Best Visa Card Betting Sites

Make easy payments with VISA card on online betting sites in South Africa.

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Last updated 2023/05/22

Best Visa Card Betting Sites in South Africa

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The best betting sites for using Visa in South Africa

The following betting sites are the best options for South Africans who opt for Visa card betting. 



Betway is one of the most popular betting sites because of its lucrative options for players and simple interface for easy navigation. It also has a variety of options for players to choose from. In South Africa, Betway has a large following and a vast array of sporting options and markets with attractive odds and dabbles across various gambling options. You can enjoy making deposits using your Visa card without reservations. 



This is another betting site that has a variety of betting options and depositing and withdrawal methods. With your Visa card, you conveniently enjoy the games offered by the bookmaker. It is among the top Visa betting sites with lucrative offers and odds that enhance your chances of making a good profit for your money. The options available to stake from are fairly wide, on top of the excellent customer care services that the bookie offers its customers.

Playa Bets


Playabets is an upcoming betting site that enhances its competitiveness in the market by offering Visa betting options for players in South Africa. The site is attractive due to its high deposit limits on Visa payments; therefore, you can be free to wage significant amounts you feel comfortable with and improve your profit margins. The registration and the linking process is pretty easy and straightforward for anyone who chooses to stake with them.

How Visa works

A Visa card is a popular payment method using the Visa network. The payment method is branded by Visa. Originally, the company provided credit cards alone, however, Visa today has prepaid cards, gift cards, debit options, and other alternatives users can explore. Even though Visa cards have the Visa symbol on them, the cards are not issued by the company, instead, financial institutions around the world, including South Africa, can issue Visa cards. It is one of the most popular payment methods in South Africa, therefore, it would be more beneficial for you as a player, to bet and explore online betting sites that support payments using the Visa card. 

The following process describes how a visa card works

  1. You present your card to the merchant. The card data is then read from the card by a point-of-sale device, a key is then entered into the device by the merchant 
  2. The merchant then transmits the transaction information to the acquirer.
  3. Eventually, the acquirer sends a transaction authorization effect to Visa. 
  4. Visa then sends the authorization request to the issuer, or in other instances, it may conduct the stand-in processing procedure for the customer on behalf of the issuer and decline or approve the initiated transaction. 
  5. The issuer then sends back to Visa an authorization response, involving an approval or rejection of the transaction. 
  6. The Visa then sends the authorization response to the acquirer. 
  7. The acquirer routes the authorization response to the merchant. 

Visa was founded in 1958 by the Bank of America and has since evolved to accommodate online patients globally for convenience purposes. The company has improved its services and is currently available on Android Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Users can therefore download apps and use the payment methods with ease. 

Online Betting Visa payment method

Today, many websites accept Visa payments, including betting sites in South Africa. In betting, the online Visa payment method is one of the most used, because it is familiar with deposits and withdrawals into a player’s account. Nonetheless, you have to have an account before being able to bet using Visa. 

Visa has good financial security systems, including anti-money laundering processes that ensure that your funds are deposited, saved, and withdrawn securely as is. 

How to bet with Visa

Before betting using the Visa option, you have to create an account. The South African Banks are the custodians of the Visa card, which prompt the customers to open accounts or link a bank account. 

  • When creating your account, ensure that the names and identification numbers match across all platforms to avoid any potential inconveniences. 
  • Upon registration confirmation, you can link your account to the bookmaker of your choice by filling in the required information. 
  • You will receive a code to confirm. The code will either be sent to your number or your email depending on the bookmaker. 
  • Once the registration is through you can identify the betting site that accommodates Visa card options to begin betting. 

How to use a Visa card when making deposits

Find a suitable Visa betting site 

This is the most important step for players to consider. Not all betting sites have the options that allow South Africans to use their Visa cards to make deposits or withdraw funds from their accounts. It is therefore important to identify a site that accommodates Visa betting. When you log in to the betting site and navigate to the payment option, it is when you will identify that the site offers Visa betting. 

Joining Visa betting sites

After identifying the Visa betting site, you can proceed and sign up with your details. Signing up at Visa sports betting sites is a simple procedure provided you have a quick and secure internet connection. Personal details such as your name, email, date of birth, and personal ID. 

Making deposits to your account

After you have opened your account, you can proceed to fund the account using your Visa. Visit the banking section of the bookie or cashier and select Visa as your payment option. The betting site will provide directions that prompt you into making the deposit you need according to the site’s stipulations. After entering the amount, complete the transaction and you will be free to start betting. Navigate the home page and bet on the markets available on the numerous sporting events provided. 

Withdrawing with Visa at the betting sites

There are betting sites that allow you to withdraw back to the Visa card you deposited with. This option depends on whether it’s a local or international transfer whereby the process may take between 24 hours to 5 days. You should verify your account before withdrawing your money, to avoid any inconveniences. 

Pros and Cons of using the Visa option

  • Visa betting is very flexible as people only have to initiate deposits and withdrawals in the comfort of their homes. You can therefore enjoy betting from the best sites in South Africa from the comfort of your sofa at home. 
  • The Visa option is safe and secure. The safety protocols deployed by Visa cannot be penetrated by malicious parties, therefore, you can be confident of having your funds safely deposited, saved, and withdrawn. 
  • Visa payments accommodate all budgets, from modest to relatively higher payments depending on the betting site. You, therefore, are not limited to depositing large sums of money to bet and win prizes.  

Cons of Using the Visa Option

  • One of the drawbacks of the Visa option is that withdrawals may take longer than traditional mobile money options. Most withdrawals take as long as 24 hours to five days, which many customers may find inconvenient when they need to use the money they won. 
  • Another disadvantage is that not all the top betting sites in South Africa have adopted this option. Players are therefore limited to exploring the bookmakers that have this option, should they opt to enjoy Visa betting. 


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