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Compare the best PayPal online Casinos Mew Zealand and learn how to use PayPal when gambling online using our ultimate guide below.

Best PayPal Casinos in New Zealand (2024)

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New Zealand PayPal Casinos

In Aotearoa New Zealand gambling heaven, nothing would make players yelp in delight more than finding online casinos that will provide a payment method that carries out transactions in the blink of an eye. Depositing? Don’t sweat it because it’s instant. Withdrawing? No problems because winnings are often paid out within 24 to 48 hours.

What? Are you saying some online casinos in New Zealand actually provide a payment method that processes deposits and withdrawal transactions without playing the long, drawn-out waiting game of 2 to 6 working days?

Well, some of them do and that’s what our review intends to unearth. Albeit fewer in numbers, we prefer to label such establishments as New Zealand PayPal Online Casinos. Evidence suggests more Kiwis are beginning to opt for the PayPal New Zealand method, so it’s only a matter of time before other reputable online casinos will start to provide easy access to the PayPal e-Wallet platform.

Who can argue with that? Sure, numbers nowadays can be crunched and twisted to justify anything. However, the statistics of PayPal New Zealand’s parent company speaks a dialect that even those with little mathematical knowledge would collectively nod their heads in agreement.

The figures on the landing page of PayPal International's website make for some get-out-of-here exclamations on why it’s at the forefront of a digital revolution. The global company processes 40,006 payment transactions per minute in catering to more than 200 markets around the world. Its 30,900 employees ensure 426 million active consumer and merchant accounts are functioning without any hiccups. In the 12 months to the end of December 31, 2001, the global PayPal operation had had a total payment volume of $125 trillion.

Based on such overwhelming commercial reasoning, New Zealand gamblers are increasingly turning to trustworthy online casino operators to provide PayPal’s platform to process their transactions in smart time. So many consumers and merchants can’t be wrong, can they? Maybe it’s to do with PayPal’s yo-yo status on the stock market early in 2022 that has something to do with the sketchy acknowledgements.

Our general overview is that to entice New Zealanders to a PayPal Online Casino branding, frontrunning online casinos need to start displaying the payment method provider’s trademark sign more prominently on their website landing pages. Who’ll be the first? Watch that space.

The best PayPal online casinos in NZ

To be honest, the quality of service across the board at any online casino is the foundation on which everything else is built on. Consequently, the payment method is among the crucial factors Kiwi gamblers will look at upfront on the website drop-down links before deciding whether to enter any online casino’s iGaming lounge to wager.

Ironically, it’s that lack of attention that raises the most glaring omission during our review of those online casinos that claim to provide traction with PayPal. Where on earth is the navy-and-royal-blue “PP” logo of the e-Wallet provider?

By default, the best online casinos should have that PP icon in the faces of prospective New Zealand gamblers who are on the verge of making critical decisions. Here is how Kiwis would go about it:


- Love it.

Game range and variations?

- Oh, yes — out of this world.

Online casino accepts kiwi dollars?

- Absolutely.

PayPal as a payment method?

- Oops. Can’t see any signs of it. No PP logo anywhere. Just let me dig a little deeper.

You head to the “banking” and drop down to “deposit” and “payment” only to discover that the PP logo isn’t among the debit/credit cards and e-Wallets. Skrill and Neteller are but where is PP? 0h well, I’m off to another online casino because PayPal is my safe and secure option.

A scan of the landing pages shows logos of key service providers, including payment merchants, burnt into the bottom of the page, but nothing on PayPal. That’ll leave Kiwi players scratching their heads. Why isn’t the PayPal logo lit up like the neon lights of Las Vegas? That’s why we’re doing the digging around for New Zealand gamblers here so they won’t have to waste their valuable time that could be spent on playing their favourite pokies, card/table, and/or live casino games.

Here are some online casinos that Kiwis will find difficult to go past when looking for PayPal Online Casinos in New Zealand:

JackpotCity Casino

Well, there’s no mistaking the prosperous promises embedded in the deep purple background of the JackpotCity Casino website landing page, including the generous welcome bonus of $NZ1,600 on the first three deposits and 80 free spins. However, a click on the JackpotCity Casino banking link will take you to the vital security and payment section but PayPal’s logo isn’t among the eight trying to catch the eye of Kiwis.

Don’t let that put you off. JackpotCity accepts PayPal. Do note, though, that no matter what payment method New Zealanders will opt for to wager on, a minimum withdrawal floor of $NZ50 applies and a maximum of $NZ10,000 ceiling per day houses the transactional rituals. All said and done, e-Wallets such as PayPal remain the fastest mode of withdrawing money from online casinos.

Royal Vegas Online Casino

It’ll be difficult for many New Zealand newcomers to go past the $NZ1,200 welcome bonus ($NZ300 x 4 deposits; 88 bonus spins), but let’s cut to the chase to what makes money move like slick reels in a pokies machine. Click on Royal Vegas Casino banking link to experience a sense of déjà vu. Yes, a compact four-by-six-column grid highlights the insignia of 22 payment providers, but PayPal is missing, despite two blank blocks along the bottom row. New Zealand gamblers must take note of certain web wallets that have eight-day waits for withdrawals. However, they’ll be pleased to know that the likes of PayPal are exempt from such lengthy delays, and that they won’t need to provide any copies of authentication, as required for credit cards, to claim their wins.

Spin Casino

With a $NZ1,000 welcome bonus, two handsome match-up ones and 50 free spins to boot, Spin Casino will usher its prospective newcomers to its banking page, via a quick casino navigation click. It will come with the assurance of a 24 to 48-hour withdrawal time to appear in the Kiwi gamblers’ accounts. An eight-scroll table of banking options on the right-hand side of the page doesn’t include PayPal’s emblem. At the bottom of the arrows is a “see all” payment methods invite but clicking that only prompts another request from navigating New Zealand iGamers to go through its registering process.

bet365 Casino

If New Zealanders are going to strive for more details on the bet365 Casino payment methods, then it’s understandable. That’s because its sportsbook eclipses the token $NZ100 bonus, although the 20x wagering requirement speaks volumes when compared to the 40x to 70x ones.

However, the question remains: “Why should Kiwis have to scratch around to find things?” Like other rival online casinos, it doesn’t make any business sense.

The “banking” is tucked in fine print with the likes of “contact us” and “terms & conditions” at the footer of the green-and-charcoal website’s landing page. Eight rungs of a tidy ladder on the banking page outline the payment providers who offer depositing services, without any sign of an eye-catching symbol of PayPal. A click on each of the drop-down arrows offers a compact six-or-so paragraphs of what each provider offers. The e-Wallet prime positions have been allocated to paysafecard, Poli and Skrill.

The look is poor on the withdrawal options. They pale in comparison to the deposit ones, with just three rungs. A fee-free, 1-5 working-day time lapse is applicable to withdrawals via marquee debit/credit cards, with a $NZ10 minimum amount and $NZ50,000 maximum cash out. Sport-loving Kiwi gamblers will be pulling out their hair if PayPal is their option.

Ruby Fortune Casino

The shop window-sized displays on the landing page of Ruby Fortune Casino New Zealand dwarfs its modest $NZ750 bonus (100% match of up to $NZ250 x 3 deposits). On the ground floor of the seven-storey show windows is “Swift Banking” promising “modern, secure, fast & simple” payment method service. Four purple generic credit cards will draw in the New Zealand iGaming faithful, but where’s the emblem that signals Ruby Fortune Casino is a PayPal Online Casino New Zealand supporter? The thin, blue lined “Learn More” invite on that window — or if you prefer to go straight from the black strip at the top of the landing page by clicking on banking — will navigate Kiwis to the payment methods.

In welcoming all types of players to its platform, Ruby Fortune Casino emphasises its banking service is only for “Real Players” — that is, those Kiwis who wish to wager in real money, not “Guest Players’ entering its iGaming lounge to play for fun. Four, two-window block storeys make debit/credit the feature displays with a double tick of deposits/withdrawals for MasterCard and Visa. The iDebit bank transfer and virtual web wallet Skrill join the double-tick club. Neteller is the only other e-wallet provider on display with just one tick for deposits.

Note: Despite numerous New Zealand review sites saying welcome bonuses are automatically paid to players’ accounts, we advise Kiwi gamblers to read the terms and conditions to make sure that online casino operators haven’t highlighted that certain payment providers may be exempt from their sign-up bonuses.

What does PayPal mean to New Zealand?

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since, but a Statista survey in 2016 shows that 30% of New Zealanders use PayPal as a means of paying for goods and services. That had been the second most popular payment method, behind credit cards at 41%, according to Statista which displays the PP emblem alongside other global brands such as Adobe , Google, and Samsung. The Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, since 2020, would have triggered off a spike in that department as frustrated Kiwis had gone to the internet to purchase many items they would have normally bought physically from departmental stores at their community shopping malls. New Zealanders have been slow on the uptake when considering internet buying but that has been undergoing a rapid change since the pandemic lockdown.

The online casino industry hasn’t missed a beat and is beginning to make all the right noises to lure New Zealanders on to their virtual playground. PayPal, it seems, is one of the vehicles the online casino operators are eyeing to transport Kiwis in droves to their iGaming lounge. As emphasised earlier, it’s somewhat disappointing that the handful of online casino operators who are claiming to offer PayPal as a platform aren’t waving the payment provider’s flag outside their virtual playground flagpoles.

Established in 1998, PayPal shed its coat title of Confinity in 2001 to capture the imagination of the commercial world with the PayPal branding when it had forged commercial ties with online banking entity With a net worth of $98.3 billion in May 2022, according to Macrotrends, PayPal Holdings Inc is plying its trade in more than 200 nations, including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In fact, it became the first foreign operator with 100% control of a payment platform in China when it made inroads in the communist nation from 2021. The American e-commerce giant accepts 25 currencies.

In a nutshell, PayPal provides a secure internet payment method. It becomes a pivotal payment platform between customers and commercial websites, digital outlets, online casinos, and other universal enterprises. Its beauty is in the ability to create a gateway for the commercial sectors to accept debit and credit cards they would traditionally have not accepted had it not been for PayPal’s peace of mind. Put another way, PayPal functions akin to an independent account where customers can process transactions by bypassing the red tape surrounding the use of credit cards. No more multi-digit numbers to enter, accidentally hitting the wrong expiry date, or trying to figure out what CVC/CVV means, never mind where you can find it on the back of a credit card. Just roll all your bank cards into a web wallet with PayPal for convenience.

Kiwi gamblers will applaud PayPal for not having to keep feeding their credit card and personal details on the digital platforms every time they use it for a transaction. PayPal stores all sensitive payment data in Kiwis’ individual accounts, so that it will negate the need to keep feeding in the information for every transaction and posing a risk with cyber scammers in a dynamic global network. The fintech giant also includes “Buyer Protection” as part of its services, but it is unclear if any such offer is binding for online casino gamblers.

Our advice to Kiwi players intending to step on to online casino platforms is to go through all the terms and conditions with a fine toothcomb before carrying out any transactions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from the website widgets of online casino operators if you have any doubts about anything, especially if the website banking page is devoid of information on PayPal and encourages you to register and create an account if you want more details on other web wallet providers.

How to create a PayPal account?

Before New Zealand players become too excited about using PayPal as a payment method on discovering a trustworthy online casino site, they’ll have to sign up for a PayPal account. It’s free. Just head to the PayPal NZ landing page.

Hit the “sign up for free” blue button. Choose either the “personal account” or “business account”; fill your phone number, etc. All you have to do is follow the stress-free step-by-step details. Ensure you create a complex password. However, keep your preferred bank, debit/credit card details within reach because you’ll be allowed to link one or more of them. PayPal will levy a nominal fee to the card (s) you link to. Also, be prepared to receive automated text messages to confirm your phone number. Message and data rates may apply. PayPal will refund the nominal fee after a positive verification of your linked card.

On completing the process, you should have some money in your PayPal account. Head for the PayPal Online Casino NZ site. Depending on who you choose, the gambling platform will invite you to click on “join now”, “register”, or “sign up”. Having fed some elementary personal information, you’ll be asked to read and agree to the terms & conditions. The last ritual will be the KYC (that is, know your customer) that requires you to furnish the online casino operator with a scanned copy of a photo identity (passport, driver’s licence, etc) and proof of where you reside. From there, just follow the instructions to deposit money into your online casino account via the PayPal channel.

How to deposit money into PayPal Casinos?

If you feel a little nervous making a deposit anywhere, that’s understandable. Most people do when they’re parting with their hard-earned cash to enter an unknown domain. However, depositing money into your account at an online casino in New Zealand should be a stroll across the park, even for the most technologically challenged New Zealanders who love wagering.

All you need is a username and some idea of a complex password to protect yourself. PayPal guarantees anonymity. Hey, it’s a payment provider that accepts cryptocurrencies, too. The speed with which Kiwis can deposit their money into their online casino accounts is reassuring.

Having picked a reliable and trustworthy online casino from our recommendations, even if the PP emblem doesn’t greet you at the website, just follow this simple step-by-step instructions:

  • Log into your online casino website, then navigate your way to the cashier’s department. Select PayPal as your preferred payment method.
  • Take note of the minimum and maximum amounts PayPal permits before entering the sum of money you intend to deposit. The online casino site will redirect you to the PayPal New Zealand website where you’ll be asked to follow quick-and-easy prompts to round off your transaction. Be prepared to verify if prompted.
  • The requested sum of cash should be in your online casino playing account within a few minutes, provided you haven’t encountered any hiccups during your processing ritual. Have a wagering good time.

All reputable online casinos tend to shy away from levying fees for using the PayPal method. However, New Zealanders who elect to wager with foreign currencies should be mindful of charges associated with converting the currency into what the online casino operator prefers to use. Do note, though, that the online casino will have its own floor and ceiling on deposits. It’s common for online casino operators to attach casino bonuses, free bets/spins, and match-fund incentives to encourage Kiwi gamblers to use certain payment providers, including PayPal. However, keep an eye out for the use of payment providers that may exempt New Zealand iGamers from claiming welcome bonuses, too.

However, navigate to the PayPal consumer fees link to become familiar with the payment provider’s terms of engagement. What constitutes “personal” or “commercial” transactions?

How to withdraw money from PayPal Casinos?

It’ll soothe the nerves of New Zealanders to know that withdrawing winnings from their online casino account, via the PayPal payment method, is the same as the depositing process. Again, it’s worth re-emphasising to read the terms and conditions of PayPal and your chosen online casino to see what fees you’re likely to incur, especially if you’re placing wagers on a different currency to the kiwi dollar. The processing time for Kiwis to move the money into their account can be as swift as 24 hours

  • to the cashier, after logging in to your preferred online casino’s website landing page. Click on “withdrawals”.
  • A list of payment methods, complete with emblems, will be on display. Click on the PayPal logo to fill out a details engine.
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw, no doubt having taken note of the minimum sum.
  • Enter your PayPal account details.
  • Click submit.

Make a habit of keeping abreast of PayPal’s user-policy updates that include the “Asia Pacific” segment relevant to New Zealand iGamers. The rates and fees applicable to “domestic” and “international” transactions are also laid out in grids. PayPal outlines its transaction exchange rates used to convert Kiwis’ currency includes a fee which it charges above the “base exchange rate”. They range from 3% to 4%. Card-based withdrawal fees range from NZ40 cents to $NZ15. A failed attempt to withdraw or transfer money from PayPal also incurs fees.

What aspects will be relevant to the online casino industry is something Kiwi gamblers can resolve with their chosen platform customer support crew or the PayPal Help Centre at the bottom of its website landing page.

Here are the modes of contacting PayPal NZ:

  • Email: Log in before making direct contact from PayPal’s site.
  • FAQs: PayPal calls it “Common Issues”.
  • Forum: PayPal has a section where users can ask fellow PayPal subscribers questions, although the payment provider reserves the right to delete anything it considers unproductive.
  • Free phone: 0508-257-434 from 10am to 10pm on working days and 10am to 9pm on the weekends.

How to delete your PayPal account?

Kiwis engaging at an online casino must not lose sleep over any intentions they may harbour to terminate their PayPal account for whatever reasons. The great news is the New Zealand gamblers can do it any time without incurring any costs or penalties. However, be mindful that PayPal reserves the right to hold Kiwi iGamers accountable for any liabilities, even if they have closed their accounts. Closure of accounts will give PayPal the all-go to cancel any scheduled payments or incomplete transactions.

The PayPal user agreement makes it abundantly clear that Kiwis must withdraw or transfer any PayPal balance from their PayPal account before closing it.

Here are some reasons that may prevent New Zealand iGamers from closing their account:

  • To sidestep any pending inquiries
  • If you have any outstanding transactions or an unresolved dispute or claim
  • Your PayPal account is carrying a negative balance
  • A hold, limitation, or reserve status has been slapped on your PayPal account
  • The payment provider also has no qualms with Kiwi players wanting to link or to detach a bank account, debit card or credit card from their PayPal account as a payment method. That’s convenient for iGamers who wish to update their card information as well. PayPal is happy to do that for New Zealanders, but they will still be expected to verify that their card is valid and the said Kiwi is the rightful cardholder.

The pros and cons of using PayPal

Like many online casinos operating in the Aotearoa New Zealand cyberspace, PayPal NZ has its share of advantages and disadvantages for Kiwi IGamers. No doubt, the benefits outweigh the random drawbacks.

Key advantages

  • Automatic conversions: PayPal exchanges foreign currencies to kiwi dollars, and vice-versa, automatically into Kiwis’ accounts. It is done at the going market rates during the withdrawal process.
  • Convenience: Kiwis can roll up all their bank accounts, debit, and credit cards into one web wallet. With online casino limitations on financial institutions, they can transfer their withdrawals to myriad banks via mobile phones or portals with just a few clicks.
  • Customer support service: PayPal has several options to resolve issues in smart time, but Kiwis are encouraged to visit their elaborate website first to find answers to their problems.
  • Cyber proof: PayPal employs and updates a security system to keep its clients safe from online scammers.
  • Efficient: Deposits and withdrawals can be processed via the same payment method but do make sure your preferred PayPal online casino offers both transactions.
  • Easy set up: The payment provider’s processes to set up an account is idiot proof.
  • Fast times: The transactions are done in relatively swift times when compared with other e-Wallet providers.
  • Levies: New Zealanders will find PayPal’s fees are relatively affordable compared with some other rival payment providers.
  • Privacy & protection: PayPal never shares New Zealand gamblers’ financial data with a third party.
  • Quality clientele: It’s all about raising the bar high for anyone wishing to use PayPal’s platform. Only those online casinos who measure up to PayPal’s quality control standards will be accepted as clients for its service.


  • Charges: At face value, PayPal makes all the right noises about instant deposits and withdrawals, but unsuspecting Kiwi gamblers will be stung if they don’t read the “hidden costs” at the consumer fees link. New Zealanders who venture into the iGaming lounge of foreign online casinos, with a fistful of kiwi dollars, will face stiff levies on currency conversions and other fixed charges.
  • Email compatibility: Make sure that when you provide an email address during the signing-up process with PayPal that it matches the email you’re using with your choice of an online casino. No match, no traction.
  • Few casinos: PayPal Online Casinos in New Zealand is a pretty small club. That means, opting for the payment provider will confine Kiwis to the limited number of virtual playgrounds they can place bets on.
  • Poor promotion: Online casinos in New Zealand don’t fly the PayPal emblem on the virtual flagpole to their website landing page. Asking Kiwis to sign up, without knowing if PayPal is available, isn’t ideal custom.
  • Verification: New Zealanders will find it can take up to three days to activate their PayPal account. The payment provider does advise anyone who doesn’t receive verification within that time to contact the branch of the country they live at as soon as possible to receive some speedy assistance and feedback.
    How secure is PayPal at NZ virtual playgrounds?

Just how serious PayPal New Zealand is about protecting its buyers and sellers is reflected in its law-enforcement website link. The page will put Kiwis mind at ease because the payment provider has no reservations about letting police and other law enforcement organisations from accessing any information that smacks of fraud. However, that link isn’t available to online casino gamblers.

New Zealand iGamers who have any issues about PayPal’s protection measures should visit its safety-and-security website link. The payment provider’s unflappable security crew employs encryption technology software to keep cyber crooks at bay while keeping your fiscal interests safe and sound. Like reputable online casinos, PayPal’s around-the-clock protection programme nullifies fraudulent activities, thwarts identity theft, and intercepts email phishing scammers.

Subscribing to PayPal’s services means Kiwis who wager won’t have to enter credit card details countless times, thus exposing them to cyber crooks. Just their unique password and an email address will do the trick. With the steady growth of online casino gamblers opting for its service, it won’t surprise wagering New Zealanders to find PayPal allocates an entire page to their favourite pastime in the not-too-distant future.

Within milliseconds, the team of 2,000 anti-fraud specialists will monitor and analyse every transaction to nip anything from becoming viral. The crew is always a step ahead with fraud-risk models and analytical tools. That includes PayPal offering expert advice to its clients to manage charge-back attempts pertaining to unauthorised transactions.


Ijeoma Esther is an iGaming content writer and editor with over a decade of experience in the New Zealand mobile casino industry. While initially diving into online casino gaming as a hobby, she soon found herself immersed in the enthralling world of mobile slot and live casino games.Through the years, she discovered that writing about her favorite pokies was just as fun as playing them.