Pay n Play Casino (2024)

Pay N Play casinos will be arriving in Canada soon and will revolutionize online gambling for Canadians!

Written by Thomas Brown
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Last updated 2024-03-15

What is a Pay N Play Casino?

Pay N Play Casinos allow you to play your favourite online casino games without creating an account.  

Pay N Play eliminates the multi-step process typically required to gamble online. It does this by combining the following steps into one: 

  • Payments/Deposits 
  • Withdrawals 
  • Registration 
  • Account Verification/Know Your Customer (KYC) 

Pay N Play can be used on both desktop and mobile casinos. So, no matter where you are, you can take advantage of the perks of Pay N Play.

Information about Trustly & Pay N Play Casinos

Pay N Play was created by Trustly in 2015. Trustly is an online payment solution which allows you to transfer money to and from your online bank account and virtual merchants.  

Trustly was founded in 2008 in Sweden. In August 2020, the company began serving Canadian customers. Today, Trustly casinos are popular, especially in Europe. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrived in Canada yet, but we will update our guide once it is available for Canadian players.

Several other industries use Trustly for online payment. This includes: 

  • Travel 
  • E-commerce 
  • Financial/Investment  
  • iGaming 

How Pay N Play Works

You’re probably wondering - how does Pay N Play work?

To use Pay N Play, all you’ll need to do is make a deposit at your favourite casino. After the first deposit is made, sit back, relax and play! No other complicated steps are required - registration and verification information is collected through Trustly and from your online bank account.  

If you decide to leave the casino site, you can return at any time. Upon returning, you can access your balance by signing in with your online banking details.

Keep in mind that there are two variations of Pay N Play.

  1. Pay N Play Pure 
  2. Pay N Play Hybrid 

1. Pay N Play Pure 

When using the Pure version, Pay N Play becomes your one and only registration and payment method.  

How? All necessary registration info is collected during your first deposit.

When you’re ready to cash out, your winnings are instantly transferred to your bank account. The beauty of this - withdraws require no supplementary personal or financial information.

2. Pay N Play Hybrid 

With Pay N Play Hybrid, you must log in to your casino account each time. There are two ways you can log in. 

  1. By making a deposit using Trustly 
  2. By entering your username and password  

When cashing out, you’ll need to use Trustly to log in to your online banking account.

Are Pay N Play Casinos Coming to Canada?

Several online casinos have already adopted Pay N Play in other countries. For example, Pay N Play casinos are available in Sweden and Finland. 

Currently, more than 100 casino brands worldwide allow players to use Pay N Play, including:

  • Betsafe
  • William Hill 
  • Fast Bet 
  • Lucky Casino 
  • LeoVegas 
  • Mr Green, and more

Since many online casinos, like LeoVegas and Betsafe, are created by Swedish people, it is possible to see Pay N Play in top Canadian online casinos in the future.

Advantages of Pay N Play Casinos 

There are several benefits to using Pay N Play. For Canadian gamblers, Pay N Play offers the following advantages:

  • Faster than other payment methods  
  • Eliminates the need to create an account 
  • Quick deposits and instant cash outs 
  • No additional fees

Drawbacks of Pay N Play Casinos

As with anything, Pay N Play also has some drawbacks (although very few). Downfalls of Pay N Play include:

  • Not yet available in Canada
  • Communication between the casino and the player is more difficult because personal information is not shared with the online casino

Alternative Payment Methods 

Payment methods like Trustly allow players to utilize the Pay N Play structure. Other Canadian online payment systems that offer easy deposits and withdrawals include:

Pay N Play Deposits and Cashouts

How do you make a deposit or withdrawal using the Pay N Play method? Let’s take a look.


Pay N Play allows you to deposit money quickly and easily.  

Follow these simple steps to make a deposit into your online casino account: 

  1. Select “Play Now” at your Pay N Play online casino of choice 
  2. Make a deposit 
  3. Choose your bank from the dropdown list 
  4. Log in to your online bank account 
  5. Select the amount of money you would like to deposit 
  6. Confirm your deposit and verify your details 
  7. Play your favourite games! 


One of the best parts about Pay N Play casinos - there’s no waiting when it comes to cashouts. Money is instantly transferred from your casino account and into your online bank account.  

Here’s how to withdraw money using Pay N Play: 

  1. Select “Withdrawal” on the casino site 
  2. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw 
  3. See your money instantly in your online bank account! 

How are withdrawals so fast and easy with Pay N Play?  

All the information an online casino needs for KYC verification is provided through the Pay N Play framework. Therefore, you won’t need to wait the usual 24 to 48 hours for processing.


Trustly’s Pay N Play service is not associated with any fees.

This makes Pay N Play a more attractive option than e-wallets and other payment methods that charge steep fees.

Beware - some banks may charge you for sending or receiving money. Be sure to find out what fees your bank charges so you can avoid them if possible.


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