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Paysafecard Casino Guide

What is paysafecard? It’s a global online prepaid payment avenue for customers, regardless of whether it’s a print-out version or for e-commerce transactions, especially online casino gambling, iGaming, and sports betting in Aotearoa New Zealand. Coming under the Paysafe Group umbrella from the United Kingdom, paysafecard caters to 650,000 outlets throughout the world, according to its New Zealand website. It had processed more than 176 million transactions in 2020, covering more than 50 nations and dealing in more than 30 currencies.

In a world that increasingly wants more control of its money, paysafecard becomes the ideal solution based on vouchers. The harsh reality is many people don’t have banking institution-type accounts nowadays. Throw in the constant fear of online scammers every time one uses credit cards and hidden charges, paysafecard’s service is godsend. On the flip side, it also helps digital providers create incremental revenue by overriding red tape that wants to make you tear out your hair. Consumers who couldn’t be reached before can now carry out transactions by following a few elementary steps.

Four Austrians founded the prepaid card in Austria in 2000. Their entity went on to eclipse two competitors, Dutch establishment Wallie and British outfit Ukash, to broaden their market. In 2013, British-owned digital wallet provider Skrill had acquired paysafecard. Two years later, Optimal Payments Group, a subsidiary of Skrill and a global online payment processor regulated in the UK, had rebranded the company as Paysafe Group.

What Does paysafecard Provide?

Primarily, the payment method provider offers two parent services that are relevant to the online gambling industry enthusiasts in New Zealand. No doubt, it provides peace of mind and a stress-free method of processing transactions that allow Kiwis to dedicate more time to playing their favourite online casino games or placing sports bets. Here are the two services that deal in kiwi dollars:


In other words, it’s akin to walking up to a brick-and-mortar casino, pulling out some cash and wagering away some mighty fun times. That’s effectively what paysafecard offers New Zealand gamblers who buy vouchers from chemists, convenience stores (Four Squares, superettes), Lotto outlets, petrol stations, supermarkets, and such. They can be bought in multiples of $NZ10, $NZ20, $NZ50, $NZ100, and $NZ200.

The paysafecard website recommends Microsoft and X-Box among its cluster of eight global top online shops to purchase its vouchers, but also adds a footnote to remind Kiwis that an overview of online outlets pertinent to New Zealand will be listed there soon. Watch that space. You can opt to register to pay online with paysafecard or do it without registering. The former offers more incentives, such as an app and higher maximum limits.

  • Pay as you would using cash.
  • Thousands of outlets accept it.
  • Prepaid card means you never pay more than you intended.
  • A $NZ500 limit is placed on a combined pin transaction.
  • Don’t lose sleep over losing personal data to cyber scammers while maintaining your privacy.
  • You can buy pins from global outlets.

The only way you can lose or destroy your plastic voucher is if you drop it along the way or put it through the hot cycle of a washing machine after leaving it in a clothing-item pocket. For those who are prone to doing that, you may wish to opt for e-Vouchers instead. They are known as eGift Cards in New Zealand and can be bought with little effort online. If you wish to wager in foreign dollars on a gambling platform that accepts kiwi dollars, you’ll have no drama with paysafecard.

The main benefit is that anytime you feed your 16-digit pin (personal identification number) details, you aren’t jeopardising your personal and financial security in cyberspace. The transactions also don’t show up in your bills as online gambling sites, so you maintain your anonymity from anyone you don’t wish to know of your private pleasures. When and where you play should always be your business.

my paysafecard

In a nutshell, “my paysafecard” enables wagering Kiwis to make multiple payments without having to enter the 16-digit PIN code. It’s a management toolkit that allows Kiwis to put all their transactions in a bundle for monitoring. As a bonus, it paves the way for downloading a free app to enjoy added benefits such as uploading PIN credits.

  • Personal toolkit that can be set up in minutes.
  • Allows overview of credit and control of your finances.
  • Only enter a personal 16-digit pin code once when uploading credits, then pay with just login details.
  • $NZ500 ceiling on payments protects you as a budgetary device.
  • Free app that allows you to upload pin credits in seconds.

For New Zealanders who love gambling at a handful of online casinos or betting shops, my paysafecard provides a great way to organise their transactions and monitor it without hassles. Like the paysafecard, it places a maximum, combined pin transaction ceiling on how much money you allocate to wagering over a duration. Overdrawing from your account isn’t going to be an oversight or an excuse, in a bid to protect you from yourself.

Fees You May Incur With paysafecard

Like most New Zealand online casinos and betting shops, gamblers don’t have to pay fees on deposits. However, Kiwi players must be mindful that this can be misleading in terms of what the operators’ stance is. They reserve the right to levy fees on Kiwis who don’t use their paysafecards with regularity.

Here are three charges that may surface when Kiwi iGamers use the payment provider’s services:

  • Conversion fee: Users who convert currencies will be subjected to an exchange-rate surcharge. However, paysafecard provides a currency calculator for players to work out the exchange rates before going down that avenue. The surcharge will be 3% (euro involved) to 6.09% (no euro involved) of the transaction sum, depending on the type of currency involved.
  • Maintenance fee: New Zealanders face a monthly $NZ4 charge following 30 days after paysafecard issues them a voucher code for its service. The provider will deduct the levy directly from the balance of the users’ paysafecard. We noted the provider grants its UK and European customers a six-month fee-free entry. Maybe paysafecard will accord that courtesy to Kiwi gamblers when more of them subscribe to its services. Note that the maintenance fee is payable in respect of each paysafecard a Kiwi holds.
  • Reimbursement fee: This is a $NZ12 per refund charge to be deducted from the amount to be paid out. New Zealanders can apply for a refund before their contract date expires or a year after the expiry date. Have valid photo IDs and personal documentation handy to verify your authenticity.

Our advice to Kiwi customers is to read the segment pertaining to fees on paysafecard’s general terms & conditions. Do so every few months because the guidelines are often updated with attachments.

Limits paysafecard Imposes On Kiwis

The payment provider is vigilant when it comes to placing limitations on those who use paysafecard for online gambling. When some online casinos and betting shops can grant from $NZ4,000 to $NZ10,000 maximum limits to customers, paysafecard maintains a conservative $NZ500 ceiling. We feel Kiwis can interpret that as part of the provider’s responsible business practice in protecting the customers, as well as its own entrepreneurial interests.

With my paysafecard, the maximum value of pins is $NZ4,000. The annual maximum value of used pins is $NZ7,000. For those who want relatively higher limits, they can apply for a “paysafecard account”. The extension of these services will appeal to the high rollers.

However, the biggest limit paysafecard imposes is the lack of a withdrawal service for Kiwis engaging in the online gambling industry. That will make some New Zealanders groan because it can be a pain to use different payment methods to make a deposit and withdrawal. The convenience of one payment provider in the mould of several marquee debit/credit card and e-Wallets is free of stress and pesky form-filling rituals.

Nevertheless, some New Zealand online gambling platforms do offer an avenue to withdraw winnings via the “my paysafecard” facility. New Zealand players must check out the website of any casino or bookmaker to ensure the service is available and that the fees won’t be astronomical.

Paysafecard Customer Service

When it comes to answering questions, the paysafecard customer service team offers all the right buttons to massage on its help page. That is, an engine for a search phrase on FAQs. The provider offers a contact form and an email address,, to boot. A virtual bot assistant, Lara, lives as a blue icon at the bottom right corner 24/7, urging Kiwis to ask a question. So we did on your behalf.

The response wasn’t helpful because we may have been too specific, so she politely referred us to the email address above.

“Why is paysafecard okay for making deposits at online casinos, but not for withdrawals,” we asked in the email, after digesting what Lara’s abilities are and how she’s undergoing “training”.

This time the automated reply to the email dropped instantly from a London address offering a request number and warning of how the team was experiencing high volumes of emails. However, an answer arrived 12 hours later, understandably, because of NZ’s time difference with the UK. Unfortunately, the explanation was another stock response to what was on paysafecard’s help website page.

We also wanted to ask if paysafecard MasterCard® is available to New Zealanders because the FAQs search-phrase engine had stuttered. However, we dug deeper for you to find out the paysafecard MasterCard® Classic and Gamer versions aren’t available to Kiwi customers. The prepaid credit card is only available to 18 European nations, including the UK.

We believe paysafecard needs to prioritise New Zealand customers’ interests. Having a website that caters to Kiwis will be a good start before considering services such as the Gamer paysafecard MasterCard® for online casino and betting shop players.

How To Delete Your Account

New Zealand gamblers and bettors can delete a paysafecard account in numerous ways. The step-by-step methods are similar for different modes. However, note that the paysafecard mobile phone app can be uninstalled to deactivate it but the account can only be deleted on the provider’s website.

Here’s how to delete an account after logging in first:


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to select “Settings”
  • Click “Account”
  • Opt for “Delete Account”
  • Re-enter username/password on the next page
  • Click on “Continue”

The account will be on deactivated status for several days — in case you change your mind — before a permanent delete. You’ll receive a paysafecard email notification of the deactivation.

Email support

Bypass login/password pothole by flicking the paysafecard support team an email request to delete your account. Go to the “Support” category at the bottom of the website landing page. Click on “Help” to locate the email address, Explain in the comment window why you wish to delete your account and hit send.

Pros & Cons of Using paysafecard


  • Bank account not required
  • Buy vouchers online or at selected retail outlets
  • Capped spending
  • Fewer/lower fees
  • Mobile app
  • Quick deposits
  • Tight security


  • Customer support not Kiwi centred
  • Low maximum limits unsuitable for high rollers
  • Voucher outlets can be few and scattered
  • Withdrawals, if available at casinos, are complicated and inconvenient

Safety and Security

Kiwis will sleep soundly knowing their personal information isn’t required and that their money is secure. The provider offers security measures, including fraud-attempt reports and virus warnings, ability to block your paysafecard pin, and a 16-digit pin to fend off hackers.


Ijeoma Esther is an iGaming content writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the New Zealand mobile casino industry. While initially diving into online casino gaming as a hobby, she soon found herself immersed in the enthralling world of mobile slot and live casino games.Through the years, she discovered that writing about her favorite pokies was just as fun as playing them.