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No Deposit Free Spins Bonuses in New Zealand - Win Real Money

FREE. It’s a word that is bound to make just about anyone, anywhere in the world line up to find out what all the fuss is about on whatever is up for grabs. It’s human nature to feel like you’re coming away with something for nothing, right? Well, gamblers in Aotearoa New Zealand are not exempt from this potent four-letter word. We love it, too!

Mention “free spins” on any online casino website and Kiwis will touch down on the landing pages of those operators’ platforms in a heartbeat. Now throw in “no deposit” into the equation with “free spins” to watch the fun and games begin in the virtual playgrounds of the online gambling industry.

Put simply, the rival online casinos in New Zealand are raising the stakes on each other to entice Kiwi newcomers into their iGaming lounge. That means, the fallout from the war between the operators will benefit those New Zealanders game enough to wager using the casinos’ money to not only have a better grasp of the games on offer, but also make money without risking their own savings.

It can be quite a time-consuming task to sift through hundreds of websites to find a free-spins, no-deposit online casino in the New Zealand cyberspace that is tailor made for Kiwis. That’s why we’re doing some purposeful digging to come up with variables that suit your requirements in a time-poor world.

What are free spins?

Popularity aside, free spins are like heaven in pokies paradise for New Zealand gamblers. It’s a bonus that enables players to spin reels. Kiwis have the opportunity to play rounds of pokies (slots) to claim real-money wins on online casinos. It goes without saying that playing pokies is a Kiwi favourite pastime, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that some gambling industry operators go out on a limb to make it their point of difference to lure players to their platforms.

Let us break it down even further to drive home how remarkably simple a concept it is. An online casino operator will offer a designated number of free spins, which tends to be confined to a particular type of game such as Ancient Egypt, Book of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Moolah, or Starburst. Some online casinos simply allocate free spins to an iGaming software provider such as Microgaming, Playtech, or NetEnt.

It pays for New Zealanders to be aware that such free-spins bonus comes with conditions — a minimum deposit, the maximum amount of real money you can claim, time constraints, and so on — which we’ll look at in detail in this post. For that reason our advice to Kiwi gamblers is to read the terms & conditions of the online casino’s website you land on before diving in to play. While every operator offers such bonuses, their terms & conditions vary according to how much they intend to protect their interests as an entity that needs to stay profitable. You’ll find some operators openly state their wagering requirements, time constraints, and maximum-win ceilings while others require clicking to the general terms & conditions on the website link.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

Again, no points for guessing why this is an ultra-popular among New Zealander entering the iGaming lounge of online casinos. It simply equates to Kiwis having fun on the gambling industry platforms without sticking out their necks, especially if they’re newcomers who simply want to see if the activities live up to all the hype. The sense of assurance comes from not having to dig deep in their pockets to deposit money into their accounts, after registering with an online casino that takes their fancy.

What makes no-deposit bonuses a hoot is that it’s more than just a “demo” or free game to become familiar with. Lucky Kiwi gamblers can claim some money for nothing. To be precise, you are finding a fix for your flutter on the generosity of the online casinos. How good is that, right?

Free spins + no deposits = investment

It’s perfectly human for curious Kiwis to pose the question: “Why on earth is any online casino doing something crazy like that?”

The answer is just as simple as the bonus free-spins-no-deposit offer. It’s the same reason why many New Zealanders who take their children supermarket shopping find the operators offer children free fruit, chipolatas from the delicatessen, or goodies to sample from the bakery section. It’s the owners’ way of investing in the future. If the youngsters acquire a taste of their delightful products, they’ll not only buy it in the future but also introduce it to their children.

To experience fun is a giant leap from someone trying to convince you to engage in a foreign territory. It also is a sign that the number of online casino operators entering the New Zealand gambling cyberspace is increasing exponentially. That shouldn’t raise suspicions. It’s a matter of turning it into a win-win situation for those Kiwis who love a flutter. For that reason, we’re doing some homework here to help you make purposeful decisions.

Steps to claiming free-spins-no-deposit bonuses

It’s important for New Zealanders to understand that a free-spins-no-deposit bonus offer isn’t a common occurrence. If it becomes one, then it’s going to lose its novelty appeal. However, Kiwis may find a few so our goal is to help you analyse what suits your personal requirements.

Like any promotional material that jumps out of the online casinos’ websites to fixate players, the free-spins-no-deposit ones can have a similar impact, so we want you to keep your emotions in check before deciding where to have some fun. Just because one operator offers a higher number of free spins it doesn’t mean it’s the best site. Here’s a stress-free method of claiming your free-spins, no-deposit bonus after having itemised your wish-list:

  1. This is the starting point for us. Look at our comprehensive reviews to ascertain what online casino operator is trustworthy, waving licences from the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, as well as third-party watch dogs such as eCOGRA to police the fairness of individual pokies machines.
  2. Look at what online casinos offer a no-deposit-free-spins bonus. If you can’t find one, then don’t stress. Sometimes it pays to take a low minimum-deposit casino with free spins over an operator whose safety and security barks like a dog. Consider factors such as the ease of navigating the mobile site, the type and variety of pokies in the iGaming catalogue, ongoing promotions, acceptance of kiwi dollars, and payment methods, to name a few.
  3. Having identified your preferred online casino operators for free-spins-no-deposit online casinos, make sure the rest of the operators’ welcome offer ticks your boxes in relation to terms & conditions on the website. That includes matters pertaining to wagering requirements, expiry times on offer, ceilings placed on claiming wins, etc. It’s always wise to cull them to a handful of online casinos so you can compare the pros and cons.
  4. Click the “register” button for new players to fill out the requested details. Verify for safety and security before creating your account. Don’t forget to opt for the “no-deposit-free-spins” offer before submitting.
  5. Check to see if the free spins have dropped into your online casino account. In some cases, Kiwi gamblers may find free-spins-no-deposit bonus codes on the sites of some New Zealand reviewers. Our advice remains on doing your homework before plumbing for online casinos. Spin the reels for maximum flutter and, hopefully, collect your risk-free winnings.

No wagering or wagering requirements?

Bonuses can come with or without wagering requirements. They can also have limitations and time constraints. That’s what all New Zealand gamblers should take into account before opting for an operator. No doubt, Kiwis who score an online casino that offers a no-deposit-free-spins offer without wagering requirements will feel like receiving an early Christmas gift.

However, online casino operators tend to offer Kiwi players an assortment of number of free spins on first deposits. Before we explain the different types of free spins New Zealanders must take advantage of, it’s important to understand how wagering requirements work. If you’re not casino savvy, then it’s like home owners becoming familiar with how the domestic appliances operate before opting for an electricity bill payment plan that suits them best.

Also referred to as playthrough or rollover, Kiwi players have to meet requirements before they can claim any winnings yielded from bonuses such as no deposit, free spins. Some online casinos’ wagering requirements can be reasonable, around the 10x to 30x mark. That means, New Zealanders who have won $NZ5 from free spins at a 20x online casino will have to play with that sum of money 20 times before they can withdraw whatever remains in their account.

Effectively, that suggests Kiwi gamblers mustn’t start celebrating a free-spins windfall until they have met the online casino’s rollover of 20 times. Put another way, that gives the operator an opportunity to recoup the money it has gifted you to play with for nothing. However, alarm bells must ring when New Zealand enthusiasts enter the iGaming lounge of an operator that places a 50x to 70x wagering requirement on bonuses, such as no deposit and free spins. The danger is you may run out of your winnings before you meet your playthrough conditions.

Again, we advise all Kiwi gamblers to read the online casinos’ terms and conditions thoroughly before committing to wagering on their virtual playground, even for fun. It also is an opportune time to mention the return to player (RTP) here. That’s because many online casinos allocate no-deposit-free-spins bonuses to a specific pokies game, such as Book of Dead, Kingdom Rise, or Starburst.

Each individual pokies game has its own RTP percentage. Players must check the RTP rating to ensure it’s above 95% to ensure they’re in with a better chance to be a lucky winner. Note that the RTP percentage for one pokies game at a casino may not be the same for the identical game at another rival’s platform. Reputable casinos list the RTPs of every individual game. Understanding volatility also is crucial. Low volatility means you’ll be taking a lower risk for safe, smaller returns. The higher the volatility, the riskier it is but the returns will be handsome.

  • Book of Dead: 96.21% RTP, high volatility (Play’n GO).
  • Kingdom Rise: 96.26% RTP, medium volatility (Playtech).
  • Starburst: 96.10% RTP, low volatility (NetEnt).

For those players who make even a minimum deposit for free spins, they must ensure the time constraint isn’t too stifling to meet the playthrough requirements. Ditto the ceiling an online casino operator places on how much money a New Zealander can win. Hypothetically speaking, even if Kiwi newcomers strike a jackpot of $NZ10,000 on a pokies game with the use of free spins, they’ll only be able to withdraw the capped sum the online casino sets, for example $NZ100, subject to rollover requirements.

Free spins with no strings attached

That simply means New Zealand gamblers are exempt from any playthrough conditions online casinos often attach to free-spins bonuses. Therefore, Kiwi players can claim their free-spins offer, spin the reels on the pokies game, and celebrate windfalls. Should they wish to withdraw their winnings immediately, the online casino operators will not stand in their way. It’s difficult to find online casinos that offer you such no-strings-attached bonuses, minus time constraints and winning limits. The idea is to give gamblers a chance to become familiar with the online casinos, but Kiwis must never lose track of the fact that operators are in the industry to make a profit.

First-deposit free spins

Newcomers are more likely to come across such first-deposit-free-spins offers from the online casinos trading in the New Zealand cyberspace. It is often offered like a sweetener on top of a minimum deposit bonus, although some operators prefer to allocate a higher number of free spins.

To claim this type of free-spins bonus, all Kiwis need to do is activate their minimum deposit. The number of free spins often vary, according to the sum of your deposit. The more you deposit the higher the proportion of free spins. It’s not unusual to find such a free-spins bonus comes with a matched cash-incentive percentage. Those New Zealand players who are simply seeking a tickle can seek out $NZ1 online casinos for token returns. Again, they aren’t easy to find but it’s an ideal way to identify and archive games you enjoy playing, until such time as you’re ready to wager some serious money.

Putting free-spins bonus on overdrive

New Zealand gamblers window shopping on the landing pages of online casino websites will discover operators offer free spins from a paltry NZ10 cents to jaw-dropping bumper sums of more than $NZ500. A token deposit will yield a lean winning.

We like to call the high-octane value of pokies free spins as Bumper Free Spins. That simply means if you play big, you’ll win big. Just like no-deposit-no-wager bonus casinos, such bumper free-spins virtual playgrounds are hard to find. If you spot one, knock yourselves out on it. They come around as often as Hayley’s Comet.

Free-spins numbers tell the story

How many free spins online casino operators are willing to offer speaks volumes about their mindset. Are they calling the bluff of high-rolling New Zealand gamblers? Are the online casinos new in the Kiwi market so they have no qualms about enticing low-end players? Perhaps the established operators are playing a game within the gambling industry to upstage each other.

On the other end of the scale, the popularity of the free-spins bonuses is offering a great snapshot of what the New Zealanders are thinking. Do the Kiwi gamblers rate the reputation of established online casinos higher than their quest for a flutter? Are they simply New Zealanders who find it’s easier to extend their love of pokies on the online casino iGaming lounge, so the number of spins isn’t what drives them? Maybe they just want to see what new offerings award-winning software providers are conjuring to enhance their pokies paradise.

Either way, we have compiled a compact overview of how the numbers stack up and what they possibly mean to the gambling industry players when it comes down to free-spins, with no/minimum deposits:

10 free spins

At a cursory glance, this may come across as a paltry total to Kiwi newcomers but take some time to weigh up your options against other higher-number offers. This 10 free-spins offer may have a no-deposit sweetener, so that means the online casino is bartering the bonus for your registration. If a token minimum deposit is attached to this 10 free-spins bonus, then the chances are the wagering requirement may be as low as 5x or 10x. Hey, a small expense for some fun gambling on a new platform, right?

20 to 33 free spins

You could say New Zealanders seem to gravitate to this range of free-spins offer because it’s time for them to dip their toes in the slightly deeper side of the gambling pool. Having had a good taste of the 10 free-spins carrot, they tend to be willing to part with a marginally higher, minimum deposit or flirt with meeting 30x to 40x playthrough requirements to see if they can boost their adrenaline rush.

We suspect it’s because the Kiwi players have a more stable grounding and are prepared to see if the online casino operators will meet them at the halfway point on the way to unlocking surprises attached to loyalty programmes and multi-tiered VIP schemes. It is fair to assume that the no-deposit element starts becoming harder to find.

50 free spins

This, we believe, is a classic example of what the online casino operators think is the game changer for Kiwis when it comes to free-spins bonus. The 50 free-spins incentive seems to be the choice of the long-term established operators plying their trade in the New Zealand cyberspace. They seem to have based their assessments on the progression of newcomers entering their iGaming lounge after taming the 10 and 20-33 free spins categories to build confidence.

The prudent New Zealand players also start figuring out that “free” isn’t all it’s made out to be. They start looking at other variables at online casinos to see if they want to subscribe to them in the long term. Is the VIP club rewards and promotions worth pursuing? What is customer support service like? Both parties put on their game faces to see how serious they are about building a business-like relationship.

100 to 200 free spins

We’ve discovered a certain ilk of online operators encroach this no-holds-barred patch in the online casino industry. With countless new operators entering the New Zealand cyberspace, it becomes obvious the 100-to-200 free-spins bonus playground can become somewhat like a bullrush. When new online casinos try to prop up their tent, they let the more recognised rivals know of their presence with bonuses that are often attached to welcome or sign-up offers.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing for New Zealand gamblers in the hunt for fresh turf to play on. However, we advise them to read the terms & conditions thoroughly to differentiate the genuine enterprises from the pretenders to the gambling industry throne. The higher the number of free-spins bonus, the higher the roller requirements will be. In some cases they are impossible to recover wins from, even from lower minimum-deposit free spins.

Week-day free spins

Some more established online casinos tend to throw down the gauntlet to any rival upstarts in the New Zealand market. They up the stakes with daily bonus offers and promotions to counter any bold gestures from the newcomers. LeoVegas Online Casino New Zealand caught our eye with its “Lunch Free Spins”.

Such bonus offers will turn the heads of devoted Kiwi gamblers. LeoVegas opens its Lunch Free Spins doors to New Zealanders from 1pm to 4.59pm (NZ standard time), Monday to Friday. All Kiwi players have to do is to click the “Deposit” button located at the bottom of their “Special Free Spins Offer Card”. That must be done within the stipulated promotional time window.

It’ll delight New Zealand gamblers to know they’ll only have to wager their minimum deposit only 10 times. The Lunch Free Spins can only be played on LeoVegas’ marquee NetEnt pokies games of Aloha Cluster Pays, Finn and the Swirly Spin, and Starburst (when we posted this). We advise Kiwis to read the Lunch Free Spins terms & conditions to be familiar with certain requirements. For example, newcomers will have a 48-hour stand-down period soon after registering, and players need to meet rollover requirements within six hours of activating the “Offer Card”.


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Ijeoma Esther is an iGaming content writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the New Zealand mobile casino industry. While initially diving into online casino gaming as a hobby, she soon found herself immersed in the enthralling world of mobile slot and live casino games.Through the years, she discovered that writing about her favorite pokies was just as fun as playing them.

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