Best Payment Methods for Online Gambling in New Zealand

In this guide, you will learn all about which payment methods you can use for deposits and withdrawals when online gambling in New Zealand.

Payment Methods Accepted for Gambling in NZ

It’s human nature for anxiety levels to rise anytime you have to part with your money, especially when dealing electronically with a party you can’t see at the other end of a transaction. With digital scammers lurking in cyberspace, it’s logical people yearn for ultra-safe methods of making payments on electronic platforms nowadays.

Well, gamblers in Aotearoa New Zealand are no different in trying to keep their stress levels in check when entering the domain of online casino and sports betting platforms to wager. That’s why we’re dedicating this concise article to the best payment methods for online gambling in New Zealand. When you finish reading our analysis, we believe you’ll have the confidence to carry out transactions with trustworthy online gambling platforms for a memorable experience.

We can hear the echoes of numerous legitimate questions from our online Kiwi gamblers and punters:

  • Does every method qualify for casino bonuses?
  • Can I pay via mobile devices?
  • Do casino operators and payment providers levy fees?
  • What about using different methods to make a deposit and withdrawal on one transaction?
  • How about transferring my wins to an account outside the one I’ve registered with the online casino/bookmaker?
  • What — 5 to 28 days? Are there any quicker methods?
  • Do casinos/bookies have ceilings on how much I can deposit/withdraw?

Don’t fret! We have visited official sites to save you valuable energy and time, so you can channel them in playing your favourite pokies. We recognise the need for a clear frame of mind when placing bets. You don’t want to be in a foul mood. Transactional hiccups can do that at a drop of a hat.

New Zealanders are at the other end of the world from where technological strides are made but that doesn’t mean they’ll compromise their safety and security. Finding a glitch-free payment method is paramount. We take a look at features that offer Kiwis peace of mind.

Different payment methods

Just as New Zealanders find different online casinos/sportsbooks suit their requirements better, payment methods shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all prescription. If you’re up with the play on modern payment gateways in the e-commerce jungle, then knock yourselves out. If not, don’t be embarrassed about remaining faithful to your true-and-tried traditional payment methods. Here’s a concise look at what you can base your decisions:

Debit & credit cards

These are the main go-to payment method for New Zealand gamblers and punters. A fair assumption is that a sizable number placing bets are middle-aged Kiwis with disposable income. They’re more likely not to stray from the traditional cards although the anti-gambling lobby groups are mounting pressure on the New Zealand Government to ban the use of credit cards, akin to Britain and Australia. American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are the most preferred of debit/credit cards in New Zealand. The differences between the cards are minimal although Visa tends to have an edge. MasterCard’s electronic hero came in the form of Maestro in 1991 but it seems the Europe-based debit card hasn’t made too many inroads here. Amex makes cameo appearances.

New Zealand gamblers will find trustworthy operators will accept these methods as instant forms of deposits and smart-time withdrawals. While operators insist on Kiwis following procedures for their own safety, they don’t stand in the way of payments. Any delays, especially with withdrawals, tend to be on the part of the payment providers. Reputable operators rubber stamp applications within 24 hours.

e-Wallets & prepaid cards

Logic suggests — putting aside the younger adults’ penchant for gambling — that these methods will eclipse debit/credit cards. It’s not a case of if but when it will with a rapid and secure service. Most marquee casinos/bookmakers accept e-Wallet/prepaid cards.

Here are some of the e-Wallets/prepaid cards Kiwi gamblers and punters are partial to:

  • EcoPayz: Formed in 2000 as EcoCard, this digital wallet mutated to EcoPayz in 2013 to serve 173 nations in close to 50 currencies. This portal is beginning to find traction with Kiwis, especially young adults, because gamblers can accept or transfer funds through a single, secure socket of transaction.
  • MuchBetter: This 2016 e-Wallet has the endorsement of MasterCard. The orange card can be used offline or online. Whether the London-based payment provider will take the fancy of tech-savvy New Zealanders remains to be seen. MuchBetter has a multi-awarding app, offering contactless tap and top-up services. The fee-free method has an instant-freeze option if you lose it, but charges are levied for ATM use. That it sponsors the Vagabonds women’s rugby union team in the Isle of Man will interest Kiwis.
  • Neteller: Now under British conglomerate Paysafe Group, this method’s roots go back to Canada in 1999. Not a bank, Neteller began a rapport with the gambling industry in 2000, processing 85% of the global merchants’ online transactions. The appeal for Kiwis is that it deals in 26 key currencies and presents a dock whereby cash can be loaded instantly into an account from a bank, debit/credit card, or up to 40 other methods.
  • PayPal: Much like EcoPayz, PayPal was born as Confinity in the United States in 1998. It became PayPal, an e-commerce company, in 2000. This is the most preferred payment gateway for Kiwis outside of debit/credit cards. PayPal did hike its processing fees in post-pandemic 2021, causing shudders among global merchants. That perhaps explains why not all NZ operators are PayPal casinos.
  • Paysafecard: It’s not easy to spot in the retail or commercial sector here but NZ gamblers seem to be warming up to this payment portal. Kiwis can buy a voucher from downtown businesses with the use of major credit cards and bank transfer, but the trend is swaying towards PaySafe vouchers through digital outlets such as and ( lower fees). Paysafecard is ideal for topping up phones, too. Four Austrians founded the prepaid card in 2000.
  • Skrill: That Skrill is nipping at PayPal or Paysafecard’s heels won’t come as a surprise to many Kiwi gamblers. Not that incumbent owners Paysafe (which also operates Neteller) will lose sleep over it because the original parent company, Optimal Payments, had made a sweeping acquisition of Skrill and Paysafecard rival Ukash in 2015. What makes Skrill desirable is that New Zealanders can use it to transfer money from their personal bank account to other banking facilities abroad. Only an email address or phone contact is required to trade in cryptocurrencies, too. Founded in 2001 in the United Kingdom as Moneybookers, the e-Wallet provider became an e-payment prince by 2007. In 2019, Skrill had collected a rash of payment industry European/US awards to enhance its branding. Skrill ensures Kiwi high rollers instant play on opening an account.

Electronic bank transfers

Habits die hard especially with middle-aged and elderly folk who aren’t tech savvy. That shouldn’t be an issue at all because, ultimately, having the best iGaming experience is the goal. That’s why electronic bank transfers play a pivotal role in ensuring their stress levels remain low.

That simply means your bank can make an electronic transfer of money from your account to any other around the world. That makes this an ideal gateway for gamblers. However, banks on either side of an entity/individual transaction may end up levying you nominal fees. This method is ideal for those who are time rich or anxious that their withdrawal money won’t drop into their accounts quick enough. Deposits tend to be instant.

Alternatives: Among a swag of other payment methods are cryptocurrencies and phone payments. The jury is out on how many Kiwi gamblers use them. With the calamitous decline of cryptocurrencies, any worthy traction in New Zealand would have come to a crawl now. Apple Pay and Google Pay should have some following among the millennial iGamers but it pays to know that you can only make a one-time $NZ10 deposit payment. It’s good for those who need to keep their gambling urges in check.

Best and Fastest Payment Method

No doubt, this will vary among Kiwi players. It’ll depend on variables such as the age of gamblers, time they have, and whether they are high rollers or casuals. Our advice is to read the terms and conditions on the mobile sites of operators to see what suits you best. How fast a provider pays is easy to work out in our article’s listing below, but you must check to ensure if the gateway qualifies for bonuses and other promotions. Does that service allow for deposits and withdrawals?

All providers on our list offer a fee-free service and have instant deposits, bar electronic bank payments which can take from 2 to 10 business days for deposits; 5 to 28 days to withdraw; require $NZ100 minimum for transactions and a maximum of $NZ50,000. The withdrawal times of payment providers vary. So do the minimum and maximum amounts required for transactions.

  • Apple Pay: 1-5 days withdrawal time; $NZ5 minimum; $NZ5,000 maximum.
  • EcoPayz: Within 24 hours; $NZ5 min; $NZ5,000 max.
  • Google Pay: 1-5 days; $NZ5 min; $NZ5,000 max.
  • Maestro: 1-5 days; $NZ5 min; $NZ20,000 max.
  • MasterCard: 1-5 days; $NZ5 min; $NZ20,000 max.
  • MuchBetter: 3-5 days; $NZ10 min; max differs with casinos.
  • PayPal: Within 24 hours; $NZ10 min; $NZ5,500 max.
  • Paysafecard: Within 24 hours; $NZ5 min; $NZ779 max.
  • Neteller: Within 24 hours; $NZ10 min; $NZ5,000 max.
  • Skrill: Within 24 hours; $NZ10 min; $NZ5,000 max.
  • Visa: 1-5 days; $NZ5 min; $NZ20,000 max.

How to Sign Up for Payment Accounts

Having read our article and made a list of what suits you, it’s time to opt for a payment method. Are you just a casual gambler who yearns for an adrenaline fix or a medium-to-high roller?

  • The Casuals: It’ll be music to the ears of Kiwis to know that they don’t need to break their bank balances. All of the debit/credit card or e-Wallet/prepaid payment providers we have listed above will leave you humming. With a $NZ5 to $NZ10 deposit how can Kiwis go wrong? However, if you aren’t disciplined with your personal bank account, then go for a Paysafecard option where the maximum limit is $NZ779 to protect you from yourself.
    MuchBetter’s maximum limit varies with online casino operators and bookies, so that can be an option subject to scrutiny. For Kiwi casuals who have spades of discipline, the likes of EcoPayz, Neteller, PayPal, cell-phone apps, and Skrill are a rung or two higher.
  • The medium-to-high rollers: The Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa payment gateways are ideal for the medium-range New Zealand gamblers. That’s because they have a maximum limit of $NZ20,000 and a relatively comfortable time of 1-to-5 business days for the money to be deposited into their accounts from winning withdrawals. The high rollers will, no doubt, be partial to the electronic bank transfer (or bank wire) option. A minimum $NZ100 is reasonable with a maximum limit of $NZ50,000.
  • Step-by-step process to deposit/withdraw: Online casinos and sportsbooks will have different configurations, menus, and processes to follow but we’re using a generic template here that will give New Zealanders a good idea of what to expect:


  • Visit your iGaming account
  • Identify the “managing your account” category in the settings
  • Click on the “deposit” option
  • In the muster of payment gateways, identify and click your preferred method
  • Enter the sum of money you wish to deposit, mindful of your minimum/maximum limits
  • Keep your eyes/ears peeled for the email notification to confirm the transaction


This simply entails following the same sequence as depositing but in step 3, instead of clicking on “deposit”, activate “withdraw” from your iGaming account of the online casino operator/bookmaker. No doubt, you’ll have to wait for an email confirmation, bearing in mind not only the minimum/maximum limits but also the time it’ll take for your payment provider to process your application. The online casinos tend to approve gamblers’ withdrawals within 24 hours.

Note: Become familiar with casino links that outline verification and KYC (know-your-customer) documentation to protect you from scammers and identity thieves. The other thing you should watch out for is ensuring your choice of payment method qualifies for any casino/bookie bells and whistles you fancy.