Fafi Dream Guide South Africa

Fafi or Mo-China is a number game that is widely played in South African towns. The game is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe since many international betting platforms have incorporated it into their lobby. Its gameplay involves betting on dream numbers that are associated with luck.

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Fafi Dream Guide SA 2023

Most people believe the Mo-China game was created by SA Chinese immigrants over a century ago. Fafi is popular in most South African towns, and it is mainly played by the black community. 

Nowadays, dozens of online casinos and sportsbooks have introduced a web-based version of the game. Therefore, you can wager on Fafi at the comfort of your sofa using various devices, including smartphones.

What is Fafi

Fafi is a thirty-six number game that involves the conversion of dreams into lucky numbers using various methods. After interpretation, players gamble using the numbers associated with their dreams. 

Each item in the dream has a meaning, and you can bet using all the possible numbers to increase the likelihood of winning. For instance, if you have a Nightmare, you can use 48 as your lucky number while betting.

How Fafi works

The game entails using a dream guide to interpret the content of your dreams. Every item you dream about is associated with a particular symbol. As a punter, you may use the numbers while selecting lucky numbers on a Fafi game. Although not all predictions may come true, many players believe that using the dream guide increases the chances of success.

Where to play Fafi

South African punters can play Mo-China in real life with friends or workmates. However, those with mobile gadgets can download Fafi apps and enjoy free or real money gameplay. During free play, you get free in-game credits for trying the titles, but real money mode requires you to fund your account. You can find iOS Fafi apps on AppStore and Android Fafi APK files on Google Play.

Apart from apps, there are dozens of online bookies and casinos that have a section for Fafi lucy number betting. Some sites have demo mode feature which allows players to try their luck without spending any cash. However, you need to register and verify your Fafi account for real money betting.

Fafi numbers and meanings

There are dozens of things you can dream about and each item has a number. However, there are only 36 possible symbols and some dreams can share a number. The Fafi guide below can help you translate your dream into a symbol.

Lucky numbers - Symbol - meaning

  • 1 - King - White man, Human blood, and Left eye.
  • 2 - Monkey - Spirit Chief, Native, Jockey, and Copper money.
  • 3 - Sea Water - Sailor, Frog, Accident, and Sex.
  • 4 - Dead man - Turkey, Bed, and Small Fortune.
  • 5 - Tiger - Fight and Strong Man.
  • 6 - Ox Blood - Gentleman and Milk.
  • 7 - Lion - Chickens, Thief, and Big stick.
  • 8 - Pig - Loafer, Chinese king, Drunken man, and Fat man.
  • 9 - Moon - Hole, Pumpkin, Devil, Owl, Baby, and Anything round.
  • 10 - Eggs - Boat, Train, Grave, and Anything Oval.
  • 11 - Carriage - Flowers, Tree, Bicycle, Furniture, and Wood.
  • 12 - Dead woman - Ducks, Chinese Queen, and Small fire.
  • 13 - Big fish - Ghosts, and Spirits.
  • 14 - Old woman - Nurse, Fox, Detective, and Native woman.
  • 15 - Bad woman - Prostitute, Small knife, Canary, and White horse.
  • 16 - Small house - Pigeon, Letter, Paper money, Coffin, and Young woman.
  • 17 - Diamond woman - Pearls, Queen, Stars, Diamond, and White woman.
  • 18 - Silver money - Right eye, Rain, Butterfly, Hook, and Servant girl.
  • 19 - Little girl - Big bird, Smoke, Bread, and Left hand.
  • 20 - Cat - Body, Minister, Sky, Music, Handkerchief, and Naked woman.
  • 21 - Old man - Elephant, Teeth, Stranger, Nose, Knife, and Fisherman.
  • 22 - Bats - Shoes, Big ship, Left foot, and Motor car.
  • 23 - Horse - Crown, Head, Hair, and Doctor.
  • 24 - Mouth - Lioness, Purse, Vixen, Hole, and Wild cat.
  • 25 - Big house - Boxer, Church, and Hospital.
  • 26 - Bees - Madman, Bush, Crown, Funeral, General, and Bad man.
  • 27 - Dog - Medicine, Policeman, Sad news, and Newborn baby.
  • 28 - Sardines - Surprise, Small child, Thief, Right foot, and Small fish.
  • 29 - Small water - Tears, Rain, Coffin, Big knife, and Right hand.
  • 30 - Fowl - Indian, Sun, Forest, Graveyard, and Throat.
  • 31 - Big fire - Fight, Bishop, Woman, Feathers, and Big spirit.
  • 32 - Gold money - Snake and Dirty woman.
  • 33 - Little boy - Spider.
  • 34 - Meat - Cripple, Tramp, honey, Anything dirty, sick woman, and Human dung.
  • 35 - Clothes - Big hole, Big grave, and Sheep.
  • 36 - Shrimp - Gum, Admiral, and Stick, Cigars.


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