Betway Voucher Deposit Guide for South Africans (2024)

Betway Voucher Deposit Guide for South African Players: Learn How to Obtain and Use Vouchers on Betway.

Written by James Mwaura
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Last updated 2024/04/26

Guide for Betway Voucher Deposit

Betway vouchers are a crucial means for placing bets and storing money without the need for a bank. Using a voucher when making money deposits to your Betway account means that you’re exploring one of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient ways to finance your Betway account. You only need to purchase a prepaid voucher for as little as R2 from any retailer and use the voucher to finance your account. There are various vouchers you can use to top up your account. You only need to visit accredited retailers around the country and buy one to increase your chances of winning big through betting with Betway.

The vouchers you can use to top up your Betway account include the Flash/1Voucher, the Betway Voucher, the OTT Voucher, the Blu Voucher, and the Easyload Voucher.

This guide will take you through the processes of financing your Betway account using all the aforementioned vouchers to enhance your betting experience with Betway. You can buy the voucher from a physical retail store or online. The choice you make based on the purchase will depend on what you deem more convenient for you. After buying the voucher, login to your account and enter the voucher code to finance your account based on the money spent to purchase the voucher.

The Flash/1Voucher

The Flash/1Voucher is one of the popular vouchers you can use to deposit money into your Betway account.

The first step to depositing money to your account using 1Voucher is buying purchasing the voucher. The voucher can either be purchased online or from a retail store countrywide. To purchase the voucher online, follow the following process:

  1. Visit the 1Voucher website at
  2. After opening the web page, select the voucher type as shown in the image above.
  3. Click on “1Voucher” and then click “Next” to proceed to the amount.
  4. Enter the amount of money you wish your voucher should be worth. The amount of money should be between R50 and R2500.
  5. Identify the avenue you’d wish to receive the voucher. It could either be through SMS or email.
  6. Click on “Next” to proceed to the payment option.
  7. Pick a payment option you’d use to buy the voucher and confirm.
  8. You will receive the voucher based on your selection, and this could either be through SMS or email.

Alternatively, you can go to the following outlets to purchase a paper voucher:

  • Flash Shops
  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • USave
  • PEP stores

After purchasing the voucher, login to your Betway account by visiting the website at

9. Click on the “Deposit Funds” option

10. Select 1For You Voucher as your option.

11. Enter your voucher code as is.

12. Click the “Redeem” option to finance your account.

Your account will now be loaded with the appropriate funds and ready for betting.


The Betway Voucher, popularly known as Kazang, is another choice for you to obtain a means for financing your betting account. Kazang provides prepaid value-added services to South Africans, including voucher purchases for payment purposes. Betway vends its vouchers to bettors in South Africa. Unlike the 1Voucher, Kazang vouchers are purchased in a retail store or online from Betway because Betway is an accredited vendor. You can get a Kazang voucher online or by buying one from an authorized retail store country-wide. When you purchase the voucher from a retail store, you will use the voucher code to load money into your account.

To purchase the voucher online on Betway, the following procedure will help you:

  • Visit Betway’s website at and log in to your account.
  • Click on “Menu” on the top left corner of the home page, then “Deposit funds”.
  • Click on “Ozow”.
  • Key in the amount of money you like to deposit.
  • You will be redirected to a secure page where you will be required to select your bank and enter your online banking username and password.
  • After completing the process, the money will be credited to your Betway account.

The OTT Voucher

OTT voucher is a payment option that allows you to pay, deposit and top up your account on an online presence. This voucher is used similarly to an airtime voucher but is accepted by many different companies, including betting operators. The OTT Voucher is a secure alternative you can use to finance your Betway account.

There are two ways you can buy an OTT voucher as a bettor. One of them is through a retail store and the other means is online. The following retail stores are licensed to sell OTT vouchers to South Africans:

  • Boxer Super Stores.
  • GloCell.
  • Caltex.
  • Game.
  • Builders Warehouse.
  • Makro.
  • Cambridge Foods.
  • PAV Telecoms.

You can also purchase the voucher in the comfort of your home using the following procedure:

  1. Go to your browser and open OTT website at
  2. Enter the amount you want and click “Next”. The amount should be between R10 and R2000.
  3. Enter the number and email where the voucher pin will be sent after you successfully complete the payment.
  4. Use Ozow or Callpay to finalize your payment.

Blu Voucher

Blu Voucher is a single secure prepaid voucher that is used to pay, deposit, and top up accounts with any of our online partners by using the partner’s mobile app or website. The voucher is redeemed safely online by using a 16-digit pin, and payment is made to the full value of the voucher immediately upon redemption, all without needing a bank card.

You will need to visit a licensed vendor and purchase the Blu Voucher. On the paper voucher, there is a 16-digit pin that you will use to load money into your account. Remember, the amount of money you used to purchase the voucher will the equivalent of the amount of money deposited to your Betway account.

  • Remember, loading your Betway account is a straightforward process. All you need to do is log in to the redemption partner's website or mobile app, in this case, your Betway account, that you would like to use your voucher for.
  • You will then input the 16-digit PIN found on the voucher. The top-up/payment is made to the full value of the voucher and is instantly credited on redemption.
  • Your account will be credited, and you will be able to bet.

The Easyload Voucher

The Easyload Voucher is another reliable voucher you can use to finance your Betway account as an alternative to bank deposits. The EasyLoad option involves purchasing the voucher and using the pin to charge your account for you to bet on your favorite games. Visit a licensed retailer and request for an EasyLoad Voucher. Pay for the voucher and use the pin to load your Betway account.

The following detailed procedure will guide you on how to deposit money in your Betway account:

  1. Go to the nearest EasyLoad vendor or Supplier and buy a voucher based on the amount of your choice.
  2. Visit Betway’s website at and click on “Menu” on the top left corner of the home page.
  3. Click “Deposit Funds”.
  4. Click on the “EasyLoad” icon.
  5. Enter your 14-digit voucher code.
  6. Click “Redeem” to finance your account.


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