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Compare the best PayPal online casinos in Canada and learn how to use PayPal when gambling online using our ultimate guide below.

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Interested in paying via PayPal at online casinos in Canada? It's not very common, but we recommend exploring this guide. If you don't find anything suitable, consider looking at other payment methods on BettingGuide.

PayPal Canada

BettingGuide features many leading casinos, including those that accept PayPal.

In Canadian online casinos, each payment method offers unique advantages. There are online casinos that accept Interac for secure direct banking. iDebit casinos enable swift transactions from your Canadian bank, INSTADEBIT offers low-fee direct bank payments, Trustly online casinos are most popular in Europe, and Bitcoin provides global, anonymous transactions.

  • PayPal is well-regarded for its straightforward and user-friendly system, offering quick and secure online transactions that are broadly accepted across the globe.

However, it's less common to find PayPal as a payment method in those top online casinos we recommend for Canadian players. PayPal is rarely used in Canadian online casinos, often due to specific regulatory frameworks and the nature of business partnerships in the region. In fact, PayPal is only available in online casinos licensed in Ontario.

According to current information, PayPal lets approved gambling companies use its service in places where gambling is allowed by law. For example, because PokerStars is located in the United Kingdom, they can offer PayPal. But this doesn't mean it is available for Canadian players.

As a result, while many players prefer PayPal for its reliability and user-friendly features, they may need to consider other payment options when playing online casino games in Canada.

Best PayPal Casinos in Canada (2024)

Canadian online casinos that use PayPal for payments are often seen as more reliable. This is because PayPal carefully checks companies before letting them use its services. PayPal aims to work with trustworthy and honest websites. So, if a casino accepts PayPal, it's usually a sign that it's a safe and good choice for players.

Below are some of the best online casinos that accept PayPal.

  1. BetMGM Casino
  2. BetRivers Casino
  3. Pokerstars Casino
Operator Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time
BetMGM $10 24 hours
BetRivers $10 24 hours
PokerStars Casino $10 Instant
  • Please Note: While we make every effort to keep our content up-to-date and reliable, we advise players to double-check the current availability of payment methods and minimum deposit limits at their chosen online casino, as these details may change based on the casino operator’s policies.

What is PayPal? 

PayPal is an electronic payment platform that enables fund transfers between individuals and companies. It's a preferred method for both depositing and withdrawing money at many online casinos. Available at no extra cost, PayPal enjoys widespread use in places like Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Similar to an online banking account, PayPal offers a secure way to handle financial and personal information. Its security features make it a top choice for online transactions, especially for moving money to and from online casino accounts.

Setting Up a PayPal Account

  • 1

    Starting the Process:

    Go to PayPal’s website and click “Sign Up”

  • 2

    Account Type Selection:

    Select the account type you want (personal or business).

  • 3

    Phone Verification:

    Enter your phone number. A code will be sent to this number.

  • 4

    Code Confirmation:

    Provide the six-digit confirmation code.

  • 5

    Personal Information Entry:

    Fill out your personal information - name, email address, and password.

  • 6

    Address and Details:

    Enter your address and other required information.

  • 7

    Funding Your Account:

    Choose a method of depositing money or add your credit card information.

  • 8

    Account Verification:

    Navigate to your email and verify your PayPal account by clicking the link in the email sent to you by PayPal.

  • You can open more than one PayPal account if you prefer to keep your online gambling account separate from others. 

Adding Funds to Your PayPal Account 

There are several ways you can deposit money into your PayPal account so that it’s available to use at an online casino. These methods include: 

  • Via bank transfer 
  • Using debit
  • With your credit card 

You can also link a payment card to your PayPal account.  

By linking a card to your account, you won’t need to have sufficient funds in your PayPal account to make a purchase. Instead, it will pull money directly from the card that you have linked. This ensures that transactions are quick and do not fail due to insufficient funds.  

You can link the following to your PayPal account: 

  • Your bank account 
  • Credit cards 
  • Debit cards (but only those with a Visa or Mastercard logo) 

Having a PayPal account also allows you to track your deposits and winnings. This can help you manage the amount of money you’re spending. 

Once you have a PayPal account set up, use it to deposit money into the online casino of your choice.

Linking Your Bank Account to PayPal

It is extremely easy to link your bank account to your PayPal account. Follow these five simple steps:  

  1. In your PayPal account, go to “Wallet” 
  2. Choose “Link a bank” 
  3. Select your bank from the list 
  4. Log in to your online banking via the portal provided to instantly link your bank account or select “Link your bank another way” at the bottom of the screen then provide the required details. Please note: this second option will take longer - 2 to 3 business days. 
  5. Click “Agree and Link” 

Adding a Debit or Credit Card to PayPal

  1. Navigate to Wallet: Go to “Wallet” in your PayPal account.
  2. Start Card Linking: Choose “Link a card”.
  3. Enter Card Details: Fill in the required details and select the card type.
  4. Complete the Process: Click “Link Card”.

How to Make a Deposit to a PayPal Casino

  • 1

    Ensure Funds Availability:

    Ensure there is money available in your PayPal account, on the card or in the bank account that you have linked to PayPal.

  • 2

    Accessing Casino Cashier:

    Go to the cashier section of the online casino you’re using.

  • 3

    Select Payment Method:

    Choose PayPal from the payment options.

  • 4

    Log In to PayPal:

    Sign in to your PayPal account.

  • 5

    Set Deposit Amount:

    Enter the amount you wish to deposit, ensuring it meets the casino's minimum deposit requirement.

  • 6

    Confirm Transaction

    Double check and approve your transaction.

  • 7

    Wait Funds to Transfer:

    Wait for the money to reflect in your online gambling account, which usually happens almost immediately.

Casino Withdrawal via PayPal

Once you’ve placed your wagers and won some money, you can use PayPal to withdraw these funds.

PayPal is one of the quickest ways to get your money into your personal bank account. Usually, the money will be transferred within a few hours and at the most within 24 hours. Be aware, however, that withdrawing money may come with a small fee - always be sure to read the fine print.

Withdrawing money from an online casino is simple with the use of PayPal. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the cashier link in the online casino that you’re using
  2. Choose the amount you would like to withdraw
  3. Choose PayPal from the options
  4. Log in to your PayPal account
  5. Select “Confirm”

Deleting Your PayPal Account 

Closing or deleting a PayPal account is also simple. If you ever choose to delete your PayPal account, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Settings” 
  2. Under “Account” options select “Close your account” 
  3. Enter any required information  
  4. Click “Close Account” 

The Pros and Cons of Using PayPal

There are positives and negatives to all online payment methods. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when determining if you’d like to use PayPal as your online payment method.

Pros of PayPal 

  • Safe and secure 
  • Familiar among online users 
  • Easy to link to an online bank account 
  • Protects sensitive information by preventing you from having to give credit card numbers, etc.

Cons of PayPal 

  • Not available in every country
  • Not all online casinos offer this as a payment option
  • Fees may apply to transfers

PayPal Safety and Security 

PayPal casinos ensure player safety through a variety of safeguards. You can rest assured that your information will be kept safe, as PayPal only works with online casinos that have a clean track record.

Here are some ways a PayPal casino works to keep player information and money safe.

  • Email authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Fraud protection
  • Buyer protection

If an account were to get hacked, PayPal’s Account Protection ensures that users will not be held accountable or lose money due to illegal activity. This includes covering users for identity theft and unauthorized purchases.


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