Kabaddi Betting Sites in India (2021)


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Kabaddi Betting Guide

Kabaddi is one of India's most popular sports and, as such, betting on the game is common.

While kabaddi does not have the same public profile as globally relevant sports such as cricket, in India kabaddi is a way of life for a lot of people.

The fact that kabaddi is only played in this part of the world can be a downside when it comes to online betting, though, as the options for wagers on this exciting sport can be slightly limited.

If you are at all interested in betting on kabaddi in India, this guide will tell you everything that you need to know about how to do so.

Which Indian Betting Sites Offer Kabaddi Markets?

When kabaddi games are being played, markets are offered on most of the major Indian betting sites that people will already be familiar with.

If a major international tournament such as the Kabaddi World Cup is being played, bookmakers may even offer special promotions in a bid to encourage people to bet on kabaddi in India.

Here are some of the top Indian sports betting sites that will have kabaddi markets:

As the popularity of kabaddi continues to grow across India and in neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, it is likely more and more Indian betting sites will start to offer kabaddi markets.

It is worth checking your favourite Indian betting site regularly to see what types of kabaddi markets they have available.

More kabaddi betting is likely to be on offer during national events such as the Pro Kabaddi League, as well as when the Asian Games are being played.

Introduction to Kabaddi

While kabaddi has a long and proud history in India, the sport has been played for hundreds of years. It is widely assumed that the sport started to be played in the Sistan region of present-day Iran, although some think its genesis was in the Vedic period of ancient India.

There is no doubt it was in India where kabaddi began to be played competitively, though, with this happening in the 1920s. Indeed, kabaddi was even played at the Indian Olympic Games in 1938, while it was a demonstration sport at the inaugural 1951 Asian Games in New Delhi too.

Although it is only played in certain parts of the continent, Kabaddi joined the Asian Games' programme beginning in 1990 and India has been the dominant team in the tournament.

A full-contact sport, kabaddi is played between two teams of seven. The aim of the game is for players to tag out as many of the players on the opposing team as they can during a raid.

Points are scored for each player that is tagged by the radar, while the defending team can also score points if they manage to stop the raider from tagging them.

The standard style of kabaddi is the one used in various competitions and leagues, including at the Asian Games, and this is played on a rectangular court indoors. An alternative is Punjabi kabaddi, which is sometimes also referred to as circle style, which is played outdoors.

Kabaddi can be hard to follow for newcomers but there is no doubt the sport is exhilarating. And having a bet on the kabaddi action is a great way to make a match even more exciting to watch.

Men and women can both play kabaddi but the game is not mixed gender, so men's and women's teams play separately and compete in their own distinct tournaments and leagues.

Now you know all about the background of kabaddi, how do you go about betting on the sport?

How to Bet on Kabaddi in India

Just as with any other major sport available to bet on in India, the process for betting on kabaddi is very similar. Those who have bet on the sport before will therefore be familiar with how it works.

After selecting the bet that you want to make on your chosen Indian betting site, you will need to decide how much you want to bet. If you are confident that the bet is going to be a winner, you may want to risk more cash. If you are unsure, a smaller stake might be the best way to go.

Various kabaddi leagues and tournaments are available to bet on - we will come to them soon - so the choice of games is quite good if you want to bet on kabaddi in India.

Kabaddi betting can be quite limited compared to some of the other top sports that are available for betting in India. Fans of the sport will still be able to bet on which teams are going to win a particular match, league or tournament, but the markets will not be very deep beyond that.

Kabaddi Leagues and Tournaments to Bet On

Even though kabaddi is mostly played in India and a few other nearby countries, there is still a decent amount of choice when it comes to kabaddi leagues and tournaments to bet on.

The Kabaddi World Cup is without a doubt the biggest event in the sport, for watching and betting, with both men's and women's competitions included in the championship. The last Kabaddi World Cup was played in 2016 and it was hosted in Ahmedabad.

As has been the case on each occasion when the Kabaddi World Cup has been held, India were the champions. Iran have lost in the final in each of the three men's Kabaddi World Cups so far.

Pakistan hosted the Circle-Style Kabaddi World Cup 2020 in the early months of the year and it was the home nation that came out on top, with India joining Iran as a runner-up. The Kabaddi Asia Cup is another top international event that is popular to bet on across India.

Kabaddi has been played at the Asian Games for many years and the India men's and women's teams tend to be completely dominant, winning most of the gold medals that have been awarded. However, Iran's national teams have been growing in strength of late as well.

Away from international competitions, there are still options to bet on kabaddi in India. The Pro Kabaddi League was launched in 2014 and was an immediate hit, having been modelled on the success of cricket's Indian Premier League. Patna Pirates are the most successful team in the history of the Pro Kabaddi League so far, having won the title on three occasions to date.

The Kabaddi Senior Nationals is another of the top kabaddi tournaments to bet on in India. The Indo International Premier Kabaddi League has also been extremely popular as well. 

Aarna Agarwal

Aarna Agarwal

Aarna has prior experience as a poker dealer and holds a diploma in journalism from the University of Delhi. Aarna will gladly answer all your questions about gambling in India.

Last updated: 6/10/2021