Best Golf Betting Sites in New Zealand

Compare the best golf betting sites in New Zealand, and read our golf betting guide for tips and betting strategy to help you win.

Top 4 New Zealand Golf Betting Sites Reviewed

After going through many sports betting sites for New Zealanders, our experts have picked the top 5 golf betting platforms. Each platform has been reviewed below to aid you in choosing the best golf betting site.


#1 888Sport

888Sport is a smooth sports betting platform that can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. While the 888 brand is popular for its online casino, the gambling company also offers excellent sports betting services. Furthermore, you can gamble on a wide range of popular sports, including golf, by signing up.

888Sport prides itself in providing a unique sports betting experience to punters. One of its standout features is the six-shooter golf bet option, where you can group up to six players and predict the best performer. Below are the pros and cons of placing golf bets at this online bookmaker.


  • It has a downloadable sports betting app
  • Allows six-shooter golf betting
  • It offers extra Each-Way places for major golf tournaments.


  • The layout on the desktop version is below the standard found on the mobile app.
  • 24/7 customer support is unavailable

#2 Bet365

Bet365 is one of the best betting sites for golf bettors in New Zealand. This bookmaker offers price boosts on some of the most famous golfers before the commencement of any event. Even though Bet365 doesn't provide extra Each-Way places, it still allows players to bet on the popular golf markets. 

The live-play option is one of the incredible benefits that golf bettors can enjoy at Bet365. Throughout a golf tournament, punters will have access to various live-play options. 


  • Virtual golf betting
  • Major events can be streamed in real-time
  • Various live-play options
  • Frequent golf price boosts


  • Not many Each-Way places
  • Only a few golf promotions

#3 BetVictor

BetVictor is one of the top online bookmakers for golf betting in New Zealand. The betting platform covers major golf events and offers the most competitive odds. You'll also find regional golf events like OneAsia, South American, Japan Golf, and Australasia. 

At BetVictor, you can place bets using 13 currencies, including the New Zealand dollar. The golf betting site also offers an impressive selection of banking options to ensure seamless transactions.


  • Native apps for Android and iOS
  • Covers all major and minor golf events
  • An impressive selection of deposit and withdrawal options
  • Virtual golf betting


  • No phone support

#4 Betway

Golf bettors in New Zealand will have a great time on the Betway platform. This online bookmaker offers major golf events, including PGA Tours, Major Championship, and the World Golf Championship.

However, one of the pitfalls of playing at Betway is that you won't have access to regional golf games. Fortunately, Betway makes up for it by providing an excellent mobile app.

In addition to live-play options, Betway offers an accumulator bonus for match bets, which is rare on most golf betting platforms. When golf betting at Betway, you'll find unique five places Each-Way.


  • It offers the popular golf markets
  • Allows live betting on all major events
  • User-friendly interface
  • Offers extra Each-Way places
  • Downloadable mobile app


  • No regional golf games

Best Golf Betting Sites in New Zealand

Golf is currently one of the ten most popular sports in the world. It was first played in Scotland by shepherds who wanted to pass the time during those long and tedious days on the fields. 

Golf has experienced significant changes since its invention in the 15th century. In addition to playing golf and watching it being played, you can now place bets on major golf events. That’s all thanks to the sheer number of golf betting sites in New Zealand.

To ensure finding the best golf betting site is hassle-fre, we've put together a list of the best golf betting sites in New Zealand. 

How We Rank New Zealand Golf Betting Sites

Our selection of the top golf betting sites for New Zealanders isn't based on sentiment. We consider the following factors when ranking the best golf betting sites in New Zealand. 


The golf betting sites on our list offer exciting bonuses to new sports bettors. These bonuses often come as free bets, which you'll unlock upon your first deposit. What's more, these bonuses are pretty high and have fair requirements. 


Playing at an online betting site that is unsafe or illegal is dangerous, as you'll be risking your money and data in the process. That's why we ensure that the golf betting sites we review for players like you, are licensed by reputable gambling regulators like the MGA. In addition to providing you with the best golf betting experience, the sites on our list will prioritize your safety. 

Payment Options

We know you can't wait to deposit and begin golf betting. That's why payment is among the factors we consider most when choosing the best golf betting sites in New Zealand. Each NZ golf betting site on our list offers an impressive selection of fast and secure payment options. You don't have to worry about the safety of your financial data when depositing or withdrawing at these gambling sites. Also, you can be sure of fast and seamless transactions. 

Golf Betting Options

A little variety doesn't hurt, so we prioritize bookmakers offering a wide range of golf betting options. These golf betting options must include live bets and other popular choices. When playing golf betting at these sites, you won't run out of options to bet on. 

Golf Betting Odds

Golf betting is a rewarding activity if you win. As constant winning isn't guaranteed, you should enjoy decent payouts whenever you get lucky. That's why we prioritize NZ gambling sites that offer competitive odds. Placing a winning bet at these sites will guarantee the biggest possible return.


Reputation is as important as any of the factors we've discussed above. Playing at a sports betting site with a bad reputation is synonymous with shooting yourself in the foot. Besides having an awful online gambling experience, your data and safety will be at risk. Fortunately, the bookmakers on our list have a positive reputation among online sports bettors. 

Popular Golf Betting Options in New Zealand

Earlier, we discussed how essential it is for a bookmaker to offer a variety of golf betting options. Now, you'll see the popular golf betting options in New Zealand.

  • Tournament Winner Golf Betting

Tournament Winner is one of the most popular and straightforward golf betting options at NZ bookmakers. You have to bet on the player you think has a high chance of winning the tournament. 

Most times, this type of golf betting comes with enormous odds because it's a high-risk bet. For instance, the bookmaker can place the odds of a particular golfer winning the tournament at +3000. That means you can win over $1500 when you place a winning bet worth $50 on the golfer.

  • Each-Way Golf Betting

Each-Way golf betting is like a double gamble. Instead of just betting on a tournament winner, this bet type allows you to bet on a golfer finishing among the top 5. You'll find this bet option useful if you want to bet on a top golfer but aren't sure if he'll win the tournament. However, you'll have to double your wager. 

  • Top 5/10/20 Betting

As the name implies, this golf bet involves betting on a golfer to finish among the top 5, 10, or 20, depending on the bookmaker. All the same, it's important to note that your payout will decrease if the golfer finishes with a low number. 

  • First-Round Leader Betting

The first day of a golf tournament is often referred to as the "first round". If you have an idea of the golfer who'll be in the lead by the end of the first round, you can use this golf bet option.

  • Head-to-Head Betting

Head-to-Head betting offers many choices for golf bettors. They can choose which player will perform better than the other or win specific matches/holes. 

  • Match Play Betting

With this golf betting option, you can bet on which golfer will win specific matches. Most golf events don't use the match-play betting style. However, you'll find this betting option when an American team plays against an international team. 

  • Top Nationality Betting

The top nationality bet allows you to choose which region the winner will emerge from. You have a wide variety of areas to choose from, as long as they participate in the tournament. 

  • In-Play Golf Betting

Only a few online bookmakers, like Bet365 and BetVictor, offer a live golf betting option. This option allows you to stream and place bets during live golf events. One of the benefits of this golf betting option is the big odds you get to enjoy. 

Major Golf Tournaments

There are numerous golf tournaments in the sports industry; however, only the major ones will be discussed in this section. While these tournaments we'll be discussing are for men, note that there are tournaments like the US Women's Open, the Women's British Open, and the Women's PGA Championship for female golfers. 

US Open

Undoubtedly, the US Open is the most talked about golf tournament. That's because participants and viewers consider it to be the most challenging game that tests a golfer's skill and years of training. 

PGA Championship

Unlike the popular idea that the PGA Championship isn't a major tournament, this golf event has continued to impress many. As a departure from the usual, in 2019, the PGA Championship moved its August slot to May. 

Open Championship

The Open Championship is one of the oldest events in the history of golf tournaments; it's also known as the British Open Stateside. This golf tournament can be unpredictable, even among professional golf analysts. 

The Masters

The Masters is an annual golf event that takes place at Augusta National. Since the event is one of the oldest, bettors have enough past data to guide their decisions. 

Helpful Tips and Strategies in Golf Betting

Whether you're a veteran or a newbie in golf betting, a few tips will go a long way towards improving your winning chances. 

These helpful tips and strategies in golf betting are:

Don't Bet on One Player

Depending on one player when placing golf bets is risky. You have to bet on multiple players to lower your chances of losing. For example, instead of betting $100 on a particular player to win, you can place a $20 bet on each of the five players. 

Take Advantage of the Cashout Option

The NZ golf betting sites we recommend offer a cash-out option. If your chances of winning decrease during an event, you can opt for a cash-out. Instead of losing your bet, this option allows you to receive a decent payout. 

Have a Staking Plan for Each Golf Tournament

You should set aside a bankroll when a golf tournament is about to commence. That'll help you decide how much you're willing to bet for the number of days the game will last. You can also choose whether to place outright bets or live bets during the game. 

An Overview of the Best Golf Betting Apps in New Zealand

There are many sports betting sites in New Zealand. However, only the best platforms offer downloadable mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android. 

With a betting app, you can place golf bets on the go using your smartphone. What's more, you can also view the live results of ongoing events. 

Our list of recommended golf betting platforms offers the best golf betting apps in New Zealand. You can visit the betting website or the Play Store on your device to download a golf betting app now. 


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