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Betway's Data Free Promotion Explained

One of the top promotions on offer at Betway is the chance to place sports bets data free and around the clock, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

All betting sites have their own special bonuses, promotions and offers that have been carefully designed to tempt new players to sign up, plus to bring existing customers back to the site.

Betway is no different, this online bookmaker has developed into one of the biggest betting brands in the world since it was founded all the way back in 2006.

This means customers on the Betway sportsbook do not have to worry about spiralling mobile bills when they use their handheld devices to place bets on the site.

It is not always possible to bet on Wi-Fi, which can result in a lot of data being used by those trying to access a betting site like Betway from Nigeria or South Africa.

But how does Betway's data free promotion work and how can users claim it? Our guide to Betway's data free promotion for Nigeria and South Africa players has all the answers.

What is Betway Data Free?

The data free promotion from Betway has been around for a while now. It is very popular among players from both Nigeria and South Africa who want to keep their mobile phone bills down.

Through Betway's data free promotion, users can place pre-game and live in-play wagers without having to worry about using up any of the mobile data on their devices.

All they have to do is download the Betway app onto their chosen handheld devices. The betting app is available for iOS - where it is offered on the App Store and Android users.

Getting access to Betway's data free promotion is a bit more complicated for those who use an Android device. The app is offered only on the Betway site itself.

Android users will also have to change the settings on their device to make sure it will permit apps from outside sources to be downloaded.

While these extra steps may be a little frustrating for Android users, being able to use Betway's data free promotion means it is well worth the additional effort to get the Betway app.

Betway's data free promotion can be found in the rotating carousel at the top of the website. But how does Betway's data free promotion work, anyway? Let's take a look in more detail.

How Does Betway's Data Free Promotion Work?

Betway's data free promotion works by letting users of the company's mobile betting app browse and place wagers without racking up bills.

As well as sports betting, Betway customers are also able to place their 4 to Score predictions data free on the Betway app as well.

Previously, the data free site was available on mobile or desktop but in 2021, Betway announced that the promotion will now only be offered through its iOS and Android betting app.

Users should remember that they will have to use up some of their mobile data to get the app itself, so it is recommended to download the software via Wi-Fi if this is at all possible.

Nevertheless, even those who have to pay for data to download the app will be in line to make savings in the long run due to the fact all of their sports betting with Betway will now be data-free.

It is also possible to make deposits data free by using the Betway mobile app. However, this will not necessarily be the case for all of the different payment methods offered at Betway.

Users of the app will be warned if their deposit needs to use data and if they will be charged as a result, so it is still possible to choose only a deposit method that can be used data free here.

How to Claim Betway's Data Free Promotion

Claiming Betway's data free promotion is simple for anyone who has the Betway app.

All that they need to do is click on the data free icon and this will activate the promotion, ensuring none of their data is being used when browsing the sports betting markets offered by Betway.

Anyone who wants to exit data free mode just needs to click the icon again to get out of it. Betway could hardly have made it any easier to claim its excellent data free promotion.

However, customers who sign up for this online bookmaker from Nigeria or South Africa should be aware that not all of the products offered by Betway can be used data-free.

While pre-game and in-play sports betting are available data free, live games such as roulette and blackjack cannot be played on the Betway app within the data free mode.

Users will be able to see whether or not they are in data free mode on the Betway app as there is a yellow bar that shows the status.

All in all, Betway's data free promotion is well worth the short amount of time it takes to claim.

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Last updated: 8/30/2022