Best Prezzy Cards NZ Casinos

Find the best casinos to play on when using Prezzy Cards as a payment method in New Zealand.

Best NZ Casinos Accepting Prezzy Cards

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Prezzy Cards Casino for Kiwis

We are living in a digital age when more and more of our financial transactions are conducted online. Those who fail to adapt will be left behind. People in Aotearoa New Zealand know that and so does the gambling industry which provides Kiwis the opportunity to play on their virtual playgrounds.

No doubt, a sizable percentage of the New Zealand population that enjoys gambling is significantly middle-aged or elderly. That sector still loves using debit and credit cards. Again, online casinos and sports betting establishments recognise that. That’s why those operators trading in New Zealand cyberspace are going out of their way to ensure they cater to those people with disposable incomes. On the flip side, they’re making sure the industry keeps up with the evolving consumer habits.

Consequently, in this post, we’re focusing on the Prezzy Card Online Casinos in New Zealand. In some respects, all the best real money casino sites are acknowledging that the payment method is fast becoming a digital battleground as half a century of credit-card domination is beginning to lose its footing.

Kiwis are familiar with PayPal and many still prefer it as an e-Wallet. PayPal is recognised as the inaugural pioneering payment giant when it had enlisted close to half a billion subscribers by the turn of this century. Other rivals have in the past decade surpassed PayPal’s feat, especially the app-based systems.

Primarily, prepaid card payment methods, such as Prezzy Card, essentially eliminate the need for middlemen. That is, bypassing banks and credit card companies with their checks and balances. Kiwis benefit in that they can top app their balance or form a direct link to a bank account which, in turn, eliminates exorbitant fees and security measures. Transactions won’t go through if there’s no money in an account.

On the flip side, online casino operators enjoy the low cost of entry from gamblers, especially if they are engaging with $NZ1 bonuses and promotions. They can interact with any Kiwi gamblers, provided they have mobile devices and a reliable source of internet connection.

What Is A Prezzy Card?

To be honest, the older generations of New Zealanders tend to sidestep any mention of e-Wallets. Prezzy Card is a relatively new brand for Kiwis. Our review team believes that Kiwis will gravitate towards Prezzy Card online casinos more if they know what it is. For finer details, visit the site. That is not to say that some New Zealanders haven’t heard of Prezzy Card or used it to buy goods and services during some stage of their lives.

Launched in 2006, Prezzy Card is MasterCard and Visa’s answer to a payment system that cuts out all the red tape associated with traditional credit cards. That means, Kiwi gamblers don’t have to fear what is essentially an extension of two world-renowned credit card services. ePay, claiming to be the world’s leading prepaid payments processor, is the creator of Prezzy Card. It boasts payment and distribution services to more than 300,000 retailers in 31 countries.

Prezzy Card is no different to a traditional credit card that gifts its users the liberty to carry out in-store or online purchases anywhere MasterCard and Visa are accepted. In essence, it is the commercial giants’ prepaid gift card. Hit this Prezzy Card Retail Partners link to find out where the prepaid card is available to Kiwis to buy from — that is, bookshops, petrol stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, and selected retail stores.

MasterCard Prezzy Versus Visa One

As competitive a species as New Zealanders tend to be, we hate to break the news to them that there is minimal difference between MasterCard Prezzy Card and its Visa variant. Both brands’ prepaid cards can be redeemed globally anywhere they are accepted. Effectively, ePay New Zealand owns the Prezzy Card product here and is offering Kiwis a choice between the two credit card giants. If you have any issues, ePay NZ becomes your go-to point in terms of matters pertaining to account management, invoicing, or any other such matters. Oxygen Global issues the Visa Prezzy Card, but it isn’t the owner or involved in the daily operations of the payment method.

However, we felt it necessary to outline some of the costs that can build up for Kiwi gamblers who intend to use Prezzy Cards. Those who wish to check their card balances or transaction history can do so online or a phone call:

  • Online: Click to arrive on the landing page where you hit “balances” along the horizontal bar menu to another page where you feed in your card details, such as alternate ID and CVV (card verification value).
  • Phone: 0800 450 509; MasterCard Prezzy (09) 9424919; Visa Prezzy (04) 803 1640.

Note: The automated phone service costs NZ 50 cents, but if you wish to talk to a customer service representative, then add $NZ1.50 more.

How Does A Prezzy Card Work?

It will please New Zealand gamblers to know that security is a top priority because when they order the MasterCard or the Visa Prezzy Card, it’ll be sealed in a cardboard sleeve. Tear the perforated edge of the cardboard sleeve to find a Prezzy Card that resembles a traditional credit card in looks and size.

However, when we visited the Prezzy Card FAQs, we discovered something that may put off some Kiwi online casinos and sports betting enthusiasts. That is, a question that asks: “Where can’t I use my Prezzy card?” The answer is: “The card doesn’t work in manual card imprinters or ATMs, and can’t be used for taxis, automated fuel dispensers or gambling, or where a merchant requires identity verification against the card details. The card also can’t be used at any merchant who requires you to set up direct debits, recurring payments, or payment instalments on the card.”

Now, New Zealand gamblers need not panic. It is misleading. You can make deposits using a Prezzy Card, but you can’t carry out withdrawals. Instead, you will have to use another preferred payment method to take out your winnings. Our review team always emphasises the importance of having a payment gateway that enables online casino players to carry out both transactions. While that significance doesn’t change, Prezzy Card is one of the exceptions. We’ll tell you why below.

Before you can make any deposits using a Prezzy Card, you’ll need to unlock and register it, especially if you’ve received your one via mail or courier delivery. If you’ve received yours as a gift, then you’ll have to contact the individual who has bought the Prezzy Card to disclose to you the four-digit lock code before activating it via the payment provider’s website portal. As we have indicated above, go to the horizontal bar to find “Unlock Card”, then fill in your card details of alternate ID and the code number to unlock it. Unlike credit cards, there’s no PIN for Prezzy Cards.

If for some reason you don’t click on the Unlock Card link, don’t despair because when you click on the “Register Card” next to it, along the horizontal bar, it prompts you in red to unlock via another link on that page. You’ll find that MasterCard Prezzy has provided an 09 phone number (listed earlier). Visa Prezzy Card, on the other hand, offers a red “Register Here” button to take you straight to the ePay NZ site to enter your card details.

Negotiate the registration phase and you can deposit money directly into your online casino account. Don’t forget to cash in on online casino operators who offer bonuses to those New Zealanders who use prepaid cards.

Best Prezzy Card Online Casinos

With so many reviews out there nowadays, it must be a minefield for New Zealand online casino players to know what is the best. One review site will list its best and others may have one or two among their picks, but there appears to be no rhyme or reason on why they are making the Prezzy Card online casino top list. For the record, just about all online casinos should be safe using a Prezzy Card because anyone not using the MasterCard and Visa payment gateway will commit commercial suicide in any enterprise.

Our review team has championed safety and security as its starting point for any gambling platform, whether it’s online casinos or some popular sportsbooks. On that note, we have attempted to base our best list on previous analyses we’ve done on our review site. While we can give you a snapshot of why we have endorsed our best here, we suggest Kiwi gamblers read our thorough individual online casino reviews to ensure they help tick their boxes for what is tailor-made for their personal requirements.

Needless to say, this best list isn’t an exhaustive one because our tireless team of reviewers is always updating and adding to its archives other reputable and trustworthy operators. Here’s our best list (in alphabetical order):



CasiGO: An online casino that entered the New Zealand mind stream in the autumn of 2020, this establishment is a classic example of how Kiwis must not assume that Prezzy Card isn’t accepted just because the operator doesn’t feature it on its website. Visit the CasiGO banking page just to put your mind at peace, although the operator does state it accepts prepaid cards. The simple way for New Zealand gamblers to work out if an online casino accepts Prezzy Card is to go to the foot of the page to look at its payment method logos. The Prezzy Card emblem is missing, but the MasterCard and Visa ones have pride of place. CasiGO, which one review site voted as the best online casino in NZ, is safe, secure, and ticks many boxes. Please read our review.


JackpotCity Casino

JackpotCity Casino: A 1998 online initiative, JackpotCity Casino is a favourite among Kiwi gamblers and is touted as one of the fastest establishments to pay out on winnings. Like CasiGO, it doesn’t specify Prezzy Card or any other prepaid cards, but the MasterCard and Visa emblems are prominent. This is the punchline for us and something you should note on the JackpotCity banking page: “Any winnings will be paid back to the account used for depositing, however, as this may not be possible in some cases, it will be processed to an alternative payment option provided in those instances.” A Microgaming and Evolution gaming playground, JackpotCity boots its rivals off the online casino park when it comes to keeping in stride with the latest technological trends.

Jonny Jackpot Casino

Jonny Jackpot Casino

Jonny Jackpot Casino: Only in its infancy since opening its virtual doors in 2018, Jonny Jackpot makes a statement in the payment method department with an array of gateways for Kiwis. Like our other picks here, the online casino deals in Kiwi dollars to denote why it upholds professional standards. It displays the MasterCard and Visa logos on the Jonny Jackpot support page of the site, under the “banking options” category. Akin to all our reviews, we insist Kiwi gamblers read the terms & conditions of each casino. Jonny Jackpot boasts a library catalogue of more than 1,500 games.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino: Another Fortune Lounge Group member, Royal Vegas started trading at the turn of this century. Like all the trustworthy online casinos we have reviewed, the Royal Vegas banking page boldly displays the emblems of MasterCard and Visa, so that means Prezzy Card is a given for deposits. While Paysafecard leads the charge among prepaid cards — such as Astropay, Baloto, and Neosurf — PayPal will catch the eye of Kiwis as a familiar withdrawal option. Royal Vegas offers New Zealanders more than 400 games and throws in a no-deposit 50 free spins for good measure. The x70 wagering requirement is steep, so read the terms & conditions.


SkyCity Casino

SkyCity Casino: The 16-digit-powered paysafecard is featured on the SkyCity Online Casino site, but so are MasterCard and Visa. It’s hard to go past a brand that is on the lips of Kiwis, gamblers or not. Yes, it’s an infant in the online gambling arena after its launching in 2019, but if the SkyCity payment methods page is anything to go by, the operator is making all the right noises. It piques our interest that the operator champions its own SkyCity Gift Card, with a dollar-value loading of a minimum of $NZ20 to a maximum of $NZ999. It expires in a year from the date of purchase, but it cannot be used for gambling. However, that means SkyCity, which offers more than 1,000 games, isn’t averse to the idea of prepaid cards. Prezzy Card should be a done deal.

Prezzy Card Retail Fees

The hallmark of any payment provider does not hide its fees. Just hit these Prezzy Card fees link to find out the nuts and bolts of what New Zealanders may incur on using it. If you’re poor for time, then don’t sweat it because our dedicated review team have done the hard yards, so you can allocate your precious minutes to playing at Prezzy Card online casinos. When we visited the site, the levies about consumer websites and retail partners had been effective from November 27, 2020, with ePay NZ reserving the right to alter fees on a 14-day notice.

  • Card payment fees: Kiwi online casino players who are making their maiden purchase via the consumer website will incur a standard fee of $NZ5.95 per Prezzy Card. It pays to know that one can only buy a maximum of 30 Prezzy Cards in a simultaneous order. Those who order via mail face an additional $NZ7.50 levy for postage and handling. A further surcharge applies to Kiwis who live in rural delivery (RD) areas as well as Waiheke Island. Add to the card purchase levies a credit card convenience fee of 2.6% of your total order. The convenience charges cover the merchant fees and other expenses you may incur in one-off credit card payments.
  • Card replacement fees: Should you lose your Prezzy Card, or someone steals it, a standard $NZ10 levy will be slapped for a replacement card. Note, this option is only available to New Zealanders who have registered. The $NZ7.50 courier delivery fee, within the country, is at the discretion of ePay NZ. Those who want it delivered to an overseas address face an $NZ50 fee.
  • Customer service fees: We have clarified this earlier under the phone contacts, but we feel it’s important to reiterate it here for your benefit. The automated phone service costs NZ 50 cents, but if you wish to talk to a customer service representative, add $NZ1.50 more.
  • Disputed transaction fees: This may seem harsh to some Kiwis, but we feel it’s only fair that if you challenge ePay NZ on any transaction, then you must make sure you’re doubly sure before going down that track because the company has to find staff and time to process your grievance. If your dispute is deemed valid when submitted within 60 days of the purchase date, you won’t have any issues. However, if ePay NZ doesn’t uphold your complaints, you will be levied an $NZ15 charge. The website has a two-page dispute form to fill out, including your details, transaction details, your authorisation, your contact information, and additional information outlining your complaints. You have to sign the dispute form. Scan it and either email it to or post it to Prezzy Card Disputes, PO Box 132122, Sylvia Park, Auckland 1644.
  • Global transaction fees: Kiwi gamblers who use Prezzy Card for foreign currency transactions will be levied a 3.5% charge based on the converted kiwi-dollar value.

Pros And Cons Of Using Prezzy Card

In an ideal world, New Zealanders would barely have to lift a finger for things to fall into place for a flawless gambling time. The reality is, as our review team always points out, different individuals have varying requirements, so one size doesn’t fit all. By listing the pros and cons, we can give some insight to help Kiwis make meaningful choices:


  • Accepts kiwi dollars

  • Anonymity means online casinos don’t require your personal financial details

  • Card can be used in NZ and overseas

  • Check your card balance online on ePay NZ’s website for free

  • Ideal for deposits at online casinos that offer MasterCard and Visa as payment options

  • Kiwi players can deposit a minimum of $NZ25

  • Prepaid card provides assurance against overspending

  • Safe and secure payment gateway


  • Card doesn’t cover withdrawals, so another payment gateway is necessary for that

  • Ceiling of $NZ1,000 per single card

  • Expiry date means Kiwi gamblers will forfeit any loaded money they fail to use within two years of its issue. Always keep a tab on the expiry date printed on the front of the card.

  • Phone checks on card balance incur fees


Ijeoma Esther is an iGaming content writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the New Zealand mobile casino industry. While initially diving into online casino gaming as a hobby, she soon found herself immersed in the enthralling world of mobile slot and live casino games.Through the years, she discovered that writing about her favorite pokies was just as fun as playing them.