto 7/49.
  • UK 49’s Teatime.
  • SA PowerBall.
  • Texas Pick4.

4. Sun Bet

Members of Sunbet play quality games like:

  • Luthiania Jega 6/30.
  • Greece PowerBall.
  • UK 49S 6/49.
  • Greece Extra 5.
  • Gosloto Russia 7/49.

5. Sportpesa

Top Sportpesa Lucky Number titles include:

  • Euro Jackpot 5/50.
  • Roma Lottery 5/90.
  • Italy Superenalotto 6/90.
  • Greece Powerball 5/45.


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