Punjab Online Lottery

In India, 13 states chose to legalise government lotteries under the Lotteries Regulations Act of 1998. Punjab is one of these states where many locals participate in the state-run lottery. Let’s look at the current scenario and laws regarding online and offline lotteries in Punjab.

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Lottery Laws in Punjab

The Indian government authorises every state to make their own rules and laws for lotteries and other gambling platforms. Especially for lotteries, the Lotteries Regulations Act was passed in 1998 under which each state can choose to ban or legalise government-run lotteries. As a result, 13 states, one of which is Punjab, chose to legalise physical lottery draws which are fully governed by respective state authorities.

Let’s find out if punters can enjoy only the offline lotteries in Punjab or do they have other alternatives, like online lottery websites as well.

Punjab Online Lottery

Just like a few other states in India, online lottery platforms are not a subject of concern for the government of Punjab. It can be a great source of entertainment for many. That is why the state authority decided to turn a blind eye towards it due to which punters can freely participate in online lottery draws organised by many famous betting platforms.

According to the recent amendments made in 2020 to betting laws in Punjab, the government has restricted the sale of online lottery tickets. Many may wonder how they can buy lottery tickets online in Punjab then. The accurate interpretation of this law is aimed at banning the sale and not purchasing of lottery tickets. Therefore, punters are not breaking any laws if they buy lottery tickets online.

From 2020 onwards, Punjab State Lotteries can only be sold offline to prevent fraudulent activity. However, there are a few websites that still sell them online. Avoid buying them from such platforms as the majority of them are fake. You can buy tickets to online international lottery draws from many genuine websites. We have listed some of the available options and a “How-to” guide later in this article. 

Punjab Offline Lottery

Punjab State Lotteries is one of the most active lottery draws in the country with over 42 schemes running at present. Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries, 1968 is the governing body and a part of the finance department for the lotteries in Punjab. An efficient department takes care of ethical and fair draws and lays down the regulations.

As a common rule amongst all state lotteries, all official lottery tickets in Punjab must have an official state lottery stamp. The draws are also transparent where people can see the official draw events which are held in Chandigarh. Later, the results are posted on the official website of the Punjab State Lotteries and published in daily local newspapers.

The influence of the Finance Department of the Punjab Government lays down the three major objectives of the Punjab State Lotteries. These are — to generate indirect and direct employment, conduct fair and transparent lottery draws and mobilise and generate non-tax revenue for the welfare and development of the state.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Online in Punjab?

If you are looking to buy Punjab State Lottery tickets online, you may come across a few websites which claim to sell official tickets. However, it is suggested to avoid such platforms as there is evidence of these platforms selling fake tickets. If you want to buy tickets online, there are a few websites that sell official tickets for some of the blockbuster international lottery draws.

Follow the steps given below to buy the online lottery tickets from Punjab:

  1. Select a lottery website that is licensed and has multiple lottery options to choose from.
  2. Select a lottery draw on the website.
  3. Choose the number of tickets you want to buy and the numbers on each ticket.
  4. Select the draws for which you wish to enter with the selected tickets.
  5. Pay for each ticket and each draw.
  6. Check the results on the day of the draw.

Some of the popular lottery websites in India are Lottoland, Lotto247, Lottofy, Playhugelottos, LottoSmile and TheLotter. You can find international lottery draws such as US Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions, SuperEnaLotto and EuroJackpot. These draws offer significant jackpots and other prizes.

The above websites offer some additional features that you may not find in offline state lotteries. For example, you can pick the numbers yourself on each ticket you buy. There is a subscription feature where you buy bulk tickets for future draws.

Also, most of these websites buy official tickets for international lottery draws on behalf of the punters. This allows anyone to buy lottery tickets from different countries, without having to travel there.

How To Buy Lottery Tickets Offline in Punjab?

The tickets to Punjab State Lottery are only available in paper form at the authorised vendors and distributors in the state. There are many checkpoints, like the state stamp, signature of the Principal Secretary and bar code that will ensure the ticket's authenticity. A total of 42 schemes are currently running, including weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly draws.

Punjab State Lotteries has multiple draws every day of the week. Tickets to these draws cost from INR 10 to INR 1,000. Some of these weekly schemes are Dear 50, Dear 100, Dear 200, Dear 250, Dear 500, Dear 1,000, Labhlaxmi Kuber, Labhlaxmi Karann, Labhlaxmi Kedars, Labhlaxmi Kiren, Labhlaxmi Kranti, Labhlaxmi Kanak and Labhlaxmi Kamil. Draw time for the Dear lottery draws is 08:00 A.M while for Labhlaxmi draws it is 06:00 A.M.

Monthly draws happen on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of every month. The active monthly schemes are — Dear 20, Dear 50, Dear 100, Dear 200, Dear 500, Dear 1,000, Dear 2,000 and Dear 5,000. The cost of tickets for these lotteries is between INR 20 to INR 5,000 and the draw time is 08:00 A.M.

The Dear 5,000 quarterly state draws cost INR 5,000 and happens in March, June, September and December. The yearly draws happen during big Indian festivals, like Diwali, Rakhi, Mahashivratri and New Year Lohri and are named as the festivals. The draw time may vary for yearly draws and the cost per ticket is INR 500.

Bottom Line

Punjab State Lotteries are one of the most engaged lotteries in the country and have been active for a long time. People of the state enjoy liberal laws and participate in multiple draws to try their luck.

However, state law prohibits anyone from buying and selling any other state lottery tickets in Punjab. Although, with more than 42 active lottery schemes and many other international lottery websites, the need for buying other state lotteries is almost zero.


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