EuroMillions Lottery Tickets Online from India

EuroMillions, a European lottery with a large fan base, has become popular among Indian lotto enthusiasts. How to play EuroMillions lottery online from India? And what makes it so attractive to millions of players worldwide? Learn more about this top online lottery in India in this guide.

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How To Play EuroMillions Lottery From India

One of the benefits of playing online lotto in India is that you can access a wide range of international lottery games online. You can play different games with jackpots, raffles, and prize tiers.

Follow the steps below to play Euromillions India online.

  • 1. Sign up on the webpage. The process of registering will only take a few minutes.

  • 2. Make a deposit to purchase Euromillions tickets. Check secure deposit and withdrawal options for Indian bettors.

  • 3. Decide whatever numbers you want to play. You will need two Lucky Star numbers (1–12) and five important major numbers (1–50).

  • 4. Choose how much (one draw, multiple drawings, or by subscription) you would like to play.

  • 5. Good luck, and don't stop waiting for your draw.

💡 Check your numbers against the draw and hope to win a consolation reward or the jackpot. As you can see, it's just as simple to play this lottery in India as it is to play any other. 

However, only this lottery can claim to have a significant prize. Additionally, you can use a computer, a mobile device, or any other device you prefer to play it from anywhere. It is crucial that the funds are credited to your account right away once you win. 

In this manner, you have complete control over whether to keep playing with the money or withdraw it. Since the websites are hosted outside of India, there shouldn't be any unpleasant surprises regarding Indian legislation wherever you dwell.

What is EuroMillions

Euromillions has gained immense popularity throughout numerous countries, India being just one of them. It has a long track record of achievement in the international arena. The lottery was created jointly by three well-known European companies and was first held in 2004. 

Also, it's crucial to keep in mind that the following methods are frequently used to award the Euromillions jackpot:

  • The founders' share of all winnings is just 0.5%;
  • 4.5% is allocated to the lottery's operating expenses;
  • 5% go toward commissions for the vendors;
  • 12 per cent are meant for the state coffers;
  • The incorporators, who engage in various activities targeted at charitable events, oversee 28% of the activities.

Euromillions is an entertaining lottery with a 1 in 22 chance of winning a fantastic prize. Some of the websites allow you to play it from India. Its jackpot is the amazing characteristic that sets it apart. Additionally, the winners receive their cash credited to their accounts right away. Here are some facts about EuroMillions:

Base Ticket Price INR 240
Highest Jackpot Amount €220 million
Winning Odds 1:13

Additional Things To Remember:

  • The initial jackpot for Euromillions is €17 million, or ₹140 crore.
  • While 16 is the minimum age in the UK to play, Indian law requires 18 to be of legal age.
  • The jackpot cap is set based on the latest record. The cap is currently set at €250 million.
  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus or package offers when playing Euromillions from India on the websites we suggest.

Where To Buy EuroMillions Tickets Online

While EuroMillions lotto draw tickets are available for purchase in-person and online for players in some European countries, they are exclusively available online for those playing from India.

But fear not—online EuroMillions tickets are much better because you can't misplace them! Your (potentially winning) ticket will be kept safe if you purchase it online from a licensed agency.

It's important to prioritize safe and secure online gambling practices. This includes choosing reputable and licensed platforms, setting deposit limits, and being aware of responsible gambling



TheLotter EuroMillions tickets are easily available to players. Your lucky numbers will be automatically entered into every draw if you have a subscription. The fear of missing another draw deadline will go from your life. Consider a Multi-Draw package, which allows you to pre-order tickets for a predetermined number of draws if you're not ready to commit to a subscription.



For those who want to experience everything Indian online lotteries have to offer, LottoSmile is the ideal choice. Besides LottoSmile EuroMillions tickets, you can purchase more than fifty other well-known lotteries here. Additionally, buying a LottoSmile EuroMillions ticket using a VISA or Mastercard is really simple.

EuroMillions Ticket Price In India

Indian EuroMillions ticket prices are among the lowest worldwide! It's even less expensive than purchasing a real lottery ticket. While lottery players in the area must pay £2.50 or €2.50, Lottoland in India just requires ₹240, or roughly £2.37.

Here is a table representing the current EuroMillions ticket prices offered by different operators in India:

Lottoland ₹240
TheLotter ₹900
LottoSmile ₹491
Lottofy ₹250

When Are the EuroMillions Draws

Fridays and Tuesdays at 20:00 CET are when EuroMillions draws take place. This indicates that the EuroMillions draw schedules are every Wednesday and Saturday at 01:30 IST for participants from India. Remember that tickets for the EuroMillions lottery can only be bought up to 75 minutes before the draw.

⭐️ Biggest EuroMillions Jackpots Won

Knowing that some of the largest EuroMillions prizes happened recently is incredibly thrilling! Since the EuroMillions jackpot is capped, it is evident that it has been surpassed several times. Each time a lucky player hits the winning combination, they instantly become crorepatis!

It's fascinating to observe how these wins have impacted the lives of the winners and their communities. Many have generously donated to charities, invested in their local areas, or started foundations to give back. Their stories add a human touch to the numbers, reminding us that behind every jackpot is a person or a group with dreams, plans, and the desire to make a difference.

To make things easily comprehensible, here is a table stating different jackpot prizes that people won and when:

Jackpot Amount Winner Name Winning Date
€200 million Unknown 11 Dec 2020
€190 million The Bayfords 10 Aug 2012
€190 million Unknown 8 Oct 2019
€200 million Unknown 11 Dec 2020
€210 million Unknown 26 Feb 2021

💡 Note: To begin with, August 10, 2012, was the date of the largest jackpot awarded to a single winner. It struck the €190 million maximum permitted Euromillions jackpot. According to the drawing regulations, the prize would cease to grow after it reaches 1510 crore. However, the prize money itself keeps increasing, with significant sums awarded to the victors of each reward level.

How To Pick Numbers In EuroMillions

Unbelievably, picking numbers in EuroMillions is not as difficult as you might assume! All you have to do is choose two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12 and five major numbers from a selection between 1 and 50. You have the option to choose the numbers personally or to have the online lottery choose them at random for you. Here are a few ways to pick numbers in EuroMillions effortlessly:

System Game

The system game elements are excellent for experimenting with different combinations of your chosen numbers. In system games, your selected numbers are jumbled to form new combinations that improve your chances of winning!

To increase your chances of winning the EuroMillions, you can make up to 792 combinations!

Group Play

You should play in groups to cover as many numbers and combinations as feasible. This playstyle, which is sometimes referred to as syndicate play, enables you to join a bigger group of players who are using the same lottery tickets.

Larger numbers of lottery tickets can be purchased by the group because more players equate to cheaper participation!

Hot and Cold Numbers

  • Popular EuroMillions numbers: 19, 50, 44, 42, (2), (3)
  • Numbers for the cold EuroMillions: 22, 23, 18, 46, 41, (12), (11)
  • The assumption that some numbers appear on lottery tickets more frequently than others is the foundation of the "hot" and "cold" number theories.

Of course, some numbers have shown up more frequently than others. However, do you know that players enjoy taking advantage of this in a calculated way when they play? Some bettors only select hot numbers because they have a tendency to emerge frequently, while others select cold numbers in the hopes that their landing will come soon.

EuroMillions FAQs

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