Interac Casinos Canada - Top Online Casino Sites That Accept Interac Deposits

Learn all about using Interac in our guide below, and compare which online casinos in Canada accept Interac.

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The BettingGuide team has compiled a list of the top online casinos that accept Interac as a payment method.

Top 5 Interac Casinos in Canada: Expert picks

Interac is a fast and convenient payment and withdrawal method. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the top-rated online casinos that accept e-transfer and Interac Online.

Not all Canadian online casinos support Interac as a payment method. However, several do.

The best Interac casinos include:

Interac Casino First Deposit Offer Minimum Interac Deposit Interac Withdrawal Time Visit Casino
$10 Within 48 hours Make a Deposit
Zodiac Casino
Zodiac Casino
$10 Up to 3 days Make a Deposit
Casino Days
Casino Days
$20 Under 24 hours Make a Deposit
$10 24-48 hours Make a Deposit
$10 1-5 Banking Days Make a Deposit

Interac in Online Casinos: Starter Guide

New to Interac? We've put together a comprehensive guide to help you get to know Interac and how it functions. We are comparing both Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online, listing the differences, pros, and cons.

  • What is Interac?

    Interac is a Canadian banking gateway. It connects financial institutions to other businesses to allow for the transfer of money.

    Interac can be used to make and accept payments online. In addition, Interac provides the debit card system in Canada. 

Interac is a well-known payment method that dates back to 1984. Interac allows for the transfer of money between an Interac online casino and an online bank account without the need to share extensive personal or financial information.

Interac is associated with a debit card, meaning users only have access to money that is currently in their bank account. This is contrary to Visa transactions, which offer access to borrowed funds. The use of Interac is therefore often seen as an advantage, as it prevents users from spending money that they don’t have.

The Interac methods offered online include:

  • Interac Online

  • Interac e-transfer

Both Interac Online and Interac e-transfers are popular methods for depositing and withdrawing funds from online casinos. If you choose an online casino from our list of top Canadian online casinos, it will most likely offer Interac as a payment method.

Interac E-Transfers vs Interac Online 

  • Interac E-Transfer

    Interac E-Transfer is used to transfer funds from one Canadian bank account to another company, person, or online casino, and protects sensitive financial information by only requiring an email address or phone number for transactions.

    More than 250 institutions, including the big five banks in Canada, offer E-Transfers. This includes:

    • Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
    • Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) 
    • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) 
    • Bank of Montreal (BMO) 
    • Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)

    Please note: Most financial institutions in Canada offer e-transfer services. If you bank with an institution that is not one of the big five Canadian banks, check with your financial service provider to ensure they offer e-transfers.To deposit and withdraw funds in your online casino account using Interac e-transfer, follow these streamlined steps:

    For Deposit:

    1. Go to the cashier section on the site.
    2. Choose Interac e-transfer as your deposit method.
    3. Follow the provided guidelines for the email address and security question/answer.
    4. Log into your online banking, select e-transfer, enter the deposit amount, and include the required email and security details.
    5. Send the e-transfer. Your funds and any bonuses will appear shortly.

    For Withdrawal:

    1. Navigate to the cashier section and select “Withdrawal.”
    2. Choose e-transfer as your method.
    3. Enter the necessary information and withdrawal amount.
    4. Your winnings will be transferred to your bank account soon.
  • Interac Online

    Interac Online is a quicker way to transfer funds. However, this option is less widely available. Interac Online allows you to transfer money directly to or from your bank account using a third-party payment platform.

    When using Interac Online, you will log into your bank account directly through the payment platform. There is no need to use an email address or security question in this case.

    Interac Online offers a faster way to move funds but is not as broadly supported. It enables direct bank transfers via a third-party platform, without the need for emails or security questions.

    For Deposit with Interac Online:

    1. Choose Interac Online in the deposit section.

    2. Set your deposit amount.

    3. Pick your bank. If unavailable, choose another payment method.

    4. Log into your bank via the platform, and confirm the transfer.

    5. Get a receipt for your transaction.

    For Withdrawal:

    1. Go to the cashier area in your account.

    2. Select Interac for withdrawal.

    3. Verify your details and withdrawal amount.

    4. Enjoy your winnings once received.

Feature Interac E-Transfer Interac Online
Availability Offered by over 250 institutions, including the big five Canadian banks: RBC, TD, CIBC, BMO, Scotiabank. Less widely available, relies on being supported by the user's bank and the third-party platform.
Security Secure method that protects sensitive financial information. Transfers require an email or phone number. Direct transfers through a payment platform without needing to share an email or answer security questions.
Usage Process
  • Navigate to site’s cashier section.
  • Select Interac e-transfer and follow deposit guidelines.
  • Log into online banking and send e-transfer using provided details.
  • Select Interac Online in deposit options.
  • Choose deposit amount and bank.
  • Log in to bank’s website through the payment platform and confirm transfer.
Withdrawal Process
  • Navigate to cashier section for withdrawal.
  • Select e-transfer and provide necessary information.
  • Navigate to cashier area for withdrawal.
  • Choose Interac Online, confirm details, and amount.
  • $3,000 within 24 hours
  • $10,000 within 7 days
  • $20,000 within 30 days
Daily limit of $100 for most banks, which can be increased for frequent users. Lower for newly enrolled customers.
Fees Free for most accounts. $0.50 - $1.00 per transfer for non-inclusive accounts, depending on the amount. Charged to the company (e.g., casino) not the customer. Some casinos may pass the fee to users as a service charge.
Direct Casino Payment Requires logging into the bank account to initiate transfer. Payment is not made directly through the casino. Allows direct transfer to or from a bank account through the casino's platform, without the need to log in to online banking separately.

Interac Casinos - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of e-transfer

  • Offered by all major Canadian banks  
  • Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals 
  • Protects sensitive information, as only an email address or phone number is needed  

Advantages of Interac Online 

  • Used widely by top Canadian financial institutions
  • Helps protect against fraud
  • Transfers can be completed in fewer steps, as logging in to your online banking can be done directly through the online casino 
  • Quick and efficient deposits and withdrawals

Advantages of Interac Online 

  • Used widely by top Canadian financial institutions
  • Helps protect against fraud
  • Transfers can be completed in fewer steps, as logging in to your online banking can be done directly through the online casino 
  • Quick and efficient deposits and withdrawals

Disadvantages of Interac Online 

  • Not offered by all Canadian banks as a payment option
  • Only available in Canada
  • Not an option at every online casino
  • Low transfer limits


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